Enabling Others’ Dysfunction

… which is dysfunctional on your part, if you’re doing it.

I recently read an article from someone who was basically asking lightworkers to step up.  Overall it was an ok article.  One thing I read there though jumped out at me as it was way off base and very disempowering.

They basically had made up a list, sorta like “You may still have work to do if…” and made a list of experiences one may be having.

But this one item was “If you are still being triggered and are triggering others.”

Err!  Wrong answer!  … to the last half of that.

You cannot and do not even want to try to make yourself responsible for others’ triggers.  That does not serve you or other.  You are taking on burdens that are not yours.  You’re walking on eggshells for others’ buttons and triggers.  The world is full of people with a whole lot of different buttons and triggers.  Are you going to remember all their triggers and walk on eggshells for each different issue?  That’s a lot to keep track of.  What if walking on eggshells for one person triggers the next person?  What will you do then?  That’s quite the jig you’re dancing there… to please others… over their issues.  Theirs.  Don’t stake claim to their crap.

And you’re not doing the other any good by walking on their eggshells.  You’re sending the other the message that what they are doing is ok, that their blow up because you bumped into their trigger is ok to aim at you and you will just adjust for it.  SO messed up.

In that moment of you triggering them, there are a whole lot of empowering messages you could bring to them right then, but what, instead you’re going to just enable their continued dysfunction… and yours?

One more time we come back to Power and Responsibility going hand in hand.  You have absolutely no Power over the next person’s triggers.  They have some healing to do there and you can’t do it for them, so why would you want to try to take Responsibility for those triggers?

But here again, you do have influence.  So rather than doing some hippy dance on a world full of eggshells, you instead remind the other they were just triggered and it’s THEIR trigger and they could stand to own it and by doing so they will start to heal that issue associated with their trigger.  Now THAT is called shining one’s light.  You’ve communicated through your words and also through your actions, including demonstrating that you are not about to enable someone’s continued dysfunction by tip toeing around them and their triggers and issues.

That right there is a true expression of Love and Compassion.



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  1. Yes!!!! Very true…it’s the politically correct crap. I don’t want to offend, or they apologize before they speak about something that might offend someone. I was never one to be comfortable walking on eggshells….If someone is so volitile that they can’t handle looking at this trigger, the offence as their issue and not expect others to tread lightly thru their muck, then they don’t need me…I can stir the pot and if they don’t get it, then so be it. They can be mad at me all they want, but if only they can look at that and see it’s their trigger and not mine. To tread where the angels dare not…crushing those eggshells, and not tiptoeing past the ones who think they are the only ones who have the truth. Like the guy who got arrested for selling pork to muslims telling them it was beef…LOL, I would not have arrested him. Or the smell of bacon, or the cross…many are not aware of how Obambie would have all crosses and other christian symbols covered up before he would enter and do his speeches. If a cross offends you, then you have something to look at. The cross is a symbol much older than Christianity, and not some symbol of a torture device in punishment for a crime. It’s like how they try to change the symbolization or meaning of the rainbow…now it’s suppose to represent the transgenders, Gays, Lesbians, or whom ever isn’t happy with the body they were born with…I want the rainbow back….LOL.
    \Have you ever heard of Robert Stanley? He is a nice guy, who does answer all his emails, and has an interesting story in his book called The Malibu Mystic and his Unicus Magazine. He states he met ‘Lucifer’ aka Enki, and claims that he got a sort of mental illness from the archons who are entities as we all know from the Nag Hammadi and other ancient scriptures had infiltrated this reality, causing mental illness like schizophrenia. I don’t believe in the Psychologist practice as there is these very psychologist that prescribe drugs and made up the ADHD giving kids basically meth, all over false diagnosis. Anyway, it is some interesting stuff he came across in Malibu, Ca. Saw an interview with him on a show called The Leak Project.

