Do you still listen to / watch the msm (mainstream media)?



No really.

Do you like being lied to?  Do you have some aversion to the Truth?  What in the world there “truthers” and “lightworkers”?

It’s time to SEE the TRUTH.

Let the cabal stooge propaganda machine known as “mainstream media” (how “mainstream” is it anymore with only about a 5 or 6 % confidence / approval rating?) fall by the wayside already.

And for goodness sakes, quit letting it keep polluting your mind, your energy field, your outlook and hijacking your creative energies.

No really.

It’s one thing to monitor them occasionally to see what new b.s. they’re up to but when you find YOU are parroting THAT paradigm out your own mouth / keyboard… *shaking head*

Time to put your big kid pants on and perhaps also your thinking cap.  😉  Time to choose.  Are you moving onward and upward or staying behind?  Put all your energies behind your decision.  If you want to be godlike you’ll have to Embrace the Truth.  Consuming and regurgitating msm lies is not getting you closer to Truth.

Folks, at this point in time, what don’t you get about this?

(also see Current Events… for Dummies and Massive Apocalypse and the COMMENTS sections on those posts for info that is much closer to the Truth than what the msm puts out)

33 thoughts on “Do you still listen to / watch the msm (mainstream media)?

  1. I agree totally, MSM is like the Pravda of the “old Soviet Union”. They are one of the pawns of the “Dark Forces” which are scrambling like RATS on a sinking ship.

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  2. I laugh that the msm have the duped thinking that the new prez is trying to “get rid of the press” and they obviously have no clue whatsoever that the global cabal, who the new prez is battling with (duh! ya think?! LWs can’t seem to catch that clue either), are not merely just trying to but ARE shutting down alternative news as we speak, ya know, you, me and every blogger, youtuber, social networker and that’s with the msm’s help and with the technocracy’s help censoring the internet, etc, while the lying fascist msm and the cabal’s hired fascist riot thugs scream fascism at everyone who actually cares about the Truth.

    Reminds me of the wisdom of children *pointing index finger* “You point a finger at me…” *indicating the 3 folded fingers* “… you got 3 more pointing back at you.” And yet that right there is totally a cabal tact – accuse others of what you are doing… and they do that in spades.

    The msm, in typical Orwellian fashion, are the new Ministry of Truth… which deals with propaganda.

    I have to just laugh that so many self-proclaimed “enlightened” folk are STILL so very sucked in by the msm lies. It’s really just nuts, literally, as in unsane. Discernment? What’s that?

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  3. I tried posting a response. I don’t think it went through. I’m trying again!

    I wanted to say that I have tried listening to news, NPR in the morning. And ABC world. (BBC is just bearable sometimes.) Now somehow even NPR seems almost unbearable . The news was once a collective experience. It unified. Days of Tom, Walter, Peter, Dan… are past. Makes me sad!…So SAD! :(( I just need to say that. I loved good journalism once….

    News is now like a window in a large house that shows the demolition of the world, the deconstruction. It is now palpably violent, not just reporting violence. Isn’t that weird! I feel violated by it. That is why choose to abstain and moderate my intake.

    I still want to know what’s happening in the world though!! Ugh!! I’m not sure how to inform myself, what medium. Journals? Podcasts? YouTube? Lol My next step is to read the foreign affairs journal and see. I want my heart to go out to everyone in the world AND my mind to know what is happening in the world to empower my service.. Ya know??

    Open to all suggestions on being informed. And YES my purpose is first🦋❤
    Not the news.


    • Well, of course, Divine guidance is best. There are so many Joe Averages putting together good news for blogs and youtube. Searching youtube for topics can be good. Once you find some good reporting then you can see what sources they are drawing from, which written articles they are putting in video form. Who has good perspectives on things.

      Have you seen the things I’ve been leaving in comments on posts? I have some videos there. Even if you don’t watch ’em, if you clicked on ’em, clicked the youtube symbol to watch it there and then see what other videos are suggested to you.

      But yeah, if the Divine wants you to learn something or if you ask to learn something then the info will be brought to you. Then your discernment helps ya from there on which sources are worth a darn.

      If you have specific questions for me, don’t be scared to ask and I’ll see who I might direct you to.


