Understanding Tools

This is the term I like to use with such things as astrology or face reading or the like.  Ya know, the kinds of methods that allow you to understand yourself and others better.

I always like to say – Two ways to understanding, either through compassion or personal experience… but these understanding tools can help also.

I always like to emphasize the proper balance in perspective concerning the individual and the collective.  Individual and indivisible come from the same root word.  But collectives are made up of individuals, each doing their part.  “Collectives” technically don’t really “do” much of anything.  The individuals within the collective do.  And like the old line – it takes all kinds to make the world go ’round.

In so many ways we have so very much in common.  From the most sleepy and dysfunctional person to the most conscious, from the wounded to the healed, when it comes right down to it, we all have so much more in common than we have differences.  And there are really only so many variables here.  Many variables and yet still only so many.  Using astrology as an example, everyone’s birth chart has the same 12 signs and 10 planets.  Yep, all sorts of subtly in characteristics according to house, degree, what aspects what, etc. but it’s all Earth-centric, all about the energies an Earthling has to deal with, is exposed to, has to work with.

And yet, the differences do exist.  Just because someone is different (maybe you yourself are the someone) doesn’t necessarily mean these differences are “issues”.  But before we come to understand some of what’s behind the differences, it can be easy in a 3D-Earth-paradigm state of mind to judge and find fault with others who are only just being themselves and bringing to the world what they came to bring.

The face reading I learned was based on the 5 element theory of Chinese medicine.  So, the 5 elements are the 4 of astrology – Fire, Earth, Air (or Metal in Chinese medicine), Water – and the 5th element is Wood.

Because I’ve come to understand the differences in personality between the 5 elements, I just see people being themselves when others may have some issue with these people’s personality traits.

For example, if, in a gathering of people, one person, no matter what topic or who brings it up, this one person always somehow makes it all about them, well, the next person might see this as problematic “They’re so full of themselves!”, whereas I would just know I was observing a Fire element.

Another person there may be very forceful and loves to use a closed fist gesture.  The next person may see them as angry or aggressive, but I just see a Wood element.

I’ve often thought that this disempowering 3D Earth paradigm has made everyone feel like there is something wrong with them.  Is there anyone who feels like they fit in anymore?  Even the straight, white male now feels oppressed and persecuted.  Yep, “the theys” used their salami tactics to carve away at one social group after another and now they’ve caught them all.

And the programming has people wanting to be something other than themselves “Oh, I wish I had a nose like hers”… while she probably wishes she had a nose like the next person.  So, just what is that ever-elusive gold standard that everyone seems to be shooting for?

How’s about looking no further than the mirror.  That seems like a fine gold standard to aspire to.

In some discussion on the Enneagram of Personality, which is a personality typing method involving nine (enne) personality types, someone had said that the conventional psychology / psychiatric world has a “disorder” or mental problem or the like for every one of these personality types.

Sure, there is an up and a down side to every type, element, sign, whatever.  There are unevolved and evolved characteristics for each.  But really?  No matter who?  Everyone has a disorder?  Now, no doubt that folks got stuff to heal but just the old paradigm’s way of assigning some bad label to every frickin’ personality type, being all judgy about it… and of course they don’t want people to know that whatever issues they may have they can heal.  Don’t frickin’ empower anyone whatever ya do… just make ’em feel like there’s something wrong with them… that can’t be fixed… or worse yet, “Here’s your prescription.”

By learning and using understanding tools, you come to understand yourself and others better.  You come to know that we don’t all have the same needs, desires, talents, skills, foibles, whatever.  By understanding your own element (or sign or type, etc) you can relax into being you and not pressure yourself to be like others.  By understanding others’ elements, you can allow them to be themselves without reading anything else into it.  Knowing such things help people work together.


My face reading instructor does Feng Shui also, but she doesn’t do it in a traditional way, like the desk has to be in this room facing that direction kinda thing, but instead focuses on the elements of the people living there.  So here are a couple of stories about people learning about theirs and others’ elements and then working towards more harmony.

She went to advise a couple of gals who were roommates.  One gal was an Earth element while the other was Metal.