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    • Yes, funny huh, they turn the cross into a symbol of, well, “oh yeah, you think Jesus is all that, look what we did to him”, whether that’s what actually happened or not (just like all the memorials they love to set up where they’ve done their dirty deeds like OKC bombing and 911, complete with special tree, reflecting pool and I’m sure there’s an Eternal Flame somewhere) and fill the frickin’ world with crosses, then comes along a closeted Muslim / closeted gay / closeted communist who is now suddenly offended by it? Oh if only it was because he was actually sick of the symbology they’ve turned it into.

      Someone ought to tell Obummer than many people are offended by his “wife’s” winky so could she please cover that up. Wait! Are the Obummers even still together? I’d heard they split and they gave their borrowed kids back. Goodness sakes! Is there ANYTHING about the Obummers that isn’t a lie?! Yep, for 8 years we had the Biblical Obama-nation of Desolation. lol

      And in the category of the cabal not all agreeing and there being different camps, so I’d suppose you’d heard that Pope Benedict was ousted by Obummer, Hitlery and Co. and they now have their own stooge Francis in there “unifying all world religions”. Oh please. As if the Vatican running the Vatican wasn’t bad enough now we have the leftist cabal wanting to run the Vatican now. *shaking head* More of that truth-is-stranger-than-fiction / couldn’t-make-this-shit-up thing.

      So Enki is / was that nonexistent entity known as Lucifer? I’ve also heard that Enki was basically Lord Sananda aka Jesus. That’s the second connection between Lucifer and Jesus (thru Enki here) and the other being that both were associated with “the morning star”.

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      • I hadn’t heard any new news about Obambie and his tranny wife and fake kids. Nothing surprises me anymore. But, did hear Killery’s spawn, the cloned daughter who looks just like her, is running for Senate, and I am like…why can’t we just get rid of the Clintons once and for all. The Clinton foundation, that stole money from the Haiti people, and I don’t know too many that like her or any of the Clintons, except the occasional person who will say Killary is a hard working, lovely person…LOL. God, please send her spawn somewhere else…do we need anymore of these people in politics? Are any of them going to jail for their crimes with the Clinton foundation that paid for her daughter Chelsea’s wedding and the emails that she is now saying Wikileaks Julian Asange should be in jail for publishing her emails…LOL, the crooked finger of Killery pointing at Julian for committing a crime??? And what crime is that?? Exposing her crimes and in knowing about the Bengazi attacks well ahead of the attack and sitting and watching the whole thing from drones….all of them feeding off the energy of that attack, but they couldn’t send help, ummmmmm, WTH….yet, she is still free, and her daughter is now entering politics..it’s time to end the Clintons…can we all just send them packing? LOL, It’s like trying to kill cockroaches. I know, let’s send them all to Mars…they can rule there! LOL


    • Yeah, the pharmaceutical drugs… years ago, but after I was awake and had caught on to the cabal’s game, well, there was a period of time where there was like this major uptick in hatred towards Scientologists, ya know, rather similar to what is going on now with hired rioters to “protest” various. I’d heard my whole life about those wacky Scientologists who won’t allow modern medicine to be used on them, blah, blah, woof, woof, but for a while there it was rather intense. I knew someone from elsewhere who I emailed / pen-palled with whose partner’s son was one who got caught up in hating on Scientologists. This pen pal asked their partner’s son what he thought of Hubbard’s book. He said he’d never read such filth or something to the like. She asked how he could know what he thought of it if he hadn’t read it.

      So, these were a few little clues to me. And that’s just it, when the cabal comes out with a propaganda campaign about something, if you have half a clue you can’t help but notice. So, I then looked up Scientology / Hubbard. It didn’t take long to realize what the beef was from the cabal. Hubbard was ex-military and they’d wanted him to participate in a study to do with pharmies and that the goal was to get everyone on drugs. Well, they’ve done a good job with that. Let’s see, the last I’d heard was that about 70 % of Americans are on pharmies and 40 % are on 5 or more pharmies at the same time! Frickin’ nuts. My roomy goes to the doc for a physical just to get a prescription for massage and chiropractor and they have to ask twice what pharmies my roomy is on because they just can’t believe that someone is not talking ANY pharmies.

