Alternate title – Don’t Put YOUR Sh*t on Me.

Are you projecting onto others what is yours?  Your dysfunctional programs might just love that but it’s not serving you, others or the world.  It’s certainly not serving this ascension project.  Ready to let go of that yet?

First, there’s the concept of “mirroring”.  Basically, if something about someone else really bothers you, you more than likely have that very same issue yourself and you don’t like it in yourself any more than you do in others and yet you deny that it is yours.  Like stepping up to a mirror, seeing you have something on your face and you try to wipe it off… in your reflection.

And this might be about a character trait that is not even “bad” per se, but one’s programming has made them think it is bad.

One tact you might consider is to actually allow yourself to consciously express this trait that you have, that you see mirrored in others and yet that bothers you so.  Perhaps then you can break away from being so judgy about it.

Projection is a little different than mirroring.  One significant difference between mirroring and projection is that with mirroring, both parties share the same traits or issues or perhaps even complementary issues, whereas with projection the one doing the projection is the one who has these traits or issues and puts that on others as if other people have these issues when they don’t.

Programmed humans are also into that whole misery loves company thing, hanging out with people with similar issues and programs.  Life in an echo chamber.  They’ll speak of resonance but what are they supposedly “resonating” with?  Each other’s dysfunction?  Yep, similar frequency and issues.  It’s called codependency folks.

And they just hate it when someone or something comes along and stirs their pot.  They like their little codependent “friends” (with friends like that…)  and call them their teammates but anyone who is not right in stride with them are seemingly not their teammate.

I love sports analogies, most especially where the word “team” comes up.  So, this person would be like a member of a high school sports team.  They’re a Sophomore (and in real life and spiritually really rather sophomoric to boot) and they will only see other Sophomores as their teammates.  The Freshman, Juniors and Seniors, in their warped reality, are somehow not their teammates.  *scratching head*

But whether they consciously realize it or not, when new and fresh input comes along, they ARE having Divine-level resonance.  It’s just also affecting their little “demons” / disempowered programs / conditioning, which are re-acting.  So… resonance with something that is true will be indicated by a strong emotional response, which may not always be a warm and fuzzy feeling or even an “ah ha” moment.  Instead it might be very intense denial or rejection… or projection.  Hey those little demons / programs recognize healing wisdom when they see / hear it and that’s the last thing they want.  They’ll fight it tooth and nail.


Once, over several months, myself and others witnessed a lightworker who obviously had anger issues.  From what I could tell, by both things said and the outward symptoms – usually coming in the form of projection – they had pent up anger.  Anger was a “bad” thing according to some “program” implanted in them, probably in childhood.  I’ve seen this person say since then that as a child, they were indeed told not to express anger.  One of their readers (codependents) had some anger projection issues also and in their case they witnessed an awful lot of anger from someone else when they were a child. Perhaps it scared them and they made the subconscious association that “anger = bad / scary / wrong”.  So they too would repress and project.

These people’s “inner child” probably had a whole lot of anger and could stand to express it.  Their unexpressed / stuffed down anger had no place to go.  It was their traveling companion.  And as much as this person so wanted to put on rose-colored glasses, their anger issues made them see red… everywhere.  If someone came along and stirred their pot so that they could get a bit of a glimpse of that sludge at the bottom that they so desperately tried to ignore – intentionally doing so or just innocently triggering this LW’s issues, doesn’t matter which – then came the projection.  They kept saying others were angry when they were not.  They’d ask others why they hold so much anger within them when it was they themselves doing that.

They also said anger as if it’s a bad thing, something to be avoided at all costs.  Not a healthy perspective.

They also love to go on about joy.  I told them that if they were really tapping into TRUE JOY, then anger wouldn’t scare them – not their own or anyone else’s… and I told them that anger was ok.  And it is.  Anger happens.  Let it.

They kept doing the whole “put on a happy face” thing and kept talking about all the joy they have… as if they were trying to talk themselves into it.  Perhaps they’d best tap into that joy by being authentic in their emotional expression ALWAYS.

Don’t say you’re up when you’re down
It’s Elemental  

~ Tears for Fears – “Elemental”

This reminds me – I’d heard this lead guitarist interviewed.  He also wrote songs and he’d come to realize that if the band members were having to tap their foot in order to keep time while playing the song, then there was something not so right about the song.

