God informed me He had info.  So we did a Tarot reading.

Just this:

Beware of using trickery or deceit, for your actions will be exposed, bringing disfavor and penalties down upon you.

God says this is about the cabal.

Not really news in a general sense so I asked God why the message now.

God says the exposure period starts in earnest now.

Frank and Ernest at it again. ‘Bout time they got busy. lol


5 thoughts on “Exposure

  1. Some discussion on current events. The general overall gist of this some of us have known and been discussing for quite some time. NOW it surfaces in a big way to a broader swath of the public. Alex Jones with Roger Stone, Steve Pieczenik, Michael Snyder, Rand Paul, Jerome Corsi, Paul Joseph Watson help fill out the bigger picture of some of what is being exposed:

    Alex Jones Show – Full Show – WikiLeaks Vault 7 Exposes Rogue Deep State – 03/07/2017

    If this kind of thing is old hat to you, this video may be good to pass along to those who aren’t as aware.


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