      But, then not long after I’d done a bit of research, then I worked for this fellow who did not live locally so he showed up for the first time and after work we got to talking about all sorts of things and I told him about what I’d learned about the Scientologists and I was well aware already of the whole pharmy-pushing plot. Well, he tells me to wait there, walks out to his car and back, tells me he is a Scientologist and put the video disc “Making a Killing” in my hand which is put out by Scientology and just tells about the whole cabal drug plan thing, a documentary. I don’t know much about Scientology (… don’t know much about biology ♫ lol) and don’t care to but I got my answer to what the cabal had against them – they were exposing the cabal’s pharmy drug plan.

      And, I’d also run across someone who used to be a Scientologist and decided it was time to get out when he saw a bunch of the founders getting kicked out. Yes, there’s yer sign. If this group / club / organization that you seem drawn to suddenly kicks out its own founders, well, there’s cause for concern, eh?

      Reminds me… I’d made a revelation years ago… ya know the saying “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”. Well, I get the impression that most folks think that basically means caving in. But I figured it was a cabal directive – if you can’t flat out beat them, kill them or otherwise ruin the “opposition” then infiltrate them and corrupt from within.

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      • Yeah, knew the Vatican was really not a religion as they said, more like they worship Lucifer and always thought it was a messed up religion.


        • Yeah, I was thinking, perhaps this thing of the left taking over the Vatican is one step in the direction of more Catholics learning what the Vatican has really been about all this time.

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            • Yes, heard he had blackmailed the Original Pope to resign and think it was over the pedofilia, but this Pope is not a real pope to me as some of the things he says is totally off the wall from the traditional Catholics. We all know that the Vatican thinks they own everyone’s soul and property, etc. I think this might just be the last Pope but I could be wrong. The Vatican needs to be taken down a notch or two. They are globalists, want to usher in the NWO and Pope Francis is saying bizarre things. Anyway, interesting video!


  2. Yeah, I remember when Tom Cruise declared he was one and jumped onto the couch on the Oprah show. I read into the Scientiologists some, it seemed like a bunch of crap dealing with mind programming and so didn’t interest me at all. Also, if I remember right, it was Hubbard who wanted to prove a point, that he could create a whole new religion and people would believe it…so it just goes to show, the brainwashed ones will be easily fooled and follow anything their handler gives them. Of course Pharma is out of hand, and don’t want natural cures, they been fighting all that for decades. Those who are awake and aware, know they don’t cure anything but surely will try to keep the cure out of our hands, only to keep us taking their friggin’ pills to deal with the symptoms, and then you need more pills to deal with the side effects of the original pills side effects….and it never ends. I was never one for taking medication, prescribed or not, I never go to the Dr. unless I am dying! Even then, I have found that if we get good nutrition and toxin cleanses, we never really need to go unless we are harmed in an accident….that is the only thing they are good for.
    As for them killing off those who threaten their position, or to blow their cover, the Clintons are right up there with that…just added another couple of dead ones who were going to serve a search warrant on the Clinton Library…and the rabbit hole gets deeper! http://thelastlineofdefense.org/breaking-trey-gowdys-missing-investigators-found-picture/


    • GAWD. The frickin’ Clinton body count. *shaking head* If you look up “cold-blooded” in the dictionary you’ll see Hillary’s and Billary’s pictures.

      I just feel like something, perhaps EVERYTHING is about ready to surface in a big way…

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      • You all have expressed some really interesting things here. I just spent a half hour replying with a rant of my own, but “Bloop!” lost it all which simply means…I’m forgetting compassion.

        Funny word, “Compassion.” From my own perspective (gained within the realm of my own life), it’s not a “nice” word. Funny…Lucifer and Jesus were mentioned here. Without Lucifer (or his archetypal equivalent), there would be no need for “Compassion,” yet…there is that word in our language that refers to an essential survival concept. Here is how it is, not only a survival concept but also a essential evolutionary principle if humanity will survive itself

        “Compassion” means…To sit with suffering. That’s all. Well..no, that’s not all. It means more like… how we respond to suffering…bearing it…enduring it without hate, malice and reciprocation. What does a human being need to do to engage compassion in it’s exalted expression (vs. it’s shadow, for compassion has a very profoundly shadowy expression as well…think of the young girl that cuts herself to let the pain out…and she is sitting with that kind of pain and self hating…is she sitting with suffering? Yes! Shadow compassion)?

