The meek shall inherit the Earth

… while the masters will ascend to 5D Gaia.

The meek submit to the worldly paradigm, while the masters surrender to the Divine.


quiet, gentle, and easily imposed on; submissive


a skilled practitioner of a particular art or activity

Master of what?  Of oneself.

To get there, just be the truest version of your True Self that you can muster in any given moment.  One foot in front of the other.


78 thoughts on “The meek shall inherit the Earth

  1. Oh…so that is what they meant by that…I always thought it meant those who are up to no good would be carted off to some place unknown and the meek would be left to govern themselves. Interesting!

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  2. Recently, the following message was posted on InfiniteShift. My response to it is below the message.

    Why the Law of Attraction Doesn’t Seem to Work for Forerunners
    december 11, 2017 by iconoclast, posted in ascension

    I have come to understand that the law of attraction cannot work for us, the forerunners, until the “field” is more level, meaning that the environment has to reflect OUR energy more than that of the old paradigm. As forerunners, we simply do not have the energetic support of the Matrix. In fact, the Matrix WILL NOT support us because we are the future and we presage the end of the Matrix.

    It is said that evolution is spurred on by viruses; WE are the virus in the body of the Matrix. As such, the Agent Smith white blood cells fight us on a daily basis. Our vibration is not aligned with the Matrix. We are the change agents and have come to evolve the planet.

    My response:

    When working on a planetary ascension you reach a point in your advancement where you are not merely creating for yourself, but for the collective. When you complete your own ascension process, you then do energetic service work… in a world that is slow… where many others are still exercising their free will. Yep, it’s a HUGE project.

    Might as well get in alignment with the collective ascension since that is the Divine’s current thrust (I’m advising YOU to let go of free will and surrender over to the Divine’s Will). Express gratitude for being looked out for throughout.

    “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.” As long as you still have your vital signs, past that, your personal plans really don’t matter.

    Your COLLECTIVE ASCENSION efforts and your vital signs will be supported by the Divine.

    Might I suggest that you now get into a space where you ask the Divine about THE ASCENSION (the entire project) and not just about your own bidness. Dare I say… time for big kid pants. 🙂

    Other things on what you’ve said…

    “… the law of attraction cannot work for us, the forerunners, until the “field” is more level, meaning that the environment has to reflect OUR energy more than that of the old paradigm”

    Where to start?

    The “field”. Do you mean basically the energetic field? … of, what? the Earth? the “world”? the collective?

    For starters, the Law of Attraction IS working for forerunners. But we are not “attracting” (creating) personal mansions on the Riviera. We are “attracting” (creating) a collective ascension. As I said, yep, big frickin’ project, and yes, in a slow, dense realm, with most of the collective still exercising their free will. It will take a while, but don’t think that we are not “attracting” it, because we most assuredly are.

    Now, granted, when one is in 4D / in transition, then the L of A works wonderfully and often very quickly. It’s part of your transition process, to show you that you are indeed a powerful creator. But once you’ve “completed” (your ascension process) then it’s time to serve, yes, on this big, slow project. You’re not just working on your own personal creations but a collective creation.

    Some things to understand about this ascension:

    Earth is NOT ascending, Gaia is. Earth is / was Gaia’s old body. Earth will remain 3D. 3D will remain 3D. I mean that we are not raising the frequency of 3D, so to say that the world’s (?) “field” will reflect our energy… ehhh… 3D is and shall remain 3D. Any higher frequencies in this world are from lightworkers (whether they know they are that or not, basically anyone bothering to heal to some degree). Heaven is brought to Earth through all of us. But we are not changing Earth or 3D. We serve as beacons. In the world, but not of it. WE are the piece of 5D + that is in this world / on this planet.

    So… we are not here to create in 3D / 4D (like afore mentioned Riviera mansion or whatever you might think you’re not attracting). We are here to hold a higher frequency space, to offer a different choice, to be a living example of higher frequency / higher Ds… but again, NOT to change Earth or 3D… which will never reflect our energy. Gaia will and does, but not Earth.

    As I’ve said on my blog, get used to not “seeing” your creations manifest outwardly in 3D because your creations are in 5D. The evidence of your 5D+ “creations” here on Earth is YOU. You’re not here to show how joyful you can be if you have a mansion on the Riviera. You’re here to demonstrate that NO MATTER WHAT your outer circumstances, you are still joyful, because you ARE joy. No matter what horrific things seem to be going on “out there”, you are calm, centered and grounded (well, hope you can demonstrate that). You KNOW that no matter what, you are always safe, protected and provided for. “Hmm, how DO you do that?!” those 3Der types might wonder.

    And we’re not here on 3D Earth to “end the matrix”. What if someone chooses to continue to experience “the matrix”. They have every right to do so… and ride the Earth right down into the dirt (I know, silly metaphor with Earth and dirt n’ all). No, we’re not here to “end” anything. That’s not how one creates. We don’t work to end something we don’t want. We create anew. Then we help to wake up others so that, if they choose, they can step out of the matrix and ascend. But they have every right to stay in the matrix. And Earth is headed down a very destructive path, still, even if we all do things to buy the planet and people more time, to limp it all along a bit. And whoever needs a Mad Max experience has somewhere to have it.

    See these posts for more info:

    Gaia and the first wave will ascend very soon. The first wave will be the ~ 145,000 REAL forerunners who COMPLETED in 2011 and then another ~1 million who completed in 2013.

    Those who have completed in just the last year or so will be here, yep, in the world but not of it, for quite a while… to create / attract a collective ascension.

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      • Get a load of this. I guess old beliefs are like old habits – they die hard. LMAO

        I just skimmed this, but…

        Hmm. I wonder when dear Steve is going to question who or what is whispering in his ear. He’s been worshipping at O’s feet, thinking the Prince of Darkness was the frickin’ 2nd coming or something. Oh dear, what to think now. The deep state must be trying to smear Obummer. Like O needs help looking bad.

        (sorry, but it’s gotta be said) Maybe Steve needs a window installed in his stomach so he can still see with this head that far up his… Or perhaps Steve has just been a cabal stooge the whole time.

