You Got This!

Ha, when I first typed in that title, muscle memory made me type “You God This”.  Accurate.

As some of you may recall, years ago there was a mass UFO sighting (literally, as in unidentified flying objects) over Phoenix, which came to be known as the Phoenix lights.  Many people saw them.

So, not long after, I’d heard someone tell a tale about this.  They or someone they knew had contacted a news agency of some sort in Phoenix as this was going on.  They asked the news person what was going on there.  The news person said, “I’ll check the wire” meaning the AP (Associated Press) news wire.  This person who contacted them laughed. Here they were contacting someone local to this news event who wanted to “check the wire” when in reality, they would be the ones to put that news ON the wire because they were local to the event.

Well, I’ve seen parallels of that story in our ascension story.

First, as you can read about in the post The Higher Self, the higher self (HS) works with us to regain our Divine connection, but once we have, we’re kinda on our own, our higher self having fulfilled its duties and obligations to us.  Then it’s time for us to step into some bigger shoes.

So, yeah, during the personal healing and ascension process, the HS assists and guides and you can bet that they can and will draw on other humans’ healing experiences in order to guide their own human.  There are plenty of areas of common ground concerning healing, oh heavens, there were frickin’ blueprints set up by the ancients for this.  So, while healing and working on your ascension process, you are receiving guidance on how to go about that.

When we complete our ascension process, then we step into service work for the collective.

When my friend and I were working above the veil (atv) we came to realize early on that, even though we still had God’s guidance and assistance, we were the “frontline”.  We’d reached a point where God could not guide us based on anyone’s prior experience as we were now in uncharted territory.  It was now we forerunners who were to be “putting the news on the wire”.  God was looking for cues from us as much as we from Him.  He could not advise us on things no one else had done before.  He could and did provide us with a higher perspective, an atv perspective and He certainly assigned us to some tasks.

And what we did atv and energetically to assist in this planetary and collective ascension is done now, but everyone else can count on there being plenty of new ground to cover in this massive ascension project.  Many lightworkers who have now recently or will soon complete / become ascension-ready / fully embody their Christ Consciousness will now find themselves in uncharted territory.

Do you think Lewis and Clark refused to continue on their mission just because they couldn’t get guidance from home?  Lightworkers, time for you to put the news on the wire.

With increased awareness comes increased responsibility.

Lightworkers step up!

You Got / God This!


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