Current Events… for Dummies

Ok, I’m going to put out my perspective here and frankly, if I do say so m’self, I’ve got a pretty good perspective on this whole sitchiation.  Hopefully folks can learn a bit from it.

This may be so cursory it’s not even funny, but my Sadge Moon loves the Big Picture so I’ll let you and the Divine hammer out the details.


Let’s see, to really comprehend current events one would have to know some things about the past, about how we got to where we are.

First, this Earthly realm is 3D so it’s very dense and slow.  It’s Duality so that brings its own illusory component.

And if the aforementioned doesn’t make things cloudy and confusing enough, about oh, 10,000 to 14,000 years ago (or so) there was a great calamity.  The fall of Atlantis perhaps?  And that stemmed from power trips from “aliens”, literally, as in “not originally from here” who were messing with the locals and other aliens / visitors.

There were many souls who left through the death portal (how’s that for a euphemism?) and those still incarnate were thrown into survival mode for thousands of years.  So that whole scene wasn’t doing a whole lot for helping people maintain their Divine connection.  Things don’t get shared and documented when your tech has been blown away, you’re busted down to caveman level and you’re in constant survival mode.

Some wisdom survived.  Some cultures maintained esoteric knowledge.  The Druids were a biggy in this regard.  Michael Tsarion can help you understand that history and also the wisdom maintained there.  But, try as they might, the Druids weren’t able to keep the precious esoteric knowledge from those who would abuse it.

What always comes to mind for me is what “Jesus” (ya know, that “composite character” of the New Testament, ya know, from the Bible, aka, the product of Constantine the Great and the Council of Nicea) supposedly told the establishment… and I paraphrase, “You have the knowledge, you won’t let anyone else have it and yet you don’t know what to do with it.”  To this day the global cabal still don’t know what to do with the esoteric knowledge they’ve worked so hard to keep from all of us.  They get all hung up on the “out there” of it all, using the esoteric in exoteric ways, trying to do outwardly what can only be done inwardly, to utilize Outer Technology when it’s Inner Technology that’s called for.  They get all obsessed with the nuts and bolts of it all and they do some bad, nasty, “dark” sh*t, completely lacking in Love and Compassion, kinda mostly consciously although they certainly don’t see the full spiritual repercussions for themselves, silly cabal anyway.  Just because they think themselves “Illumined” does not make them so.  They’ve worked hard to keep the people from knowing the esoteric wisdom so they are like the one-eyed man in the land of the blind, but they still do not have full “sight” / consciousness.  Far from it.

The cabal has its various facets.  They work together in an overall way but they don’t agree on everything and in some cases don’t even like each other.  I often think of them as various coaches on a football team – they are all on the same team, working together but have different ideas on how to go about it.  There are religion, government, media, education, commerce, technology, medicine, food, etc. components.  They lie, trick, deceive and poison to gain and maintain control over people.  They energetically feed off of fear.  They love killing off humans and other lifeforms but they love the slow, fearful, agonizing sort of lingering death so they can get their extended energetic jollies.  Sick psycho f*cks that they are.  Excuse my French but it warranted the emphasis.

They’ve been up to their shenanigans for millennia but they really turned up the heat in the last century or so.

Right now there is much going on concerning the “Deep State” which is basically a bunch of bureaucrats who are not elected but appointed and also people within the various agencies and they can and have often been around for years in government as presidents and congressmen come and go.  If their allegiances are to the cabal and not the Constitution then the country is ruled by tyrants and unelected ones at that.

David Icke is a really good source on comprehending the whole cabal thing.  Tsarion and Icke can and do provide info about both distant and more recent history – and that would be a much truer version of history than you find in your history textbooks or through the mainstream media (msm) – but I’d recommend Tsarion for the more distant past and Icke for more recent stuff, like last century or so.  Lots of videos and articles put out by these two, but with David, I’d strongly encourage anyone and everyone to read at least one of his books.  Check out his book list and see which one sparks an interest.  Now, it’s gonna read like a history book because that’s exactly what it is.

Alex Jones is all over this stuff too.  Jones really knows politics and history and he’s just such a wonderful example of emotional expression.  He just expresses in front of God and everyone.  Many lightworkers (LWs) could learn from that.  His emotional expression would have been awesome to utilize in transmuting crap out of Gaia a few years back as we readied her for ascension, but he’s having to be in “release maintenance” mode I’m sure just for his own sake as he looks at reams of horrific news day in and day out.  His love for humanity is unmistakable.  What a mother lode of passion that man is.  Alex and his InfoWars gang have daily news shows to keep you current.

All three will tell ya that the cabal like to document everything they plan and do and they laid out some recent plans a century or two ago and wrote it all down and one can just read the stuff and see how it’s all playing out.  The cabal aren’t prophets, they’re architects.  They weren’t predicting, they were planning, then set about to manifest their plans… over decades, generations, centuries.  Meanwhile Joe Average has a tough time digesting this information in part because poor Joe has been so beaten down and dumbed down that he can’t imagine anyone actually making plans generations out and many people cooperating  especially people who don’t even like each other in some cases.  Yep, even the cabal have got something to teach others in the dept. of cooperation, longsightedness, diligence and patience.

Along those lines, it’s downright asinine for people to say that some of the global cabal political stooges are “incompetent”.  People say such, as if to say that these politicians were aiming to help their country and fellow human and just fell on their faces and made a big mess.  No.  They were never aiming to help anyone but themselves and the mess WAS their goal.  They meant to make the mess, to cause the destruction.  They’d been hitting their mark on that for many years.  Pretty tough to call that incompetence.

And many people still don’t understand the level of environmental destruction and, brace yourself, don’t know that the cabal are very literally terraforming this planet.  Not kidding.  (It’s also called geoengineering.)  Strange to use a term like “terraform”, Terra being Earth, when it’s being used to make Earth less Earth-like, less Terra-like.   They’re trying to “terraform” humans too for that matter.  And yep, the “cabal” themselves couldn’t do it by themselves.  We’ve all played into it to some degree or another at some time or another.  Our own creative energies hijacked and used against us and our planet.


So… let’s fast forward to the immediate now and talk some specifics of what is going on right now.

Contrary to what the msm propaganda machine says about Trump, he is working for the light and no dear lightworkers (LWs), not in some roundabout, indirect way like a frickin’ burr under your saddle, but very directly so, very INTENTIONALLY so.

If he or anyone is serving as a proverbial burr under your saddle you’ve got some work to do.  Someone’s light is shining into YOUR darkness.  Tend to your own bidness… and while you’re at it, thank the Divine for sending you Trump so you can wake up to your own issues.  The question you need to be asking is not why does the guy push your buttons or stir up fear in you, the question is WHY DO YOU HAVE THE BUTTONS AND FEARS.  Whose?  Whose buttons and fears?  Own ’em.  Now you can actually get about healing that instead of playing the victim.  And again, shut off the war-mongering and fear-mongering msm already. They’re obviously scaring the crap outta you… then feeding on your fears.

Trump knows he’s working for God.  He sees a good part of the true big picture here but not all of it.  He’s not perfect, he’s not your savior – you are!  He’s got plenty enough left to learn, plenty of space to grow into – same with many of you still, especially if you can’t get past your conditioning, which is being constantly “refreshed” from the msm and hence you can’t understand that Trump is working WITH us – but he’s absolutely the sort to flow with those growth and learning opportunities.

