Reverse Speech with David John Oates

For anyone who is not familiar with reverse speech, well, take a gander.

I’ve known of this and Oates for many years.  Wonderful information comes through.

In a nutshell, by listening to someone’s speech in reverse, some messages come through and often times it’s when someone stutters, stammers, puts in filler words like “uh” whatever, ya know, when someone goes “off script” literally in some cases like with prewritten speeches, but also in a more metaphoric way when someone’s just gathering their thoughts or searching for the right word to say.  The reversals are essentially from one’s own subconscious… which doesn’t lie.  Reversals can even be detected on infants who can’t speak forward yet.

So, what might show up in reverse could be anything from confirming or denying what’s being said in forwards to, regardless of topics being spoken of, the reversals might show what’s really on the speaker’s mind concerning some completely unrelated topic.

I thought I’d offer up this video of David John Oates on with Jeff Rense.  What Oates has found with Trump is that he’s just pretty darned straight up.  His reversals jive with his forward speech.  He means what he says, no deceit, no b.s. and is usually very present and his reversals don’t indicate his mind being elsewhere.

So on the Jeff Rense show just prior to this one, David and Jeff were really surprised to see reversals that were just not tracking as closely as usual to the forward speech and they couldn’t figure out what was up.  So they got some additional clues before this show.  I’m with David and Jeff on thinking that Trump, just before this speech, had come to realize some more horrors of this world.

From there just run with whatever reversals you’d like to check out from David.

David John Oates – Reverse Speech – youtube


8 thoughts on “Reverse Speech with David John Oates

  1. Reverse speech is very interesting. In our upside down, backwards world, it makes sense that the reverse speech would be so revealing. I think it was a lady named Peggy Kane who did EVP and reverse speech many years ago, she spoke with those in the astral and the way they were trapped there and it wasn’t good. Similar to the book Astral City I think it was called. The black cubes and this is how they explained what these places look like that draw newly departed souls by the false light, and into the reincarnation cycle. The Yahoos created quite a deal recycling us. One thing I am curious about is in the Bible, they give the measurements for heaven and it is a cube. One lady spoke to a woman who passed but would not go into the light, she stayed out for a while to see how it goes so to speak, and said there were black cubes everywhere. So it does seem bizarre on how heaven could be measured and think it’s the false heaven they made. Anyway, Peggy’s info was very interesting, she worked to free those souls and I do believe she was successful. It is very interesting…I never heard of David but will check it out.

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    • I don’t think I’d still be able to find it, but I’d read someone’s article a couple years ago where they talked about entities attempting to dupe people when they passed through the death portal. They had used an episode of Star Trek Voyager to demonstrate. Captain Janeway was dying from something and she kept seeing her father urging her to crossover. Well, it was an entity posing as her father.

      Right about then Tom Kenyon’s Hathors had this to say, from here:

      At the completion of your biological death, from our experience and perspective, you will be confronted with three portals. The first is a tunnel of light. The second is a portal opened through the energetics of a guru or savior. And the third is a portal, or tunnel, that leads into darkness.

      The tunnel of light is generated from the pranic tube that runs through the center of your body, which runs from your perineum to your crown, and it is a tunnel-like or tube-like channel. At the moment of death, your consciousness moves upward through this tunnel that opens into another dimension of consciousness through your crown chakra.

      On the other side of this tunnel is a bright light, and you may find yourself sensing that you are on a bridge crossing over a stream or a river. On the other side of the bridge will be those persons of your previous life, the lifetime you have just ended. You may sense those who have died before you, including pets you have had, because the animal spirits also dwell in this realm. If there are incomplete relationships or issues still to be resolved with these persons or beings, you may feel a yearning to enter this light, and by doing so you re-enter the wheel of birth and death, and you will reincarnate—most likely on Earth.

      The second portal is created by the personal will of a guru or savior. Entering this portal will lead you into the vibratory field of the guru or savior that you have a deep personal connection to. And for those of you on this path, entering this dimension of consciousness will be the completion of a profound desire to be with this being. Our caution here is that you will be entering a realm defined not only by the evolutionary attainment of your guru or savior but also by his or her limitations.

      The third portal opens into darkness. And entering this portal leads you into the Void, the creatrix from which all things arise. If you choose this portal and have prepared yourself to deal with this level of freedom you will be freed to explore other dimensions of this cosmos and beyond, meaning states of being that transcend all physical phenomena. In this realm of existence you can become an explorer of other realities as you so choose.