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        • Wow…I could barely read this crap…LOL
          I don’t think he is talking to AA Michael either, and why would he need to? If he actually did the research he would know Obama was part of the deep state, CIA as his mentor who was a communist and CIA, and a pornographer…and why Obama signed his first executive order to block his past including his education records and birth place. If he was so benevolent, and he found out the birth certificate was a forgery, why didn’t he look into it and why did he go after everyone who was investigating it. He sent the FBI after Arpaio and they raided his home. Arpaio investigated it I think, more than any other public official. This Steve guy is delusional, and think he is in love, or in a love spell with Obama. Trump had nothing to do with any illegal stuff and Obama but Obama did do a FISA investigation on a fake dossier paid for by the democrats….and spied on the Trump campaign and his family illegally. Anyway, there is all this that will get exposed and I hope the FISA memo comes out but then again, they will doctor it up and it will probably not reveal the whole truth, Obama, Jarret, Clapper, Brennon and all of them need to be jailed. You are right….Steve needs a window in his belly…LOL 😉

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          • And now, see these two posts (and my comments there):



            What is up with the LWs’ fascination with 4D?! They can’t get it out of their heads (or “hearts” I guess in this case) that 4D is NOT ascension and it’s also NOT going to be the route to their so-desired escapism from 3D.

            4D is the hell one goes through on their way to 5D… and they want to pitch a tent there. *shrug* Masochists? And he even mentions having ascension symptoms. lol Yo! 2+2 = 4. Put it together. Are you SURE that’s where you wanna pitch a tent?

            He’s semi-recently said he thinks everything is now making the pendulum swing from patriarchy to matriarchy, saying it’ll be another however many thousands of years as a matriarchy. *shaking head* So stuck in Duality.

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            • I hear ya, he makes 4d sound so lovely but it’s hard to believe he is a very evolved person if he doesn’t know that 4d is not the endgame here…and I thought the 6th was the mental…see, so much disinformation out there now I am confused…LOL, but always knew that 4d was not the place to rest. I had always thought it was the astral plane, the one they suck you into in the false light tunnel and then wipe your memories and shoot you back here again to try to ‘re-member’ and work on the schtuff you didn’t work on before because you didn’t remember…LOL. That guy must be like those CIA psyops and may not even know it…..they love and light fluffy 4d crew who thinks they can survive here if Gaia really ascended and it would be even minutly pleasant. When Gaia does ascend, she isn’t leaving any stone unturned….yes? Like if they aren’t ready then they will go to another 3d like place that is similar to here to continue. Like you said, the service to self is doing the world a favor because you can’t help someone get their mask on without getting yours on first. I did all that, and realized the service to others was more like draining your life force to the energy vampires and never getting anywhere but flat. I don’t even think he read your comment. It was like the 4d fairy tale kept going and going. Anyway….you can try and bring a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. All we can do is plant seeds and hope they grow. 😉

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              • Well hell, he at least left my comment up, which is better than most LWs, so if he’s stuck in 4D then perhaps my comments will help his readers at least.

                ” but always knew that 4d was not the place to rest. I had always thought it was the astral plane, the one they suck you into in the false light tunnel and then wipe your memories and shoot you back here again to try to ‘re-member’ and work on the schtuff you didn’t work on before because you didn’t remember…LOL”

                I understand the Archons USED TO manipulate from 4D and the cabal certainly manipulate through emotions…. so yes, those who have some sense of that are then paranoid to even enter 4D / get on path ‘cuz there’s Scary Big Bads there… only those that have been planted in their psyches… which only they themselves can clear.

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                  • Awesome. And that seed stuff… that’s the way it works. You might be amazed just how closely I follow Divine guidance on what to say where. I was told to stfu online back in early Sept. and I sensed it’d be a while and it was several months, kinda take a break while the 2nd wave settles into their big kid pants and now I’ve been allowed to poke a few comments out here and there and I can tell the message is getting through now. As I said above, people can “see” us.

                    Glad it resonates and yes, “no bullsh*t zone” here. Gotta be refreshing eh? Someone who kinda reblogs quite a bit has started to reblog my posts. Right now they are a drop in the blog’s ocean but I envision a day in the not-so-distant future when my posts and those of others like me will be the norm. Ya know, in the “say it straight, simple and with a smile” style. 😉 It’s truly time to quit horsing around and git ‘er done.

                    If you want more, look into my book….

                    And spread the posts… as you might be moved to.


                    • Great to hear your story Molly, I had two years experience with CPS but with my grandkids and my daughter into meth. We had taken over care of my grandson, but then my granddaughter ended up in the hospital and they tried to say she had THC in her urine test, but I think it was a false postive which can happen when you give them baths with the Johnson’s baby bath wash, I have read since then that also motirin can cause it too, which I had given her that day because she was teething. I don’t know what happened to her, she just was acting so weird so we took her in to be checked out, but she was find in a couple hours but they wouldn’t let me feed her, and I was sneaking food to her, then when they finally said she could eat, the doctor was so rude, saying for me to order from the toddler menu and when I asked for the toddler menu, they said there wasn’t one, and gave me dirty looks, like I am suppose to go find food for her and they were holding her to wait for CPS in which they would not release her and nor would they feed her. I had to beg them to get her a bottle of juice. Since then I have found the corruption in the kids for cash scheme and how I ended up adopting my granddaughter because they wouldn’t do guardianship after over a year and a half of trying to get her Mother to do rehab. I found out in court by the judge that I didn’t need to qualify to get my granddaughter but that is not what they told me, and I had to do that with fingerprint background checks and of course drug tests before I could take care of her and then qualify, if I had not, they would have adopted her out to strangers, in which the GAL asked the judge for open adoption if I didn’t qualify. Those people are crooked as the day is long, they make tons of federal money from taking and adopting out kids thru the Title IV -e funding they get. Anyway, sorry to hear your parents did that to you…no parent should go thru that but the system is rigged. They are a civil court and heresay and lies are admitted, as preponderance of evidence. Nancy Schaeffer exposed them and ended up shot dead over this…they claim it was a suicide. No way…the day before her book was to come out, naming names and all…..we all know how that works. Glad to see y9ou here and hope to hear more from you and any insights you may have gained along the way. 😉

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                    • Sure, but I have never been asked that ever in this lifetime so I am pumped and clueless. As a kid, I always had a fascination with the occult and metaphysical. There were things I read that I knew to be true. E.g. the power of a group of people, there is an unseen realm/dimensions. I always wanted to teach and help others. I played the duality game well and was a straight A student, went to college, became an RN, blah, blah. A few years ago, the combination of an intense relationship, having my daughter, and realizing how f’n corrupt the system is, I decided to be more about my own guidance. It lead me moving across country and not being fearful. It has been amazing and insanely crazy!! My very controlling parents called CPS on me once I was moved into my new place. I had to pee in a cup and all. Truth prevails and my parent’s evil plot backfired. So yeah, definitely learned the importance of setting loving boundaries. I went from being an RN in Wisconsin to a SAHM in the Florida Keys. Major role reversal and more time for me to evolve. I consciously try to reprogram myself on my personal triggers. I know I have further healing to do, but I go with what feels right and what feels right is now!

