Who Will NOT Ascend?

Years ago, I’d come across a TV evangelist who had made a revelation.  There are passages in Matthew 24 which describe “who would not get to the Kingdom of Heaven”.  This evangelist thought to look at this list the way you would read an ingredient list on food packages – what there is the most of is listed first, then on down the line.  On this list are the usual suspects like murderers and thieves, etc. but at the top of the list – the fearful.

A few weeks back I came across someone’s comment on a blog.  They were basically saying that if it wasn’t for the “Religion of Peace” then perhaps all others would be able to embrace 5D, etc.

I had this to tell them:

What those of the “Religion of Peace” (how Orwellian is that?!) have to get from all this is one thing. What they are helping others with is another thing. Everyone else, individuals or collectives at some level or other, including the nation level, are learning how to set boundaries and stand in their own power.

Europeans are struggling with concerns about “being racist” vs being raped, both literally and figuratively. Some rape victims won’t even report the crime because they don’t want to “play into racism.” If that isn’t the epitome of some severe lack of self-respect and self-love, I don’t know what is. And what? Like NOT reporting the crime is somehow helping the criminal / thug? Really?

As drag queen Ru Paul says, “If ya can’t love yourself, how the hell ya gonna love somebody else?”

Sad the level things need to get to before people start being MORE Self-Centered, as in Centered on Self. It all starts with self. Read the book “Awake & Aware – Top Priority: Self” for how to get one’s priorities straight.

So, this person makes it sound like if we can just somehow get rid of all the “villains” out there then everyone else will be magically ready to ascend.  Nope, don’t think so.  Sorry to have to break this to ya, but the “victims” won’t be ascending either.

There is much talk these days of doing one’s “shadow work”.  Rightly so.  Yep, you’ll have to connect with the Divine as part of your healing and ascension process, but you’ll also have to address your shadow.

In many cases, one’s shadow, one’s own darkness has mostly to do with ignorance, ya know, that whole “in the dark” thing.  The ignorance causes disempowerment.  Just being “nice” and not being an ax murderer is not enough.  If you attract ax murderers you won’t be ascending before they will.  Not really a joke – we draw to us what we fear.

So, there will be many “shadow parts” that you will eventually just release because they belong to a disempowering experience and you’ve had enough of that.

There are also “shadow parts” that really aren’t “bad” or even “dark” but people have allowed society to convince them that these characteristics are not desirable.  Folks could stand to realize this and embrace these characteristics, to reclaim them and utilize them, not to mention gift the world with them.

No folks, what you’ve possibly “done unto others” really isn’t what will keep you from ascending – everyone is redeemable.  We just might get some reformed ax murderers ascending too.  Yep, good chance of that.  They turn around and do the inner work, yep, they’re in.

But what you do to yourself with your disempowering thoughts and beliefs and how you ab-use yourself and allow others to ab-use you, those kinds of things can and will keep you from “the Kingdom of Heaven”.   There’s that Power and Responsibility thing again.  You want your Power?  You’ll have to take Responsibility for your own creations.

In K.I.S.S. ing Ascension, I describe how, in broad terms, ascension is about Divine connection AND healing, which in LARGE PART has to do with addressing one’s shadow, one’s own darkness.

It reminds me of a twist on the first step of all those 12-step programs, so instead of “admitting you have a problem” it’s more a case of starting from a point of acceptance.  Not acceptance like in “condoning” something, but more of acceptance as in “this IS how things are in this moment”.  Denial is more than just a river in Egypt and there is no “healing” happening or perhaps not finishing as long as you are not willing to face your shadow, your own darkness.

Just being nice, wearing the crystals and the flowy purple dresses, saying “Namaste”, putting out flowery messages and “playing a part” aren’t enough to get the job done.

That superficial makeover isn’t the deep clean required.

The first step is looking right at your darkness.  Ask the Divine to assist.


5 thoughts on “Who Will NOT Ascend?