Earth elements just love their “things”.  Earths like and can put up with a rather large amount of clutter.  If someone is a hoarder you can probably count on them being an Earth element.  They’re the ones you can almost count on having a mantle full of family photos.  They love their Earth tones.

Metals on the the other hand can be rather ascetic, liking a sparsely furnished and decorated place.  Less is more.  Monochromes over colors.   If any element abhors clutter it would be Metals.

So they were informed about themselves and each other.  Their solution?  They literally divided the shared living areas right down the middle.  One half of the living room was very Earth and the other half very Metal… and that worked for them.  They came to understand what both of them needed, they allowed that for themselves and the other.

In another case, she was asked to come do Feng Shui for a couple whose young son would not come out of his bedroom when he was home and he always kept the door closed.  It didn’t take long to understand why that was.  Upon first meeting, she knew the parents were both blatantly obviously Fire elements.  The son was obviously Water.

They then showed her their son’s room.  Just outside his room, across from the door was this huge painting that was VERY Fire element.  It was modern art with big splashes of red.  Yep, totally understandable why the Fire parents like this painting, but it was a bit much on their energetically sensitive and emotional Water son.  Subconsciously, that painting may have seemed like a murder scene to the Water son.  She explained this to the parents who then promptly took the painting down and their son no longer hid in his room and if in there didn’t feel a need to always have the door closed.


Are you still being all judgy about yourself and others… even and perhaps especially with the stuff that has nothing to do with anything other than just element, personality type or what have ya?  Ya know, like they (you) didn’t assault anyone, it’s not wounds or dysfunctions, they (you) just have their (your) own preferences and their (your) own way to be.  No crime in that.  Ask the Divine to bring you just the right understanding tools so you can actually see things for what they really are.

Ask for Compassion so you can cut yourself and your fellow human some slack, knowing that all differences aren’t “bad” in some way and even the wounds and dysfunctions are healable and EVERYONE IS REDEEMABLE.  Kinda the whole point of what we’re doing here.  Don’t act so surprised when some former Walking Zombie actually wakes up.  Don’t act surprised when the former Walking Wounded actually heal.  Don’t act surprised when the formerly disempowered step into their own Power.

Some of people’s differences have to do with strengths, not weaknesses.  Some with energies that piss off people’s “inner demons”.  Why do you think the Divine sent them with that energy?  It all has its place.

Let the Divine and the Understanding Tools help you see more clearly and with it create more loving and accepting relationships.


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  1. Yep, we don’t need no stinking relationshits….LOL. The science of differentiation is so that each of us are not alike, like snowflakes, we each and every one are different and that is for experience as even the same experience would not be experienced the same by another. It’s quite entertaining when we all, when we are young, trying to figure out who we are, what our purpose, our flaws, or our talents are…and once we all strike that match of ‘see how different I am’ in the world, there is the constant pressure to be a part of the ‘herd’, or the ‘tribe’. All the social engineering they are doing right now is to confuse genders, and erase history, and so many fall for it, the ‘herd’ types, the mindless ones with no critical thought as to see how they are following instead of being themselves. The program has been amped up, and pretty much sick of all the Political correctness and dumbing down of the great potential the human race has, if only they understood the plan, used their God given skills, flaws and talents to make the world a better place instead of forcing the agenda for the Yahoos.
    Very interesting about the feng shui and earth and metals process. My daughter is an earth, I know, she loves those beiges, and grays, and I hate it….LOL, I like light, and bright colors and being a Sadge with a Pisces moon, I do love all the colors but favorite is Periwinkle. I love everyone’s differences though, and honor each person’s likes or dislikes. Why do we all try to make us all the same when being different is so much better for the world would be boring if we were all alike. But enough alike to understand and embrace it. Great article! 😉

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    • Great comment! 🙂 Thank you for donating your wisdom here. I’m sure many will benefit from it over many years.

      Ya know you bringing up the social engineering… The cabal know about current energies, well, at least astrological energies and they study longterm stuff, etc. Then they use that knowledge to hijack the incoming energies.