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                  • “I love reading and lately cannot find anything as satisfying as reading your posts.”

                    Ok, here’s my (not so?) secret confession – I read a lot of my own writing over and over (and tweak on it a bit at times) ‘cuz sometimes it’s the only thing I can find to read that resonates. lol 😉


              • “I hear ya, he makes 4d sound so lovely but it’s hard to believe he is a very evolved person if he doesn’t know that 4d is not the endgame here…”

                Yeah, he talks tantra a lot so I figured he was tapping into some feminine energy and getting the hots from it. LOL Uh huh, even without the cabal and archons he has managed to allow emotion to hijack his 4D TRANSITION experience. He probably feels like he’s in the Goddess’ arms right now. lol … then notes his ascension symptoms! LMAO

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                • Maybe he is just been eating too much soy,,,,probably a nutrient deficiency…but maybe if we hold our breath, he might levitate and float outta here… 😉


                  • Maybe he thought that moving into feminine energy included eating enough soy that your ‘nads fall off.

                    Dude! That’s not how it’s done.

                    Btw, nice cookie crumb tidbit you left on the other post. lol It might tell us if he actually bothered to meander over and have a gander (although he’s probably looking for goose, well, for now, until the soy gets too far along, he’ll be living with AJ’s gay frogs then, lol).

                    I laugh that he’s been sent two Warrior Goddesses… to tell him about his silly notions about feminine energy and heart. Ah, ha, ha.

                    You talk of “advancement”…I just keep thinking about the old joke about “Hire a teenager… while they still know everything.” That’s LWs for ya. Ya can’t tell ’em nothing and that’s all grand n’ all that they come about these realizations inwardly, but ah, all them there messengers are sent for a reason, how’s about actually tapping into some RECEPTIVE FEMININE energy and actually considering some of what the messengers bring. Ya know, BEFORE thousands of ’em go by.

                    I was thinking one day of that line “When the student is ready, the teacher arrives.” Never mind that the “teacher” has been circling the block for the last 5 years. lol

                    I’ve certainly gotten plenty of confirmation in recent months as some LWs finally reach completion… and they start saying all the stuff that I’ve been attempting to get through to them for years. Praise frickin’ be!

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  3. Yeah, I don’t know where he gets the heart is in 4d and the conspiracy is that they (those nasty globalists or whomever Yahoos) want us focusing on the 5th dimension…that just didn’t make any sense. Feminine energy isn’t going to be the only thing, it’s the merging and the cojones go with it…yes, I suppose he has thrown his cojones into the pit…mountain oysters anyoone? LOL How much you bet he drinks and eats alot of soy…copper overload and estrogen mimmikers and look, it’s a girl!!! LOL, that is what is wrong with alot of these young LW’s. They think they are being healthy but they are wacky doodle with their gender dysphoria. If only they stopped the soy latte’s they might get their cojones back before they shrivel up and they whack them off. I see after my comment some anarchist(guru) whatever his name is, told you that you are confused about the dimensions…and I am eager to hear where they get that the heart is in 4d…where in the heck did they get that? So 5th dimension is a conspiracy and 4th dimension is the heart…bahahahahhahhhahaa. The warrior goddesses are on to them….LOL

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    • I’m still laughing about what he said here:

      “4D and the 4D body is created of upper emotional energy and the seat of the heart or the soul. The 5D body is created out of concrete mental energies while the 6D body is created out of abstract mental energies. 7D body is created out of concrete spiritual energies and is archetypal black and white while the 8D body is created out of Unity energy at the hydrogen level.”

      Now… how exactly does this information, even if completely right on, how does that help one’s healing and ascension process? Oh, it doesn’t, that’s why Mr. Pea-brain who so yearns for heart is still having ascension symptoms. Doh!

      The poor guy is probably putting out a message for himself, ya know, about being in heart but he’s missing the fact that he is the recipient of the message… since Mr. Gnostic has obviously over-utilized his pea brain to the point of memorizing all the gnostic info, calls himself the last Rosicrucian *yawn* And he preaches the “Ra Religion” STS / STO bulls*t also.

      All these teenager LWs, all arrogant while preaching “death to the ego”, all Dualistic while preaching Unity, all mind while preaching heart, stuck in their useless, headless-chicken, rabid altruism tango, being disempowered still in thinking that they are to put Other over Self and due to that mentality, they are SERVING no one, themselves included. Beyond ignorance. Stupid!

      They could USE a mirror! lol

      The person I left the STS / STO comment for, they got it and said something about using old terms that they were used to, so I got them out of mindless mode – they know too much to claim ignorance but can still seemingly pull off mindless, even while overusing their minds, simply amazing, and intuition was obviously not even offered a seat at that table – but it seemed as though the message sunk in. Time will tell if they actually abandon this STS / STO nonsense immediately or continue to cling to it.

      Just how very stuck in Duality far too many humans are just keeps showing up. It IS that “either / or” thing they are stuck in. Why choose one or the other when you can be WHOLE and have BOTH?!

      All this Self VS Other garbage from those preaching Unity, we’ve also talked before about the Do vs Be camps. In political stances we see the right being masculine and all brain and preach “reason and logic is ALL that matters”, while the left being feminine are screaming “emotions and feelings are ALL that matters”. So stuck, stuck, stuck in Duality.

      In all of the above, the ANSWER is BOTH!

      What part of Whole and Integrated don’t they get?