      • Hi!!!😁I just read it now! I forgot to check off sending me notice of replies! And I’m not a dummy! 😛

        I will look at those. It’s just (and I do feel foolish in my learning curve for sure) I spent so many years reading, praying, then singing and all the MASSIVE exhaustion….I just didn’t go online. And I was afraid to connect with people for a long period. So …I’m temporarily still an “idiot” regarding social media….etc…being online. Thanks for those links!!! I will LOOK!!!💛

        Hey! I have to get mad at you now, just for fun. I read Trump thing. Listen, Donald has narcissism. I don’t mean I want to call him that or I hate him. I don’t hate him at all. Thing is I was raised by one. Many in my families. I laugh when I hear him, endearingly. Like when you hear someone talk like an old relative and you KNOW what they are… An endearing sort of thing but never forgetting the complex problem of narcissism present in them.

        I believe he’s there on that national stage to show us at large the single most destructive vain in America and in personality disorders. It hides SO well. It’s emotional, the sickness. And they are very endearing people who are smart and often successful….who eat humans when no one is looking. Who destroy others when no one sees. And who lie as if it is natural to. They function in the world just fine, unlike someone bipolar because reputation/fame is everything to them, so they are on point publically. And many don’t ever see….

        I think he’s there for everyone to SEE. And I sure hope he does crazy smart accidental great things! And I MEAN THAT. (My mother “does” lots of lovely things, emotionally it seems beautiful and sweet and her face contorts just like Donald’s, but her jealousy, sickness, screaming, beatings and hate are all there too. She once said she had kids because her friends had them.). One thing big I KNOW for sure is how seduced human beings are by them.

        I do feel excited about some of Trumps “deconstruction.” but he does it for him. He hasn’t an emotional body capable of empathy. He CANNOT do it for US in his condition. AND I guarantee you….his DAD was a monster.

        The act of running for office was cruel. He did it for emotional need. They need to be fed. Like children. They gaslight critical truth. That baby face, pouted lip look, aloof, with the head in the air….that expresses right where they stopped growing….. They are about 3-8 years old inside. They stopped growing then. Donald is about 9.

        And I pray for him. And us.
        Narcissism is the least understood major psychological issue in this culture. Was born broadly out into masses post World War II. Very smart (maybe smartest move) of “team dark” last century. Destroyed many families, hearts and lives. But ESPECIALLY HEARTS and minds. And it’s genetic.

        And THANK YOU for letting me share that! Like I said, I WANT HIM TO DO GOOD reconstructive/deconstructive things. But I am always aware that he IS a destructive personality.

        I pray you feel my compassion. I love even those who inspired me to once hate and many of those I have been hated by😊❤🌼


        • *yawn* Marcy, your brainwashing is showing. Hey, tuck that in, nobody needs to see that. 😉

          You’re kinda making my point for me. You might think you sound unique… ‘cuz of personal experience with your mother’s narcissism (who isn’t narcissistic to some degree? No really. Doesn’t have to be dysfunctional.), but you sound just like all the other brainwashed persons out there. Hope you can get out of that hole, but for now… well, it doesn’t look good on you… but that’s why I have bothered, here with this article and down through time, to spread light, ‘cuz even those who have gone through much healing still have much Truth to wake up to.


          • The problem I have had my whole life is that I have NOT been brainwashed enough! Lol!! Would have been so much easier! Seeing into things is lonely! (not totally true, narcissists were pretty persuasive!) OKAY, my dear Forerunner, bless you! I PROMISE to stay open and take in new information as it comes!! I am willing to be wrong. AND I’m ever so willing to be right, too! I used to not be allowed that. Guess what type of people stopped that?! Lol!! Come on, ya gotta laugh! Or that’s fascism! Which is worse than brainwashing cause that’s where it begins! 😛

            Remember, I don’t watch the news….yet! 😉 I don’t have an flipping clue what everyone is on about. No, seriously, ashamed to admit it, I don’t. I don’t listen to anyone… yet.

            I HOPE he does WELL. My emotional body works well, so I can hope that for him.

            Here’s a sample of narcissistic behavior, though….some truth. No propaganda. Pre-election. My brother went to grad school, MBA, and a couple classmates after went to work at the firm where Donald’s daughter worked also. Prestigious firm. She hardly came to work. She partied and did a lot of cocaine. No judgement. Just what happened. Young people talk. Donald paid for her to be given promotion at the end of the year, a promotion that several other people busted their ass for. She got it (thus my bro’s friends were pissed off) and then she went in next day and quit (part of the deal). Reputation is everything, honesty is nothing. NOT trying to prove I’m right.