  1. It’s sort of funny (not really) that the whole ascension thing seems to mirror the old ways, by fear…You won’t get into heaven if you don’t give your power away to some being or group that interprets all the rules and regulations stopping you at the gates of heaven. Ascension, being similar, is you won’t ascend if you don’t raise your vibration and align yourself with some guru or ascended master whose names seem familiar with the old ways, like the whole ‘us vs them’ and fear of being left behind, even making movies and tv shows about being left behind. The yahoos knew how to control us, by giving us a devil or evil to fight, like ants in an ant farm, how they must have chuckled at us while we scurry to and fro, going in circles.
    Then along comes a message from this lady whom informs her followers that…no one is ascending till everyone is ready, as in ‘no one left behind’ and the ‘running out of time’ scenario is no more. We can all relax and just know that we won’t be left behind. (see her article and initiation/activation to change your body and then you get to hang out in their world, because they are somewhere else and want us to come along, how we have collectively decided we are gonna stick around till everyone is ready: http://www.alunajoy.com/2015-july16.html
    Those star elders this lady Aluna has had with her, according to her, since she was a baby are the same group responsible for many teachings, including the Mayan calendar and then one day, they disappeared, and left nothing but their white robes. They claim they were worshiped but that is not what they wanted.
    So all these different religions, or groups seem to have one thing in common…fear. Which you mentioned above that they were the ones at the top of the list…and probably the reason for the other things on the list as everything comes from either fear or love.
    Either we have these religions or spiritual New agey gurus who all plant that seed of fear that we have been programmed from the beginning of time, to worry about where we go once we get out of our meat suits. I can imagine all those black cubes with different groups, different cubes, same place and I would not want to be in those cubes, created by the yahoos, who harness the sparks of the divine, trapping them on the never ending rollercoaster of life and death, posing as saviors and ascended masters, spinning the narratives, and causing division and fear in every one who allowed the fear to seed and grow.
    I am a ‘big picture’ person, and even as a child, was never understanding the ones who just go along, the sheeple who believe in a God who decided to inspire writings over 2,000 years ago, and then he had nothing else to say. I was barely 5 when I asked questions about the contradictions in the Bible, and got no answers from the sheeple…I just got put in a room alone to memorize scripture that didn’t make any sense to me. It took me 50 years to figure it all out, and still there is more to the picture. AS if we all have to choose a side, or perish, and the many times we have fallen for the ‘fear tactics’ of those pretending to be ascended masters or ones lucky enough to be visited by these beings..as if that is lucky, so the only thing that we can do is yes, accept our shadow, merge and choose love instead of fear. That fear energy is nothing more than food for those yahoos, and they get lots of feasts from the sheeple and those who believe in evil as coming from some devil. The story we are told, the programming we get, is all to serve them a feast.
    If anyone takes the nuggets of the Bible, like Isaiah 45:7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things. So nothing here is anything to fear if we know it is not coming from some being that has control over humanity.
    The only thing we have to fear is fear itself…we aren’t getting out of this alive! 😉


    • “I am a ‘big picture’ person, and even as a child, was never understanding the ones who just go along… “

      Just that little bit right there makes me think…
      I don’t know a whole lot about the Enneagram of Personality but it was brought to my attention years ago and I think for this reason – a couple of the personality types, the “down” side of them to me seem to describe some characteristics that are not just reserved for those who are those personality types but that seem to be rather pervasive through the disempowered masses.

      One of them is Sloth. And not in what this has come to mean as in like physically lazy but it’s more about a person not setting their own agenda in life. Instead they “go along”. A favorite saying of this personality type is “I’m just going with the flow” thinking that sounds so… idk… cooperative or something. Depends on what one is flowing along with.

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      • You mean the easy going type? The kind who don’t ruffle feathers, or speak their truth, but go along with the herd because it’s easier? That might be considered Sloth, but also fear of judgement. They are the ones that watch the ‘brain washed sheeple’ follow orders, they don’t speak up, sorta like when the Nazi’s were prosecuting Jews. No judgement but I probably would not be able to keep my mouth shut. If all those ‘followers’ and ‘order followers’ all took their power back and stood up to the tyrants, things would have turned out so differently. Everyone has fears, justified or not, if we all face it…shine the light on it, we dissolve them and see it for the illusion it is. Are you familiar with Mark Passio and his Natural Law videos. It is quite a process the cabal have been doing to humanity for eons. It is quite interesting the depth they have gone to enslave us and keep us in fear. The order followers are the ones I would like to wake up…the leaders can’t do all of what they are doing if those who followed orders just said NO!
        Hope your weekend is going well! 😉


        • And ya know, what you describe here is, unfortunately, what we saw atv. Same stuff. Lots o’ boot lickers blindly following the orders of some power hungry idiot. They’ve hopefully cleaned that up a bit since, but yep… as above, so below.

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