      So, basically the old thing, ya know, like from the movie Poltergeist, lol, of “go into the light” is not the best advice, that beacon is just someone attempting to suck you into their illusion. Go into the dark, the void and do whatever ya want instead of being trapped in reincarnation or in someone else’s version of “Heaven”.

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      • That is interesting, never heard of the three portals…just the false light where your loved ones supposedly are awaiting you, and you are basically forced to go back and reincarnate to resolve the karma from you just recent life.I have heard you can cancel those contracts you made there, which to me is manipulation. Any contract made under manipulation to me cannot be a valid contract if one decided that they were manipulated. I think I would choose the dark one even though it sounds a bit scarey or just go and hangout there for a while, from what I understand, one can enter the false light reality anytime so there is no hurry to do it…it is those black boxes and people can’t leave once you have entered….or I have not heard of any soul that has escaped it. The lower astral is one messed up place, and heard it was no more once we moved into this new energy, new earth…like the astral is the trappings of pretend heaven. But if you choose the dark tunnel, I had heard you can still reincarnate with all your memories only with the veil it would be hard to remember as we get older under the veil, and probably why we get so many of these kids who remember their past life, as they were probably those who didn’t fall for the false light. Just so very interesting! Thanks for that info.

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        • Such talk always reminds me of that Robin Williams movie “What Dreams May Come”, like our afterlife is what we think it will be. His was basically living in one of his wife’s paintings while she was in her own self-made hell.

          I was about to launch into discussion about karma and reincarnation and why it happens, but it might get long. That sounds like the seeds of a new post. 🙂 I’m on it! lol

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        • I was thinking about your black cube thing… I was wondering if I was involved in putting some beings into some black cubes sorta thing. LOL I had to check in with God just now, kinda like, “Did that really happen?” To which I’m told, “Yes!”

          What I’m referring to is… when my friend and I were dealing with yahoos atv, there was this one case where some beings were kinda doing the whole lab rat gig with humanity and literally were in poke & prod and see what happens mode. Is that really necessary? But, long story short, they were kinda working both sides, atv and btv, being both the lab tech poking from atv and riding the energetic coattails of some humans / tapping into someone else’s experience essentially. Bordering on possession really, not that extreme.

          And hey, when it comes right down to it they may have had a contract with the human incarnate souls to be doing such and in normal times, what the hey, but such crap was just so not helping this ascension and those atv needed to get their priorities straight.

          So… there were some beings who just were like frickin’ addicts about this crap and it finally came down to me just saying to them, “Hey, if ya wanna have such experiences, fine and well, but we’ve got a planetary ascension going on here and you’re interfering. You either stop or I’d be happy to put you in your own frickin’ universe and you can continue your atv / btv masturbation exercises on your own without dragging anyone else into it.” Ha, by God if some of them didn’t opt for that. I have images of a movie scene where someone was using virtual reality (VR) and had made an endless loop tape of the point of sexual climax in the VR and were totally vegged out when someone finally found them. lol

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          • Wow, fascinating! I saw a video about a woman who didn’t go into the light and Kelly had talked to her about it, and she said she seemed more bright and she asked her what she saw where she was, and she talked about the black cubes, where they put the souls that go into the light, the false heavens…and it made me think of Mecca and the giant black cube and how they go in circles around it…such a bizarre ritual, and the black cube. That is their VR, for us so we can recycle and they use us over and over but that once you went in, there was no getting out except reincarnating. You gotta play the cube game. The Yahoos like to live thru us because they just want the experience and not the pain…they like to take those experiences claiming to be the higher self wanting to merge with you by touching the heart center but they can’t if you don’t give them permission and or contracted with them…I am all for tearing up those contracts. Seems they are all about that, probably because God would not allow them to if there was no consent, as there is the free will thing. So anyway, very interesting that they would want to go into their own illusion….or that anyone would want to be on a loop which is what we have been on for eons. Why they always say ‘History repeats itself if we don’t learn from it’ and another reason why they keep trying to erase history. Can’t have the humans find out what really went on or what is going on, they will revolt.

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  2. Yes, that was a good movie! Yes, a whole other topic and yes…will await the new post! I am always curious about this stuff…Also if we are in this new energy and the astral is ‘ahum’ gone, and the archons ‘ahum’ gone, well, then what happens to those that pass over since 2012? Or were they all freed from the false reality? Just wanna know if the yahoos fake astral reality was removed. Alright, I am looking forward to your new article.


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