      One example. I feel that the Gen Y / Millennials were to help usher in more Unity Consciousness. The cabal hijacked that in the Millennials’ younger years by having them do everything in groups. Looking for Unity horizontally / outwardly instead of vertically / inwardly. Now many of them can’t function in the work place where most people are just expected to take initiative and just git ‘er done. A friend of mine, one of her fellow managers at work had to lay some people off and he let go of the Millennials. The older and younger folks get it, but many of the Millennials need their group hand-holding and decide by consensus or they can’t function.

      On another energy, part of one’s healing and ascension process is the integration of masculine and feminine energies. For this the cabal are using the whole transgender thing or “gender fluidity” thing to hijack this. Integration of masculine and feminine isn’t about what’s between your legs. But by making it about that, the cabal have people again turning an Inward thing into an outer thing.

      I’d just read someone’s post about how science does this, wanting to make everything so material level and will make up shit like “dark matter” rather than admitting that there could be (Divine) Intelligence behind everything.

      And transgenderism is real, at least the whole chromosomal thing, but I like what transgender youtuber Blair White has to say about such. She said she got into youtubing and blogging because she was tired of the politicalization of transgenderism. She likes to call those who push this “Trans-trenders”. But it’s so trendy! No, it’s to cause confusion.

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    • Geez, look at us here, talking about all this non-p.c. stuff. Eee gad! What nerve! Don’t know if you’d noticed that the mere mention of the “T” word (Trump) sent a certain snowflake (speaking of snowflakes – and yep, all fun and funny for those who still have a sense of humor.) 😉 heading for the hills. Obviously for them T also stands for “triggered”, “tizzy”, and “tailspin” which they never did recover from. What? The T word is THAT good of a snowflake repellant? Geez, shoulda brought it up sooner. 😉 lol

      Yeah, in Upside-Down World now it’s the left that are the “moralists” with their political correctness and their virtue signaling. But hey, at least they don’t dare call themselves Liberals anymore. Ha, ha, ha. They’ve mustered that tiny bit of honesty. Now they’re “progressives”. Progressive communists… or progressive authoritarians, which… ah… didn’t that used to be a liberal’s bane? The left used to protest the cabal and now they are hired to protest FOR the cabal. Couldn’t make this sh*t up.

      On another topic… I’ve noticed several posts recently about not repressing emotions. Some just discussing it in general and some finally tired of doing it themselves. Hallelujah and the angels sang!

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  2. Yeah, most scientists agree that there has to be a Divine intelligence behind the wheel…and dark matter or Aether is the tool, but not responsible for the creations.
    That is so true about the way the turn an ‘inside job’ into an ‘outside job’. And they know these new energies are there, it’s not like one that we have ever seen before, and more of a ‘fire/water’ energy, more powerful than the Aether that was used in the materilization of the 3D world. Pretty sure they know that once enough wake up and utilize this energy, do their inward work, that they will cease to exist, we will think them away….so to speak. I understand the ‘unity consciousness’ and the ‘christ consciousness grid’ that was placed here, like a rung on a ladder for us to reach for inwards and upwards. The yahoos know their time is limited, but they sure want to go out with a ‘bang’. LOL


    • Oh, I know. Not to get too graphic but the cabal right now remind me of the old image of a soldier who had his guts shot out and he’s trying to put them back in. He’s as good as dead but he hasn’t quite absorbed that yet in his shock.

      The cabal are pretty much dead too but in their death throes their flailing limbs are still a danger to others. lol

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    • Just thinking about you talking fire / water energy coming in. Interesting. Fire = Spirit and Water = Emotions and as I always say, those two have a close connection. And yep, if you cut off emotions, you’re cutting off spirit. I hope to God that folks are FINALLY getting this.

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    • Ah ha ha. I have to share this. Too funny.

      I responded to this post a day or so ago


      … in agreement, but added some stuff. He writes back just a few minutes ago and said something about we share this feeling or something, but then said something, it was kinda twisted but what I’m kinda getting is that he’s kinda implying that I myself may have some issues with repressing emotions or something. I wish I’d have known the comment was gonna go away, I would have taken a screen shot or something.

      I was right here when the notification of his response to my comment came in. I wasn’t quite sure what he was really saying so I just answered with “?” Ya know, not caring to make an ass out of him and me.