If you don’t understand that I strongly suggest you get to know him as directly as you can and not go through someone else’s filters, bias and agenda… certainly NOT through the msm’s lies.   The msm is the global cabal’s mouthpiece, yes, their propaganda machine.  They work to maintain your continued enslavement and disempowerment.  Tired of listening to them yet?

Here’s an example – don’t only look at the tweets from President Trump that the msm tell you about (who definitely cherry pick and then do their spin on ’em), but look at ALL of his tweets, including all the ones where he is reporting his progress to his bosses, the American people.  Wow, how awesome is that?!   He actually IS transparent rather than just paying transparency lip service like Obama did.  But the msm refuse to report on Trump getting his job done and fulfilling his campaign promises, then act like he’s not or that he’s not focused on his job or won’t talk about it when it is THEY, the msm who refuse to focus on, well, much of anything “real”, the president’s job included.  Just the typical msm magician’s trick of waving one hand, “Look over here!  Look over here!”, while it’s the other hand that is up to something.  The msm try to control the narrative, intentionally talking A LOT about some things and not about others.

And some of what Trump says in his tweets or how he says it, well, he’s just so playing the msm and they fall for it, over and over, seemingly just can’t wait to expose themselves more, lining up to take a number.  He talks about doing his job, often daily for weeks on end and the msm say nothing.  Then he throws some chum out there for them and they go for it.  Beyond predictable.

I had to chuckle the other day… I went out for breakfast at this busy cafe and sat at the counter.  Got to talking to a couple people.  One of them brings up, out of the blue, all the Trump tweet stuff.  I told them it sounded like they listened to the msm.  Come to find out, they really didn’t know there was any other way to get news, not so computer / internet savvy… but did have an i-phone so I know they have the means.  I slung terms at them like “mainstream media”, “alternative media”, “Alex Jones” to which this person said something about conspiracy so at least I know they’ve heard of Alex, lol, thank you msm for at least shooting yourself in the foot by telling the world about Alex Jones… and I said “global cabal”.  “Global what?” they say.  Ha!  But just after that whole scene, I was thinking – do people really think that there is nothing else going on in the world, nothing else to report on but some of President Trump’s more colorful tweets?  I just find even THAT to be so hilarious.  Alex likes to say folks are “low information”.  Indeed.  I’m sure if this person actually went and looked up Alex they got a tsunami of information.  Whoosh!

And looping back… Obama was / is pretty much ALL deceit, ALL the time… which, yep O, Life and the Divine would just LOVE for some transparency from you too and all your cabal cronies including the msm who have been covering for ya all.  And in lieu of your volunteered transparency, Life and the Divine would happily settle for exposure.

I do declare, it is the Apocalypse!  Word origin of apocalypse = uncover, reveal.  Indeed.  Apocalypse Now!

And that exposure will apply to everyone, yourselves included dear lightworkers.  Time for the light to shine into every dark corner, yours too.

And here’s a novel idea, perhaps you could include the Divine in your quest for Truth about Trump.  I frankly don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want to draw on the Divine’s higher perspective on everything that is going on here.

Trump cares about Truth, Justice and the American way.  He’s definitely for the Constitution and is a States’ Rights advocate which is about as constitutional as it gets.  He’ll openly talk about what he knows about the cabal – although he may not think of them by that term, he might think of ’em as “globalists” or maybe “establishment”.  I prefer “cabal” as it communicates more and is a word that many of the unawakened are not even aware of.  “Globalist” doesn’t show the whole picture and I could see how Joe Average might see “establishment” as like career politicians or similar.  It goes beyond such things.  Trump openly talking about “the cabal”, well, that’s why he so resonated with so many people – Republican, Democrat, whoever, he just called the political cabal stooges on the carpet, called ’em on their b.s.  The awakened Americans couldn’t believe their ears.  Wow, someone actually running for president who could actually pull it off, who actually openly, honestly talks about the cabal… and on the stage of either presidential campaigning or in office, the msm have a tough time censoring that.  I don’t know that Trump sees the full picture of the global cabal yet, but he ain’t scared to talk about the parts he does understand.  And when he tweets, the msm just hate that.  They used to be the valve for information and now they aren’t.  He passes the ball over their heads, directly to the people.  Double plus whah to you, fargon msm iceholes.


I had to laugh that I saw someone do an astrological reading on Trump and one thing that came up is he “likes to win”.  No… really?  I couldn’t tell.  But there was comment from this astrologer about there being some concern about that… and ego this and ego that… blah, blah, woof, woof.  I told my friend about this and said, “Hey, we have a president who is actually working for the Truth and the Light and he wants to win!  Frickin’ Score!”  Would you prefer Truth and Light don’t win out here?  Really?

Lightworkers, you’d best want to “win” also, because the Divine does and you might as well get aligned with that because the Divine is NOT giving up on this ascension project and all the many folks who still need to wake up and heal.  You being “in it to win it” is not only going to make your efforts more effective, it will also improve your attitude, perhaps get you out of “oh poor me” mode and step into those Powerful Creator shoes that have been waiting for you.

Lightworkers, it’s long past time to get over being scared / fearful of or timid about showing yourselves!  You certainly didn’t come here to not show yourselves.  Shine!  In front of God and EVERYBODY!  Gods are NOT fearful or timid.

For Christ’s sake (very literally), don’t help the cabal keep human divinity a secret!

Over time I’ve seen a few lightworkers who say that “winning and losing” is old paradigm. It was especially funny to see that one person who was saying this was also promoting a hashtag of #LoveisWinning and someone called ’em on it, saying that if they weren’t buying the whole win / lose thing then perhaps a different hashtag was in order. lmao

In a Dualistic realm, the illusion part of winning / losing is the “losing” part.  In “God’s realm”, The Realm of the Absolute, there is ONLY winning.  There is no “failure” because you just keep after it… until you win.  You can think of the whole journey as the path to winning.  Yeah, so there are some bumps along the way.  So what.  Just do your best to not get off on some distraction detour.

Folks, if ever there was something where one person winning then helps the next person win, it would be ascension!  Our collective energetic connection plays a big role in that.  As I’ve said elsewhere, God is not allowing for failure on this.  Let me translate that for you – if something doesn’t work, then something else gets attempted.  And be thankful that we forerunners didn’t call it quits and slit our wrists during our intense energetic service work or none of ya all may even still be here.  You’re welcome.  Now don’t YOU give up on everyone else.  We didn’t give up on you lightworkers!  It’s not a case of “Oh well, we tried, we give up, let’s take our ball and go home”  Ah no.   Be in it to win it.  No one else loses because of your winning.  Quite the contrary.

And be thankful that the POTUS is also in it to win it because 3D would be one out-of-control mess right now if he hadn’t gotten in… *shuddering* I shudder to think.  Trump is (as Kryon has said, see info at end of post) a Wild Card, yep, gotta say it… a Trump card, played at the nth minute.  3D dodged a major bullet right there.  There’s plenty of work since and continuing forward because the cabal are not giving up easily.  Many will more than likely have to be prosecuted for their crimes and imprisoned (or die) before they’ll stop their nonsense.  And that all brings more opportunity for more people to wake up to the truth of things.  And that right there is the biggest and best reason to prosecute these, ah, well “people” (use that term loosely with these psychos).  It is not for revenge or punishment, not even really so much for justice, but really more for Truth.  It provides a chance for those who have been unwittingly supporting these cabal stooges to wake up to who it is they’ve been supporting.