And if someone has to keep telling themselves they are joyful, something is not so right with their “song” either.

Joy is who we are.  Not something to look for.  Just allow it.

And how will you know your True Self in your True Joy if you keep judging emotions as bad, stuff them down and then project your emotions onto others?  They’re YOUR emotions, own ’em… and for goodness sakes, express ’em.  If not, you’re not healed / healing.  You might fool yourself in that regard but you’re not fooling anyone else.

Has someone stirred your pot and showed you what further work you have to do?  Did you kill the messenger when you could have been thanking them?  The messenger is there for your sake.  The Divine sent them, whether you or they are even consciously aware.

Also see Understanding Tools.


14 thoughts on “Projection

  1. Thank you for the clarification on the fine line between ‘your stuff’ and ‘my stuff’. When there was so much chaos in my life, this was the major question I had because alot of what was coming at me was not mirroring but projection of what I am not. What finally worked best was not taking the ‘bait’ and chomping on the hook and disengaging, sending them off with love that they will ‘wake up and smell the coffee’.
    It so really annoyed me when people would tell me that the situation was ‘mirroring’ issues within me. I did step back and look at it, study it, go to the roots and do the work, but for the most part it was projection because I got so frustrated with what kept showing up and not relating it to anything within me for my inner work.
    Also, when people stuff emotions in and don’t let it out, it causes the body to get sick for it builds in the body and the body wants you to release it but you don’t listen to the body, what could it know? The language of pain is very telling, when you are stuffing emotion or not working out your issues. For example, lungs being grief…this was so evident with Dana Reeve, Christopher Reeve’s wife. She died of lung cancer one year to the date of Chris’s passing, and she never smoked and of course traditional medical doctors couldn’t figure out why she even got it. Anger shows up as liver problems. and cancer is resistance to life, so it makes sense some would choose this over looking at the problem and letting go of those emotions.
    So thank you for writing this, this was a question of mine for many years ‘Where is the line between someone else’s creation and mine? Of course there is co-creation, where this was set up for you to work on it but there was so much more that wasn’t ‘mine’ than the actual ‘thing’ I needed to let go of.


    • Yes, that’s one thing I’ve emphasized over the years… yep, asking “what’s in this for me?” or “what am I to get from this experience?” is always a good first question, but yep, even if one is quite willing to forge ahead with their own inner work, it serves to truly know the difference between yes, “my stuff” and “other’s stuff”.

      In 2010 when I was going through my own personal ascension process, I’d just moved in with my friend whose place is an apartment, on a busy arterial, very dense area with many apartment buildings. I have lived very little in apartments. I’d been very sensitive to energies for years but didn’t shut it off or put up protection so that I could let my energy discernment work for me. But in this building with many people’s auras even extending into my living space, it was overwhelming when I first got here. I was feeling everyone else’s stuff. I’d wake up in terror at the energies that were there to greet me. I finally asked the angels to put protection around me before the next morning. HUGE difference. Then I could tell what was mine. Ah, much better.

      And yes, those who still have their own issues so love to try to put that on others. They have no clue they only cheat themselves by doing so.

      Yes, I’ve gotten the “why are you angry?” for years. And it’s not from just everyone. Oh no. If people have no problem with emotional expression they don’t ask me such. And yeah, they make anger sound “bad” for starters but also many, many times I’ve had that asked of me when I am not angry. I may very well be VERY passionate at the moment and I find that very interesting that people with emotional issues seem to mistake ANY strong, powerful emotion as “anger.” Things that make ya go “hmm?”… but not for long… because they do this because of their own demonization of some emotions. Stupid really. A very debilitating and disempowering New Age dogma that whole emotional repression thing is.

      And yeah, always got to recommend Louise Hay’s book “Heal Your Body” to anyone who’d like to understand the kinds of things you’re talking about (liver deals with anger, etc), how their thoughts are manifesting outwardly into their physical health or illness.

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      • Anger is not bad as long as we deal with it, or not react to it but resolve it inwardly. I call it ‘righteous anger’ and like you stated, passionate about some things seem to be taken wrong from those who haven’t dealt with the anger.
        Yes, can totally relate with the apartment living and other people’s auras…most will think you are mad if you try to tell them that their auras can go thru walls and effect others, and their thoughts too…sometimes I have a thought, and then wonder why I had that thought because it is so out of the ordinary for me or totally not ‘my thought’ period. That is always when I know that I am sensitive to the auras or thoughts of others…I think they call it empath. So yes, right on…keep their stuff to themselves!!!

