“The Work” of Ascension

I won’t mention names, but I just came across a video where someone talked about ascension.  They mention two names of people who talk ascension.  One of these people I know to be out and out fraudulent and the other well, I’ve had absolutely no draw to them myself (need I say more?), nevermind you’re hard pressed to look at anything ascension-related without running across them.

But in mentioning them, this video maker kinda poo-pooed ascension.  No wonder considering who they’ve been listening to on this matter.  They said it sounded like the rapture or something.  To me the rapture always sounded like something done to or for you, but that’s not how it works.  Ascension is something you do for yourself… that no one else, God / All That Is / Prime Creator included, CAN do for you.  Others have blazed and paved the trail for you, but we can’t make ya walk it.

This video maker also said these two who talk of ascension keep talking about doing “the work” with no explanation of what “the work” is.

They said these two ascension talkers act like you have to be “special” in some way to ascend.  Oh, you do have to do your inner work, but past that, this whole ascension gig is not an elitist thing.  It’s for anyone who chooses it and does “the work”.  No one can do “the work” for you and no one can keep you from it… only you.

If anyone asks you what “the work” of ascension is, please refer them to this blog and tell ’em to start reading from the beginning.  There are currently only just over 100 posts, which are basic healing, empowerment and ascension fundamentals… not my own personal daily diary entries.  I don’t have all the answers for you.  What I give you is the overall gist of this healing and ascension process so you have some idea of where to start and what it’s about.  The details FOR YOU are for you and the Divine to work out.

But yeah, I’m happy to let my blog serve to answer the question of  – What is “the work” of ascension?  No one ought to be left wondering what that is.

Take it from me and The Love Guru – The only way out is in!  (I’ve said that for years and lmao to hear the Guru say it.  So wise he is!  😉 )

Darren, the only way out is in.

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  1. Yes, I read your ‘inner work’ series on here. Very clear and simple, but the work is hard.
    Have you read any of David Wilcock’s work? He wrote a ‘Science of Ascension’, which was a very detailed and interesting read, and of course ‘the work’ involved which most won’t do, because they want a Savior to get them there. I did ask him, so…how can this Science work and so everyone can go, and back then, I didn’t understnad the inner work yet, but was not wanting any ‘left behind’.


    • Yes, the work can be hard and I always advise folks don’t resist the process and stay present.

      And yep, I say it straight, simple and with a smile…. giving the general overview so folks can quit saying “… but no one says what ‘the work’ is”. The details are between the individual and the Divine, which always has the best guidance… but folks don’t even know how to “hear” so have to get ’em started somehow.

      And ya know, even from the first posts… well, I wrote all this AFTER I completed my own ascension process, assisted Gaia’s process and then did energetic service work for others for as long as the Divine would let me. So most of the impetus for writing about what I have is from observing LWs and seeing the dogma they are clinging to that is not serving them.

      And yet, I have to admit that it’s actually written FOR those who don’t know what light work is. I strongly sense they’ll be more open to this info than most know-it-all LWs… who were the inspiration for the writings. lol

      So… have you gone back to read Wilcock’s info after you’d done “the work”? Did it sound worth a darn then? (He’s the one I said I have no draw to. lol)

      As you and I talk about… we know a lot about history and esoteria, etc. but there is so very little of all I learned there that I could say is much of a “must”. Might be interesting, might even make for some missing piece for someone but just how absolutely “necessary” is it?

      So yeah, I just want to essentially introduce folks to the Divine, let them know they have some healing work to do and let them run with it.

      And… it’s about addressing and healing all facets of oneself – body, mind, emotions, spirit.

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      • Nah, never went back to read it, as in reading it the first time, I could even absorb much of it. He also has been much more into writing other things like synchronicity and an huge amount on the history of the cabal, which I already knew. For me, the Science of Ascension was real ‘left brain’ and metaphysical science, if that is what you can call it…LOL. I was fascinated by science right up until we had to disect frogs and then the pigs…I could not do it…so much for science! As it turned out, I didn’t have to because one of the boys in class, skinned his frog, and put it on the edge of the counter like it was going to jump off and the whole class lost it, so chaos served me, we ran out of time and I was never so happy…just like when they tripped and dropped the asparagus casserole in Home Ec class….we all were very happy when that happened…LOL.

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        • I took a lot of math and science when I was in high school. I was good at both and later became an electronics tech, but past that I can’t imagine myself crunching formulas for a living. But yeah, I took extra classes beyond what was required. I swear the math was only because I had a good teacher who actually made it fun and the science, who knows. We were in a small town. Our entire high school was about 25 – 30 kids. There were 4 of us that wanted to take extra science one year so the science teacher had an open science class. I took physics, someone took chemistry and two took microbiology. Our science teacher was a biology guy so those two got the most attention. Meanwhile I was teaching myself and taking book tests. That gave me a B grade. Later the teacher said he felt bad because I taught myself and he did nothing then he turns around and gives me a B. lol I didn’t care about such things (ended up as valedictorian with a 3.75, *shaking head*)

          But ya know, it’s these kinds of experiences that actually give us some heads up for what we’re in for in this world. I won’t say “prepare” us. So, this helped me later on in life when I would go to the doctor and pay them top dollar to educate them about what the supplements I might be taking were good for.

