War Pigs

Dedicated to Senator John McCain.

Judgement Day is here John.

“War Pigs”

Generals gathered in their masses
Just like witches at black masses
Evil minds that plot destruction
Sorcerers of death’s construction
In the fields the bodies burning
As the war machine keeps turning
Death and hatred to mankind
Poisoning their brainwashed minds
Oh lord yeah!

Politicians hide themselves away
They only started the war
Why should they go out to fight?
They leave that role to the poor

Time will tell on their power minds
Making war just for fun
Treating people just like pawns in chess
Wait ’til their judgement day comes

Now in darkness world stops turning
Ashes where the bodies burning
No more war pigs at the power
Hand of God has struck the hour
Day of judgement, God is calling
On their knees the war pig’s crawling
Begging mercy for their sins
Satan laughing spreads his wings
oh lord yeah!


16 thoughts on “War Pigs

  1. John McCain is as evil as they come, just like David Rockefeller who finally died after six heart transplants, and wondered where he got those hearts and surely they were needed by kids and others who have been waiting alot longer, wondering when McCain, another war pig, will croak…He has admitted to helping the rebels, he is in good with them. McCain is in Syria, from what I heard, and they are chemtrailing heavy today…THEY SUCK!!! Trump’s son in law is out of control, and hopefully, Trump sends him on some project in the antartic for a while….LOL.


    • Ya know, me thinks that his son-in-law’s bidness… is really about “… and keep your enemies closer”. In many, many ways currently, things are not as they appear.

      This post was not happenstance. Pay attention today tomorrow next few days this week.


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    • I’ve mentioned this GP line before, but the current situation begs I mention it again. From GP’s March 6 message:

      External evidences are no longer necessary for those who question.

      This Syria thing has thrown most people for a loop. It becomes apparent quickly who has fears to work off yet and it also shows who bothers to actually “check IN”, ya know, inwardly. As I have said, things are not as they appear, but then again, what’s new about that? When will folks not only just take their questions in general inwardly but also take questions about outer info inwardly and ASK THE DIVINE?!!! instead of freaking out and running their mouths all over… when they have no clue what is going on.

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    • I can’t wait for this war pig to go down…he is so old and needs to retire after watching him question Comey barely coherent to get his point across…..Pelosi, and Waters are another couple that need to retire. I think they should not get retirement, and they should have term limits. They are rich and don’t need the money…McCain just wants WWIII, but alot know he is not some war hero, like someone said, he just got camptured by the enemy, he is no hero. He is another one like HIllary that sold off our mineral resources to foreign interests. Hillary has been outed as selling rights to a percentage of our Uranium to Russia and people are getting really sick of the Russia thing, saw his interviews on showtime. I am sure Putin does not need to hack into the DNC which they would not allow the FBI or anyone to look at their servers but still claim that Russia hacked it. Russia, Russia, Russia. GRRRRRR…


      • Yeah the geriatric congressmen need to go… and others.

        I see someone (R) is going to run against Paul Ryan. The swamp gets drained.

        Had to laugh the dems lost all their special elections recently.

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        • Yet, they came close! That is how they hold on to their efforts. They don’t get it, probably never will till they are dismantled and come out with new more benevolent ways to solve problems with the country. I feel they are trying to incite civil war with the help of George Soros too. There’s a pattern of their insanity of attacking anyone who is for Trump, while he is in the Lion’s den, it is hard for him to accomplish anything without the Dems and the snowflakes constantly working against him and the ridiculous rumors. Where the tipping point is, not far off because they just don’t get no one wants the people they try to put in office and tires of the corruption and lies…not saying the other party is any better but don’t see them going around inciting violence or talking about assassinating Trump. If they would have done this back in the day, they would all be in prison. What a rollercoaster ride this is! 😉

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          • Oh, I know, this threatening the prez thing was completely unheard of before. But there are some things going on behind the scenes in that regard, which, of course, don’t get much coverage… AND… the people are voting with their choices. Hallelujah! That’s how it’s done. Don’t buy from Starbucks (my God, I’ve not done that for decades now), get after Disney or whoever about employing Depp on a Harry Potter film, etc. Griffin losing gigs.

            Have you heard? Amazon just bought out Whole Foods. *shaking head*

            Do you check my comments on the Current Events… post? Especially see the last one about the Brits waking up.

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            • I think the Brits went thru the same we are about to do, and that is shut down the politically correct BS and get real…these people want to kill us, they want to take over the world, it’s not like they are really refugees and the ones that are true refugees are still there. Most are coming to continue on with their religious ideology and kill the infidel. I don’t know if I have seen you current events…if it’s on this blog, then I have.
              I read where the witches were even getting together to do a ritual against Trump, and still people think he’s a bad guy and a horrible president. I happen to think he is doing as much as he possibly can while he is darting the arrows and constant trash talk they do. In his Iowa rally, he pointed his finger at CNN and said they were fake news, and they turned off their cameras. I guess the spent the rest of their time siting there waiting for something he said to use in their two minutes of coverage of the rally. I understood what he meant by not putting a poor person in charge of the economy but it sounded bad, he just doesn’t have very good decorum in explaining his choices…I wouldn’t put a poor person in charge of economics and would only want someone who knows how to get the economy going. I guess people need to not take offense so much and try to undestand what he is saying. Since he isn’t reading a teleprompter like Obama did, there is always going to be that moment where he inserts his mouth…LOL. He has already taken away the regulations on farmers and now they can sue Monsanto. Also working on getting rid of the death tax and stopping welfare money to illegals is a start. He also is stopping the federal land grabs and hopefully some justice will come for the Bundy’s and Lavoy Finicum who was assassinated. I know he is screwing up the Elite’s Agenda 21 plans and their fake climate change tax people to death plan.


                • Yes, he talked about it and the other things he did in the Iowa Rally last week. He stopped the federal land grabs and I hope he will get around to some justice for the Hammonds and Bundys and LaVoy Finnican. He also talked about providing our own energy so we are not reliant on other countries for our energy…and is also going to renegotiate NAFTA because he said that was a bad deal. Mexico is freaking about it and asked him not to stop Nafta but he said if he can’t get a good deal out of that, he will just delete it. some positive changes which probably won’t show up for a bit but those who are affected might already notice. He talked about more of his legislation but don’t remember all of it, and hope he continues to work on things that have put us into the situation we are in to improve it.


    • Yes, McCain was just diagnosed with Brain Cancer and I wrote that he wouldn’t be missed and that it is FINALLY time for him to retire, and you should see the comments I got, like I am suppose to feel sorry for McCain because he is gonna die, when many wished he would have a long time ago. The more I read about his past, the more I understand why people hate him. He might have been executed for being a traitor if not for Nixon giving him a pardon, and then he goes into politics…just boggles my mind how people can call him a hero…it’s like they guy Obama traded 5 terrorists for and he was a deserter, and calling him a hero…he is not a hero. It’s obvious we are in the times of ‘when bad is good and good is bad’. The world has gone mad…except a few of us!


      • Yeah, so David Rockefeller is gone, and also Zbigniew Brzezinski has died.

        I just happened to think… I’ve heard it said that brain issues are common with the cabal. Some think Obama (or at least one of the Obamas, if there are clones as some folks say) has brain surgery scars on this head.

        Go figure. Can’t blame their brains for wanting to shut down considering what kinds of thoughts are rattling around in their heads.

        And yet… wouldn’t surprise me if McCain isn’t even sick, but actually just looking for a convenient way out of his job. I have honestly wondered if some of these cabal stooges can feel the heat and are literally running for the hills.

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