And on states’ rights, I’d heard Larry Nichols (who used to be a hitman for the Clintons, who trained them in their wicked political ways but watched them go off the deep end with it and so he has worked hard for many years to now expose the Clintons), who is a big states’ rights advocate, say that the founding fathers didn’t so much know what we all might want and need down the road but they did know what they didn’t want for the country.   They knew they didn’t want an authoritarian government.  So, as Larry said, the Constitution wasn’t so much about telling people what to do but telling the federal government what NOT to do.  The “what to do” part was covered by allowing for each state to maintain its sovereignty and states’ rights and decide for themselves what they wanted for their state… and that allows for “competition” in a good way, allowing for many ideas to see fruition.  Don’t like what your state is up to?  Then either work to change it or move to another state.  The states will then learn from their own and each other’s trial and error.

And Larry told a semi-recent tale … There was a bill that went through a state’s congress and all it needed was the governor’s signature, but the governor made the mistake of asking their state attorney general to ask the feds if it was ok to do this.  Errr!  Wrong answer.  By doing that they were giving the authority of their state over to the feds.  Much to be learned from this on a personal level.  No one can truly take authority over your life but you sure can give it away.

And as far as worldly governments go, the U.S. Constitution is about as close to documenting one’s God-given rights as any could be.


Because I was holding a higher space for others for years, I very intentionally did not allow my focus onto 3D events and yet if you spend any time online you can’t help but see some of it peeking out at ya (SO glad the campaign is over, I was SO sick of seeing Killery’s ugly mug popping up here, there and everywhere, I can’t EVEN imagine the amount of money spent on advertising by her…to no avail).  So with no effort, oh hell even trying to avoid the news, I couldn’t help but notice that the global cabal can’t stand Trump and are fighting him on every front.  Well, there’s yer first sign.  But then, if you don’t understand the global cabal, don’t “know them by their fruits”, don’t understand their methods and don’t know their names (and many names are quite knowable), then you might not pick up on their all-out assault on the elected president… and on you!

Words like treason, insurrection, traitor, sedition come to mind.  Such is and will continue to be exposed.

This isn’t about left or right, this is about Truth and it’s about who is awake and to what.

The cabal have played both sides of the 2-party system (and every other form of political parties / systems in countries across the globe) for a long time.  They have players in both parties.  They were having such a sh*t hemorrhage over Trump getting in that even George Bush Sr. came out with a video (did ya catch it?) endorsing Hillary and FINALLY admitting what those of us who have known the truth for years have known – that the Bushes and the Clintons have been good friends for years.  What?!  But that doesn’t fit the political brainwashed paradigm.  Well, Bill Clinton is a Rockefeller bastard.  Rockefeller did favors for Bush (I do believe by getting him into the CIA) so Bush returned the favor by looking out for his bastard son Bill.  And they’re all in cahoots… even when they put on such a good show of being “political enemies”.  They’ve been good actors alright.  So much so that they have all the actors duped.  They can outact the actors.

There are battles of light and dark going on everywhere.  The various alphabet agencies have cabal stooges and patriots alike working for them.  They are currently in a civil war.  One side is attempting a coup on the presidency and government.  The other side is running a counter-coup.  All of us who care about the Truth are playing our role in the counter-coup.

Those “White Hats” (as some like to call them) inside the agencies who care about Truth, Justice, the Constitution and their fellow human, they leak, hack or whistle blow about what their agency is up to.

I’ve not liked LWs obsessing on the so-called “White Hats” in their various roles because the LWs need to play their own role and do their own inner work.  Those White Hats won’t “save” you and yet does it really surprise you to think there are, ya know, “good guys” in, oh say, the CIA for example?!  Wherever there is darkness light will be shined.

And the Divine is always in on the deal, always playing their hand, lining things up, helping folks wake up.  So, case in point – Trump’s head and heart are in the right place overall, he’s got the necessary skills required at this moment, but yeah, still some things to learn, some bigger picture perspective to take in.

For example, Trump has basically said that Snowden was a traitor and should be in prison.  For what?  For exposing the traitors in the NSA who are illegally spying on each and every American citizen.  Oh well now… what’s coming to light now is that the Obama administration was using the various agencies to spy on Trump and his family for years.  Yep, them and me and you and everyone.  Interesting how Life and the Divine bring all this stuff to a head.  Trump didn’t see what a HERO Snowden has been to disclose what the NSA has been up to.  Now the NSA’s crap has hit Trump directly.  I’d wager that before this is all said and done, a certain President Trump will pardon Snowden.

The Trump admin seemingly also has issue with Wikileaks… now.  Gee, just loved ’em before election time.  Come on there Trump admin folks, pull your heads out!  Wikileaks is helping to disclose the Truth in the world and they do so VERY professionally, I might add.  Downright enviably so.  That Wikileaks Truth helped to get Trump elected.  Now you’ll bite the hand that fed you… and that cares for and stands for TRUTH?  You’d best get yourselves FULLY aligned with Truth for Truth IS God and vise versa so that will mean also aligning yourselves with others who align with Truth.  Get your priorities straight.  Step out of the old paradigm b.s. “rules” and for Christ’s sake (again, literally) support the disclosure of TRUTH!

And even though frickin’ spying on the Trumps for that long, the cabal, try as they might, can’t come up with anything that will stick to Trump.  He’s so frickin’ squeaky clean it’s not even funny.  Some could consider the man a downright “saint” compared to me, well, you know, from a tainted and judgy 3D Earth perspective.  😉  And I helped get a planet ascension-ready, so I’d wager he and his folks can turn the big ship of a country around… perhaps not achieving quite the lofty, saintly accomplishments as we *cough, cough* forerunners, but hey… 😉   *breathing on knuckle / ring and shining it on shirt front*

All they have about him is just smear, lies.

I had to laugh that around the time of the election I saw someone leave a comment on a blog saying, “All the lightworkers only talk about Hillary’s bad stuff and none of Trump’s.”

First, I want to know where these LWs are who see these truths.

Second, well, you see, there’s just THAT much bad sh*t to say about her.  It’s not smear when it’s true.

Presently, while the cabal Democrats, Republicans, msm, the technocracy are doing everything they can to bring Trump down, he has his teams working in the background – not intentionally “quietly” but when the msm won’t report on it then the sheeple don’t find out about it – busting many pedophile rings.  Only a matter of time before they start arresting the big names in the cabal.  And if you weren’t aware of all that, well the cabal are and that’s why they are in such a sh*t-panic and going so outside-the-law to try to stop Trump.  Just unsane, truly.  The cabal are all a bunch of pedophiles, satanists and have crimes against humanity a mile long.  And those terms are NOT just me slinging insults.  That’s reality, literally.  (Never mind that “satan” was not a name and hence not an entity. Yep, the cabal worship a non-entity.  They may have managed to keep humanity duped for a long time but they still aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed.)

So, ah yeah folks, Trump is our teammate.  Make no mistake about it.  Get your head out of the New York Slimes and the Washington Compost (currently owned by Bezos of Amazon who is in a contract with the CIA and helps them leak damaging info about their “enemies”, which, at least indirectly, could be you) ‘cuz they’re just feeding you a load of crap and would be happy to sell you down the road and have been.  I told someone recently that they’d literally be better off to shut off the msm and not even replace it with anything than to continue to listen to it.  Perhaps their own intuition might stand a chance then without the constant msm brainwashing.