        Christ responded to the temptations of Satan. Satan “Offered” Christ many options, to which, Christ had choice to respond to in anyway he wanted (and the power to do so). What was Christ’s purpose? To evolve humanity to surviving it’s basest nature. What were Christ’s actual responses, and what did they teach us about True Compassion and its role in the evolution potential of humanity?

        What Satan offers isn’t outside of nature. All his “Advice” or “Offerings” are all right here in our environment to take advantage of, but Satan never offers beyond the self serving ego (where humanity has been stuck at for…forever it seems).

        Christ, on the other hand, takes two steps beyond that: He Named the consequence of the actions reflective of the human animal ego state and then he actively engaged the actions required to move past those.

        And the story ends in a crucifixion (the consequence handed out to him by self serving ego/animal driven people).

        This same principle holds true for humanity even today: Compassion has a consequence. And we never actually name it, and this is fairly Satanic…to hold out advice and promises without naming the consequence…which takes people by surprise when they actually follow the advice and then experience real consequences of it…and fall into despair and dark nights of the soul because they weren’t prepared to remember that human animals unwilling to evolve don’t give a crap about your intentions…or your compassion if it gets in the way of their money…fame…fortune, etc. And so many “People” in authority are human ego driven animals many of which are all too willing to crucify (doll out a devastating consequence) to any one willing to sacrifice for a higher ideal REGARDLESS of the fact that working towards and gaining greater awareness REALLY IS the key of Humanity evolving beyond the human animal ego state and acquiring the “Knowing” that we are all connected. And so we are stuck in this “Condition” that keeps us stuck in hate…retaliation…and many other things that nullify the founding principle of the human life: To survive “Freely.” Murder…lying…stealing…ALL OF THESE create and reinforce illusions that we are without a choice. Christ showed us exactly how important choice is…and it’s consequence to gain that power…the courage it will take in opposition to our greatest foe which is the human animal’s ego: Self serving, greedy…hungry only for its own needs and ignores human essential like cooperation and co-dependancy (exalted co-dependancy…not the stupid catch phrase psycho-babble labeling society latches on to. “Ego has had the misfortune of falling into this trap of ignorance as well…only cowards fear to touch it and explore it fully…and name it’s light and shadow both…accept the fullness of it…stuck in fear of just a small part of it, and throw the baby out with the bath…Phsh)

        When people invoke “Christ light…blah blah blah” or all these high ideals without naming the consequences…well…

        Be prepared…either way…”So above as below” we get the picture. Compassion: It’s not so easy really. Not in it’s most exalted state as exampled by many Avatars…Christ being the most…fluent of them…the most gifted probably…but who knows??!! Hopefully you get my point regardless.


        • I like this quote about compassion:

          “When we talk about compassion we talk in terms of being kind. But compassion is not so much being kind; it is being creative [enough] to wake a person up.” ~ Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoch

          Satan is not an entity. Just fyi.

          “Cutters” are not addressing their EMOTIONAL PAIN and instead, yep, want to let it out, but also are trying to experience in a physical way something that is emotional. Never mind they are already doing a major disservice to their physicality by repressing emotions because that stuffed down emotional energy will manifest outwardly in their body as ill health.

          “… because they weren’t prepared to remember that human animals unwilling to evolve don’t give a crap about your intentions…or your compassion if it gets in the way of their money…fame…fortune, etc.”

          This is where setting boundaries comes in, which in and of itself IS shining light, it sets the good example.

          And yeah, it serves no one to be all “love and light” and yet not accept the reality of people’s programming.

          Consequence of shining one’s light? Hey, you knew the job was tough when you took it. 😉

          The ego is not “bad”, just programmed… like the rest of the human.