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          • Wow, and I thought our school was small…LOL. Never had a teacher make learning fun, most of them were boring and I didn’t have a problem with grades, I would ask the teacher how many points I needed to pass a test and then I would purposely only get B’s or C’s. I knew if I got A;s that it would be expected of me all the time. So I pretended to be mediocre. You deserved an A for your effort and teaching yourself…and yes, some of the things we learned helped us later in life but mostly I never used much of it. I took a bookkeeping class, and had nightmares about numbers…I hated math, I understood it, but didn’t enjoy it. Had a math teacher that just loved it, but it was mostly annoying. Our Science teacher was a bit entertaining….he would look out the window and say ‘I wonder’…so we would look out the window and he would say ‘WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?” LOL, He talked funny because he had burned out his nasal passages in a lemon facotry or so that was the story, he had a very nasally voice. In English, we would always make bets as to if today would be the time the teacher hit her head on the tv in the corner..LOL. I wanted to take wood shop but they wouldn’t let me because I was a girl….back then, only boys took wood shop and girls took home ec. I think we should have taken both…school should teach us practical skills for fixing things and cooking or sewing, or making our own furniture. Now they don’t learn anything, pretty much indoctrination and they expect the kids to sit in their chairs 8 hours a day, and if they don’t, they are labled ADHD or ADD. I also wished they would have had a class that taught us how to grow things, or just self sustaining or fixing the car, etc…just everyday life things that DIY opportunities. Now they also have ‘common core’ and the most ridiculous BS going on with the bathroom situation and a president who thought it was imperative he make us let Transexuals in our bathrooms of their choice. I say they have probably already been using the bathroom of their choice, and we were none the wiser, so the bathroom issue was just another one of their agendas….like ‘don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain’…LOOK I WANT MEN WHO RELATE TO BEING WOMEN IN YOUR BATHROOM…nevermind I am helping the rebels or sneaking guns across the border or bringing in sanctuary cities and sharia law, shutting down business and sending it to China. LOL, now I have gone down the rabbit hole again~ 😉


            • “Our Science teacher was a bit entertaining….he would look out the window and say ‘I wonder’…so we would look out the window and he would say ‘WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?” ”

              Ah, ha, ha.

              In 8th grade we were required to take a shop / Vo Ag (vocational agriculture) class, making bird houses and lawn decorations AND learning how to identify (from flash cards) different breeds of beef and dairy cows.

              And yeah, we had only one year of home-ec.

              These things you wish you’d have seen, I see some young folks online saying such, about taking all these dumb classes and yet what are they being taught about (what they call) “adulting”.

              Yes, hypocricy runneth rampant. Everyone in an uproar about the MOAB. I just saw someone report that O essentially used 3 MOABs PER DAY!

              Then the LWs, not to be outdone… I see someone who is a bit of a “celebrity LW” type put out a post showing the MOAB and “just the shape of it…” blah, blah, masculine energy, woof woof. Then, as encouraged, here come the man haters, ya know, in the name of the Divine Feminine. Hmm, now gee, doesn’t that sound familiar? Well, I guess not-as-evolved-as-they-think “feminist” LWs, just like so many men down through time like to put their shit on the Divine. So advanced they are! *shaking head*

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              • Wow, very interesting you had Vo-Ag…never heard of that but I guess we were not as small as I thought. Oh, the man haters are now trying to say that women have more rights over in Serbia and the middle east than here…she is famous, and certainly didn’t ever go over there if she could say something like that. Its funny, all those that said they would leave the country if Trump got in, well….they are still here! AS if we cared if they left. Always alot of masculine energy going around, but dare you be straight or a normal ‘gender’. I don’t know why we are still having this issue with women’s rights..we had the power all along Dorothy! 😉


                • The left is so blatantly brainwashed these days, in no small way and hence are useful idiots. The liberal feminists want to align themselves with Islam, which is the greatest ab-user and oppressor of women the world has and these “feminists” can’t seem to catch a clue as they “protest” in America. How many women participated in the women’s marches who have no idea it was organized by a Muslim.

                  A while back, another celebrity LW, another woman, who actually put out my favorite quote of all time about not playing small, gave a quick talk at some women’s conference thing. First, it sounded like Hitlery, as if this gal was campaigning, she stood at the podium and was yelling and waving… and basically telling us how done unto everyone has been by religion. Yep, religion has its problems, most definitely “false religions” do. But I relayed this story of this LW to my roommate, “Do you feel done unto by religion?” Nope. I said I didn’t either but then again, we don’t run those victim programs. And it’s funny because I just see religion as some observable something “out there” in the world but no, I don’t feel done unto or controlled by them.

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                  • It’s the ‘victimhood program…All vying for the power to rule over others…but the masculine’s time is up and the pendulum always swings the other way then people start over polarizing on one aspect. If we could just stand still and balance, use our brain and heart or the heart mind. The Rothschild’s started the women’s lib movement, not that women didn’t need to stand in their power but from most men who honor the feminine say we were the ones in charge all along…sort of reminiscent of The Wizard of Oz when she tells her she had the power all along, instead of looking outside herself for help to get home. The Wizard of Oz and The Matrix are two very insightful movies, are the truth in our faces.

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                • And the MOAB thing and its shape. Yeah? Well look at the hole it made… blah, blah, feminine energy, woof woof. lol I wonder (looking out the window, lol) what that gal’s husband thinks. Idk, perhaps he was the one who served as a model for all those “dumb husband” commercials. lol

                  And… The other day, someone’s post said this:
                  “The idea of winners and losers is so 20th-century-masculine-ego. Time to put the ego aside, and the healing of our consciousness instead — as the priority.”

                  To which I replied:
                  “The idea that “winners” imply there must be “losers” is so 20th-century dysfunctional programming. EVERYONE can win. Doesn’t mean that all choose to.”

                  There’s that disempowering idea that there’s only so much of something so if you have it that means someone else doesn’t have it… *shaking head* If you “win” someone else must “lose”. Now THAT is old paradigm.

                  And the ascension realm of all areas to be talking about “winners” must imply “losers”… if ever there was a case where one person’s winning helps the next person win, it’d be ascension!