But it’s ok, you don’t have to stop there.  The Truth is certainly in this world… and well documented!  And the Divine would be happy to guide you to the pieces of the puzzle that you need to learn.


But there are many “truthers” and “lightworkers” who don’t really know the truth of things as much as they’d like to think.  David Icke, as much of a one-man army that man was for so many years and what a HUGE role he’s played in exposing the cabal, he thinks Trump is cabal.  I even heard David say something like, “Even though Trump has money, if the cabal wanted to stop him they could, so he must be one of them.”  Goodness sakes David, how many frickin’ times has someone said that about you, not about the money but that the cabal kill off people left and right, just willy nilly, then get back to eating their breakfast, so if Mr. David Icke is not working for the cabal, why haven’t they killed him off yet?  Hmm?  Gee David, idk, is it because you are doing the Divine’s Will and hence have Divine Protection and are also tapping into that soul-centered quality called Courage, which further protects you?!  Gosh, could your pea brain possibly compute that it’s the same for Trump?  Ya think?  I’ve seriously considered starting a post titled “Who are you and what have you done with David Icke?”  and the content would have to beg the question of David – Do you not recognize your own success when you see it?  Has your intuition completely gone out the window?  Are you really that stuck in a groove, an endless loop tape, a skipping record?  “This is the way it’s always been and this is the way it will always be…. Beep.”  lol  But dear Grasshopper, you came to change things up here AND IT’S WORKING!  Now all that’s left is you need to recognize that.


Also see info I’ve left in comments below and on Exposure and also see Kryon’s message I left in comments on Upcoming Chaos.  If ya haven’t caught on yet, I’ve buried some info in comments here and there, hopefully pertaining to the topic of that post.

Read Awake & Aware – Top Priority: Self for some good “Awakening 101”.



84 thoughts on “Current Events… for Dummies

  1. Ah yes, you have done quite a good job on the cabal. I stopped worrying about it all once he was elected..I was very afraid of Killary getting it because all these elections are so rigged and voting is a joke. But the people spoke loud enough, had enough and got someone in there whose every sentence doesn’t start with ‘Let me be clear here….’ The alphabet agencies need to go, it just needs a general overhall, and I see from time to time when I catch the news that Trump is on it and I only wonder when are the yahoos gonna get with the program, it’s the changing of the guard, it’s the inevitable swinging of the pendulum where the meek are in charge and the cabal needs to go to their islands and leave humanity alone, better yet, go to Mars. I don’t think Trump is going to let them, the DOJ or the Military industrial complex to say they have lost trillions, shrug their shoulders and no one goes to jail. Out of fast and furious, and all the many, many projects or agendas the cabal have had, there have been some wins when they are exposed…and of course it all comes out when the ones who did it are dead or almost ead. I am a big picture person too…being a sadge and always wanting to know the big picture. Never happy to just take anyone person’s word for the nature of us and this planet. David had alot of good info, but even Alex says too that he doesn’t know why he is still alive but I do believe it’s grace, the kind of grace that keeps them far far away. Oh yeah, they do mess with us and social engineering for their technocracy and the geoengineering and the whole monsanto, fda this rabbit hole runs deep. Alex is really good with reading all these things and knowing what they are up to. But then again, he has read all their books. I am hopeful that Trump that make some big changes and it is noticed right away but he has a big mess to clean up and surely with all the distractions, he has to maintain his focus, he isn’t perfect, could have used some diplomacy lessons…and coaching on things but I think he finally did that. I think Snowden is a hero, I still don’t understand anyone being upset with him, it’s mostly those who say he was suppose to keep it secret, he signed disclosure contracts…but under a free and fair society, no contract is valid if it i violating the rights of people. It’s hard to believe anyone watches any of those news stations anymore, I think that their advertisers are probably the only ones who watch it. ;I guess we shall see how it all goes and leave the light on! 😉


    • “I stopped worrying about it all once he was elected..”

      Yeah, to me the election didn’t really quite do it for me. Yep, the people got him in there, he’s courageous as Heaven 🙂 and I had no doubt he’ll do all he can and flex and grow and evolve as he goes, but… I’m not quite sure when I really felt sure about it, the dates… but it became obvious that the people were going to do their part, have his back, stand in their own power. Game, set, match. The “war” is not over but folks are done laying down for this crap. They’re empowered and activated.

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  2. Ooh, I meant to mention the rigged voting. I have EVERY reason to think that Trump also won the popular vote. Millions of fraudulent votes happened and in every way from padding decimal percentages into the electronic voting – see Bev Harris for info about that – to thousands of ballot-box-stuffing votes, some of which had been found and in some areas there were more votes than voters. Whoop, whoop! Warning.

    Send ’em to Mars… Trump was signing a bill for NASA and Ted Cruz said something in there about sending congress to space. lol Can you remember… what the heck was the movie about that? Earth was in danger, like from an incoming asteroid or something and so they built rocketships to take people to the moon, then at the last minute the govt. people said that only they could go. So everyone watches them go off to the moon and they watch the asteroid coming in, getting closer and closer and… hitting the moon. Everyone cheers!

    And yeah, on not letting them get away with murder, literally…. I’ve always talked about such not being about revenge or punishment or really even about justice but more about truth. Like indicting Hillary for instance. Those of us who know the truth don’t need that to happen. The ones who need it to happen are the ones who have yet to wake up to this whole plot. Ya know, the ones who supported her and yet have no idea what they were putting their energies into. No way they would have if they knew. They’ll be b*tchslapping themselves for it after they wake up.

    So yeah, Trump could stand to indict Hillary for the sake of those who unwittingly voted for her.

    Trump’s diplomacy or lack thereof and all variants around that, especially during the campaign, well, I frankly see that as Divine. Really. Like someone had to swing the pendulum very definitely away from political correctness in order to deal p.c. a much needed staggering blow.

