Energy Discernment

How’s yours?

I want to tell a tale here, but now that I think about it, it’s kinda (remotely? maybe only in a Ricochet Rabbit kinda way? lol) along the lines of this line from Gaia Portal’s message from the 6th:

External evidences are no longer necessary for those who question.

To me, this has to do with reading energy, with feeling for resonance, checking in with the Divine… with sheer knowingness… instead of “external evidences”.

“Those who question.”  Let your first request be asking the Divine to reveal the Truth to you, then get to asking, inwardly… anything, everything.  Ask and ye shall receive.  Let the Divine do all the work, you just need to be open and receptive.

First, there are and will be external evidences of some things, but evidence can point either to or away from the Truth.  I’d just heard congressman Trey Gowdy tell FBI Director Comey that one witness might say the traffic light was green while another witness says it was red.  Both are evidence, but not both are true.  So the spin doctors might tell you there is evidence of something… oh, but leave out the part that there is also evidence against it.

And there is an implication here also of “proof” –  “Prove it to me!”  “What proof do you have?”  For you?  Well, none frankly.  Not I nor no one has either the Power or the Responsibility to prove diddly to you.  You will think and believe as you choose.   The onus of the Truth FOR YOU lies firmly on YOUR shoulders.  What I or anyone else has for you is information, yeah light, and information is one definition of light… and also perspective and consciousness, but it’s ultimately up to you to discern the Truth and it is you, your life and your reality that will pay the consequences – good or bad – for what “truth” you accept.

Life and the Divine do have a certain fondness for Truth though and they know you deserve Truth and they, Life and the Divine, also have a certain insistence about getting the Truth into your noggin.  They love ya THAT much.

I’ve come to realize that some folks are obviously triggered by that phrase “the truth”.  Even when the possible details of “the truth” are not being discussed, some folks have obviously been programmed with such self-limiting programs as “No one can know the truth.”  They literally re-act when someone dare to say that phrase “the truth.”  Well, they can replace their “no one can” with “I can’t” because their limiting thoughts are creating their own reality and no one else’s.  Does that just irk you when someone says “the truth”?  Are you sure you want to maintain the “I can’t know truth” program?  God is Truth.  Many of you speak of reconnecting to God / the Divine / Source and yet you seemingly don’t want to connect with Truth.  How far do you think that will get you in your own healing and ascension process… and connecting with Source?!

People talk of “your truth” and I highly encourage everyone to speak your truth as that in turn encourages others to do so and now we have an exchange of information / light.  But even though “your truth” creates your reality, it may not be in line with The Truth and yes folks, there is The Truth, no matter how much your disempowering programs tells you there isn’t.

And, when creating at the level of slowly-but-surely ascending a big ol’ planet and its many lifeforms, having that knowingness about your creations is kinda key, perhaps mostly just for your own sanity since, as I’ve said, most of your outwardly manifested creation is happening in 5D not in 3D.  You’re influencing the energy here through both your Doingness and Beingness, but the 5D physicality of it all will be yours when you get to 5D.  Just KNOW it.

But you must surely KNOW the HUGE energetic shift that is happening currently… right?!  Feel it?  Sense it in the world around you ?

And just to include this great tidbit:

Judgement is a left-brained logical function based in reason and 

Discernment is a right-brained intuitive function based in knowingness.  Use it!


Now, the tale on my mind….

Must be a couple years ago now, I had commented on a blog and someone else said a few things to me and asked me to email them.  I knew I was to go there so there I went.  We communicated for a few months then something came up for them that I was to help them realize consciously and at that point we both knew our time together was over.  I guess our “reason” was done.  I know from this person’s blog that they get that a lot, that people coming and going thing.  Don’t we all.   Purpose served.  Move along now, nothing to see here.

But one day we were online at the same time and were emailing, kinda in real time, had a few different threads going, then this person slipped in a new thread.  It had no subject title, just a link with no comment by them.

I could see by the link what source it was from.  I was aware of this source and it’s been around for a lot of years but I’ve read very little from them as I’ve had no draw.  I still didn’t have any draw to it with it sitting there in front of me.  That was my first sign and usually the only sign I’d ever need.  If I’d have run across that online somewhere no way would I have read it.

… but this person sent it.  I made myself open it.  About a paragraph in and it was too much.  I about wanted to hurl.  That was my next sign.  And me, silly me, long past such nonsense and WAY too sensitive to energies to be doing such.  *shaking head*

I set it aside for then but later on I decided I’d just force myself to read it.  Ugh.  It was like schlogging through some energetic equivalent of quick sand, sewage, and Le Brea tar pits.  Yuk.    Ok, ok, I know, I wasn’t supposed to go there!

But words-wise, the kinda general gist of it at just a word level, well, I could see how someone who doesn’t discern energy well could have read that message and read the exchanges between the person who sent it to me and myself and I could see how they might think, “You two must love that kind of thing, it’s right up your alley, oh hell, it sounds just like the things you talk about.”  Uh huh.  And yet, yep, reading it made me wanna hurl.

I wrote back to this person and asked “Are you TRYING to make me hurl?  Whataya doin’ to me?”  I then told them what I’ve told you.

They write back, “It made me feel the same.”

I was laughing and told them that was a whole lot like “This tastes horrible.  Here taste it!”

You shouldn’t have.  No really.

Words aside, there was something energetically or intentionally sick and wrong about that message and we both picked up on it.

I told this person that with such there have been times when I would’ve picked it apart with the Divine’s assistance, to learn what the real intention is and hence real meaning, but felt no need to do that in this case and had tortured myself enough with it.


Taking outside information inwardly, to your Divine Self, asking about specifics is always good.  Truths mixed in with lies can sometimes make ya swallow a lie, but you don’t need to just let such things sit at a pea brain (lower mind) level.  Ask the Divine.


One thought on “Energy Discernment

  1. So true. Alot of people ignore that feeling or energetics . Most don’t even understand discernment, that there is no ‘reason’, you just know you ‘feel’ bad. Great article!


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