Americans, Ask Trump To Add Alternative Health To Obamacare Repeal!

Best health care?  Make the right choices.  Be proactive about your health.  Take Responsibility for your health and healing.  Always best to not seek “out there” what you will only find “in here.”


This president is open to alternative healthcare and they’re redoing the healthcare system so now is the chance to get alternative healthcare covered.  Join Alex in asking the president and congress to include alternative modalities.  Don’t forget to include energy work, such as Reiki, in your communications.


3 thoughts on “Americans, Ask Trump To Add Alternative Health To Obamacare Repeal!

  1. Oh Yeah, Baby! Recent Trump activities look promising with regard to getting rid of O-bummer care. I just spent 600 bucks on tax penalty for not carrying insurance (not that I didn’t want insurance, but…circumstances and choice to be free didn’t foster coverage…AND I’M A NURSE. Go figure).

    Lobbiest…get rid of them.

    Make it legal for doctors to expand their practice of diagnosing and prescribing to alternatives without added liability.

    Health Care peeps (Nurses particularly) DON’T forget our primary directive is to empower people to take care of THEMSELVES, so GIVE US MORE ALTERNATIVES to do that. Our profession will become MUCH MORE exalted, and so will the health of our society!

    And people…stop suing. HEALTH CARE: Stop doing bad shit that gets you sued!

    Every one: CARE. And there’s more than one way for health care to meet the edicts to “Care” (without which exemplifies “Gross Negligence”). C’mon, now!

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    • A Ray… of Helios!

      I am watching Marvel’s “Iron Fist” on Netflix.

      Iron Fist just learned he can not only fight with the Fist but he can heal with it. (Who’da thunk it?!) So, he’s obviously been studying up. They show Rosario Dawson’s character, Clair has been looking through his books and settles back to read “Essential Reiki” by Diane Stein. Ha!


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