          Consequence – Yes, asking for healing is a case of “be careful what you ask for” as far as the process goes. The end result is / will be quite worth it. It’s your freedom. But yeah, there’s a healing process, no waving of magic wands.


          • Indeed!

            ULTIMATELY we continue on our own path (living our own life through the perspective we gain)…and the spirit leads us (or the ego does…which ever THAT particular life chooses…and isn’t “ego” merely another energetic split of “Spirit”…or…”GOD” (all things being an aspect of GOD)?

            As far as “Christ” and “Satan” being…anything beyond (?)…I actually don’t. But conditioning…programming…yep…(check! Got those).

            My language reflects these and what they are…but then again…language is super limiting and incredibly frustrating because language (for me) has yet to be able to convey, significantly, any real degree of Truth I feel…or know…am aware of because it is LIMITED by my conditioning…experience…vocabulary, etc (sigh…and it is REALLY a super big bummer). I think people often marginalize each other simply for the fact that language limits our perception just as much as words limit ideas. It’s another limitation that has no significant bearing on full existential potential (or reality). In other words, I can’t say in “Words” all that I know…or feel. Words are locked up in space and time…and so…FUCK!

            But still, there are my actions (speak louder than words). There is my will (which is often thwarted by mine and other’s limitations bound in…human life)…and so…I read blogs and hunt for validation outside of myself…and find none…well…that’s not true. I find outside here the same limitations I experience internally but NOT because anyone else is lacking but rather because everyone else is simply as limited as me (how validating is THAT?? LOL). THAT SAID…I do look for inspiration in actions…actions beyond my own…or different than my own because those go beyond the “Words.” those are the magical manifestations that “Mean” more than vocabulary or ability to put words together to form the same ideas we’ve been playing with for an eternity here on Earth. And I look for things that inspire and support my own actions…beyond the idea of a thing. I look for other expressions of courage. I find these more supportive. Fluff and Puff? (gag).

            I wonder if this is why so many “Spiritualist” sequester themselves in “Silence” because they, themselves, can’t deal with the frustration of the limits of language….LOL.


            • Yep, language is clunky, but it’s part of the “training wheels” if you will. We create through our Thoughts, Words and Deeds so monitoring your thoughts, words and actions is good at increasing awareness about your creations. And… when you pay attention, others’ words do indeed “give them away” if you will.

              But… ya know, as you’ll see, if ya haven’t already, I don’t use a lot of $10 words. I have read SO much and yet there are very few new words that find their way into my vocabulary. I know what they mean but don’t feel any need to use them. One of the biggest disempowering things in this world is complexity and complication. True wisdom is quite simple. And, you’ll notice, yes I will quote scripture and pop music lyrics, etc. It’s about meeting people where they are and taking them somewhere new. And hey, these are the same avenues that the Divine uses to communicate too. Then it comes down to – are you listening?

              And yet, even though I feel no need to increase my vocabulary, I am very mindful about words. For example, in discussing the mundane with folks, I like to use the word “cabal” instead of “globalist” or “establishment”. Those terms are very accurate but they are not quite as informative as “cabal”. So, first of all, those who know some truths about the mundane will know what any of these terms is referring to, but for Joe Unawakened, they might not know that the whole “globalist” thing has been a cabal plan for a LONG time. And they may think that “establishment” just means like career politicians or something. But most folks don’t even know the word cabal… so they either ask you, so now you’re having a dialog or they look it up later. Now they are actually getting informed.

              Silence has its place. Rest and gathering energy have their place. Being active and assertive have their place. The wisdom is in knowing (following Divine guidance) which is appropriate in the moment.

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              • Yes, the ones who retreat into silence for years are the ones who have overpolarized into bliss, and this is stagnation and not doing the world a favor, maybe holding space, but still not the end of the rainbow! The cabal has been around a long time, and like a script, in chaos magic, Lucifer is their God, and this they have been doing for at least a few thousand years, They just change their names and it’s business as usual, and as we become aware of the agenda, and awake to the drill, it is like watching a tv show, quite entertaining to watch them try the same ole’ same ole’ chaos magic to coral the chattle, the cattle…the sheeple, they are losing it and they know it but they will fight to the bitter end.


