Trust and Flow

And that title is a nod to my best mentor, an astrologer and intuitive who said that all the time –  Trust and Flow.  She passed from the world on 4/11/11 and I couldn’t forget that if I wanted to since she always had the 411 for me… and her name was Monica, which means “advisor.”  Love you Monica, thanks for helping me help this world.

As I spoke of in my Stepping Stones and Individual Path post, well, essentially… to every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.  And in order to scale to the next rung on the ladder, you must be willing to release the one you’re on.

In my Create Anew! post (meant for those who obsess on cabal plans and schemes) I spoke of how someone at one time or another will learn the truth about the mundane world, learn about the global cabal in all its faces and facets and down through history and yep, it can be a rather big story with so much interesting stuff to learn about.  But there comes a time to stop looking at that, stop putting your energy into it.  Looking at such – past the time of when you get the plot of this Earthly story and you’ve learned enough about the wounds and dysfunctions that occur due to the influence of the old 3D Earth paradigm – is just becoming an obsession and it’s just info overload of details… and a distraction.  So you let it go.  (Know where you are in this.  Is it time to look at that or time to let it go?)  But don’t worry, if you’re to know something you’ll be informed.  Trust and Flow.

I offer a little story here that really is about Trust.  Let go, let God.  Trust in both one’s mundane self and in the Divine.  Trust that the information will come to you and that you will recognize it for what it is when you see it.

So, when I woke up, it was a dual awakening, if you will, for I learned / remembered the truth about the mundane and the Divine in tandem.  But in the beginning it did tend to be weighted a bit more towards the mundane, then later the scales tipped more towards the Divine.  Perfect.  I could learn about what caused the wounds and dysfunctions and how to get out from under that illusory crap heap.  That right there helped tremendously towards me understanding who I really was, that I was a Divine and Powerful Creator so segue right into deeper comprehension of the Divine.  And then during the ascension-hell years it was pretty much only bare necessity / keep my vital signs going as far as mundane level and otherwise ALL Divine and this almighty ascension project.

But, years ago, a while after I’d let go of my global cabal studies, some information was brought to me.  It came in snippets over a couple incidents, not all in one shot.  It was short n’ sweet and I’ll keep it that way.

I was not listening to much mainstream anything about then.  I didn’t listen to the news.  I only watched a few TV series and always recorded them so I could skip all the commercials.  In the car I listened to tapes and not the radio.  For the most part, the only “news” I got was from little bits heard while surfing the TV or radio, which I rarely did anyway and magazine covers at the store and coworkers, etc.

I won’t mention names here but if anyone is familiar with this story then you may know who this is about.

But… I was in my car one day and heard that a U.S. senator and his family had been killed in a plane crash.  Well, I knew from the plot of this Earthly story that plane crashes and being suicided are the cabal’s favorite ways to kill off political enemies.  At that time, since my focus was off the mundane, I didn’t know a whole lot of names in politics and this guy wasn’t from my state so I knew nothing about him.  But I had every reason to think the cabal wanted him dead and made it so.  I understood the what.

So, then later that day or the next, I was surfing the TV, again, not typical for me, but accidents never happen.  I caught a news story about this senator.  All they said about him was his name, that he and his family were in a plane crash and killed and… that… he was kinda “known for”… if there was a bill in congress that had bipartisan support, this senator was often the one or one of two dissenting votes.  Ah, now I understood the why.

Ya know, how – well, at least in the past, but that’s changing as government gets a makeover – if something just flew through congress with bipartisan support it was often something that in a very big and bold way was taking away people’s rights.  The stooges and idiots in congress could argue abortion or idk, homosexual this or that until the frickin’ cows come home, finding no common ground, no compromise… BUT! if it was something that just wholesale violated and dashed constitutional rights across the board, then gosh oh gee, they sure could agree on that and in record time.  Jerks.

Well, from just the few clues the Divine insisted I see, I had the whole frickin’ picture.  No mess, no strain on my part.

Years later, a few years ago, I saw someone left a comment on a blog.  They’d written a book about this senator’s suspicious death.  They gave a tiny tidbit of info about the book.  But I didn’t need to read the book, the Divine already got me the memo.


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