      I then go to his post. I then put in another comment and say, “So… your vagueness begs the question, what is on your mind and in your heart?” In less than a minute all of our comments, his and mine, from his post were deleted.

      I then left a comment “Did you care to finish your thought?”

      LOL Now that comment went away so I left this one:

      Don’t be bashful honey. If you want to talk to me then talk to me. Express yourself, don’t repress yourself.
      Is this whole emotional repression thing hitting close to home for you?

      Oh well, that went into the comment black hole also. So I replaced it with this:


      “How much richer and fuller could your Ascension awakening be if no part of you gets left behind, allowing all of your energy in motion to fully flow into the infinite magic and wonder of life?”

      Ready to FULLY FLOW yet? I’m right here. Any time you want to let go, let God, I’m right here. Talk to me.

      AH HA HA.

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      • Gaia portal just confuses me! It’s like Psycho babble or some other language.

        As for the comments from that Raphael, it is probably still in your emails, as when you get notified via email, like I do, that comment they can’t erase in your email. Just saying in case you did get it in your email, then you can go into old mail and see the comments again.


        • Drats, foiled again. I don’t have comment notification sent to my email, other things – likes, follows… but not comments. lol So, I may need to change that setting. nah.

          Well, GP I either get or I don’t. They say themselves – for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, so if it doesn’t apply to me in some way, I guess I don’t get it. But that first line seemed rather straight forward.

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          • Well, I haven’t read Gaia Portal in a while…do get them in my email, but see the first three words and most times, it’s just confusing….what they say is going on with Gaia, so I just went to Gaia portal, and yes, that I do understand! You are right….BRING IT ON!!! LOL

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    • And now thinking about this some more… on the end of his comment he said something about, like… “…maybe don’t want to talk about it here…” or something. I do declare! I think the man was looking for a new client. Dollar signs in his eyes. LMAO

      I was watching Grace and Frankie and thought they were making me split a gut laughing but those old ladies don’t hold a candle to the comic relief this old codger just gave me. He made my day. I haven’t laughed this long and hard for a while.

      I wonder if I could get him to “pay up”, ya know, for my services rendered. Oh wait, not enough money in the world to pay for what we forerunners have done.

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        • Oh please, lol, there’s no getting that kind of blood from this stone either.

          All the donate buttons… ya know how some people put in a preset amount in the their donate window? I was thinking about putting up a donate button and filling in the amount for 1,000,000. I figure I just need one taker and I’m set. I wonder if Raphael would bite. Hmm…

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  3. Yep, when those who act like they don’t have anything to hide, oh boy, if you are good at reading between the lines, can see they are writing that article for themselves. That button gets pushed and silence ‘crickets chirping’ and it makes you wonder how long they sit there at the keyboard, biting their nails to keep from war-ing on the keyboards but instead the delete it like it never existed. I’d like to think that most of them would leave the comments, and at least try to put in some spiritual knowledge about the thing they are ignoring.
    Yes, this fire/water energy is bringing all that stuff out…secrets coming out (although it was never a secret really, just no faces and names to pin in on). They aren’t about throwing their minions under the bus when the heat is on and Trump just turned it up. All those who said they would leave the country if he got elected are still here…most of us were happy if they left because certainly didn’t understand why they would oppose exposing corruption and bringing back jobs. Now they are threatening to leave again if Trump bans Sharia Law. Well, here we go again, who cares if they leave, adios, se’ la’ ve’, or as we use to say, ‘don’t let the screen door hit you on your way out’. It makes no sense to me why they think we care if they leave. I see alot of people who were devout Muslims or Islam now professing the whole religion was a lie…hurray for that, always knew it was. Their marriage to 6 year olds, and running around a giant black cube..and the covering of the hair and degradation of women…and that is another whole rabbit hole…going down the rabbit hole is liberating but disturbing to say the least….and it never ends. I couldn’t understand why they would make these plans, the cabal, that they would never see the fruition of. How do they do 100 year plans, 2,000 year plans knowing that it may all just crumble after they are gone…and yes, once they are exposed for their treachery, like what is happening now, they seem so much more ridiculous in their efforts to stray our focus the other way…like the Wizard of Oz…’Don’t look at the man behind the curtain!” I do believe it says in Revelations that the truth would come out and that there would be no secrets…this could be interesting…’buckle your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride’. LOL

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    • From Bates Motel:

      Norma (who is really just Figment now since she is dead), “You’re mad because I left.”

