Masculine and Feminine

“Be what you want the world to be.”

How’s about some balance?!

For eons here, Masculine energy has been over-utilized and Feminine energy under-utilized.  But the answer to a patriarchy is not a matriarchy.  This is about balance and integration, not about another pendulum swing.

Part of one’s personal ascension process is to integrate the Masculine and Feminine.  As each and every person becomes more balanced, integrated and whole that in turn makes the world more balanced, integrated and whole.  We’re to bring balance, not REPLACE Masculine with Feminine.  Masculine energy is not going away.  We just usher in more Feminine energy to balance.

Masculine and Feminine energies are not opposites, they are complements, as in, “to complete”.  They complete each other, make whole / holy.  We’re talking about energies here, not people, not the “my other / better half” bullsh*t.  No one else completes you.  You must complete yourself.  Now… two healed people coming together.. now THAT is literally a match made in Heaven.  Good stuff there.

This is also about finally stepping out of the dysfunctional / unevolved characteristics of both Masculine and Feminine.

Ya know, since forever, the two-party political system has used the Republicans to utilize Masculine energies and used the Democrats to utilize Feminine energy.  Do I really need to tell ya that they’ve used the “down” side, the dysfunctional characteristics of both masculine and feminine with the political parties.  The Republicans are overt and tell you what they will do, whether you like it or believe it or not, then they do just that – take that!  The Democrats are covert and they deny they do something and do it anyway – a little manipulation anyone?

But yeah, those are a couple small examples of using these energies for nefarious reasons and purpose, but you can bet that down the road, how folks utilize both of these energies will be in a more evolved way.

So, just what ARE Masculine and Feminine energies?  Well, first and foremost, don’t think that you can make a good judgement of that by going with societal ideas of what women and men should be, what roles they’re “supposed” to play.  There are some rather natural roles that come with the different genders but don’t confuse that with societal b.s. that is thrust on everyone.

You can search this blog for those terms for starters, and the web also and use some understanding tools like astrology, etc. to understand what is really meant by these terms.  This is SO NOT about gender.  The understanding tools can also help you understand the unevolved vs. evolved characteristics of both.

When it comes right down to it, in this Earthly realm that is Dualistic, any and all that exists here can be considered a Masculine or Feminine energy.  Day & night, summer and winter are a couple examples of Masculine & Feminine energies.  Day / summer / solar energy is masculine, active, assertive.  Night / winter / lunar energy is feminine, rest / gathering energy, passive.  Many, many cycles of Life, going back and forth between the Masculine and Feminine.

So, a small example (it’s subtle but the subtle is very significant and it accumulates, you’re always creating) of an overuse of Masculine energy and an underuse / honor of Feminine energy – and yes folks, one imbalance which is demonstrated just as much by women as by men – is how silly humans just insist on being so go, go, go around “holiday time” in the dead of winter.  Party, party, party.  Frickin’ outdo the Griswold’s at outdoor Christmas lights.  Goodness sakes, don’t actually get into the feminine darkness of winter, oh no, just flood the wonderful, peaceful winter darkness with lights every frickin’ where… maybe so ya can’t see the stars for so long you’ll forget they’re there… at a time when one really ought to be resting and gathering energy… in preparation for… summer, the next masculine half of the cycle… because if you don’t capitalize on the Feminine rest / energy-gathering of winter, then you won’t be able to really fully utilize the next Masculine active cycle either.  You must honor both halves of this or you’ll be burning your candle on both ends.

Now, for a very big example of this imbalance that is old and far reaching is how, centuries ago, humans were discouraged from using their intuition, even taught to fear it, that it was bad or demonic or what have ya… or could get you killed by someone who feared it.  The majority of the people killed during the Inquisition were women.  They were feared and demonized because, eee gad!, they were intuitive.

Huge, HUGE blow to Feminine energy right there and here again, one that has affected women even though they tend to be more naturally intuitive and has really struck a blow to men because not only is their (in many cases) intuition not quite as natural to them, but the women who could teach them have been conditioned not to do so.  (Also see Holy Trinity info in Interpretation … of Stairway to Heaven)

The Feminine side of the sleepy masses was gutted by demonizing intuition and now, in recent times, they’re going after the Masculine energies by dissing men and making men seem unimportant and downright obsolete.  “They” never quit.