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                  • Yeah…LOL, dumb husbands like Bill Clinton??? We all know he wasn’t running the show. It’s like they are all under some trance. Thank God Killary didn’t win, it just boggled my mind how people followed her just because she had a vagina, and didn’t look at the things she did over her career. I just feel the whole feminist thing rising it’s ugly head right now, is diversion from something else going on. It’s the same thing with the racist thing…if you didn’t like Obambiecare, you are a racist…that whole thing didn’t make any sense…I don’t care what color his skin is, if you allow insurance companies and the government to take over the healthcare system, and of course not allow anyone to read it, threaten marshal law if they don’t pass it, you might be a ‘Dictator’. It’s all so corrupt and the masses just put all their eggs into the government basket and their heads in the sand. ‘The government would never do that to us…come on, all one has to do is look up in the sky and see the chemtrails everyday…tell me again how they wouldn’t do that to us. They are poisoning us with GMO’s, chemtrails, nuclear plants and much more. I always wonder what genius’s decided it was a good idea to put nuclear rods into a energy making plant that must always be cooled and knowing in 20 years they would be leaking…why they rob inventers who try to patent and make new energy sources…just like they did to Tesla, who wanted to give free energy to the world but now they use his inventions for weapons, where they have threatened Japan if they don’t sign up to the Banksters Cabal and fiat currency, they will cause earthquakes and hurricanes. I think the New Orleans Katrina was one such manufactured hurricane because they wanted to get all those people off of the beachside properties and so corporations could take all that land over. Oh dear…LOL, I have done it again…down the rabbit hole I go, where it stops, nobody knows!

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                    • lol You’re certainly getting it covered. You learned all the stuff I did! I feel like I wrote this stuff.

                      So, tell me… I know I most certainly have felt like I’m doing a “data dump” here lately. How ’bout you? I hope it’s a good sign for us forerunners. Perhaps this is our debriefing. lol

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                    • Katrina and related… I’d mentioned youtuber dutchsince to you before. He was the one that said HAARP was holding rain off Calif. during drought. Don’t know if you’ve heard this stuff. I’ve heard others say some of this but he’s a source for folks to look at. So, what I’m getting at… the gulf oil spill was not an accident. They made it happen so they would have an excuse to dump nasty chemicals in the gulf. The nasty crap they used was so not necessary (or helpful even, maybe?) to help the oil spill. Some have said that literally soap could be used to disperse it. The nasty chemicals were used to sterilize the gulf. Then they used the zika virus, which was totally manufactured and had a few different components to it, as an excuse to spray shit on the land around the gulf in the name of killing mosquitos. Immediately the bees died. They are the canaries in the coal mine. They want everyone out of that area and don’t care if they have to kill them all or make ’em all sick and leave the area. And then what? The cabal’s plan is to then fill the Gulf of Mexico with algae… to generate electricity / power. That sounds like one HUGE power plant. Hmm. To power what exactly? dutchsince also predicts earthquakes which the “experts” say can’t be done and he often tracks the quakes to fracking operations. So, that along with the other geo-engineering like chemtrails and weather manipulation etc. is them essentially terraforming the planet. Slow but sure… and with Joe Average’s unwitting help.

                      And… dutchsince also spoke of the big flood in Louisiana during the prez. campaign was manufactured and what’s called a “water bomb”. They use the power plants in the gulf area, both in U.S. and Mexico, to generate steam. And I kinda intuit that they basically make more steam than they actually need to run the power plant. Well, all that water vapor goes into the air, then add a bit of weather manipulation with HAARP or whatever and you have instant cloud burst / flash flood. So there again, one more effort at getting people to move out of the gulf area… or kill off a few more.

                      If people only knew.

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                    • Yes, I have watched Dutchsense’s videos and a few others who can see what they are up to. One guy, who is from Germany, had a very long video about the fault lines that go right up the middle of the country, and the microbe they set free to ‘eat the oil’ he basically stated they are trying to bust up the country in half, where the ocean would go all the way up to the Great lakes and would this not be a big $ deal for them if they could predict and then use that waterway for their commerce. I do think that oil spill was on purpose because they made alot of money using their chemicals and their company to clean it up so it was a win win for them. Don’t think they got into any trouble for the oil spill. They are terra forming, and Agenda 2030 where they will coral folks into smart cities, and block so called nature preserves, and the zika virus being that Rothchilds had patened it back in the 40’s or 50’s I think, so it is not some new thing. They probably didn’t think everyone would find out about it, and those kids mishaped heads were actually from the pesticides they were spraying down there…and or the vaccines they were giving pregnant women there because they had made a law to give it to them..I think it was the DTaP which is more of their poisons. To me, vaccines are such an archaic science, I am always one who wants to find out the cause and the cure…not to stuff the poisons and viruses into babies…and can’t believe they would even mandate this stuff…California will be full of sick kids and adults because next they will come for the adults, and then you won’t be able to go to California without showing your shots records…Nazi style dictatorship out there. I would rather take a bullet than get one of those shots. ‘Papers please?’ before you can go to the beach. LOL, here I go again..it is so hard to stay out of the rabbit hole!!! LOL

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                    • Is it dutch “sence” or “since”? God forbid I look it up. lol I’m tye-red (tired).

                      Alex Jones talked a lot this year about vaccines, especially the polio one that Bill Gates is pushing so hard… because gee, in August, the kids go back to school, line up and get their shots and within a few weeks a whole slew of ’em are getting sick, so this year… they’re getting crippled, by the 10s of 1000s from the new polio vaccine.

                      And to all else you’ve said, I just look like a little GAF bobble-head doll.

                      You just do your rabbit hole data dump here as much as you’d like. Some day someone will get an eyeful when they bother to look at comments.