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    • Yes, on the pizzagate which was a lemming or as they say…a bait thrown out there, Alex talked about that yesterday and said they wanted to do that so it would make them think there is nothing here to look at, see how pizzagate was nothing on a burger…as they like to put it.
      There is a special counsel that was voted on to look into Hillary and Comey and Lynch and the Obama Administration this week, 16 to 13 and now with Mueller going for a grand jury inquiry, people are getting nervous and then Wikileaks comes out right after that announcement that Mueller went to Moscow in 2009 with stolen pure Uranium for Russia to sample it. He flew on September 21, 2009. He’s also Comey’s homey, and conflict of interests got most asking why he didn’t refuse to do this Russian collusion investigation, but he definitely has some explaining to do on that. Hannity is really coming out as a vocal mouthpiece for Trump and the DNC corruption while they are busy trying to explain Iwan the tech guy who tried to flee US after they found some hard drives that had been smashed in his house indicating he had been leaving in a hurry…Divine touch as it all seems to trickle one after the other, and the house of cards is falling. McMasters has got Alex concerned because he thinks they got him locked away at the white house and taken away his phone. Not feeling that even Trump wouldn’t allow that, he isn’t stupid but if they did, surely he has access to information via other phones or things that they can’t take away. They are bothered by the way he gets told about something and he DOES something about it and rumors of him letting the patriots or political prisoners out and pardoning them. Like the Bundys and hopefully any others like Shaeffer Cox. Meanwhile, Obama had filed a lawsuit against Trump and Roger Stone and theycancelled his testimony at congress. I think the cabal is having a hard time trying to keep the whole thing from fraying apart, trying to do damage control, but it’s too late….everyone knows that if they take out Trump, there will be chaos and they cannot contain it. Trump also tackled the trans thing in the military which has the little cockroaches running around with their wigs half cocked and screaming unfair although many of the generals wrote to Trump and thanked him because they did not want to deal with the whole trans thing in the military. Sessions of course, won’t touch the Hillary thing but he is going after the leakers after transcripts of Trumps personal calls to the President of Mexico and other leaders, like he isn’t suppose to talk to other leaders! If anything it shows how he is working for us and negotiating a better deal getting rid of NAFTA. It is getting quite interesting, but I think they will not be able to contain the pandora’s box…the gig is up, the cat is out of the bag. Sadly there are so many people yet to wake up, been called every name in the book this week trying to wake people up, seeding the ones who like to pop onto my timeline and spew their CNN talking points. I laugh at them and call them parrots, give them facts and then I am now a conspiracy theorist…so unfriended and thanks for that buddy, there is just no getting thru to some of them…but when they figure out I was right, think I will hear from them? Nah and that is fine. I think we should all be grateful for the snowdens and all others who expose the truth and work for the masses who don’t even know they are risking their lives to bring it out. Also the OPPT and the TDA funds, or the RV as they are calling it..wild times we are in!
      Some links for you to look at if you want to see how congress has had enough of Hillary and Comey and Obama..and how Mueller is being outed by wikileaks,
      Congressman GOES OFF on Clinton Corruption – “Investigate ALL of This!”

      Wikileaks: FBI Mueller delivered Highly enriched stolen uranium to Russia in 2009


      • I thought I’d get around to actually reading your comments – reading is just not working for me right this minute – then I see you mixing metaphors. Lemming. I do believe you mean herring, as in red. LOL

        Ok, now I can’t read any further… lmao

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        • I understand…I get to typing away and when I put Lemming in there, I paused…knew it was not the right term but couldn’t access the right one..brain fog..or glitch! LOL.
          Have you seen the Mueller/Wikileaks article above about the 2009 flight to Russia to hand over uranium to them?


          • I don’t know if I’ve seen that particular one but am familiar with that story. Mueller is another one… who would have had that guy on their mind now if he was not the special counsel and yet, yep, as has been talked about, usually in reference to Killery, here he was the one to actually deliver the uranium?!

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            • Yes according to Wikileaks…and doesn’t surprise me, Comey his homey and the Hillary crew….They had to get the uranium there somehow. What they accuse Trump of is exactly what they are doing…deflect much? Of course the snowflakes have fallen for it. Maybe thru the special counsel investigating the Dem Crew will find this out, but then again, they may not live thru it and commit arkancide because hanging yourself on the door or shooting yourself in the back of the head twice seems to be the trendy way to do it! 😉


              • Wow, you’ve been hitting a lot of key words here… including “arkancide”. LOL Yes, shoot themselves in the back of the head… twice, THEN chop their own limbs off, THEN throw one’s own body parts in the dumpster. That’s possible… right? Yep, ruled suicide.

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              • Oh, I’d meant to ask if you’d heard from Diamond and Silk with your Comey’s homey comment. lol

                And… now that you’ve gotten over the overwhelm of all my ongoing comments on this post…

                Did you actually watch the Katie Hopkins interview? I thought it was good because she’s from the UK and has traveled to various places in Europe to see first hand some of this crap that is going on and Dave is a reformed lefty (was lefty), lol, so it was a good discussion.

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                • Yes, I have watched alot of your videos on here…funny how many are jumping ship on the left. Yes, I love Diamond and Silk…the way they go on, and the other one bobs her head….they are refreshing source of commentary but youtube has deemed their videos violent and controversial plus demonitized their videos like they have done Alex Jones because if they do this coup, they will go after alternative media. Some new stuff or old in the politcal world:
                  Robert Mueller Accused of Treason by Retired Navy Commander, See criminal complaint officially filed
                  The above criminal complaint was sent to Sessions, but as usual, Sessions probably won’t do a thing about it, he recused himself again from prosecuting Hillary but sure went out of his way to make a statement about how he planned to go after medical marijuana patients and the suppliers, but then was told he can’t do that…I am sure he threw a huge fit over that. I think Trump needs to fire this guy, he won’t go after anyone but who he wants. Although, now they are saying they would do a plea deal with her if she pleads guilty, and she is in Canada right now, on vacation…I suppose part of that deal would mean she has to testify against anyone else who was in collusion with her on the Uranium One deal, and on Obama, Comey and Lynch…because they will let her off from her pay to play deals thru the Clinton foundation as well…so there is alot she would be getting away with and I wonder what the trade off is…that is the only thing I think they would love to just take down Comey, Obama and Lynch and any others that might of done some shady stuff along with her, and then I would be guessing she won’t be able to run for President or any other political office…but we shall see…she may chance a jury trial and anyone who tries to testify against her will end up like the last guy on the beach, supposedly suicide even though they couldn’t find the gun…I guess he shot himself and then took the gun off to some other location and went back and died on the beach…nothing to see here!
                  As you probably know, Trump is in New Jersey, while they renovate (debug) the whitehouse..I knew Obama did a bunch of ‘redecorating’ three weeks before he left, so sure he had lots of those little bugs in there and since his office is a few blocks from the White house, he is still acting like he is president but of the shadow government….so when they go after him, they won’t have to look far.
                  Have you heard anything about the TDA accounts? Been keeping up with that and the arrest of Heather of the OPPT and her partner Randy who bought a bunch of CD’s and then an RV which then the FBI came after them, and are going to trial in Tennessee. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s the treasury accounts that they say are our money in our names, the strawman, thru our birth certificates and our social security numbers. Anyway, interesting, some have paid their bills, some of them got reversed but now the routing numbers have been black listed as most who try to do this thru paypal, are getting denied or charges reversed. Harvey Dent on you tube seems to be continuing to get his money thru his account according to him, and he wrote a check and deposited and he sat there at the bank and listened to them credit his account….wondering how long before they come after him. Many are doing it, so it is freaking out ther federal reserve…which s kinda funny1 So that is it…Yeah…a mouthful! This page is growing for sure! 😉


                  • The link you gave – I have a video below of that same story. lol

                    So what, just recently Sessions has recused himself from the Hillary investigation? *shaking head* Maybe I need to just smoke a j with the guy so he can get his head on straight. lol

                    Don’t forget Mueller (Comey’s homey) also in the Russia uranium deal. I do believe HE actually delivered it or his FBI folks did. (?)

                    I’ve got Killery plea deal info below too. I’m sure if they got her on treason or if they impeached her after the fact for Sec. of State then she would not be able to run for political office… or ya know, if she was actually in prison. Who knows on that last one. Maybe someone in prison could run for office. Idk. lol

                    Ya know, on the White House “renovations”… I’d heard that there are (maybe) bugs there, but not from Obama, but instead since 9/11 to monitor anyone and everyone on that matter.