      Norman, “I’m not mad… except in the British sense of the word, like the Mad Hatter. In that way I am mad. But the world is full of mad people who function… many of whom are heads of state, so, I think I can manage running a motel.”

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    • Oh, on the lie of Islam… I heard an Israeli youtuber who’s major into scripture had said that the Vatican actually created the “religion” of Islam to well, you know, to pretty much do what they’re being used for now. No reason to doubt that one.

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      • Oh yeah, we all know the Vatican is not some sacred place full of wonderful priests who are Service to Others. But all that too has been coming out, and one day those vault doors will open and we will truly know them…by their deeds and their hoarding of everything that didn’t belong to them, and own credit card companies and telescopes, like the one here in Arizona, rumored to be on a stargate, and why the Pope wanted it so bad being it was on sacred Apache land, in which McCain had sold mining rights to some foreign mining co., and then they named that tlelescope L.U.C.I.F.E.R. http://www.openminds.tv/lucifer-is-helping-vatican-astronomers-look-for-extraterrestrials-970/19968
        Think it is surely a cover up for their energy work or trying to use stargates like CERN is trying to do with their dark matter bouncing machine…they already know there are ET’s or lovingly referred to as Yahoos! LOL When the Vatican falls, we may have a shot at peace.


        • Yeah, I like to point out that the Vatican own several observatories. Hmm.

          Did you notice that a month or so back when Oroville dam was looking spooky, a big rain storm came in, the one that caused some major flooding in southern California and they seem to like to name storms now and not just hurricanes – they named that storm Lucifer also. *shaking head* What’s funny is there is no such entity / being as Lucifer or Satan either. I understand there are some real entities behind some of the other names they… whatever… pray to? Like Moloch was / is a real being.

          Gee, McCain involved. Surprise! Not.

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          • Yes, I noticed that, with the geoengineering they do, this was probably orchestrated. I know they have been making Californa not have rain and ruining the pristine water on Mt.Shasta and other places but I am guessing there is some sort of agenda with the rain they let go there. With all the stuff going on in California, nothing suprises me…just like when they put a bunch of BLACK balls in the reservoir supposedly to conserve water, but that is the stupidest thing I ever heard…it will just make the water evaporate faster…sometimes I wonder if California will fall off into the ocean just because of the density and stupid politicians and people there.
            The Vatican thinks we will have alien visitors soon, but it is rumored they are looking for an alien savior. When will they learn there is non one coming to save us, it is up to us to do that for ourselves. Wasn’t Lucifer perhaps one of those alien beings, like the ones who came here, the fallen ones who were told not to mate with the humans and they did it anyway…or the morning star..Venus, so many narratives to the whole creation beginnings but I do think there was some ‘interferance’ for lack of a better word. Like in the Book of Enoch and why that one was taken out of the canonized Bible version. Either there was some ET’s messing around back then, or someone ate the wrong plant and was trippin’. LOL


            • Yes, I understand they were using HAARP tech to hold all the rain storms off the coast for the drought time. The youtuber “dutch since” has shown the radar maps and you’d see storm after storm coming off the ocean, heading for California and then take a severe left turn and head up the coast. Then suddenly dump a bunch of water on top of all that parched land… frankly, I’m amazed they haven’t had even MORE flooding. I understand that they were drawing water from the aquifers under that central valley (Sacramento valley?) during the drought and then, especially with the flood waters sitting on top of the valley, there are places that have sunk a couple feet.

              Like Phoenix (?) is sinking from drawing water out of aquifers.

              Ok, this is what I understand about Lucifer:

              The Old Testament story goes… there was a king who thought he was all that, even higher than God. Someone made the analogy that the king is more like Venus compared to the Sun. Venus is in an inferior orbit to us, closer to the sun, so from our Earth perspective, Venus never traverses across the whole sky (because when it does go across, it’s in front of the sun and we can’t see it and Venus can’t go into the darkness behind Earth), it never reaches the heights that the Sun does. So, yeah, this was a metaphor that this king would never be as “up there” as God.