                    • LOL, now I gotta look it up…it is gonna bug me! I wwas wrong…it’s Dutchsinse, and he has a website too. Either way, I knew who it was. Don’t know if he has mentioned anything about the fault line up the middle of the coast. My sister lived in Iowa right on the river by the railroad tracks…and she was not like sitting on the banks of the river but she was getting sink holes in her yard…her yard was high up, like you would have to climb down to the river…and this was during the time I was watching those videos, I think it was called countdown2012, he was very upset over the fracking and then started to talk about how they have been strategically trying to cause the split right up the middle between the oil spills, fracking and I can just see it now…a bunch of cronies sitting in an office around a table with $ signs in their eyes and trying to figure out how they are going to do this without us being wise to them. Can you imagine the scenario of the US splitting in half, opening a sea port all the way thru, like they could try to claim it’s no longer the US and make two countries…and they need bridges, they need ports and of course fresh water. If only they would stop sending China water from our aquafirs, to replenish their aquafirs because they couldn’t pay them back the gold China gave the federal reserve back in the sixties or won’t let them cash in the US bonds….yeah, another rabbit hole..and I usually read comments on blogs. There are always nuggets of knowledge there too! 😉

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                    • Well, and so much of what we’re talking about with all the components of the terraforming… are these cabal yahoos setting out to fulfill prophecy, Biblical and other? Ya think?! As I’ve said, they MAKE things happen. Hmm. There’s some of that good ol’ assertive, proactive masculine energy for the LWs to utilize to actually INTENTIONALLY, PROACTIVELY CREATE! Who’da thunk it?!

                      Who was the guy… Gordon Michael Scallion, I think, who spoke / prophesied of the country splitting up the middle and there being a big water way.

                      And yep, how far out their plans go… all the dams and roads and other infrastructure breaking down. Pre-planned perhaps? And another situation that is perhaps even more precarious than the dams themselves is how they have totally made the entire Mississippi River into one big canal. It’s literally cemented in along most if not all of its length, with cities right up next to it all, just waiting to get washed away. And the river is not allowed to move over time as rivers naturally do or to allow flood waters to spread out into open marshy areas that can absorb it. The levies in Louisiana, same thing. A convenient fault line, lots o’ fracking and hey, just to add a belt to the suspenders, throw in a big oil pipe line that could perhaps be blown up or better yet engulfed in miles and miles of flames. I’m sure they’ve thought of everything.


                    • Oh yes, they do work hard to fulfill Bible prophecy…It’s their play book! How they would love to usher in their NWO with one leader, the antichrist and all…Don’t it seem kinda strange they would work so hard to fulfill Bible prophecy? It’s the program and roadmap that they have set up so they can persecute and destroy, then point to the Bible and say….it was the devil, and see, it happened just like it says.
                      Remember the Flip Wilson comedian? We had that doll, on one side it was Flip, the other side Geraldine, and I use to pull the string on it all the time…my favorite saying was ‘The devil made me buy this dress!” Now we know who to blame…LOL!

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                    • Yes…data dump for sure…It’s like once the tapestry is woven, then disected thread by thread, it must go somewhere..yes, a debriefing for sure!
                      Also, last night I was laying there thinking about the title for a book for you and the ‘You God this’ or ‘You God it’ sounds like a title for a book, with your shoot to the hip writing style…and desire to wake the slumbering LW’s, to me, it is a best seller! Maybe you already thought of that or someone else might have mentioned it, but I do think it would be a great book!!!

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                    • Ah, ha, ha. Again, get outta my head… well, kinda. Idk if you bothered to look up the TV series The Leftovers? LOL They just started season 3 and the first episode is called “The Book of Kevin”, Kevin is the main character. You’d have to know the story, but it’s rather hilarious, all these characters in their “post-departure” (the departure was kind of a rapture type event that no one understands) collective Unsanity. Enter… The Book of GAF. LOL

                      And on the debriefing… me senses that we can pour it on out there because it will no longer fall on deaf ears.

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                    • YES…’You God This, The Book of GAF’. Yes, I have watched that series. Similar to many apocolyptic stories, but wasn’t aware they started a new season…I will have to check it out, see what they are up to..LOL

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                    • Omg, they’re as luny as ever. And we thought WE had collective unsanity. Oh yes, I can’t wait to hear back from both you and my buddy after you watch the new episode. You’ll laugh. Then laugh again at our conversation. So… then comes The Book of ThankYourMuse.

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                • “… but I guess we were not as small as I thought”

                  About a decade ago I met this gal who, for the longest time, would not tell me what town in California she was from. When it finally came out, I had heard of this town but I was like, “And…?” Well, she was embarrassed to tell me because her town was so small. lol I asked how big it was. Thousands. I told her my home town was about 300. She goes, “Thanks for being nice about that.” LOL

                  And my favorite line about small towns – “The good thing about small towns is everybody knows ya and the bad thing about small towns is everybody knows ya.” … or think they do. I’ll bet I’d be quite the surprise to them.

                  Always makes me think of my friend and I saying “Could an East London cockney and a hick from the sticks REALLY be getting this planet ascended?” Yep! Just a bunch of nobodies.

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                  • LOL, don’t know if that is the new normal, where one is embarrassed to be from a small town. Yeah, small towns are good and bad, yes, everyone knows you, and they like to gossip when they can’t figure out what you are up to, the stories get bigger and bigger…I came a small town too, and eventually all that gossip gets back to you…and I told the person telling me all the gossip that ‘if I am having that much fun, I need to wake up!’ Funny thing about gossip in that small town, it people are more inclined to believe the worst about you, heresay and rumors, that is what I hated about small towns. My Mom would always believe the gossip, it was her ‘reliable Christian resources’, where it would be part truth but then alot of embellishing along with it. It’s the ‘pass along game’ on steroids! LOL.

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                    • Yeah, if some gossip about me got back to me I’d be like, “Oh hey, not only that, but this… ” and expand and embellish it myself. lol I guess folks caught on quick they weren’t bothering me.

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        • https://roserambles.org/2019/02/10/david-wilcock-live-what-is-ascension-2-9-posted-february-10-2019/
          Someone just posted this so I thought I’d break down and watch it.
          Well, that was a waste of an hour. If you too would like to go there, tell me what you think.

          No. 1 David, gather your thoughts and get your equipment together BEFORE you make a video… or perhaps write instead. 🙂

          2. Why is this called “What is Ascension?” A few interesting things here but how is this actually helping anyone ascend or even understand what ascension is?

          If someone needed to hear this sort of thing for their own personal sake AND were Divinely guided there, ok, but in general, this is SO not useful towards helping someone understand or knock out their ascension process. *shaking head* … especially for someone who has just heard of ascension and plugs “What is Ascension?” into their search engine… well, did this just manage to confuse them and turn them off this topic all together?