            • Yes, language is limiting…expression seems the only way to explain and for those who can fathom that we are limitless if only we take our power back. The only limit of our inner work is the level of consciousness we are at, and the war on consciousness to keep us from seeing the man behind the curtain. Magic is done everyday, everytime we overcome those perceived limits we have boxed ourselves in. Chaos ensures and we feel powerless to do anything, but to react, to take action is what defines us. Thoughts are things, words are powerful, but action leads to discovery if only we throw off the shackles of fear and tread where Angels dare to tread. You are so much more than you know, and more powerful than you give yourself credit for.


          • Yes, very well put. Now put down that cross, we need firewood! I always liked Bill Hicks and how he talked about it being a ride, and how maybe Jesus wouldn’t wanna come back because everyone is wearing those corsses…LOL. I always did like roller coasters!


            • I’ve loved that line – we need the firewood. Ha!

              Life of Brian – “Always look on the bright side of life” ♫ *whistle whistle*

              John Prine – I said “Jesus, you look tired.” and he said, “Jesus! So do you!”

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              • I think if I were Jesus, being forced to carry some cross to my death, I would have told them to kill me now, no way am I going to carry that thing so you can hang me on it. Just like if someone had a gun and wanted me to drive to some remote location where they have dug a grave for me….I would tell them, you are going to have to kil me right here because I am not driving anywhere!


            • Awwwwwwmannnn!

              I think Jesus, too might wonder at all the Myrters and thinks…”Man! Look at ’em! Totally missed the point. It never had to go that far, and all that wood wasted on Crucifiction! Man…a bonfire and some ‘shrooms would’a been much more funner! Damn asses! Ain’t gonna go back to THAT! Only had to make the point once, and once was enough. Now pass me them ‘shrooms! Im’ma gonna wait and watch the rest in psychedelic color, Bro!”

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        • Compassion is entertaining a thought, or suffering as you put it, without engaging in it. You may not understand it, you may look upon the suffering as a badge, but as always pain is inevitable, suffering is an option, so it is to empower them to see they have given themselves permission to suffer. Their pain may be real, and entertaining their pain for a bit, and then helping them to over come it and not sit in it, fearing more of the same. Seems to be the theme here, ‘see how I suffer?’ *cough, (looks down at pain) Be gone I say…I see, I acknowledge, been there done that. The whole Satan/Lucifer thing, the religious Bible thumping radicals who have detained the masses in fear self loathing sheeple, fearing the boogie man who might be able to take our soul, and put it in the lake of fire FOREVER, if you don’t give you power away to someone who is going to fly down from the clouds and save you from the evil.
          To me the Bible is an Alchemical Alligory. Back then, they could not tell the truths of this world, they would have been hung as heratics. There is alot of knowledge and levels to this book but it has also been altered and things left out, by Constantine, who decided there were so many evil heratics and they just don’t need them, he wanted them to be Christians who towed the line, like in Catholicism and how one isn’t allowed to speak to God directly…only thru one of their priests, or to go to church and have you be told what God wants to say to you. Every since I was little, I never understood any of it. NONE of it made sense to me. Many have searched for truth, many have found it but no one was listening…because humanity can’t handle the truth.
          Do you know the Vatican has a telescope named L.U.C.I.F.E.R., and it’s on sacred Apache land, which is code for ‘portal’, and how they are awaiting the return of ENKI???? Oh, they know so much more than they have told the masses, but they had to hide behind their robes and they put all the clues in plain site, Oh, just another rabbit hole….LOL, 😉


          • Interesting that you made the distinction between pain and suffering. They are not necisarily the same thing.

            Pain (Ouch) and suffering (oh man! Why me, Lord?) Need different remedies. Pain (morphine) suffering (shit…dark night of the soul…ironically…and surviving it with a better perspective…maybe some tough love added…empathy (vs sympathy) makes it stick a little better…

            There you go.