              So, yeah, first, “Lucifer” is a Latin term and hence would not have been in the original Hebrew telling of this story. Lucifer is the name of Venus when it is the morning star and when Venus is the evening star it is called Vesper. Lucifer also means “light bringer”. And in this world that has been so dark for so long, light really gets a bad rap.

              So, when it comes right down to it, the only “entity” that Lucifer could even remotely refer to would be the planet Venus.

              “Satan” is just a word that means “adversary”. Not any particular adversary.

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              • Thanks for that explanation, and I knew Satan meant adversary, and not necessarily some entity that could do what it wanted to humanity, dark and evil. I was always understanding that God created everything so even the dark/evil was a part of him for how else could it exist. In Isaiah 45:7King James Version (KJV) 7says: I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things. I always thought as a kid the Bible contradicted itself and when I asked my sunday school teacher about these discrepancies, I got sent to the empty church area to memorize some scriptures and still didn’t get the gist of it all. Mostly I see it as Alchemical Allegory. And perhaps their way of explaining the ET’s that appeared to be Gods, and their false light realities of heaven (the black cube) as it was measured or said to of had a measurement that was that of a cube. Those yahoos sure did go thru alot of trouble to keep us here,


                • Things you say about the Bible, yep, but further, the absolute biggest lie of the Bible is the lie of omission.

                  Constantine the Great and the Council of Nicea put the Bible together in the 4th (?) century. They essentially drew on all available sources but they determined what stayed and what got left out.

                  Today’s analogy would be that your “religion” told you you could ONLY listen to the msm and not any other news sources.

                  And the Bible was EXACTLY that, well… in slow motion. The Romans and the Catholics were kinda losing power. All the heretics (ones who thinks for themselves) just would not do! So much information available and all the free thinking going on. Couldn’t have that. So, the Bible was designed to get everyone on the same sheet of music. A little more controllable that way.

                  But yeah, big task eh? In a day without computers. So, yeah, if they missed some contradictions, not a surprise.

                  And of course interpretation and translation have played their roles in warping the message / the truth / reality but one thing that many folks don’t also consider is that Hebrews and Greeks (them for sure, others too?) would also use gematria (and if I remember right, Constantine and the Council of Nicea did too) so that has to do with imbedding numeric messages into texts. So that meant choosing just the right words to make the letter / number count come out so that added another layer of tampering with the message.

                  And yet… an awful lot of interesting info has still come through Bible. The Divine keeping their hand in everything.

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  4. Oh yes, more than one level of information in the Bible, more like 4, but I also see it as a ‘brainwasher’ and yes, knew Constantine had done this, and still don’t understand why people reject even the thought that maybe God didn’t stop talking after the Bible was written, and maybe Constantine didn’t have everyone’s soul and heart in his mind when he chose certain books to make the Bible, even though there are places referred to in there about Enoch, that book was not allowed, too close to the ET thing and can’t have the sheep knowing all of the story…I also think that reading and reading it over and over is a form of brainwashing. And yes, a rule book for the masses to control them, and all left to interpretation because after so many versions in different languages..alot gets lost in translation, but there are a few who take the long tedious path of looking at it from the original language, which I think one has to go from either Hebrew to greek to english, backwards and the book Genesis takes on a whole new meaning…very interesting stuff, where one lady on youtube 9Nania shows how the story takes on the agenda of Et’s who took androgynous beings, split up the sexes with their agenda of using them for their purposes and to be worshipped as Gods. Credo Mutwa, a native history keeper whom was interviewed by David Icke had an ancient necklace that told the story of his peoples meeting with these beings, and how they put them in some machine and split the sexes up. He also said that the people sent to give them vaccines they would hide from them because after they got them, they lost their telepathic/psychic abilities and he hid from them so he would not get the shots. Very interesting stuff…just another rabbit hole!!! 😉

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    • I can’t remember if I told you this… concerning the losing of one’s psychic abilities… I’d heard, I think it was for WWII, idk, maybe the Korean war, the military had heard that some tribe of American Indian (Comanche maybe?) were known to be very psychic, couldn’t sneak up on them. They’d use them to guard things and even if they were sleeping, if someone got close they’d wake up in time. Great! The military wanted to use them. Sign ’em up! You’re in the army now… and getting yer hair cut off. Then they lost some of their psychic abilities and could be snuck up on.