          He talks about the Merkaba and never talks Masculine and Feminine energy. Does he even “get” that?

          Then he talks DNA. It’s my understanding, which comes from talking to God about such, that DNA is a thing of 3D. I’m told that our new 5D crystalline bodies won’t even have DNA. DNA is a Divine antenna of sorts. I understand that our whole crystalline body will be one big, fat Divine antenna.

          Then he talks Shadow. I know what one’s Shadow is and, especially at the start of that discussion, listening to him confused ME. Can’t imagine what it would do for a newbie. About the only thing worth a darn there was he spoke of integrating your shadow… that’s great… if you can figure out what the shadow is from what he’s saying here.

          He talks Projection but then describes Mirroring. Not one in the same. It doesn’t matter for Projection to actually BE Mirroring the next person or they you.

          This whole thing was very scattered (and that from me, a Gemini who often gets the bad rap of being scattered, but I can’t hold a scattered candle to David here *shaking head*)… but he’s got many classes to sell you. If you just take the class then I’m sure you’ll know all… NOT.

          Then, the icing on his cake – at the end he says ascension if about serving others. NOPE! It’s about Self Mastery. At that point you can then go on to serve others and do a good job with it. But rabid altruism won’t “get you to Heaven.” People who don’t master self FIRST are often NOT SERVING others but are instead really being more meddlesome than anything… OR, ya know, they have classes to peddle. Meddle or peddle.

          People like this are just NOT gittin’ ‘er done.

          Gee, I can’t imagine why this dude – in this post of mine that I’m commenting on – has a problem with Wilcock… and ascension.

          Richard C. Hoagland always talked about Wilcock. Hoagland I loved to listen to – been years now though, I’m sure he’s well in my rear view mirror at this point. But even though Hoagland recommended him I just couldn’t get into Wilcock. Nothing’s changed there.


          • Funny you posted this…I was wondering on youtube land when the live announcement came that he was live but sort of disappointed about the topic which he wrote an article about years and years ago about the science of ascension and so this topic for him I thought was like stepping backwards or in my mind ‘some kind of joke’. You may be aware he recently got married, looks like he is happy but something I noticed in a previous video about the tree breaking in his yard and what articles they were writing as she has her own website and was sriting about the rise of the feminine and him about the take down of the cabal and military tribunals. In that video, his wife is directing him to say ‘ascension’ and he gives this look like ‘phhht, like it was redundant for him to say’. I take it from that one video that his wife is now running the show…LOL, it kinda made me laugh. But when I tried to watch this video, there was NO SOUND. I thought maybe it was the live feed and so I waited for it to be done and we know how tech giants like to mess with truth or videos they don’t want people talking about certain topics. But STILL, after it was don’t airing and the video was then posted…NO SOUND. I kept wondering why I was not suppose to hear this video. So what to my wondering eyes does appear, but your review of the video. LOL….so I am guessing that it was nothing new or nothing amazing to be live on youtube about ascension, the oldest most misunderstood topic among LWRs and so called intellectuals. NOW I KNOW why I didn’t need to HEAR that video.
            On another note I was going to comment about was the SOTU address from Trump and how the Dems wore all white…LOL, this guy on redpill said it reminded him of the cult from ‘The Leftovers’ and I had to laugh about it….it did look like them and wondered about that, but it was like a circus to watch that speech. Someone started posting photos of them with KKK hoodies on and they got so butthurt over it…I just wonder why they chose ‘white’. LOL I think David Wilcock is being led by his wife right now and her level of spirituality, if you go to her website you will see…it’s all about the feminine and fluffy lightworker feel to it. Thanks for the post on the video I could not hear! LOL 😉

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            • Interesting about his wife. I won’t mention names, but I was just thinking about someone else who is the epitome of egomania (their stumbling block that they just can’t seem to shake) and it’s a shame because they do actually know / understand quite a lot and yet… well, they got a new mate a few years back and what they did have going for them has been hijacked and probably easily so for this egomaniac, just stroke their ego (and maybe “putting out” probably works too, lol) and the egomaniac will swallow anything AND start preaching it to the world. And it’s all useless distraction.

              I want the hell outta here… then back again, to get folks some REAL Light. Ya know. I sense we’re right on the brink and yet it just can’t happen soon enough.

              Right after I watched Mr. Scattered Says Nothing Useful, lol, I did a Tarot reading – 3 cards, first 2 point to post-ascension sun and love and all things bright and wonderful. The 3rd card brought the message that I am lean and effective in everything I do. If that is / was in a merely comparative way, that’d be easy, a frickin’ cake walk.

              If you’re 1 step ahead, you’re a genius, 2 steps ahead and you’re a crackpot. In this world situation it’s just too danged easy to be the crackpot. It’s all so very simple really and yet that seems to be what really trips people up. They have REALLY bought into the whole “complex / complicated is better” program *shaking head* Too intellectual or fluffy to actually be INTELLIGENT. Goodness sakes!

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      • Indeed!!!

        “The work!” Gotta laugh…or cry over this one.

        I’ve been searching my WHOLE life (and that’s a good thing…life: the journey of discovery or “re-discovery…WHAT EVER), and since the advent of blogging and face book and chat rooms, the venue for discovery has been rather complicated (ironically considering how the sheer amount of increased information would have one believe it would be easier ((cough)).

        All the information is there and many truths expressed, yet the the sources are whacked…or….”source” is the wrong word. The “channel” through which truths may come are Charlatans.

        Internet is FULL of them. And OH how they do NOT like the same nugget of truth to be brought out with a request to “show me.” Can’t? Here…

        (Watch the censures fly…or the silence…or the unfriendling)

        The work is HARD but…isn’t anything that would generate a real meaningful something? If it’s easy…either you’re a genius in which case one would expect that person to really be too busy for all this (doubt Mother Theresa had time for this) OR this is done with some solid recognizable empathy (yeah…I’ve been there and done that…here’s what it is, oh? You, too, eh?! We’ll…let’s move beyond commiserating and encourage continued movement because it won’t stop ’til you’re dead. Such is the human life. I’m human. You’re human. I see how you’re being human is exactly like mine…we are no better, you and me…we or them….same creative potential for good and evil).