      • I know right? Maybe they need to read your article about that very thing…the shadow self, the ego program, the love thyself first and how there can be no STO without STS…and how just because something is old doesn’t mean it’s right…but there is no bad but only no responsibility for the shadow self and the limiting belief system that we are bad if we don’t go out there and give our energy away instead of working on ourselves first. Why is it they are focusing so much on the dimensions? Maybe their niche in the new age genre, and maybe cut down on the soy…LOL. (scratching head) 😉

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        • Here’s another. I kinda skimmed the article itself and it seems ok… but I had a comment for one of David’s statements (… awaiting moderation) on more STS / STO dogma.

          Hey, I figure if everyone on the planet understood how to Serve Self at a high frequency, in an empowered and healthy way, then there’d be no Other to serve… Ah, I think I may have caught a glimpse into the twisted thinking of the STS/STO/B.S./ought to STFU gang just there – they are addicted to “serving” others”… and yet…

          …all the things we could say about this silly Ra disempowering b.s., well, these people say all that too – they get it, their own experience and words reveal it and yet they just insist on parroting this silly nonsense. *shaking head* It almost feels like it’s a “sales pitch” or bait in some way… then they can explain that what they are saying is really not what they mean… or some such. Nevertheless, you can probably count on a whole lot of pontificating in the process.

          This is the comment I left:

          “On the flip-side, Service-to-Self is about making everyone and everything else less so that you can be more.”

          No, it’s not!

          I do believe what you are doing is called a “Strawman tactic” (or similar) where you set something up (STS in this case) to be something it’s not… just so you can knock it down.

          You are also comparing the low-freq. end of STS to the high-freq. end of STO. *shaking head*

          David, like so many others who like to parrot your Ra Material dogma, I can tell by other things you say that you know better… and yet you continue to parrot away. *shaking head* (again)

          Enough with telling people (in any way, even a hint, even in parroting silly ETs) that putting self first is “wrong”, “bad”, “less/ more”! *yawn*

          Enough with the Dualistic dogma of the Ra Material!

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          • As I’d said: “You are also comparing the low-freq. end of STS to the high-freq. end of STO.”

            STS has a high-freq end and a low-freq end and so does STO, but they keep comparing the low STS to the high STO.

            That’d be like… you have a test for boys and girls. The girls just clobber the boys in this test. Conclusion – “Yeah, girls are better / smarter!” or whatever… *yawn*

            They neglect to tell you that the girls who took the test were 8th graders and the boys who took the test were 1st graders. Oh, not quite apples and apples there eh?

            And… the low-freq end of things (which the Ra religion people describe for STS but not STO) often has no business having the term “service” attached to it since it technically TRULY “serves” no one, self or other. DISservice is the term.

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            • And… he responded to me… and has apparently now blocked me. Don’t let other perspectives in. omg lmao

              Anyway, I responded with this (which seems to have disappeared into the ether):

              I DO care about folks making and keeping themselves their TOP priority because that’s the proper order of things.

              We create through Thoughts, Words and Deeds. Words ARE important. Yes, so is the intention. But mastery comes by matching your outer expression with your inner intention. Basically, say what you mean! Not rocket science. Not difficult at all… unless you make it that way.

              Putting Other before Self, which is a concept that you seem to care a great deal about is just downright dysfunctional. Preaching such garbage at humanity is downright disrespectful to humans, not to mention it’s doing no good towards this ascension effort as it is keeping people in an old disempowering program.

              The whole idea now is to STEP OUT OF DUALITY! … not cling to it!

              Time to let this STS/ STO b.s. die its death. Just let it already.

              Hey David, I figure with all you Ra Religion people out there beating this nonsense drum, the least I could do is be one voice who can attempt to dispel this STS/STO nonsense. Humanity deserves the opportunity that my message affords them.

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              • It’s the typical divide and conquer, US vs THEM, BLACK vs WHITE, REPUBLICAN vs DEMOCRAT, PROVAX vs ANTIVAX, FLATEARTH vs SPHERE, you get the duality game, and the RA material is no different even though it claims to have the LAW OF ONE, that we are all one, EXCEPT for the STS ones of course…LOL, You can be all inclusive as a one being and exclude a group for any reason. I suppose they don’t understand the irony. Great response to him but too bad he can’t put on his big boy pants and let your comment stay on there and block you too…it seems to be the thing now with these young people to rant about their no borders and communism they want but anything else is not allowed. We all know how the divide and conquer scenario works….and it works well with these brainwashed minions. Do they even care that the RA material is from a Yahoo? Not a human? Like they are above us vibrationally, and how they want to keep this ascension from happening by any means because they know they will cease to exist when this happens. The yahoos always have their agenda…and it serves them, not humanity.


                • “Do they even care that the RA material is from a Yahoo? Not a human? Like they are above us vibrationally, and how they want to keep this ascension from happening by any means because they know they will cease to exist when this happens.”

                  Don’t know if you remember (hell, it might be on this page of comments)… I said I sensed something was up with Gaia being told what to do kinda thing but she basically put her foot down. I’d gotten that kinda sense a year or so back also. So then you say what you did (that I copied above)… I am getting the impression that some yahoos don’t want Gaia’s ascension. And it is Gaia and not humanity that they are concerned with and I kinda get that they think that her ascension will somehow upset the order of things “upstairs”. I also get that nothing will really change in that regard but yahoos think it will so they’re just sweating. Let ’em sweat I say. They could stand to fear ME. I still owe several of ’em a whoopin’.

                  Yeah, David and others… they parrot their Ra Material line that is completely absurd, then they go on at length about it and pretty much everything else they say (which comes from personal experience) is in contradiction to their parroted Ra line and yet they seemingly have a major disconnect about that.

                  And yep, he’s obviously running the “teacher = threat” disempowering program. The Great Wall of David went up… to keep out any potential growth. I feel for these people – they’ve nothing left to learn, no more growth to be had… since they already know it all.

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                  • It’s rather moot at this point, but for a while there, I was seriously considering starting another blog, make it obvious it’s me, like call it GAF 2 or something but the only thing there would be… the comments I make on other blogs that they won’t let through. Each of my posts would just be a link to their article with my response. And perhaps they wouldn’t delete my Pingback so their readers could come over and read my comment. LOL.

