Reincarnation and Karma

These topics were brought up in comments (thank you TYM – obviously my muse today).  See previous post comments.  You may want to read those first for some background.

I had enough to say about it that it was time to write a post.

A few years back, during the ascension-hell years (well for me anyway), I took up discussion with God about karma and reincarnation.

Well, first, let’s back up a bit… I’ll just start by saying that I’ve always had a slightly different perspective on what karma is.  Many people seem to think of it as… “you were bad / good before so you’re being punished / rewarded now” kinda thing.

To me karma has been more about unfinished business.  It’s energetic business for sure.  Often times intense emotional energy is involved.  But it’s not so “judgy” as the conventional ideas of karma.

I’ll offer up as examples a couple of stories I’d heard many years ago from a fellow who was interviewed on a radio show.  He was a chiropractor.  Well, unbeknownst to him years before, he had a natural healing gift.  Well it started to surface and his first clue was when several clients would tell him he was making them feel so good and he hadn’t even touched ’em yet.  Over time it became apparent that he had a healing gift.  Then some of his clients would go into a trance state and start talking about all sorts of things.  He came to realize they were accessing past-life events.  He started recording his sessions to study later.  So these are the stories (Reader’s Digest Condensed Version – omg, how dated is that?  Giving my age away again) of two of his clients.

A woman, during a session with him, went into trance and started talking in German.  He had no idea what she was saying but it was recorded so he had it translated later.   In a past life she had been married to a military officer in Nazi Germany.  She had secretly been helping people escape persecution from the Nazis.  When the war ended, her husband came home and had said that he was so glad the war was over, he was so tired of killing people.  Because of this she thought she could open up to him about helping people.  Mistake.  He got ticked and proceeded to beat, rape and kill her.  Perhaps needless to say, she left the world in a very emotional state… and hadn’t had the chance to work through that emotional energy.  In her modern-day lifetime, that past-life emotional energy (probably especially due to the rape) manifested in her reproductive organs, like with ovarian or uterine cancer (can’t remember which).

Another client, a man, went into trance and what came out was that he had been a priest in a past life and had been captured by someone and was tortured on the rack, castrated and killed.  Just like with the lady client, he had left that lifetime in a traumatic, highly emotional state and didn’t have time in that life to work through it.  It greeted him in his modern-day life as testicular cancer.

In both cases, they were dealing with unfinished business.  Neither had been “bad” per se in their former lifetime and so didn’t “deserve punishment” but nevertheless, they had some things to finish up.


So… flash forward many years later and I take up some in-depth discussion with God about what the deal is with karma and reincarnation.

So, I’m told that my concept of unfinished business is accurate.  Karma is energy that stays in the 3D Earth realm (matrix?) and if / when you return it’s there waiting for you.  A chance to finish that unfinished business.

But what I got from God in recent years is… that leftover energy is very personal, it’s one’s own energy so doesn’t really affect the overall 3D realm, well, unless we are actually here incarnate then that energy affects the world THROUGH us, BUT just because that energy is still in the 3D matrix, waiting for you to work it out, it does NOT determine if or that you must reincarnate and deal with it.  If you do return, yep, danged handy to work that out so it doesn’t become a stumbing block in your current incarnation and if you want to ascend from here you’ll be needing to heal such things.  But if you do not reincarnate, your leftovers aren’t hurting anyone else.  And they are also NOT requiring your return.

I was told that I myself offer a good example.  I have incarnated here before, but when I left I didn’t get trapped into thinking I had to return.  I am here now to help Gaia and humanity and that was by choice, not because of karma.  I did indeed have past-life karma though, see here, and I did have that come up for healing and knocked that out.

So… what I’m told is that ultimately what determines one’s “escape from the wheel of reincarnation” is just sheer consciousness, having a high enough level of consciousness to see this Earthly realm for the illusion it is and not feeling any need / musts / shoulds to have to return.  That level of consciousness may not be all that is required for ascension and it may indeed still involve leaving some unfinished business / energetic leftovers in the 3D Earth realm, but it will keep you off the reincarnation hamster wheel when you pass through the death portal.


Some of what came up in our comments had to do with souls having this “pull” towards “loved ones” from their incarnation(s) and that holding them to the Earth realm.  This reminds me of people who are so concerned that they will ascend and leave their “loved ones” behind.

First, you have neither the Power nor the Responsibility to get anyone else ascended.  You do have influence though.  Use it.

Second, who do you mean by “loved ones”?  You mean your “family” and “friends”?  Only them?  So the neighbor down the street who you could really live without who was your, idk, family or friend in a prior life, you’re not concerned about them?  Yeah, yeah, I know you’re having a rather unique relationship right now with, ya know, your “loved ones” and not to play that down mind ya, but when it comes right down to it, they’re just another soul, no more and no less significant than any other.

Yeah, I would hope you do have some sense of SERVICE for your fellow human since that’s ultimately your (and everyone’s) soul mission in a time of planetary ascension, but I would also hope you have sense enough to realize that your greatest influence towards assisting others is to do your own inner work.  I really hope you don’t hold back on / resist your own healing and ascension process out of concern for others… only to learn down the road that they are actually prepared… and you aren’t.


One thought on “Reincarnation and Karma

  1. Yes, and thanks for the shout out! I have done alot of research on that topic, and do believe as you said that the karma we acquire doesn’t mean we have to come back and resolve it, but that is what the Yahoos in the false light reality will tell you that you need to do after the soul goes thru past life review and some restoration of spirit if needed, then any education or other things one wants to do they can, and according to some, go thru their next incarnation like a giant contract of the in’s and out’s of the next incarnation, mission and themes. This contract is what gets us here with issues and challenges that are pretty much set in stone if you don’t void the contract.
    I looked into Human Design, fascinating stuff as to the nature of our incarnation (contract) on the energies and aspects of the personality/soul. It is based on a binary consciousness, in that we are not the driver. It has charts that show the energetics of the body and organs and what one has accomplished in previous lives and even if you came in with Karma or not…say if you came in on the left cross, you had karma, if you came on the right cross, you don’t. My chart stated I came in on the Right Cross of Eden, which means I came here to bring peace in my presence, and so on…It was set up by Uru Ra Hu, I think his name was and he named it Jovian Achive. He passed away a few years ago but his story with ‘the voice’ is very interesting if you want to check that out:
    Kryon had spoke of the new energy so it would be interesting to see what the energetics are for the human design, he stated we are 7 centered beings but will go up to 9 center beings once the last human who was of the ‘old’ system as a 5 center being dies. It would also be interesting to know if the astral is still there or if there is another place that is now where we go to after this incarnation here. Is it still the three tunnels or is there some ‘soul cafe’ out there where those who refuse the false heaven/light construct can go and hang out….LOL…I know silly!! There goes my big picture scenario again! LOL


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