        I hate hypocrisy.

        Love the description of this blog…what I’ll find and what I won’t find.

        Look forward to reading more.

        Liked by 2 people

  2. Oh…I didn’t dare embelish or agree with those rumors and gossip, because I knew eventually that would get to my Mom and I would never hear the end of it!!! She would believe every word of it…because it came from her reliable Christian resources and they wouldn’t lie! LOL

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ok, it’s the new Madrid fault line…it goes right up the middle of the US, starting at the gulf of Mexico where they do all their BS. If they can just get that fault line to go…they will be so rich, not like they already aren’t but for them it’s never enough.
    Oh, and get some rest there, sweet dreams and I’ll keep the light on! 😉

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    • Uh huh.

      Not about money. Money is a means of CONTROL. THAT is what it’s all about… and generating fear for them to feed off of… and because they’re senseless psychos… who want to kill off most of the human race… and just keep a few EUNUCHs around (ok, pay backs, I had to go look that one up, lol) as slaves. LOL

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  4. OMG…it’s an omg day, I just finished watching The leftovers – Book of Kevin…the first 5 minutes were almost too excruciating to get thru…then the theme music always makes me so sad…I don’t know why, but it’s almost painful. it will be interesting to see if he burns that book, and now have to go back and watch the end of last season, can’t remember what happened to Lily, the baby they had, and the end of this show, with the doves and the lady who looks like Kevin’s new wife or partner…hmmmm, I know the symbolism of the white dove and all, but we have 13 days to go, till the end of the world…LOL. Like that one preacher who tried to predict the end of May 23rd I think it was, and everyone falling for the hype, canceling their news papers, it just makes me want to get that bumper sticker that says ‘God save me from your people!’. Episode 2…anticipation! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh yeah, that’s intense theme music and the show is very intense and emotional. Ooh, I forgot what happened to Lily too. Ok, clue me in if you get there first. lol

      Nora. Kevin’s wife. lol

      Liked by 1 person

    • And ah… so… while you were off watching that… I got started on this new book, see, ya know, called The Book of ThankYourMuse.

      Will we be having a bonfire soon? lol

      ThankYourMuse H. Christ. I do believe that’s the proper title.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Right on..I will bring the smores! LOL 😉 Didn’t get around to watching the last episode from last season on The Leftovers. Yeah, the music is like a hearrt tugger, they probably know that.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Life deserves theme music. Here’s some for your listening enjoyment while I continue with my writing… of…. The Book of ThankYourMuse:

      🙂 LOL

      “The Book”

      I read your book
      And I find it strange
      That I know that girl and I know her world
      A little too well
      And I didn’t know
      By giving my hand
      That I would be written down, sliced around,
      Passed down
      Among strangers hands

      Three days in Rome
      Where do we go
      I’ll always remember
      Three days in Rome

      Never again
      Would I see your face
      You carry a pen and a paper
      and no time and no words you waste
      You’re a voyeur
      The worst kind of thief
      To take what happened
      To write down everything that went on
      Between you and me

      Three days in Rome
      And I stand alone
      I’ll always remember
      Three days in Rome

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  5. That’s right, Nora…it looked like her, where they made her look older…and she is headed to Austrailia, and jokes about taking the Book of Kevin for reading on the plane. Saw the previews for next week, think it airs on sundays. Use to be the walking dead, but their season is over. The zombie theme is interesting as I think the would love to set off a bioweapon to make everyone zombies, and depopulate. Even in the series, they go to the CDC in Atlanta and they admitted some virus they were working on got out of the lab. Right…how convenient. Last year they were talking about testing anthrax on kids, Obambie okayed for them to test on kids…as long as it didn’t hurt them, but how would they know till the damage is done? Why do they want to start pushing anthrax vaccines after they gave it to soldiers and alot died or got very ill? Because, they ‘accidently’ shipped the anthrax virus to about 10 labs all over the country. Can you say ‘epidemic’ scare? They like to test on kids but most parents don’t offer up their kids for experiments. So what do they do? They test on the foster kids, the state gets money for offering up the foster kids as guinea pigs and none are the wiser because the State takes kids from parents all over for ridiculous reasons and adopt them out or put the parents thru two years of hell before they get their hooks out of them in their Nazi style adoption mill. Hitler did this to Polish kids and other countries he invaded, and ‘Germanized’ them, if they wouldn’t or didn’t ‘germanize’, they were eliminated. Then the were adopted to rich German families, and no one in Europe was safe if they looked ‘arian’ or white race. He was a mad man, he also flouridated the water, and the very scientists that did this poisoning to their people there, were brought over here in operation paperclip, and one in particular became head of the FDA and said a perfect war would be ‘depopulation thru food/nutirition’ and he created codex alementarious. And looks like his plan is well underway here. So, chasing rabbits down the rabbit hole….again!!! 😉


    • I recently watched an episode of Blindspot that was the art imitating the life you were just talking about… drug companies were using foster kids to test drugs.

      Yeah, Ministry of Truth dealt with lies, propaganda and changing history. The present day Orwellian equivalent is FDA being the
      “Ministry of Health”. Please.