      And Islam says women must cover their hair. Hmm.

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  5. Yes, it has been said by the Natives that the hair was like an antenna, and that it was their long hair that gave them those abilities…like a tribal secret or not sure how they knew it was their hair, probably why they scalped people too.
    As for Islam, I had heard that they covered the women’s hair so the ‘fallen ones’ would not be attracted to them…the ones who were rumored to have been ordered not to but they did it anyway, came down and fathered children of humans thus the Nephilim, or large men, but thinking those were the tall ET’s that did that, so anyway, so much for rumors or conjecture, but there must be something to this hair thing, like in the story of Sampson and Delila. But Credo Mutwa’s story was most interesting because this was their history, not one told to us by those who don’t want us to know the history or maybe their made up history…and it’s his-story, what about her-story?

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    • Interesting reads, The LW’s that have a problem with Trump are overpolarized in the light and love. Nobody can judge what Trump does unless they are willing to do what he has done, ‘walk in their shoes’ process…I don’t envy the job Trump has, know his work ethic is strong and he just can’t change it all overnight…like what I call ‘The Microwave Generation’ who wants everything now, and are constantly bashing Trump for not fixing all the problems in three months, which took decades to build, I get that they just like to stand on their pedestal and focus on the negative, while proclaiming they are ‘love and light’. Like kids…’Are we there yet’? LOL, No, we aren’t, now get up and work on that!

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      • And yet, Trump’s done one whole hell of a lot in a short time… while everyone bucks him.

        Well, this exposure time will probably frickin’ floor the LWs. Perhaps it will send them into a crisis so they finally face their shadow.

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      • Nobody can judge what Trump does unless they are willing to do what he has done, ‘walk in their shoes’ process…I don’t envy the job Trump has, know his work ethic is strong and he just can’t change it all overnight…

        This made me think about this video of Brené Brown because she speaks of “the man in the arena”. I know Alex Jones likes that quote. Her bottom line – if you’re not even in the arena, you got nothing to say about me. *nodding*

        Liked by 1 person

        • Yeah, Alex Jones also talks about the social engineering comparing it to the arena times in the Roman gladiator days, Trump is like in the Lion’s Den…how they lick their chops to bite into him as soon as they can. :0


          • See how Life and the Divine have SO prepared DT for this current role! So, let’s see, first there’s the stinkin’ filthy rich thing… can’t imagine him getting into office without his own funds to do so. He’s got energy out the yin yang, yeah, negotiator, “the Boss”, yada yada, BUT! see now, you have really hit on the past experience that is serving him best – his time with WWE. lol

            Liked by 1 person

  6. Yep, they don’t seem to acknowledge all the good he has done, and has done more in three months than Obambie did in 8 years and he doesn’t go golfing! When will the LW’s learn you can’t get rid of the shadow self by wishing or meditating it away, it has to be merged, there is no getting rid of it or the ego, because that is the matrix’s program and needs upgrading, EGO 2.0…LOL, or perhaps we don’t need that program, as it is the tricky trickster pretending it is not in control of those LW’s if they only could open thier minds and see it…Like the good witch of the north said ‘You had the power all along, my dear’. 😉


      • Do you remember a commercial with a crying indian, and in the background, two world leaders fighting it out in a field, like it was an anti-war type of commercial. This is what I think they should do when they have a disagreement and they want to fight, just duke it out amongst themselves…I have looked all over for that commercial, guess that one never got recorded or saved…but I guess golfing works…I can see it now, You win, I get Turkey, I win, I get Alaska…although I think Obambie was going to give China Alaska or at least the ports…don’t remember. Anyway…these world leaders need to pay for their own BS and I watch alot of those congressional hearings and the outrageous prices they pay for a meeting or meals.


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