            I know everyone is behaving BADLY right now. I am not a hater. And I am happy to learn and then we’ll see!! SO the links you sent are going to be super helpful to me!!!


            • I say you sound brainwashed because… you may not realize it… you are saying the same things about Trump as the msm – yep narcissistic… and egotistical, racist, bigot, misogynist. Just name calling because they don’t have anything substantial to say, such as it is when one’s default is lies and disinfo. They don’t talk issues or policy just name call. Juveniles.

              Where are you getting your info about Trump? Have you actually listened to any of his speeches?

              One could stand to NOT watch msm, even if they don’t replace it with anything. The Divine can guide you anyway. But when someone gets their info from the msm, it’s pretty tainted. If someone’s still going there, they have a lot to learn yet. It’s one thing if you are awake to it so you can look at it and see it for what it is, but if that is actually a “source of news” to someone, they’re being duped… and it shows.

              “I am willing to be wrong. AND I’m ever so willing to be right, too! I used to not be allowed that. Guess what type of people stopped that?!”

              Let me guess… narcissists. You’re going on about that quite a bit. What more do YOU have to work on there? What growth opportunity do narcissists offer you?


            • And Marcy, you say you don’t look there, after starting this conversation off about listening to ABC or NPR or BBC a bit. Any is too much if you don’t understand their agenda.

              And something to consider… for anyone… are you being brainwashed / conditioned by msm even when you don’t watch it? Through others perhaps?

              I knew someone who surprised me one day by saying they’d had no religious upbringing. It surprised me because I’d known them for a few years by this point and their own words often demonstrated a conditioning of a religious sort. Well, they may have not been carted off to church as a child, but they still picked up that same flavor of conditioning just from the overall Earth paradigm.


              • I hear ya. And I do feel the pain about the news. I am inspired to check new sources.

                It’s my experience that informs me regarding the Narcissism, though. Imagine you had 8 family members, extended and immediate, with bipolar disorder. You went on to know employers, friends and co-workers with it, too. You would often recognize it in others. You are on intimate terms with it.

                The emotional body of a person with narcissism is pummeled like meat, very tender. Makes them seem tender, too. It is not tenderness, it is suffering showing. They seem sweet, sincere. It is not sweet. Contradict them and you’ll know. They fool many. That is my experience. My experience influences me.

                I HOPE FOR THE BEST!~ And I will re-educate myself on the news!!! You have inspired me!


                  • I am now done with it on its (narcissism) terms. I’m in a soul contract with family, however. I will not abandon that. My guides brought me to a sick friend last fall to SEE it. Finally. I’m now empowered. It’s a destructive disorder. YES, it has been a great teacher. It prepared me for much failure. It was fail proof – to get me to my MISSION and be on task until finished. And karmic, I had debt to pay. I took on a lot in this life. I see now. I’m closer to AUTONOMY now and that is the opposite of being brainwashed.

                    I read some of the posts you sent. I read that this secret gov includes a lot of bankers, according to your articles. Isn’t Trump’s cabinet a lot of bankers?

                    I have really liked you. And I really liked and appreciate your blog. But I’m gonna practice what I’ve learned. I am the one who is open. I am open-hearted and open-minded. In every response I ever write to you, that should be SUPER obvious.

                    You have insulted me in the last few emails. You sound hostile. It hurt. Do not speak that way to me. No crass words. I think you need to go outside. 5D is HERE. Last thursday blew my mind. IT IS ALL HERE now. Game over, 3D. You know this. No hiding old favorite habits. Many are wobbly as shit this week. You seem so too, thus your attitude, your words and anger. Your other writing is jacked, too.

                    Your body needs to go outside more. You need to get out. You are too long in front of that fucking screen.

                    How do I know? I’m the REAL thing!!! I’m an Indigo who is NOT lost anymore. I’m a Pioneer with gifts, who isn’t so scared anymore. I DID THE WORK. I know shit sometimes. I tell the TRUTH. And it is my experience that many who say they love the truth, love being right more. So they cannot remain OPEN.

                    I say this with Love for you. I wish you very well.


                    • I did not mention bankers… anywhere. Search my whole blog and you won’t find that word. lol

                      But… yeah, he’s got bankers and billionaires. Hey, the cabal have their bankers and billionaires, why can’t we? So, am I really hearing you right, as far as what you are implying – that bankers are ALL bad? Wow Marcy, what an enlightened perspective. Not!