                    I don’t know about the TDA stuff. I have had no draw to all that. Thanks for the quick update there though. It does sound interesting.
                    I did purchase Iraqi Dinar years ago but in 2011 God told me that the reval was a no go. It wouldn’t (have) work(ed) well for either light or dark, neither thought it served their respective purposes.

                    Yeah, I put up info for #MarchOnGoogle below. Also a congressman had expressed an interest into looking into them now due to this recent employee firing. I know Alex, Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec were talking about all the things ramping up for people to go after Google and the rest of the technocracy for their censoring. It’s so frickin’ fun to watch people step up and take on whatever. Awesome. Yep, the cabal have succeeded in imprisoning themselves already. There is no where to hide in a world full of awakened people.

                    Yeah, I figured I’d collect some info here in comments since I’m monitoring the 3D / 4D news anyway. Perhaps it will get some folks up to speed in a hurry and also turn them on to some decent sources.


                    • Wow, Maxine is definitely quacky doodle and corrupt. One guy on Tucker carlson said she told Cuba not to send back a woman wanted by the FBI who was a member of the black panthers, and was part of some event that caused deaths, and she was one on top of most wanted list at the time…Maxine considered her like some hero, sort of like she called the L.A. Riots were protests, instead of what it really was so she is a nutbag and has plenty skeletins in her closet.


  3. This fellow has a better perspective on the recent Syria thing, at least more so than many folks.

    There are a few other things the Divine has made me aware of, but he’s getting really close on those things and right on with some other stuff.



      • Through much of this I’m looking like a bobble head doll *nodding*.

        Some things I know from my Divine connection and it’s good to hear that he has some concrete media information / links to back some of this up, but yeah, for my own sake, I’d already gotten the memo.

        Other things here, still not quite the things I’m getting and yet, well, the right topics, just different or mutually exclusive kinda details in some cases.

        The emotional re-action to all this stuff… *nodding* Many folks going through fear release from all that. The ENERGETIC reasons for all the “theatrics” is rather obvious and profound.

        But no, not fooling EVERYONE… obviously… and only meant to fool “the enemy”, but yes, some others being swept up in it.

        And “the enemy” is not some sort of conventional enemy, not about this country vs that country.

        But “the enemy” is buying it hook, line and sinker. They ran with it, duped by their own brand of tricks.

        Others meanwhile have their intuition urging them to know there is more than meets the eye here, while their fears are making them dread the worst… but that’s the opportunity to face the fears and release them.

        Very good video. Thank you for that.

        And yes, things lining up behind the scenes.
        My recent update hinted at things not going well for the cabal. I’m getting that there is some sort of key evidence or something that is about to surface. I do believe it involves Killery and the whole pedo thing. And yet I’m getting that right this second, even the Trump admin. don’t know about this but as soon as they get it they’ll know it kinda clinches the deal and they’ll run with it. I think it’s gonna take in quite a few of these psychos all in one fell swoop.

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        • Wow, quite a list of info here! On the last show, Alex was breaking down the things Obama did right after the election and how he was planning to not let him even be nominated or the electoral votes, and then he was going to not even let him be inaugurated and was going to federalize all the states, had a executive order he was planning martial law and arrest Alex Jones and many other alternative news sources, then he was going to redo the elections and of course winning…and he choked because everyone was telling him you can’t do this outside the constitution, Then they moved on to the Russia narrative and tried to have him committed, and when that failed, they have been talking about taking him out. I gues they are basically breaking down the whole white house office because Obama had remodeled right before the transition, and they think there is some bugs in the office after the leaks on phone calls, but also how they have all come out and said they will take him out. This is how delusional they are because no one is going to fall for anything they say and it will be a revolution like they never saw or have ever seen. They seem to think that America who voted for Trump are going to just go along with them as they take over and the McMaster guy is firing all the good patriots inside and hiring Islamic people who are going to try to tell us that Islam is a peaceful religion and we are to all wear burkas and hijjabs…it’s freakin’ insane, they have literally lost their minds..Trump winning has totally messed up their plans. There was rumors Obama would try to do something like this to remain in power, but I think he counted on Hillary winning with all the voter fraud. Anyway, I thought today’s show was revealing and Alex amped up more than usual because he said he fell down the rabbit hole…for like 8 hours of reading. Don’t know if you saw it but it is a good show and most didn’t know that Obama planned to do this to our duly elected President.



    Roger Stone (hosting InfoWars) – The Stunning Truth About The Seth Rich Murder Probe

    5/25/17 SETH RICH WAR! WOW! Larry Nichols – Alex Jones Infowars

    The Still Report – Special Prosecutor For Seth Rich Murder?, 1647

    SGTReport – Seth Rich BOMBSHELLS Will Bring Hillary & Podesta To Their Knees — Bix Weir


  5. Bret Weinstein’s Story Picked Up By Mainstream (Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA)

    “… the illiberal left.” Yeah, as in, NOT liberal.

    Wow, are some of the msm waking up? Did things get too far outta hand?


  6. Col. Shaffer Issues Emergency Warning: The Left Is Adopting Islamic Terrorist Tactics

    Watch LIVE: Breaking, Senate Opens Investigation Into Former AG Loretta Lynch

    DNC Fraud Lawsuit Counsel Speaks Out On Lawsuit, Seth Rich


  7. Tommy Robinson – Britain is awake , this is the start of something HUGE, so much respect for Mohan Singh
    (skip to 8:00 for main Mohan Singh speech).

    10,000 Football Fans Unite in London. This Should Be a Wake Up Call For The Government
    Tommy Robinson


  8. Stranahan – MIND BLOWN: The group behind the Trump witch hunt, Jack Posobiec

    Stranahan – UNREAL: The real election interference scandal HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT


  9. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is outta hand.

    Infowars – Enraged Monckton Warning to BLM: Your Days Are Numbered!

    Josh Tolley – Mystery Behind Suicides and Jason Chaffetz Resignation


  10. Roger Stone speaking. He gives a good summary on some recent events. (title is a bit click-baity, just fyi)

    InfoWars – BREAKING: Pope’s Pedophile Network Imploding As His Top Aide Is Indicted For Child Rape

    Top Expert: Trump Behind Takedown Of Global Vatican Pedophile Network


  11. Clinton body count. Huge connections involving big names… including Mayo Clinic.

    BOMBSHELL: Attorney Afraid For Her Life Blows Clinton Body Count Wide Open


  12. “Pilot Who Heard Every Word of Clinton/Lynch Secret Meeting Breaks His Silence” – Now Dead!

    SGTreport – Why is the Queen Funding The Clinton Crime Syndicate? Wet Works… Eugenics… Or Both?


  13. Eyewitness To Mass Extermination Of Christians In The Middle East Tells All


    Democrats Fear This Gay Trump Supporter

    1000 Migrants Attack German Town Fair

    INVASION-21: UN Document Plans People Replacement War Against West

    UN Plan To Replace European Populations w/ 3rd World Migrant Invasion Exposed

    The Still Report – 1715 – Pastor – There Is A Trump Assassination Plot, 1715



    Trump Assassination Imminent, We Must Act Now to Stop Civil War/Martial Law


  15. White House Chef Found Dead With Note To Call Larry Nichols


    Huge DNC / Muslim Brotherhood Scandal Ignored By MSM


  16. Dave Rubin interviews Katie Hopkins.
    Good discussion and informative.

    Katie Hopkins on Trump, Identity Politics, and Islam (Pt. 1)

    Katie Hopkins on Multiculturalism, Hate Speech and the Word Police (Pt. 2)


  17. Sessions compromised? Can’t be trusted? Perhaps threatened?

    Also info on potential law suits concerning voting rolls.