In a dualistic realm, the Masculine is considered light and the Feminine dark.  It’s not that “dark” means “bad”.  The Masculine is visible and the Feminine is hidden.  Just male and female genitalia give some hint to this.  The Knights Templars built many cathedrals.  What you see of the cathedrals is the Masculine part, but it’s said that there is as much underground as what sticks up above the ground and what’s underground, that which is hidden, is the Feminine part.  Often there are Black Madonna statues in the underground part of the cathedrals.  It represents the Earth in part and Feminine energy / dark / hidden / shadow.

So, here again, I have to chuckle at many lightworkers who are so pushing Feminine energy, fine and well in general, ya know to balance things out so we can finally step out of the patriarchy, but many of these lightworkers seem scared as hell to address their own shadow aspects.  *shaking head*  You’re not going to bring the Feminine energy balance to your own life and bring it to the world if you’re not courageous enough to face your own shadow / darkness.

I’d recently said in comments that the cabal likes to hijack current energies…

I feel the Millennials / Gen Y folks were to actually help usher in Unity Consciousness but the cabal influenced them at an early age, especially through the education system, to do everything in groups.  They were essentially “trained” to be codependent.  They were taught to find unity “out there” or horizontally rather than unifying vertically with all aspects of themselves “in here” first before unifying with others.  (See Unity post.)

I feel in this same way the cabal have hijacked this Masculine and Feminine integration thing with all this “trans-trender” / gender-fluidity propaganda push, which is exactly what it is .  It is meant, in part, to confuse people.  I’d say that anyone who truly feels they are transgender knows that confusion about gender is not fun and they probably wouldn’t wish that on anyone.  I’ve never felt that this, yes, BIG propaganda push was advocating anything that was actually in transgenders’ favor in any big way and perhaps was actually doing them a disservice overall and even some transgenders have noted that this push is about “politicizing” transgenderism.

This push is also a step in the direction of transhumanism, pretty much just turning humans into cyborgs.  Here again, they are making people turn an “in here” thing into an “out there” thing.  Get people used to dealing with their body issues, this one and any other, in an outward way, literally going under the knife and filling one’s body with hormones or whatever other pharmaceuticals to force their desire to manifest… in a world that doesn’t quite work that way.

As if some boy / man has to put on a dress or have body parts removed in order to get in touch with their Feminine aspects (or vise versa).  Not.  This integration may not exclude crossdressing or what have ya – hey, whatever turns your crank – but don’t confuse the two.  As far as “playing dress up” goes, well, aren’t we all?!  … as soon as we incarnate into human form.  If transgenders have the feeling that “This body doesn’t feel like me”, well honey, “this body” isn’t any of us.  Our bodies are a vehicle on loan to us by the planet.  A vehicle.  A VERY IMPORTANT vehicle that we’d best take care of.

Don’t get distracted with trying to change your “out there” when the task at hand, along with your other healing and ascension work, is ENERGETIC integration “in here”.

Hey, addressing and honoring the physical part of you is part of all of this and yeah, loving and accepting all parts of you, including your human aspects, including  your physical body is important and, for the most part, one is either male or female in this dualistic Earthly realm.  Hey embrace it, it’s you… for now.  Transgenders also.  But there again, it’s not necessary to alter your body, just accept it.  It’s temporary.  Whether you depart from this world through the death portal or through the ascension portal, your current 3D carbon-based body is temporary.  It’s also part of the experience you are having, so have it.  You can do or be something else in some other life, perhaps in some other place… and if you want a new outward gender after you ascend, it’s QED… but for now, how’s about being right here, right now.  I cast no judgement, but if it were me and all else was the same, only thing different was that I felt I was transgender, I absolutely would not take hormones or have surgery.  I respect my body too much for that.  And that thing I just said about one’s current body being temporary… I KNOW it.  … and I love me, all aspects of me.  My body has been a total champ in this ascension effort, which I completely appreciate and don’t hesitate to express that to my body.