                      I’m not angry and I don’t appreciate you projecting your anger onto me. Perhaps you could stand to actually process some of your anger rather than putting your sh*t on someone else.

                      I have not insulted you. What? Saying “little dummy”? You are quick to take offense. Sounds like a personal problem.

                      Honey, I don’t get out much because I am exhausted from doing years of energy work AFTER I finished my own ascension process. You on the other hand are still working on your own healing and ascension process. You have no idea what I’ve done nor do you know from YOUR personal experience how exhausting this has been for us forerunners / original 145,000.

                      Yep, I could stand to get out more, but I don’t have the energy for it. When you’ve done as much as I have (which may never happen frankly) then you can stand there and judge me, but you haven’t. I’ve done so much energetic service work that the Divine is no longer allowing me to be used for that… for about 2 1/2 years now. I’ve been used up and wrung out, not left even with enough personal energy to have a life, something beyond an existence and yet I still shine my light, here, online where I can. I do so when I get out also, but that doesn’t happen much. Yep, I’d LOVE to get out and see the planet and the humans that I have worked so hard for but then there’s reality. You can’t get blood from a stone and you can’t get more of much of anything out of a bunch of used up forerunners. And yet you make my efforts sound “bad” in some way. The forerunners’ work has held your world together while we also all twiddle our thumbs waiting for the likes of you to actually get up to speed and take some Responsibility in this Ascension Project that is your soul mission. I’ve done all this work for the planet and the collective, for years, AFTER getting ascension-ready and it’s like pulling teeth to just get you to wrap up your own healing process.

                      Marcy, you’ve just managed to put your ignorance on display yet again. Good for you. Goodness sakes. What you said here speaks volumes about how duped you are by the msm:
                      “The news was once a collective experience. It unified. Days of Tom, Walter, Peter, Dan… are past. Makes me sad!…So SAD! :(( I just need to say that. I loved good journalism once….”

                      Just another know-nothing know-it-all lightworker, so sure you got such a grip on reality and yet you’ve made it abundantly clear that you have much left to learn and also some growth and healing left yet to do.

                      Someone here really wants to be “right” as you keep going on about, but it’s not me. And I don’t care about your need to be right. Life and the Divine care even less for it. The truth bombs I drop on you are and will be nothing like what Life and the Divine have in store for you… ah yes, Marcy draws The Tower card – a shattering of beliefs.

                      Marcy, you still have work to do. Narcissists don’t bother ME. But they sure do push your buttons. Whose? Whose buttons? There’s yer sign! Ya know, a tactic for such is to allow yourself some narcissism. The idea is that maybe you’ll quit being so judgy about it.

                      So… you gone now? Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. If you don’t care to keep moving along with your process, then I don’t care to have you around. See ya. Wouldn’t wanna be ya. Love ya… even when you insist on carrying that old energy.


                    • “When we talk about compassion we talk in terms of being kind. But compassion is not so much being kind; it is being creative [enough] to wake a person up.” ~ Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoch

                      And yet, if you refuse to wake up to your issues and heal them, there’s nothing that I or anyone can do for you… and it’d be a waste of energy to even try.


  4. I see my “big kid pants” line has reached the channeling channels. lol

    “So it is you are now on your own. It is time for you to put on your big boy and big girl pants, to take responsibility for your life – and your creations…
    You are a fully contained adult with all the skills required.
    You no longer need babysitters, nor do you need overprotective parents. You are a young 5D adult – and it is time for you to act like one.”

    I’d thought about responding to one of this gal’s recent messages with “Putting the big kid pants on” but was guided not to, but I see that their own channeling has now said it. LOL

    Thank GOD some LWs are actually ready to put big kid pants on. ’bout time. There may still be some Reluctant Lightworkers though as I see that someone reposted that message but changed the title. HA, HA, HA.


  5. R.I.P. CNN. Thank you James O’Keefe of Project Veritas for exposing CNN (Conspiracy News Network) the world’s biggest conspiracy theorist with their Trump / Russia collusion conspiracy theory… that they’ve been on for how long now? A year? CNN, you’re busted! Big time. Gee, thanks for wasting everyone’s time and money. You shouldn’t have. No really.

    BREAKING: James O’Keefe Just Caught CNN Red-Handed 06-27-2017


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