    Judicial Watch – Tom Fitton discussing New Docs on the Lynch Tarmac Meeting, Deep State Lawsuits, & Abedin Emails

    (CIA’s relationship with Jeff Bezos / Amazon / Washington Post)


  18. RED ALERT: Retired Navy Commander Files Treason Charges Against Robert Mueller.


    BREAKING: Biggest News Roger Stone Has Ever Broken

    BREAKING: James Comey Exposed by DoJ Emails.


    BREAKING: MILLIE UPDATES from Race Riots In Virginia! – Alex Jones Infowars


  19. #MarchOnGoogle

    Google shoots itself in the foot

    Fired ‘sexist’ memo Google engineer attracts thousands with new Twitter account in which he wears a ‘Goolag’ shirt – as tech giant cancels staff diversity meeting after alt-right attack on employees
    (world’s longest article title, lol)
    You can read Damore’s full memo here:


  20. President Trump Gives a Statement on the Infrastructure Discussion
    (and is asked about Charlottesville)

    Jodie Foster: “Hollywood Execs Tried This When I Was A Girl” – Actress’ Shocking Confession.

    POPE FRANCIS BUSTED: Largest Ever Child Porn Collection Found In Vatican.

    Infowars’ Lee Ann McAdoo w/ Lee Stranahan – Bombshell Connection Between Charlottesville, Soros, CIA

    Folks, this is some really good info about how Soros uses his various organizations to bring down governments worldwide with his “color revolutions” and other things. Good summary of current events right here.

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  21. Infowars, Roger Stone w Lee Stranahan – The People Who Pushed Bannon Out Are Creating Their Own Nightmare



  22. This is news today but I didn’t just happen upon it, I went looking for it… because I thought that gal looked familiar too. I thought that right away, but picked today to go looking and yep, it’s news today.


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    • I always thought Sandy Hook was a false flag. This whole false flag thing that most fall for is happening with all of these protests. charlottesville was obviously a set up, police told to stand down, and these groups were bused in all getting along on the bus to get out and riot on the streets of Charlottesville. Was waiting for the real reason they plotted this after many meltdowns over Trump not calling out the white nationalists or the white supremcists, he actually did his homework, that the rally had been planned for a while. I found it advertised on League of the south website, as they were to protest the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue. Well, as we saw, it got way out of hand and since police would not intercept, it went down hill from there. Balloons of urine, feces and baseball bats, and yet, they didn’t stop the violence once the rally was over. Then I watched the Charlottesville city town hall meeting where residents were calling for the resignation of the Mayor and how the police did nothing to protect them. As the meeting went on, a guy with Black Lives matters shirt comes up and asks the Mayor does my life matter? The mayor said yes and the they asked him why he allowed these people into their town, and why the police did not protect them. The mayor said he tried to stopthe rally, but a federal judge said he had to let the rally go on. Supposedly, he had no control over it. But who told the police to stand down? Emergency workers were working like crazy to save the life of the girl that got hit by the car but police would not help them and the guy who hit them with his car was from Ohio. Well, soon after they found ads on craigslist as usual about these protests, for actors for crowd source. While the media never did any research on it but went on a meltdown crying fits because Trump would not single out the white supremecists, I watched the town hall meeting, and as more people came up they started asking for them to remove the confederate statues. It became apparent these people have fallen for the whole statues offend us slaves idiology….erasing history but saying they would do it themselves if they don’t do it. The Paul Ryan (traitor) comes out and says Trump messed up and should have called out white supremecists and now they are trying to impeach him over this saying he is hateful and racist…same old PC crap. Also, Paul Ryan started to say that they need to pass gun legislation for confiscation in this area since there is all this chaos, like they did during Katrina. Also, as Charlottesville may or may not know, that they have plans t make it sanctuary city. Oh, I do not want to see what the will do to the Mayor if and when they find this out, those people looked like they wanted to drag that Mayor out onto the street and hang him. So, in the big picture of things, they are trying to get Trump out so they can get Pence and Paul Ryan in there, and now Oregon just signed a gun confiscation law and I can see how they are continuing on with their plans to get the guns, bring in more wahabists, like McMaster, and destabilize us and the divide and conquer is well under way. Someone came out and said the Grand Jury has been meeting over Trump and I am not sure if it’s true, but they plan to impeach him that way…all coming to a head here. I hope they do not do this as I don’t trust Pence or Paul Ryan.
      I watched many videos from a guy called Tory Smith about the child pedo rings and child murder that politicians have been doing and police in the milabs which he was in as a child and there was one in Indiana and Pence was involved. Tory had many near death experiences during his torture in the milabs, and to their surprise he lived. He said during his near death experiences he talked to God and told him he would only come back on one condition that he could help to bring awareness to these milabs and expose them to help them be rescued. So God gave activated his DNA so he could read people’s DNA and he could see what they do like a movie running in his visions Right before Trump picked Pence or is it Pence was picked for Trump as I am not too sure they actually let Trump pick Pence, Tory Smith was getting tired of seeing these videos and wanted it to stop as it seemed his daily reports were getting him no where, and his home was in a portal where these beings would come in and torture him, he said they had so many sorts of weapons to inject poison into him and he was sick alot but still did those reports.
      So Tory went down to the offices of the city and state and passed out flyers exposing Pence as a child rapist and murderer in these Milabs. Corey Good talks about these Milabs but his was in the secret space program as he talked about the Blue Avians…I mention this because Tory also mentioned them saying they are beautiful benevolent beings but the others, the insectoids, tall whites and dracos are the ones who like to eat the humans after these politicians and police rape and murder them….sick, I know.
      So after that, Pence had Tory arrested as a public nusance, and they kicked up the torture and attacks on him until his last videos last july you see an obviously very sick Tory who could not hardly talk or hold himself up and did his last video. His girlfriend did a video explaining some of the things that were happeing to him, so unbelievable that it’s no wonder no one believes him or Corey Goode but they constantly attack him and David Wilcock, not that I am big fans of them, or have watched their shows. I can’t see how they can have so much information, and even if half of it is false, there should be no reason for them to be attacked by these so called ‘dark hats’ or try to kill or discredit them…if what they say is true, and they have gotten all these threats, then it isn’t so far fetched to understand that Pence might just actually be one of those that do what Tory said. Tory was on a radio station a couple years ago and offered free DNA readings, he got so many requests and people got so angry he didn’t get them done righ away. I sent off for mine but then forgot about it, but got mine like six months later. It’s interesting to read and appreciated that he did these for free. So, down the rabbit hole I have gone, but if you would like to see the video about the Pence and the claim he might have had Tory killed to shut him up, here is the link, he has many!
      So, then on Alex Jones, he was talking with ex CIA director Robert David Steele (it’s curious why he goes by his whole name in these videos) and they were talking about Pence and Pence’s best friend had been outed as involved in the child pedo ring, and wondered about Pence and Alex asks him how would he know this or what is the proof, and Robert mentions Tory Smith…and it was like…whoa…so Tory did get the word out, I wonder if Robert was trying to plant the seed that Pence cannot be trusted either any more than Paul Ryan and why and how they murder and rape this kids in their satanic rituals for more power as he said they absorb these spirits of the children, and Tory talked about one time where the divince feminine came into the children right before the insectoids were going to eat them, and how they could not handle that energy and all ran away. This all makes me wonder if Trumps agenda of going after these pedo rings and the deep state do not want him to expose Pence, so it just keeps getting crazier…you can’t make this shit up! Here is the video where Alex is talking to Robert and he mentions Pence and Tory Smith: (he mentions it at around 32:00 mark)

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      • I know. Nuts isn’t it?

