The meek shall inherit the Earth

… while the masters will ascend to 5D Gaia.

The meek submit to the worldly paradigm, while the masters surrender to the Divine.


quiet, gentle, and easily imposed on; submissive


a skilled practitioner of a particular art or activity

Master of what?  Of oneself.

To get there, just be the truest version of your True Self that you can muster in any given moment.  One foot in front of the other.


7 thoughts on “The meek shall inherit the Earth

  1. Oh…so that is what they meant by that…I always thought it meant those who are up to no good would be carted off to some place unknown and the meek would be left to govern themselves. Interesting!

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  2. Recently, the following message was posted on InfiniteShift. My response to it is below the message.

    Why the Law of Attraction Doesn’t Seem to Work for Forerunners
    december 11, 2017 by iconoclast, posted in ascension
    I have come to understand that the law of attraction cannot work for us, the forerunners, until the “field” is more level, meaning that the environment has to reflect OUR energy more than that of the old paradigm. As forerunners, we simply do not have the energetic support of the Matrix. In fact, the Matrix WILL NOT support us because we are the future and we presage the end of the Matrix.

    It is said that evolution is spurred on by viruses; WE are the virus in the body of the Matrix. As such, the Agent Smith white blood cells fight us on a daily basis. Our vibration is not aligned with the Matrix. We are the change agents and have come to evolve the planet.

    My response:

    When working on a planetary ascension you reach a point in your advancement where you are not merely creating for yourself, but for the collective. When you complete your own ascension process, you then do energetic service work… in a world that is slow… where many others are still exercising their free will. Yep, it’s a HUGE project.

    Might as well get in alignment with the collective ascension since that is the Divine’s current thrust (I’m advising YOU to let go of free will and surrender over to the Divine’s Will). Express gratitude for being looked out for throughout.

    “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.” As long as you still have your vital signs, past that, your personal plans really don’t matter.

    Might I suggest that you now get into a space where you ask the Divine about THE ASCENSION (the entire project) and not just about your own bidness. Dare I say… time for big kid pants. 🙂

    Other things on what you’ve said…

    “… the law of attraction cannot work for us, the forerunners, until the “field” is more level, meaning that the environment has to reflect OUR energy more than that of the old paradigm”

    Where to start?

    The “field”. Do you mean basically the energetic field? … of, what? the Earth? the “world”? the collective?

    For starters, the Law of Attraction IS working for forerunners. But we are not “attracting” (creating) personal mansions on the Riviera. We are “attracting” (creating) a collective ascension. As I said, yep, big frickin’ project, and yes, in a slow, dense realm, with most of the collective still exercising their free will. It will take a while, but don’t think that we are not “attracting” it, because we most assuredly are.

    Now, granted, when one is in 4D / in transition, then the L of A works wonderfully and often very quickly. It’s part of your transition process, to show you that you are indeed a powerful creator. But once you’ve “completed” (your ascension process) then it’s time to serve, yes, on this big, slow project. You’re not just working on your own personal creations but a collective creation.

    Some things to understand about this ascension:

    Earth is NOT ascending, Gaia is. Earth is / was Gaia’s old body. Earth will remain 3D. 3D will remain 3D. I mean that we are not raising the frequency of 3D, so to say that the world’s (?) “field” will reflect our energy… ehhh… 3D is and shall remain 3D. Any higher frequencies in this world are from lightworkers (whether they know they are that or not, basically anyone bothering to heal to some degree). Heaven is brought to Earth through all of us. But we are not changing Earth or 3D. We serve as beacons. In the world, but not of it. WE are the piece of 5D + that is in this world / on this planet.

    So… we are not here to create in 3D / 4D (like afore mentioned Riviera mansion or whatever you might think you’re not attracting). We are here to hold a higher frequency space, to offer a different choice, to be a living example of higher frequency / higher Ds… but again, NOT to change Earth or 3D… which will never reflect our energy. Gaia will and does, but not Earth.

    As I’ve said on my blog, get used to not “seeing” your creations manifest outwardly in 3D because your creations are in 5D. The evidence of your 5D+ “creations” here on Earth is YOU. You’re not here to show how joyful you can be if you have a mansion on the Riviera. You’re here to demonstrate that NO MATTER WHAT your outer circumstances, you are still joyful, because you ARE joy. No matter what horrific things seem to be going on “out there”, you are calm, centered and grounded (well, hope you can demonstrate that). You KNOW that no matter what, you are always safe, protected and provided for. “Hmm, how DO you do that?!” those 3Der types might wonder.

    And we’re not here on 3D Earth to “end the matrix”. What if someone chooses to continue to experience “the matrix”. They have every right to do so… and ride the Earth right down into the dirt (I know silly metaphor with Earth and dirt n’ all). No, we’re not here to “end” anything. That’s not how one creates. We don’t work to end something we don’t want. We create anew. Then we help to wake up others so that, if they choose, they can step out of the matrix and ascend. But they have every right to stay in the matrix. And Earth is headed down a very destructive path, still, even if we all do things to buy the planet and people more time, to limp it all along a bit. And whoever needs a Mad Max experience has somewhere to have it.

    See these posts for more info:

    Gaia and the first wave will ascend very soon. The first wave will be the ~ 145,000 REAL forerunners who COMPLETED in 2011 and then another ~1 million who completed in 2013.

    Those who have completed in just the last year or so will be here, yep, in the world but not of it, for quite a while… to create / attract a collective ascension.

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