Let go, let God

I knew someone who went to Buddhist temple.  They told me that a young zen monk had come to speak with them.  People would ask this monk questions and one thing my friend made a point to tell me about was that after someone asked the monk a question, it was interesting to watch him “access” the Divine, to see the subtle signs as he was “checking in” upstairs and the person who was telling me this was very intuitive themselves.  It was a fairly serious and straight forward discussion.  Then the topic of surrendering to the Divine came up.  The monk said, “Start small – consider giving the Universe 60 / 40.”


To the Divine.  Your own Divine Self.

Allow yourself to Live ON PURPOSE, to live your soul mission.

Get out of your own way.  To hell with your mundane level plans.  If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.

Bypass all the middlemen, go straight to Source / God / All That Is / Prime Creator.  This ascension is a big project, don’t allow the middlemen, humans or ETs, to get between you and God.

Don’t let a book, including “the good book”, get between you and God either.  But then again, in the 4th century, when the Romans and the Catholics put the Bible together, you can bet they wanted it to get between you and God, that was EXACTLY their intention / motivation… and you’re helping them do just that.  They got ya.  Why would you go through a bunch of ancient authors that have been interpreted and translated and cherry-picked by many, MANY others, over and over (*yawn*), when you can utilize your direct Divine connection and go directly to God… in real time?!

Granted, God and your Higher Self may still send you to scripture, but you might be expected to take on an unconventional perspective about it.  But the Divine might also, just as profoundly, send you a message on the ad on the side of a bus.  Are you paying attention?  (See post Divine Guidance – It’s Not Just For Everyone, It’s Also FOR YOU! )


Again, I offer this from “The Angels Within Us” by John Randolph Price:

The next coded instruction is to stand still.  In the ancient schools “stand still” meant to enter into a state of serenity and trust through complete surrender to the Presence within and to have faith in the activity of the Spirit.  For a greater understanding of what this means, imagine yourself as a musical instrument, a clarinet for example.  See the instrument as you would on a Saturday-morning children’s cartoon – alive and animated.  It has free will, which means that it thinks it can play itself, so it functions in the world by striking its own keys, blowing its own squealing notes.  And all the time the Master Musician is waiting to play the most harmonious melody the world has ever heard.

As time passes, the little clarinet discovers metaphysics and begins to tell the Master Musician within what notes to play for it: “Oh Mighty Spirit, play the note for a new car for me, for money in the bank and a new job.”  At first this new way of playing brings results, but they are not lasting.  Then the little clarinet seeks to make his demonstrations more “spiritual” and begins to listen for instructions from the Master within as to what notes to play: “Lord, give me the note for health and happiness and I will surely play it in your name.”  And again some fruit falls from the tree, but the taste is not satisfying.  Finally the clarinet’s consciousness evolves to the point where it declares, “I surrender to the great I AM THAT I AM.  Master, play your notes through me!”

5 thoughts on “Let go, let God

  1. I once had a Mormon friend who told me ‘How dare you question God!’ Like I could not hear, nor speak to God without the middleman or something…but I told him that yes, I can talk to God directly, and he answers. I never understood the Mormon faith, asked him what it was all about but he couldn’t tell me, or wouldn’t I should say…like a big secret only for them to know but he was such a messed up person, inner conflict and all, but never considered his Mormon faith holding him back or on the wrong track. I did alot of research about the Mormon faith, and it all came from a guy who had an Egyptian papyrus which was translated as a death prayer, but he got a whole lot more from it…and the little book The price of the pearl’ or something like that. Another religion that places some barrier between God and humanity, like Catholicism does and how they never allowed people to read the Bible, nor allowed to speak to God directly. And how I must be a heretic for talking to him myself instead of going thru their so called ‘Holy priests’ who are the only ones with the direct communication to God.


  2. Here is Sandra’s latest:

    “The photonic light delivery system for Divine Will is powerful. All activities which support Self-will over Divine Will are getting hit hard. Take note if this is presenting in your lifestream and do the good work to align with Unconditional Love. As always, when we clear and align ourselves with Mastery, we accelerate the collective journey.”

    And another message of surrender to the Divine:


  3. Left the comment below at this link:

    Gosh oh gee, just imagine if all of humanity actually just utilized their DIRECT DIVINE CONNECTION and actually got and followed God’s and their Higher Self’s guidance… at all times!!! Who needs the frickin’ internet when you can use the INNERnet. The Divine has the highest perspective. It can brilliantly orchestrate humanity’s actions… and all gets taken care of. Alex Jones himself has had some experience with this. One example – a few months back Alex got the URGE (boys ‘n girls, can you say DIVINE GUIDANCE? I knew ya could) to go bullhorn the White House for the first time ever. About what? About the Big Tech Giants censoring everyone on social networking platforms. Unbeknownst to Alex – well, at a CONSCIOUS level – who was there that day but the head of Twitter to talk to Trump. Imagine if everyone followed those INTUITIVE urges like that all day, every day. Everything would get taken care of. “You can’t stop the power of the people, ‘cuz the power of the people won’t stop!” Humanity has the cabal outnumbered. And if humanity would just actually acknowledge their own Creative Powers, their Collective INNERnet Connection and their Direct Connection to God, humanity would also have the cabal SEVERELY OUTGUNNED. Ready for that yet? Ready to let go of your “Mini Me” willful self and actually SURRENDER to your Divine Self, to God’s Will?

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