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                    • That is an awesome Idea…they can’t censor you then can they? LOL, It’s like Bush said, you are either with us or you are our enemy..I think that is how they see anyone who disagrees. No room for critical thought ot to entertain the concept they might just be ‘the enemy’….and they got them right where they want them. 😉


    • I love Keanu Reeves…he’s a down to earth guy and not a part of the Hollywood pond scum that currently believes that if they stop acting, everyone will revolt. He owns his own motorcycle company, gives his seat up on the subway and doesn’t like how Hollywood acts like they are Gods. It’s funny because I never really got into his first movie Bill and Ted’s excellent adventures and he did a great job on the last one, he is quite the actor, came a long way. I just wish the rest of them would get back to their jobs and stop thinking the world cares of they go on strike, as if politics is part of their jobs, and never saw so much filth come out of their mouths…Ashly Judd, Robert DeNiro are two that have become quite nasty, and people are just going to ignore them… least the ones with common sense that is, not the ones wearing the pink hats… 😉

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      • Just a few days ago I saw Keanu’s motorcycle ad. At the time I thought something like, “I’ll bet he’s not your typical Hollywood pond scum.” Then comes this article and now what you’re saying. I guess I just got my near-instant confirmation.

        There are so many celebrity types that I so want to give the benefit of the doubt, but here in the Apocalypse, it doesn’t take long for them to show their true colors so they can fall by the wayside till they pull their heads out… if that ever happens.

        One that I appreciate is Susan Sarandon. She’s left of center but she likes to talk Hillary, Obama and Marx in the same sentence. LOL I’d seen some short video of someone grabbing a quick interview with her and she was saying something about it’s always the left that give her so much grief about what she says, not those right of center. lol Yep, not about right vs left but who is awake and who isn’t.


    • Oh boy….I read that article, and all comments afterwards…don’t know if you read it what Kat and the one who wrote the article said afterwards. It seems you hit the nail on the head, they seem to be in denial, as if their job is done now and all they have to do is enjoy and bat off any negativity beating the drum of ‘I am not here for that’. LOL, and the last comment by Barbara….it’s gonna look good on our multidimensional resumes! LOL, I about spit out my coffee…and I was enjoying that coffee! Bahahahahaha. If ever there was a group in denial, it’s this one. They took your comments as negativity and rest assured, one tried to explain her energetic journey and tranmutation, but didn’t want to answer your question (Kat) but eventually went into her denial as if being in the moment is all there is, and no need to know if she is ‘there’ yet, because the joy of the moment in the 5 senses is her relaxing time, and no need to do anymore than that. They truely think they are done! LOL, oh well, you tried but they are on their little clouds enjoying themselves, kpatting themselves on the back with their multidimensional resumes and in denial of why they are really here. They batted you off just like they do anyone who pokes their bubble of the job they are here for because…’they are done!’ Well, I commented before I read the lower comments where Kat decided to answer you finally after the one who wrote the article, Maria, chimed in and of course, like most lightworkers, comments on how negative commenters and people like to bring down their energy. Oh boy….they just do not get it yet, and surely they will think my comment was negative. They are gonna bat me and you off like flies…they are so high in the ethers now, the rarified air there and can’t even smell their own denial crap. Oh well….planting seeds…so the unaware might become aware. You tried! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • And, as usual, God parades me around and shows me things, then gives me a Tarot reading that sums it all up. Same thing again, except this time I just put the reading out there and didn’t talk about what I was shown leading up to it. So that first card on my new update post – that’s them, needing to be nurturing… and earthy… and yep GROUNDED, which is what these airy fairy types need most. I was told them getting it together in that way is what we are essentially “waiting” on now, but I understand that will be taken care of quickly, at least by many of the 2nd wavers.

        So, sounds like Maria and Kat are older… and I’d guess they’ve been through much of their process but not all… and yet seem ready to quit with their process. Why would anyone do THAT to themselves – go HALFWAY through Hell… then stop. *shaking head*

        Thankyou for your comment(s) there.

        Am I one of those “energy-stealing trolls” she refers to? Maybe you too? Yep, still running the disempowering program “teacher = threat.” lol

        And my “Eventful” comment was directed at Stefan (Phoenix)… who was going on about just that. lol Then Kat “Does anyone believe that?” Ask Phoenix.

        Well, we’ll see what kinda cattle prod the cosmos sticks up their butts now.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Yep…and Maria showed herself to be deemed not done with her process as she judged me to be beneath her and trying to bring them down. It made me chuckle…I responded to her but after that, she may delete me and the whole thread…who knows. She is still angry and not able to finish her process because she thinks she is so evolved that she is done and in her world with her followers, she is doing the very thing she claims we did. Or mostly me, because she wrote to me….If she didn’t delete my response to her, then you can see I didn’t attack her or take her offensively but did tell her she needs more work, and that we are never done. And I don’t have an end game…LOL, that one was the most hilarious part. I do hope she stops with the airy fairy stuff and continues her process. Yes, Maria and Kat are in their 60’s from what I read. Oh…I triggered them, and Maria felt so empowered as to stand up and protect HER community of lightworkers by putting me down as unevolved, rude and not ding the work. LOL, Triggers anyone? I will take a plate of that! LOL. I hope it don’t take a cattle prod to get them out of their bubble, but from what I read, and Maria’s response, I am guessing it will. 😉


          • Well, they’re really out of touch with this entire situation. They are out of touch in a multi-dimensional way! LOL Really? They’re just gonna kick back and sip coffee and not continue forward… while, yes, 3D Earth will continue to collapse around them…. and yep, the light streaming in through others will be pushing on ’em. They’ll be getting pressure from 3D and from 5D TO MOVE FORWARD.

            And just more of this “joy, joy, joy” stuff. Like they feel a need to tell the world of all their joy… perhaps trying to convince themselves. As I keep saying, it’s who we ARE. Just relax into it… and quit making SERVING sound like such a frickin’ drag. Goodness sakes. Too many LWs are VERY self-involved and not in a healthy or functional way.