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    • Yeah…they just won’t leave the guy alone will they? Trump isn’t like Obambie, who went to great lengths to shut people up about his past and his transgender wife. But everyone knows he was just a puppet. It’s just like a circus right now because they can’t puppetier Trump even though they try, thru his son in law and the constant analysis of his every decision. It makes me wonder what they will do next when their plan backfires. I think he doing great in the short amount of time he has been in there…he has busted up a pedofile ring, worked on the halthcare Obambie bill/act, immigration and now dealing with the man/child Kimmy boy who is the leader of North Korea. Maybe Trump can send Dennis Rodman back over there to smooth things over. They are such an oppressed people, and can’t visit relatives or friends in South Korea except for a once a year lottery to hopefully win to see them. Anyway, China and all the asian countries have a long way to go, especially with their child prostitution rings, oh and the empty city they built, and their one child policy. Not that we don’t have our own problems and things to work on, but at least it is not a dictaorship…yet! California is well on it’s way.


      • Yep, all those who are NOT in the arena have so much to b*tch about those who are.

        Oh yeah?! If you all think YOU are so mucking fuch then STEP UP! Ok, so getting the planet ascended and being the POTUS are currently taken but I’m sure ya all out there projecting your crap onto the POTUS and whoever else have PLENTY enough of YOUR OWN inner work to do, which is YOUR JOB, yours and yours alone, no one can do it for you and it’s what YOU can do to help this ascension project… and I’m sure there are plenty of local political positions you could get or somewhere that YOU could actually DO and BE something to help this world instead of nitpicking at other people’s personality traits.

        And again, I always think of the line from Matrix – Morpheus tells Neo the very people he’s attempting to help will be his greatest enemy. Those who are the MOST sleepy, hence have no clue that Trump is working for the light, are the very ones that Trump and the rest of us who care about the Truth are attempting to help… and in their unsanity, they fight us tooth and nail.

        The “top” of the left know what they are doing and time for them to tumble right along with the cabal stooges on the right, but Joe Average on the left is unwittingly getting used BIG time.

        One thing is for sure, it’s becoming more and more polarized and has nothing to do with “right” or “left” but all about truth. As much chaos, haze, fog there is out there, what is becoming quite clear is who has a clue, at least to some degree and those who remain completely clueless… including a whole lot of LWs who may have to have their belief system beaten out of them, they cling to it so… and then project their own crap. What’s it gonna do to them when they realize they’ve been helping the dark and fighting the light… and then calling themselves lightworkers?!

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        • Yeah, it’s so easy to think the ones in the arena are not doing anything or to nit pick them, as they project their issues onto them. On the other arean, the Royals, particularly the couple, Kate and Charles, who had an article written about how their parting was so sad, because they can’t be together, since she is off to go promote her new skin care line and it struck me kind of funny, as to why he can’t go with her…but then again…what kind of person gives a rat’s arse about these two, and what they are doing. Diana was always trying to help the poor and I think was sorry as soon as she walked down that isle and married that King Charles…so over the whole royalty thing, and just wonder who in the world even has any feelings for these people who are supposed royalty. I suppose that is the difference between subjects and a free and natural individual. With all the BS going on over there, the pedofiles, the so called refugees raping and fact that they need to get out of the EU, but don’t pay attention to that. Kate is leaving Charles to go promote her skin care line and they are so very sad! LOL. I read an article a couple years ago how their coffers are getting low and they were having to dip into their emergency millions, and how tragic it is the Queen was not being taken care of properly….guess she didn’t have the money to buy a new hat??? LOL, So then they were having to open up tours again thru the castle..their home when this woman owns more land that anyone in the world? PLEASE…I do not get the servitude and love they have for these fake royal people, whose riches are from the backs of others and they harbor the sick pedofiles. It really does boggle my mind, so when she says ‘Let them eat cake’, maybe they will do to her what was done to the last Queen that said that. LOL, Guess we shall see!


  2. To be a true light worker, I believe one must be able to work with the darkness. Seems “Elemental” to me, and it is.

    This is good sound advice!

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