I’m not so comfortable in my ascension-hell-years fat-suit either, complete with next to no energy, but… it’s temporary.  And our 3D carbon-based body is what we have… until we don’t.  It’s not only our vehicle to motor around in on the 3D physical plane it is also kind of our vehicle outta here since we are in it while we go through our healing and ascension process, so it serves to take care of it as best ya can.  You’ll be in that body until you die or cross over the consciousness veil and fully transition to 5D.

Folks, please look up information about Masculine and Feminine energies, perhaps some esoteric info – word origin of esoteric = “within” or “into”.  And inwardly is where your Masculine and Feminine integration will happen.


Sacred Symbology / Sacred Geometry.

Feminine and Masculine energies before becoming a Merkaba (above).  

Feminine pyramid (top) has its foundation in “Heaven” and yet has a point reaching to Earth.  The Masculine pyramid (bottom) has its foundation in “Earth” and yet has a point reaching to Heaven.  

The two united in the Merkaba.  In a 2D depiction, the Star of David represents the Merkaba with its two equilateral triangles.  In a 3D depiction, a Merkaba is a Star Tetrahedron – two tetrahedrons, which are 4-sided objects with each side being an equilateral triangle.


Don’t worry when you find that sometimes Feminine energy gets the “Heavenly” position at times and the “Earthly” position at others.  Same with Masculine.  Don’t allow this to confuse you.  It’s a natural physics / metaphysics / Divine plan sort of weaving and dancing of these two energies in such a way that naturally wants to bring balance.  Let’s just say that Duality contains all the components that one needs for Unity, it’s just about integration.

For example, with the depictions of the Merkaba as shown above, the Feminine is more Heavenly and the Masculine more Earthly.

But, when you look at the 4 elements of astrology, you see that Fire (Spirit) and Air (Mind) elements are Masculine and yet are more Heavenly energies, while the Earth (Physical) and Water (Emotional) elements are Feminine and yet are more Earthly energies.

And also notice in the picture above of the pre-united Masculine and Feminine that the Watery Feminine downward-pointing pyramid is on an “Air” background, which is Masculine.  The Fiery Masculine upward-pointing pyramid has an “Earth” background, which is Feminine.

Also, as I say, there is a close connection between:

Mind (Masculine, Air element, Heavenly) and Body (Feminine, Earth element, Earthly).

And also a close connection between:

Spirit (Masculine, Fire element, Heavenly) and Emotions (Feminine, Water element, Earthly).


11 thoughts on “Masculine and Feminine

  1. LOL, Thank you for writing this!!! Couldn’t of said it better myself. I had just remarked about the pendulum swinging from masculine to feminine energy, and was told it was a matriarchy at one time, so yes, if we can ride the middle pillar, the balance between the two energies, and not pick sides of us vs them, men vs women, white vs black, vax vs nonvax, and so on,…and would rather leave onto a new ascension suit, and not the death portal. Right on SiStar!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, one thing that masculine is about is being active, assertive. Something that many a LW, male or female could stand to tap into, especially RIGHT NOW! Time to crawl out of the cave and get out there and proactively shine one’s light.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, and notice the title said AND not OR or VS. Masculine and feminine energies are not opposites, they are complements, as in, “to complete”. They complete each other. That is why we speak of integration of these two energies. When integrated, they make whole (holy).

      And this is another reason why it is important that folks understand that this is about ENERGIES. The old line about “my other / better half” as if someone else could complete you. Nope. One can only complete themselves.

      Liked by 1 person

    • And here:
      “… was told it was a matriarchy at one time…”

      Well… get outta my head! I almost said something about humans have been there, done that, bought the T-shirt on the matriarchy thing. Yep, it was imbalanced too. Go figure. I know I sure as hell would not want to live in a world run by ignorant, rabid “feminists” of the sort we’re seeing these days… including the LW ones.

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  2. Oh, and ever notice the ‘white rabbit’ at the end of the show on The Leftovers? The name of a popular song by Jefferson Airplane….and the last line in that song, ‘Feed your head’.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Huh. I liked their song Jane (were they still Airplane then or Starship?) ‘cuz it reminds me of this character from Orson Scott Card’s Ender series. Jane was a sentient entity that essentially was / lived on their galactic internet, if you will.

      Here they are:

      I liked that song they used last year, ooh, I think I put it in comments somewhere and other shows have used it too – “with your feet in the air and your head on the ground”.

      Liked by 1 person

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