      And how many Americans don’t know about paperclip… still to this day?!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah, How many bother to know about all the stuff the government does, and how these alphabet agencies are not working for the people but the corporations and USA Inc. Monsanto had people who worked for them go right over and work for the FDA, conflict of interest? I heard Trump is setting up a committee to look into the safety of vaccines, and maybe he will undo their scandalous way they cannot be sued if you are harmed from vaccines….they knew the vaccines were harmful. They were about to pull out of the vaccine industry until our lovely government made it so we can’t sue them…and then set up a vaccine court which is paid for by the taxpayers and the fund which is paid by the purchase of the vaccines. CDC being in cahoots with those pharma goons, as they buy stocks in new vaccines coming down the pipeline and then put it on the schedule for shooting up the kids, and now they are trying to scare everyone about a small pox epidemic. To think, my parents made me get that darn small pox vaccine, I remember that shot like it was yesterday…the gun with a bunch of little needles looked like some scifi weapon. I was the kid throwing myself around the room, and never willing got those shots, I always knew when they were going to give me one, and I wasn’t making it easy on them. I don’t blame my parents, they were your average parents who believed in the government or health industry, that they would ‘do no harm’ as it was their oath…and of course, there was no internet, or anyone shouting loud enough to tell us that those shots were BS. I always wondered why they never looked for cures, or the cause and so they wouldn’t have to shoot everyone up with those viruses, but since now they can’t be sued, they just put all kinds of poisons in them, and killing babies, or making kids that will never grow up to do anything more than bang their heads on the wall and require care 24/7. It even boggles my mind that a pediatrician would work to mandate them, that evil Senator Pan in California. Next, he will push for the adults and I look for some mob to corner him and teach him a lesson. He is bought and paid for anyway, so to me he is no Dr. His rhetoric is so in your face, I can’t believe anyone falls for that crap. Revolution Calling….Calling all REAL Doctors, and even they are being eliminated, the one who found the nagalase protein that causes the vit D production to be blocked and brain swelling, they have never found out what happened to him, it’s what they call in the industry: ‘suicided’, like they did to Nancy Schaefer, the Senator from Georgia who lost her Senate seat and was ‘suicided’ because she had found a list, the bounty for kids, and some high up names on it…she was on Alex Jones show and he warned her to speak up now before they get to her, but she didn’t listen. Just like Breitbart who set a date to expose Obambie, I knew they would get to him…and three days before his press release of course, they used their ‘heart attack gun’. Which they only recently admit they have but of course, that is a secret! How are they going to chop the head off the beast in this country before they kill off all the good ones?
        If only we could predict it all, and some have tried, but yes, I do believe they follow the Bible like a play book…so they can say…see, the Bible is true. Trying to decipher Revelations is like a jigsaw puzzle and interpretations are a million different ways. I ran across this guy who does predictions, and his writing style is very cool, he must have a thesaurus because of the adjectives he uses, but he looks alot like the famous Nostradamus, and claims to be the reincarnation of him… (http://www.hogueprophecy.com/) But even he got this one wrong when it came to Trump vs. Hillary. He claimed he was not wrong on any prediction of the presidency, ever…TILL NOW…LOL. That pretty much did it for me, there is no predicting things, and even I can predict things if we only learn from our past. But it was pretty funny when he got that one wrong. My grandma use to tell fortunes with a plain deck of cards, and she would do this for people all over the country. The one time I let her do my cards, she told me I was going out with an unmarried couple, and we would get arrested and it would cost us money….I didn’t believe her! Boy was I wrong…I didn’t get arrested but everyone else did and it cost $90 and darn it if I didn’t just watch the whole thing as if there was no way I could convince the cops that no one was fighting, they just were all drunk and fell on the ice, and what looked like fighting was two drunk guys trying to help each other up off the ice..just the most bizarre thing! LOL, so much for that. I had to apologize to my grandma. Anyway…rambling on…chasing rabbits as usual! 😉

        Liked by 1 person

        • Yes, the Hippocratic Oath has become the Hypocritic Oath.

          John Hogue. I knew I knew that name. Yes! I read a couple of his books many years ago, one on Nostradamus and one on a combination of prophesy from anywhere and everywhere, including Edgar Cayce. Hogue is from this area (Seattle) and I saw him give a talk many, many years ago.

          And yeah! Humans are doing it for themselves now, creating in the now, no more enslavement to prophecy. Praise be! Can I get an “amen” up in here?!

          Thank you for your stories. This “fighting” on the ice story is fitting right in with my Fargo viewing…. for the love of Mike! lol

          Liked by 1 person

    • And… speaking of… my roomy just finished this new series that came out on vaccines. I’ve not watched it but my roomy has discussed it with me and I know they get this stuff and God told me to post it. So, I posted the first part in Useful Healthful Tips for whoever wants to see it and here:

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      • Wow, it’s a small world. Yes, I saw that documentary, but one thing that keeps coming up thru others positng about this documentary is that it only speaks about vaccines that have mercury or alluminum in them, and not that I am judging from it, but many online are saying that it should let the public know that all vaccines harm, even if we don’t see it or our kids don’t seem to react to it, they are all poison and no child should be stuck with any needle because our bodies immunity does not need help. The CDC is trying to tell mothers to not breastfeed when they get vaccines, because they know that the breast milk will react to the vaccines and produce milk that will counter the vaccines. Breast milk is a wonder and fascinating in it is all a baby needs in the first year of their life and actually first 4 years is the common length of time that they say is best for breastfeeding.
        Dr. Moulden stated that every vaccine does harm and thru his work, showed how to see it on the faces of kids https://vaccineimpact.com/2014/dr-andrew-moulden-every-vaccine-produces-harm/
        He passed away, and we all know how they are taking out these Dr.s who oppose vaccines and the traditional medical mafia that is the cancer industry and big pharma.
        The Dr. who discovered the nagalase protein in the vaccines, and how he could do a Vit.D therapy and reverse the effects of vaccine injury and autism, ended up in the river: http://www.naturalnews.com/050553_Dr_Bradstreet_GcMAF_cancer_therapy.html
        His office was raided three days before, because he was making progress on the cure for autism and found the nagalase protein that they put in them to block it.
        And then there is the HELA cells…scary friggin’ things, that they decided to put in vaccines because these were immortal cell lines that could not be killed. NOT EVEN WITH ACID!!! I would like to meet the genius who thought this was a good idea…let’s put immortal cancerous, tumorous cells in vaccines and shoot it into the kids. Now think about that one, it is on surgical instruments and even Alex Jones said that the rich people will insist on being operated on with instruments that have not been used on anyone else because they know those cells cannot be killed and that it makes cancer ‘contagious’. So this Dr. takes these cells from a woman who dies of cervical cancer, unbeknownst to her, and then they put that stuff in our babies…INSANE.
        Do you think they list any of those ingredients on the manufacturer’s insert…hey, we put a nagalase protein that will make your kids brain swell, and they will scream for hours and days in pain. and these immortal HELA cells that cannot be killed. It’s no wonder a 6 year old has breast cancer, and a one year old has alzheimers.
        ALL VACCINES HARM, there is no good one!