            Liked by 1 person

            • OMG….she is digging in on her reign! LOL Here is what she told another person: Elila, yeah, you didnt see the comment because it was in my administration page and I just approved it a little while ago. It seems that the blog is getting more exposure and along with that there are inevitably some energy-stealing trolls that blow in and out. And I too love and respect you and the others here in this community who are sincere about their own enlightenment. I’m learning that part of our mastery is setting boundaries. When these energies come in and try to disrupt the safe space we have created, I sense we all work together to protect it. Love to you my dear friend.
              I think she has a spiritual guru complex..just sayin” 😉

              Liked by 1 person

              • Yeah, I think I saw all that. It WAS you who are the energy-stealing troll. It’s so enjoyable helping YOU get in trouble. lol Oh no, don’t mention it. My pleasure! LOL

                And yeah, she never did address ME directly… and waited to say anything until I said I was signing off.

                Oh, and that comment thanking me for my service… I. flat. asked. for that. And in record time, someone showed up and did just that… which allowed me to thank them for being with it enough to do so. Ha, ha, ha.

                “Safe space.” Ah, ha, ha. Libtarded LWs. Yep, all “working together” to maintain their collective stuckness. Yeah, so funny when the “pack dogs” come out to defend their mutual dysfunction. Yeah, we’ll see if Life, the Divine and their Cosmic Cattle Prod disrupt their safe space. lol I guess they don’t understand that they ARE their safe space (or could be)… and also that they are in their own way. LMAO

                Definitely. There’s that old joke they keep making me think of – “Hire a teenager… while they still know everything.”

                Build that wall! Keep out anyone and anything that just might spur them onward and upward. And they’ll do that… and probably have a beef with Trump’s wall – designed to keep out criminal. lol Yep, multi-dimensionally clueless.

                Liked by 1 person

                • I know they were talking about us both, but she did call out my name, I do think she took it out on me and yes, thanks for getting me into trouble or did I do that? LOL, it’s like that joke about going to heaven and Jesus says, shhhh, tip toe thru here…and one person asks why and he says ‘Because the Catholics think they are the only ones here’. LOL, I should have kept my mouth shut…maybe they would have listened to you. who knows…water under the bridge, but my guess is eventually, Maria would have gone bent on you because their safe space is important and they are light workers and how dare you tell them the truth, or let them know you happen to know they are not done. We are so BADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD..LOL. I am sure they are now licking their wournds patting each other on the back for fighting the evil energy trolls…I have never heard of energy trolls, energy vampires, yes, but not trolls…and now she has a feather in her cap, she is under the impression that her blog is being swarmed by the evil energy trolls and that is what happens when you are a spiritual guru and even in the spiritual community you will get the trolls….LOL, I couldn’t read anymore of it…I just deleted them all and call it a day. I have been trying to read your new posts…had some computer issues…mostly with stupid spyware, and had to fix that so now I can actually read your blog and answer in a normal time…instead of my page freezing up and hanging out. I suppose that is a good thing so I don’t just fly off the handle and give up all the gigs…LOL. 😉

                  Liked by 1 person

                  • ‘Because the Catholics think they are the only ones here’
                    Ah, ha, ha.

                    Kat’s line:
                    “I am wondering what to do with the comments. On the one hand it will show others that these types of commenters are disruptive and unwelcome. But I have no problem deleting them.”
                    I wouldn’t delete them. it demonstrates quite well to other potential trolls what type of response awaits them if they try to talk shit lol.

                    ROFLMAO! They are their own worst enemies. Yes, leave those comments up… so that future visitors can see what dumb shits they’re all being.

                    Liked by 1 person

                    • I know right? Like if they delete us, then somehow the truth goes away..or they can not be triggered anymore. I knew there were airy fairy types but these ones today win the award for ‘clueless’ and the ones who will standing around wondering why they are still here…can’t wait for that article, oh yea, that was already written! LOL….me thinks that when we come back to help them, we need to put a yahoo costume on because they probably won’t believe a forerunner actually told them the truth and they didn’t listen…so much ego, and that has always been thick with these LW’s but this group takes the cake. LOL.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Just chatting with the two big Gs – God and Gaia – the Nova Gaia grids have been down all this time but they won’t be left dangling here after she ascends… so the 2nd Wave especially will get a big taste of light anchoring / transmuting (as need be). I’m sure they’ll be pissing and moaning. I wonder if we could harness that energy somehow. lol

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Yep, I think these hens are really building themselves up nicely for a SHATTERING OF THEIR BELIEF SYSTEM. Right now they are lifting themselves high in the air… readying themselves… for … the subsequent body slam.


                      I’ve often laughed that LWs make up rules for others based on their own issues. If something triggers them that surely must mean that the person who triggered them is “not spiritually advanced.” They love to say shit like, “Spiritually advanced people would never do or say _______.” Fill in the blank with characteristics that don’t have a thing to do with anything … outside their own belief system, certainly not the sort of stuff that determines one’s ascension or not. LMAO “But it triggered me, it’s gotta be bad… right?” Whose trigger?

                      You said something about this group. I see Brenda Hoffman put a like on M’s post. She’s another one with her pack dogs that act just like Maria’s. Make sure the guard dogs keep out any opportunity for growth. Can’t have that. lol She’s the muse behind my Projection post. lol

                      They’re gonna shit their diapers – can’t say pants ‘cuz they’ve yet to pull on their big kid pants. Brenda completed a year ago and still can’t decide if she wants those big kid pants on yet. Brenda will probably be as floored by our ascension and return as much as these other hens… but she KNOWS I am a REAL forerunner. She may deny it, but she is one who truly cannot say a part of her doesn’t just flat-out KNOW… but obviously needs a reminder.

                      I understand that most LWs will not sense Gaia’s ascension (other than they don’t have her grids to lean on). They’ll have to be told, but told they will be… from those atv… en masse.

                      Maria is quite adamant that she’s done! No light-holding for her! God, are you listening?! Maria has spoken!

                      Well, don’t you have to actually carry some light yourself in order to “hold” it? Yeah, she’s probably a long ways from being a light holder. She mistakes working through her own process as “light holding”. Clueless. Which means… that all the discomfort she went through IN HER OWN PROCESS she kinda blames on humanity. Please.

                      Man, we really stirred up a hornet’s nest over there.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • On the first post of M’s she comments to someone:
                      “When I see where we are in terms of our soul growth, this group here in this community is to me the advanced guard.”

                      Then in between saying such, they are all talking about being triggered, or the energies giving them symptoms, or going through their umpteenth Dark Night of the Soul.