        Yeah, I haven’t actually known quite what to think about Pence. One thing for sure – he’s a trained and polished POLITICIAN. Fake as they come.

        The Apocalypse (uncovering / revealing) continues on… in full force. Woo hoo!

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      • Did you see Gaia Portal’s latest?

        If that isn’t good news for humanity. I’ve been feeling it, but nice to see GP say it.

        Watching Trump and his courage… and Alex Jones and so many others. The “many” have realized they are the many and yet they get that they can do their part in their corner of the world and they are doing it! Talk about the multi-headed Hydra.

        And on the Chaos thing, I love that many states are now imploding also since they don’t budget right and are broke… at the same time that Trump is cutting back the federal government and that might mean giving less to states too. Ha, ha, ha! This is the best frickin’ reality show EVER! lol

        And shit’s also been WAY uncanny. I think of that John Randolph Price quote about the clarinet that thought it could play itself and “…to have faith in the activity of the Spirit”… ya know, “behind the scenes”. So fun to just watch so much falling into place.

        And I’d told my roomy the other day… the thing of “What we resist, persists.” … the cabal SURE are resisting Trump and MAGA. So nice of them to put SO much energy into it! LOL

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  23. Inside Judicial Watch: Voter Fraud–The Untold Story



    In case ya can’t tell, that’s a statue of William Jefferson Clinton below.

    From article on Lenin statue below, “Standing in the middle of it all is a statue that has always done its job of attracting second looks”. It certainly made me do a double take the first time I saw it – “Wtf?!”


    Democrats Moving To Arrest Gwyneth Paltrow And Alex Jones

    Victim of Communism Exposes The Leftist Agenda

    David Horowitz and Dave Rubin: Communism, Trump, and Leaving the Left (Full Interview)

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    Analyzing Charlottesville’s Zapruder Film: the Ford Fischer LiveStream

    Charlottesville Dir Cut – CAR SMASH FAKE 100% – FALLS FLAG!!

    (obviously this video poster is not a Trump supporter, but his supporters here talking with CNN are sharp folks)

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    • OMG…you gotta love whomever went out and picked this panel for the CNN reporter to ask these questions…I laughed so hard…man I needed that. You know the producer who picked them probably lost their job that day…but it is priceless, as she tries so hard to get the answer she wants and the look on her face…I am surprised they even aired it! FINALLY, voices of reason. 😉

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      • Oh I know. I thoroughly enjoyed those folks. Trusting the internet and one’s own (informed) intuition OVER the msm? What?! Yep people being heretics – thinking for themselves. Poor CNN, losing their influence. Whah!

        If ya haven’t caught on, I’m sometimes feeding new stuff into the same comment… until midnight, lol, then I start a new comment, so check previous day’s comment also.

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        • Yes, I am keeping up with this and also on the goings on with Trump and the far left. I am having a hard time with this page loading and have to wait for youtube to connect to all the embedded videos on here before it will bring up the reply box here to comment back. The other pages like the Lucifer one loaded right away, so I think these embedded videos hold up the loading of this page…but after a few minutes, finally able to comment here. Trump needs to get out of the Whitehouse and continue to get himself among the people because they try to keep information from him and many upset over the Afganistan which we have been waring with for 16 years and we really just need to get out of there. The CIA are still on the planning to eliminate him and while the deep state is still going after alternative news thru commerce, and youtube the same. They have not slowed their agenda down, so eventually I guess they will be either successful or they will all fall into their own created abyss. Now that Arpaio is pardoned, and we knew that would happen, many on the left are going off over that, listing many things not true about him and he has gained some courage to lash out at McCain who is trying to stop Trump. It’s quite the ride here, I hope more wake up and start getting right with themselves. 😉


          • Yes, this page is a bit slow for me too. But then I usually leave the danged thing open ‘cuz I’m always adding to it… just my one little place to go ape shit with mundane-level news.

            It seems to respond quickly once it all loads up though. And I like the purdy pictures. 😉 lol

            Besides, it will keep away those who don’t have the patience to wait it out for those excruciatingly looooonnnnggg few seconds it takes to load.

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          • I was thinking about Jeff Sessions… so, he invests in the prison system and yet is the AG. Isn’t that called a “conflict of interest”? They always find some way to dream up nonexistent conflicts of interest and you must sever business ties to serve in govt. blah, blah, woof, woof, but the Attorney General can invest in / own stock in the prison system? Hmm… ?

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            • Yeah, one would hope he would…but he just recuses himself from investigations so what is the point of having him in that position? He needs to resign or demote himself…he wanted so badly to go after the medical marijuana dispensaries and users. They need to remove the laws on vctimless crimes. I don’t understand his need to go after these people who are using it for pain relief and to kill cancer and stop seizures. He can put pot users in jail, no victim, but Hillary and anyone else? Recuse, recuse, recuse…he is worthless and yes, conflict of interest. Same as many of these judges who put people in jail because they own stock in them…no one should be able to be in hat position where they profit from their own power. It’s like doctor poisoning someone and being there to save them and then comes the bill. Oh, yeah, they already do that too! Vaccines and Big Pharma. 😉

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              • The laws need to get changed on marijuana for sure. It just flat needs to be legal, whether medicinal, “recreational”, industrial, whatever.

                Sounds like Tillerson may be out soon. Haley next? McMaster? How long will it take to replace everyone? Will they all need Senate approval? Will we have to wait to replace more congressman and senators before Trump can get a full cabinet?

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  25. Gingrich: Trump divide getting wider, Left is crazier

    Why Alex Jones Is Putting Tom Browkaw / SPLC On Notice Of Impending Defamation Lawsuit

    Harvey The Geo-Engineered Psyop & The Multi-Pronged Strategy of Attack: What Comes Next
    (this fellow has a bit of a TYM Rabbit-hole Ramble going on. LOL I took a look at the titles of his videos on his youtube page and I feel WAY informed from just that. Talk about Current Events for Dummies.)

    President Trump retweeted the following today:


  26. Mike Adams put out a good video on the power of hynotic suggestion, and was a really good example of how people can’t even see that the Antifa and Black lives matters all came to the riot armed with bats, and urine/feces filled balloons and only see the white supremecists fighting…it was a great video. It was called negative hallucination:


    • Yeah, well, we all know how that goes… how ya just can’t see something until you wake up to it. But yeah, wow, how “in-yer-face” does it need to get with some folks?

      Yeah, I’ve seen this kinda thing before, like the dancing bear thing. Yep.


  27. William Mount – Intel Report: Harvey Headed Up Mississippi River

    Julian Assange: Ron Paul censored by YouTube #Wikileaks

    Inside Intel! Trump’s Secret Strategy To Kill The Terrorists, Rebuild Afghanistan, And Pull Out


    • According to Alex Jones, DARPA made the internet, as it was used in the military…but CIA probably all the same. A perfect way for them to keep their eyes on us… 1984.


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