        • … but what difference does the manufacturer’s insert make? No one reads them. They’re better than any Stephen King novel, that’s for sure.

          Hallelujah to all you say… now, one of us is gonna have to break down and watch it, see, like I said, my roomy gets all this and I quizzed ’em and supposedly things like, ya know, bypassing one’s own natural immune defenses is one bad thing about any and every vaccine and that comes up in this show. Don’t know if those things get played down or not as much time or whatever. idk *shrug*

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          • Well, what I have noticed about those that oppose vaccines is they ‘tone’ it down for the brainwashed and those who totally believe in this archaic science. They are become targets for big pharma and instead of opposing the vaccines all together, they focus on the ones with the main toxins that are in them. They have lots of money to go around and try to debunk most who oppose vaccines, the talking points are obvious. They cannot even prove vaccines are effect. So most who are opposing these vaccines tone it down to the..’let’s just go after the ones with mercury and alluminum in them. Everyone should read the manufacuter’s inserts. There is no excuse, they are online and the manufacturer’s admit they cause everything from autism to death. Which is why it is so Nazi of them to mandate it.
            Right after I got off here yesterday, went to facebook and a guy named Josh was chasing Senator Pan around asking him why he lies about vaccines. Why there has never been a controlled study. How can they be safe if there are those ‘adverse reactions’ on a long list in the manufacturer’s inserts. Paul Offit is just as bad. Senator Pan ignored Josh, just like he does his constituents. He is obviously bought and paid for. Alot of these Drl.s get bonuses if they vaccinate 100% or close to that of their patients under 2 and can get cancelled by their insurance if they don’t. Which is why we are seeing alot of these Dr’s saying they will not take in patients who are unvaccinated….and not the reason they tell every one that they are spreading diseases, but it is the ones who are vaccinated who are spreading it, it says on the manufacturer’s inserts that they shed for two or three weeks after the shots.
            So, for years now, I thought it would be nice to have insurance companies that actually supported Dr’s in their practice to do things naturally, or to heal and cure patients with alternative care, and to not vaccinate at all…homeopathy insurance….is there such a thing? When my Dad was fighting renal cell cancer, the insurance would pay for radiation treatments (kills the patient) but not the ‘introvenous high dose Vit.C ‘ treatments, in which they couldn’t figure out why he didn’t have it in his liver, and surely it was because of the Vit.C Treatments but they were expensive and he didn’t get to get them till it was basically too late. It’s pretty sad when you gotta go out of the country to be healed from cancer and other things because insurance just won’t pay for it. I want to start an insurance company that will support Dr.s in curing and helping patients build healthy immunities, like Dr. Bursinski in Texas who has had to fight the FDA for over 20 years over his cures. He took patients the other Dr.s sent home to die, and cured them. The so called uncurable cancers, and many went to testify for him, and he kept getting dragged into court. We need to take our bodies back, and opt for Dr.s that don’t follow this ‘culling’ of the population with their poisons. Then if they have cancer, the insurance would pay for the high does Vit.C treatments or whatever like THC for cancer and alot of aliments…and Monsanto is already trying to keep us from getting natural cures. Suppose they would lose alot of money since they make the chemo drugs aka mustard gas. They know what they are doing, they know they are killing people with their ‘treatments’, and the chemtrails, and the GMO’s (leaky gut syndrome) but this is their ‘culling’. That is why they put the nagalase protein in the vaccines, the vit D production is very important for fighting cancer, and they also block our ability to get Vit.D from the sun so there are tons of kids with vit. D deficiency which causes alot of cancers and auto immune diseases. I have seen cases where parents have taken their child out of the country to get them real cures, and to come back and have a judge tell them that they still have to go and get the chemo. We are under the medical mafia. Alot of parents are going to jail because of these vaccines, where the brain swells from the nagalase protein, and they rush the kid to the hospital, and it looks like shaken baby syndrome, and the parents are accused of shaking their baby when they did nothing wrong and this is happening all over. Are there some that shake their baby…yes, probably, but for the most part, these babies are getting liquid labotomies and the parents are getting the blame. It’s as evil as it comes…and Bill Gates with his so called charity that wants to get CO2 down to zero…how stupid does he thing everyone is? Well, I guess he got a room full of stupid people because they were clapping to his speech, about death panels and none of them understand we need CO2 for the plants. While he works with Monsanto to make a mosquito that will get you your vaccines, they are also putting them in food now. he also is giving these vaccines to third world countries, like India where there was no polio problem, and 40,000 were harmed, crippled or died, and he still pushes on with his so called charity. I will never give to a charity that says they are going to use money for vaccines to these poor kids in third world countries. What they need is good nutrition, clean water and access to medical care that helps them get better but never the vaccines. Dang…I am going on and on with my soap box, but LOL, I am passionate about what I see going on in this country and others with big pharma. 😉

            Liked by 1 person

    • From The Leftovers:

      Nora to Kevin, “If we can’t have a sense of humor about you being the messiah, we’re gonna have a problem.”


      Nora says she wants to take The Book of Kevin on the plane to read.
      Kevin, “Are you busting my balls?”
      Nora, “Can holy balls be busted?”

      And coping mechanisms… like the trampoline. LMAO again.

      This show reminds me of the thing:
      “You’re driving me crazy.”
      “Short trip.”


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