                      I saw that someone, in a post somewhere, labeled the latest “incoming wave” as the “Divine Will Wave”. Ah, ha, ha. Indeed.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • LOL…yes, I glanced at a couple of their posts…now they are feeling weird, and usually ignore it but wait…I feel a tingling in my finger…ooops….that’s just a hangnial! LOL.
                      This so called ‘The Event’ mirrors the Christian event of Jesus swooping down from the heavens to save everyone who has given their power over to him, but first they gotta have the antichrist and the apocolypse so instead of wanting a different ending, after 2,000 years of waiting, they are happy as the cabal starts amping up their agenda and they are like YES….Jesus is coming soon, and these things were told in the Bible as signs…bring on the ANTICHRIST ALREADY…I don’t understand them all sitting around waiting for prophecy to come true so Jesus can come already dang it!
                      This event the spiritual community are waiting for is similar, in that they just think all they gotta do is sit and wait for it….wait for it….wait for it….seems to me to be a distraction from working on themselves, and getting ready to pass the torch,…so no one helps the whole ascension along, but waiting for something to happen.
                      I was hoping for a different ending…like hey, let’s not wish for the apocolypse, let’s not wish for the antichrist, let’s not wish for these things to happen and do something.
                      Right now I am sippin’ my coffee wondering when the chatter will stop on that thread, but we sure did stir up that hornet’s next…they needed it, they are stagnant and starting to smell…LOL. ;).

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Yep, I too have thought that The Event is the LWs’ 2nd coming. *shaking head* Yep, just wait and do nothing.

                      And yeah, when these people know about the cabal and yet keep waiting on prophecy. I guess they just can’t catch on that the cabal work to FULFILL that prophecy. And… POWERFUL CREATORS shouldn’t give a shit about prophecy – create what you want! Preferably your Soul Mission.

                      Did you read that article I left in comments about the Event on the Last Call post? That person sees through the crap like we do. It’s a total distraction.

                      I can’t wait to work with real people instead of dealing with idiot LWs.

                      Oh yeah, very smelly over there.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • I must have missed that one…I will have to go scan it and find it. It’sd be nice to find someone with some sanity besides us..LOL 😉

                      Liked by 1 person


                      So… it’s my understanding that this gal is kinda at the back of the pack of 2nd Wavers / ~ 6 mil.
                      (omg, now I s’pose will come the choir of LWs, er, Dark Clingers to say how there’s no way I could know that. *shaking head* lol Idiots. Just THAT right there, thinking someone couldn’t possibly know something about you, THAT alone IS a sign of where they’re at… and those same folks will more than likely pay top dollar for some “psychic” to tell them about themselves or spend endless hours reading online… about themselves… from others… then say there’s no way anyone could know something about them, especially that they are not consciously aware of themselves, never mind that due to their denial, they’ll be the last to know.)

                      Sounds like they’ve been given their final warning to pull on the big kid pants.

                      “One of your greatest feats is coming out as your true god/goddess self. A fearful step indeed, but one long overdue in this lifetime.”

                      No f*cking sh*t it’s long overdue. FINALLY! Praise frickin’ be! She recently had a post titled “Come out, come out, wherever you are” or some such. I guess coaxing didn’t work. lol Jesus H. Christ!

                      I truly don’t get what is so frickin’ scary about showing oneself. As soon as I woke up to / learned anything, it then became a possible conversation topic. And there have been so few times when anyone got bent outta shape over me being me. Well, any stranger / acquaintance types anyway. People “closer” to me of course had their box for me so they sometimes did get bent outta shape. If they got bent outta shape far enough or long enough they could take a hike.

                      “The world now requires great. For you are the forerunners. And if you forerunners are afraid to be truly you, who will the masses follow? So it is that your denial of your true being is becoming dishonest just as was true when you followed society to fit in as well as you could in previous earth lifetimes.
                      … No longer is that required. In truth, no longer is that desired. Be you. It is beyond time for that truth. BE FULLY YOU.”


                    • Those hens think they are hearing from their intuition… about us. But it’s their inner demons / disempowering programs / ego issues HANGING ON FOR DEAR LIFE! “No, no, don’t listen to them!” And… then the volume gets turned up by the light and viola! Ascension symptoms!

                      And their codependent dysfunction, enabling each other’s dysfunction is just off the charts.

                      I must admit, it’s fun watching ’em squirm.

                      One gal over there lives where I do. After A-Day and after this gal hears of me, I might have to just run into her somewhere. lol She’d probably shit her diapers at the sight of me. lol


                    • Another thing I’m laughing about with the hens, which is certainly not unique to this group, they’re in good company… but this thing that someone cannot possibly know something about someone else. Omg, the thought of someone else knowing something about them, ESPECIALLY if / when they don’t even know it themselves. Eee gad! They think no one can see right through them, no one can recognize their dysfunction… but then again, in their warped reality they are the “advanced guard”, ya know, the firstest of EVERYthing. If they haven’t done it, it hasn’t been done! LMAO So SURELY no one else has been dysfunction-free and could possibly pick up on their dysfunction. No way! lol It’s tough to hide something from others that you’re not even aware is there… but is blatantly obvious to others. But one SURE CAN hide their issues from themselves. They could probably hide their own Easter eggs too.


                • LOL, I haven’t read the new comments. When I was reading Maria and Eliia and Kat’s comments before these last ones, I was reminded of how the college kids and some millenials all want their ‘safe space’ so they can live in their denial or better yet, kick the ass out of anyone who opposes their opinions or even kill off people….mostly the white man…and these so called spiritual magic carpet spaces cloud people are just like that. They are the kind that kill the messenger. Maria has created her ‘joy space’ and ‘I’m done’ catagory on her blog and no other opinion is allowed. I don’t know if I even want to read their ridiculous comments….I about lost it when she said energy trolls and safe space…then I finally read the one guy’s comment you stated you were actually talking to, and now I know why you did, this group is gonna get a rude awakening, especially if they think what I and you said was rude, confrontational and attacking them. How can they even call themselves lightworkers if they are just gonna sit it out now in their safe space? And I think that was a huge compliment if they think we are the same person….thank you GAF for all you do, I know it isn’t easy and it’s not so much fun corraling the toddlers…but eventually, they too will have to put their big pants on and step up. ❤


                  • Oh…and the guy you were responding to, thinks the Yahoos are gonna help us! I wanted to respond to that but I knew you had addressed him on that, but you didn’t mention the yahoos… does make me wonder what part they think the yahoos are playing in this grand scheme of things…as if they want Gaia to ascend or maybe they don’t know the true history of the yahoos and how many of us have fought their dark agenda, and fake spirituality, like a backwards playing record….anyway…I assume they will carry on now, and we are out! LOL

                    Liked by 1 person

                    • “Oh…and the guy you were responding to, thinks the Yahoos are gonna help us!”

