Are You Living or Dying?

Are you unconsciously in constant fight or flight mode?  If so, it’s your slow suicide.

Excerpt from “Awake & Aware – Top Priority: Self”:

Bruce (Lipton) says there are basically 3 perceptions of our environment – growth opportunity, threat (protection mode) or neutral (background music). The body’s cells (and our entire being) move towards growth opportunities and away from threats. But what’s important is the word “perception”. What came into my mind is Michael Tsarion’s line about that disempowered conditional state of “teacher = threat.” If we perceive as a threat those people and circumstances that in reality are growth opportunities we just missed the opportunity. Dual meaning of Chaos – Crisis and Opportunity. Which do we choose to view it as?

And Bruce gives the scientific observation of what spiritualists have known since the word go – love is the stimulus for growth / opening up, and fear is the stimulus for protection / closing off. Love will make us want to move towards it, through Hell and high water, scaling mountains to get to it. “River deep, mountain high”, as Tina Turner sang.

Bruce observed that a cell cannot be in both growth mode and protection mode at the same time, cannot be both open and closed at the same time, cannot be both moving towards and moving away from outside stimulus. The entire organism, the human body, behaves in the same manner as the individual cells – as above, so below – the holographic nature of everything. We as human beings also cannot be in growth mode and protection mode at the same time. When we are in constant fight or flight mode due to the “perceived” threat of our environment when in reality there is no threat, we are actually slowly killing ourselves because we are not growing, not creating, not getting blood to all parts of our bodies and also not replacing cells, etc. If there really was a bear chasing you, the common cold you have is not as high priority as the bear so the immune system also shuts down. But if the “threat” is only perceived and not real and this perception is constant we’re dying, not living.

Another lower priority body function, when in fight or flight mode, is the reproduction system. It’s really not all that critical to be making babies when that bear is chasing you down. I knew someone that was having almost constant menstruation. She was stressed, worked a lot, overdid substances that were not healthy and it was all about dodging her issues. Her diet and lifestyle were escapes from her wounds and issues. Her body was screaming at her to make a change. Her solution? Rip out the “offending” body part. She had a hysterectomy. She did not stop working so much, did not reduce stress in her life, did not quit abusing her body with harmful substances, and did not tend to her healing. Nothing changed for her except that now she doesn’t have a uterus. Dr. Lorraine Day says this type of thing would be like taking your car to a mechanic because the transmission is not working and the mechanic takes your transmission out and gives you your car back. We don’t have spare body parts. When the warning light in your car comes on, you set about to find out why. You don’t rip out the warning light. Doesn’t your body and your entire being deserve at least as much respect and care as your car?

Bruce speaks of the HPA axis, which stands for hypothalamus / pituitary / adrenals. The hypothalamus interprets the perception. The pituitary or “master gland” gets the info to all cells.  If in protection / threat mode, the adrenals send out stress hormones. Arms and legs are nourished in a “fight or flight” mode. But the energy is shifted away from other body parts, away from growth, maintenance and immune functions. Like I wrote about in the Other Health Issues section, Bruce says that every organism that can affect human health is ALWAYS there. Any blood test would verify this. It’s not something we “catch” from someone or something else. They are called “opportunistic” organisms, as they are always there just waiting for the immune system to not be functioning properly so they can multiply and thrive. So a constant fight or flight way of being or staying in a stressful environment unnecessarily is allowing for these buggies to cause illness. Look out for yourself. If you’re dreaming up stress that isn’t there, do what it takes to correct your stinkin’ thinkin’. If you are in a truly stressful environment perhaps it’s time to remove yourself from it before it literally kills you.

Neal Slade, in his book The Frontal Lobes Supercharge, talks about the amygdalae in our brains, which serve as switches. This is that same kind of situation that Bruce Lipton speaks of with the HPA axis. The amygdalae (Greek for almond, as they are almond shaped) sit behind our eyes, about an inch inside our temples. They are switches that switch between the reptilian brain and the frontal lobes. The reptilian brain is concerned about survival. It’s that “fight or flight” part of our brain. The frontal lobes are about creativity and growth. Here again, the reptilian mind certainly has its place. If a bear really is chasing you down the reptilian brain kicks in and you can operate at top performance to run away or do whatever is necessary to survive. But we’ve gotten to the point where we are experiencing so much fear about all myriad of things, even those things that don’t even happen, worrying about what might be, that we find ourselves in constant fight or flight mode, constantly “clicked” into reptilian brain. When we are using our reptilian brain, our frontal lobes and hence our growth and creativity are out of the picture.

If we learn to “click” our amgydalae forward and tap into our frontal lobes, it will help not only our growth and creativity but also even our survival, as we will anticipate, with a clear mind, any impending dangers long before they become an emergency. Often this switch is made unconsciously but we can also do this consciously. A technique that Neil offered was to visualize the amygdalae just behind your eyes (I find that mine are right at the bottom of my eyeball) and an inch inside the temple. Think of a feather tickling that front edge of those almond-shaped switches. That puts you into your frontal lobes and into growth and creation mode. I find that when I get it just right, a spontaneous smile overcomes me.

The frontal lobes are also where our free will comes from. Dr. Joseph Dispenza in “What the Bleep!? Down the Rabbit Hole”, in discussing this said they’ve tested people with a choice between two things. They said either was fine, whatever they wanted. They flat could not choose. If they were told one was right and one was wrong then they could choose. Bottom line – they were choosing based on conditioning not on free will. They were choosing according to old neural connections of the familiar rather than kicking in their frontal lobes. 


2 thoughts on “Are You Living or Dying?

  1. Thanks! I’m looking forward to exploring more of this site. There’s some amazing writing here! I didn’t remember that Bruce Lipton was the Author of, “The Biology of Belief.” I’ve never been good at remembering names even when it comes to books I’ve read, but the “Principles” I’ll remember and chew on for a lonnnnnng time.

    Thanks for your help, here!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I often times remember the principles also and not the source and much of this wisdom is streaming into the world through many sources anyway. I can’t count the times I’ve expressed a concept and someone says, “Oh, that’s so and so” who is someone I’ve never heard of.

      I’m pretty good at remembering names but you’ll see sometimes I don’t know who a quote is coming from. I put it in quotes but can’t provide the author. lol And don’t care too much anyway. It’s Divine Wisdom and the Divine doesn’t do “copyright”. lol


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