                      Well, remember now, a lot of these LWs like to identify as starseeds ya know. They themselves ARE yahoos. lol They just couldn’t wait to come here and bring all their dysfunction with them. They shouldn’t have! No really.

                      Maria was talking about this being her last lifetime here. Gee, ya think? I don’t care what portal you choose to exit through… *shaking head* I love it when they run their mouths and just keep revealing their ignorance (we’ll turn away while you tuck that in, lol) SO clueless.

                      My comments to them and I’d made a similar comment to Stefan / Phoenix on another of M’s posts, he was ready to kick back and drink umbrella drinks or something and I told him we’d see how long that lasted before he got bored silly. Yeah, they think they are done, they don’t care to serve… reminds me of a story an old coworker from years ago told me of this reporter who went to do a story on this isolated tribe in South America (if I remember right). They all shared in all the work and they worked a few hours per day and played otherwise. Well, the reporter had noted that this one young man didn’t help with the work. No one questioned him on it, just let him be. The reporter asked a tribal leader about it. They told him not to worry about that young man, he’d eventually get bored and join them working. Yep, the reporter spent some time there and before he left the young man was helping out… and enjoying himself.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Yeah, I told them that an eternity of bliss would be so boring..which is why we came here to help…boots on the ground. I know it’s not always pleasant but afterwards, worth it..LOL That is why I said when we come back in our new bodies, we gotta dress up like yahoos! LOL 😉


                    • That’d be funny, the yahoo costumes. That might be a plan… if I were to ever break down and actually like go talk to any of these arrogant idiot LWs, I’ll go as some ET. If they ask why, I’ll tell ’em I figured that’s the only way they’d even give my words the time of day.

                      Liked by 1 person

      • lol *shaking head* I just laugh at these LWs. They seem to be slow learners or clinging to old paradigm stuff or whatever… but there again, it really seems to be Duality that they just can’t see and can’t let go of. It’s constant pendulum swings for them.

        Takes ’em forever to get the “self first” concept as they lay down for everyone else and cater to everyone else. Then when they FINALLY get that they need to be their own top priority, then they don’t want to serve… and look down their noses at their fellow human. Goodness sakes.

        Every step of their process seems to be like pulling teeth. Yeah, I’m sure they FEEL like they’ve moved mountains… and planets… when they are just working on their own process… ‘cuz they made it infinitely harder than it needed to be. A little less resistance would help them and everyone.

        It’s way too easy to go in circles with these types too. They say something in response and if I were to respond to them I’d have to refer them to things I’d already said. No eyes to see and ears to hear.

        I gave them their heads up, as I said I was doing. If Life and the Divine have to beat ’em over the head, well, at least they were warned. lol

        Liked by 1 person

        • Well, they just want to exagerate their multidimensional spiritual resumes…LOL, Barbara, Kat and Maria are all still in that and you stated it fine, you told them they were in denial but I don’t even think they saw it. Kat had to let you know she has been thru her process since 2yrs old, but now she is in the moment and refuses to look at where she has landed because now she is older and wiser (as if) and she doesn’t need to know the answer to that. I really believe they could care less about what was done for them so they could take their time with their process…it’s like they take it personal and just don’t want to hear about it. Because that would be too painful, and they are done with that…oh dear, I hope some seeds were planted and they won’t have to learn it the hard way. 😉 Energy trolls….bahahahaha. sorry, I had to laugh on that one! How can I steal your energy today! (rolling eyes)



    I left a comment at the above, which obviously hit that big ol’ chip on Miss Dark Attack’s shoulder. *shaking head* LMAO. Touchy LWs out there these days. A little LIGHT gittin’ to ya?

    The conversation, which she eventually completely deleted, went like this (too funny, lol):

    Gaia Ascension Forerunner:
    Great article. You are right to call Earth Gaia’s body, but Earth will not be ascending, only her soul essence Gaia will ascend. Same with everyone / everything else. Our 3D carbon-based bodies are not ascending. We, Gaia included, make our new crystalline bodies in 5D which we get when we transition IN FULL. We are not taking our 3D carbon-based bodies with us nor do they convert to our 5D crystalline bodies.

    Great Comment. Now let me tell you about how wrong you are…

    How many times I’ve heard this one from so many people. “Hi, great article, I really enjoy what you write.” and their next sentence goes into them telling me how wrong I am about all things ascension related.

    News flash, you are wrong about this, “Namasta.”

    Gaia Ascension Forerunner:
    Well, luckily for me, I don’t have any need to be right.

    And I DID like your article! You’ll notice I’ve not said that very often over the years though, because if I can’t say it honestly, I don’t say it.

    Just giving you half a chance to correct your stinkin’ thinkin’ on this matter. But when it comes right down to it, it’s only to make your journey a little less bumpy or so you don’t get discouraged when your carbon-based body doesn’t convert to a crystalline body. But in the end, it really doesn’t matter because you will find out the truth AFTER you transition in full.

    Peace out.

    Gaia ascension forerunner?
    What you said to Denise was terribly cruel…
    Strong judgements about another soul sister is ego driven…

    Gaia Ascension Forerunner:
    Is that your judgement?
    So says you. Why? What lens are YOU looking through?

    (then the comment thread got deleted, lmao)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, there sure are some ‘ligthworders’ who have made up their minds on how it’s all gonna go..and I kinda like your ‘stinkin’ thinkin’….LOL,…they are just like all these college kids, like they went to the bad college that charges alot of money and teaches you nothing, and never going inward, but instead create safe spaces and then watch them all fall on their faces when they find out the school they have been paying for is all a scam…same with these ‘lightworker’.

      Liked by 1 person

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