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  3. This Thread is hilarious! I’m just saying…it’s all over the place but intensely interesting because its a real cascade of thought that brings out a lot of subconscious stuff WE ALL share in our deepest mindset (even for the whackadoodle liberals or whack-job tea-baggers, and what ever did happen to the tea-baggers?).

    Anyway…Enabling dysfunction. I like the assertiveness of this article. The assertiveness is different then most fluff I’ve read that essentially says the same thing. But there is still a common theme that runs through here (though assertively so) and the others: The lack of honest discussion about “Consequence.”

    Funny you guys are mentioning Lucifer and The Christ here. Like Lucifer, Many of these articles hold out advice (and sometimes a promise though it’s not stated in the article here…the promise that everything will be all love and light…ick!!), and they all say, “Do this…this is right…this is the way to do it.” That’s what “Lucifer” does (or the Archetypal pattern of Lucifer outlines this template of thinking). Enter “The Christ….” The Tempted. He represents the exalted expression that links the common striving towards harmony of humanity. He says, “No…if I do that….(fill in the blank), so get behind me.”

    My point…It was the Christ that takes these same messages (as is here and other blogs) a step further by NAMING THE CONSEQUENCE of following the advice, and even one step further then that, through his own courage and will…ACTIVELY ENGAGED THOSE CONSEQUENCES to show humanity….in the most real way…what is actually required: Sacrifice, pain…suffering and no promise (in this life we live) that there will be all love and light. No, in fact, The Christ Showed us human life is nothing so wonderful so long as we stop at the first station: Hold out the promise without ALSO disclosing what’s needed which is sacrifice, being intensely despised…and remaining open to what horror other’s can create for us when we respond through a truly compassionate spirit (Compassionate simply means…”To sit with suffering” which is NOT love an light…it’s pure courage to endure utter horror and not harbor hatred and fear…or to managed hate and fear while you feel these but hold them outside of the actions we take. That’s all it is, and in compassion, we will endure the consequences other’s create for us because we refused to give into their dysfunction (gays will have their heads chopped off for being gay infront of a Muslim terrorist, a Nurse will loose his job because he refused to give into the curruption of another nurse who is in authority and who wants money instead of inspiring care for a patient…

    These are the consequences NO ONE speaks of when we speak to integrity or encourage integrity…etc.

    IRONICALLY…Until we actually engage the willingness to sacrifice (and forego the fluff and puff of love and light…which is, in reality, fairly Satanic because it refuses to budge and step further into the True Power of action and willingness to “Live Life” fully despite the pain it causes…as if it’s ONLY supposed to be love and light…which is Illusion) Human kind will not fully realize itself, and we will be stuck in this hell we are creating.

    I have no issue with Satan. He serves his purpose. He’s God’s Egg shells. What did Christ show us to do? And what did he show us is required? Satan and Christ work in Tandem…Both reflective of “So above as is below.”

    Interesting stuff here

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    • TYM and I were talking in comments earlier about Satan and Christ. When it comes right down to it, both of these things are more of a Consciousness than entities. See Understanding Tools for more of our rambling “data dump”. lol

      There’s more that I could say about your rambling comment to our rambling comments, but I think most of what you’ve touched on will be addressed as you read more posts. Looking forward to more of your perspective.

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    • Interesting Rayofhelios, but that is what the Yahoos want…it’s the war on consciousness, and suffering is an option. Yes, there will be pain, and fear of pain, but it is the fear we must overcome, because this is their food, it shuts down our inherent abilities to be couragous but the only war is the one on consciousness, all others are fluff and distractions Sacrifice….hmmmm, funny you bring that up! We have done so many times, yet there is no book of this, but as we get distracted by the fake wars here in this illusion, there are those who sacrificed, behind the scenes…and no one was the wiser because they were not paying attention…they were tripping down the yellow brick road, waiting for a savior, giving away their power to the fear and the man behind the curtain. A grand scam, the Wizard is revealed, and the forerunners did the work….if Jesus truely existed, he would have been trying to tell us ‘We had the power all along, Dorothy’. 😉


  4. Dang….I thought I’d lost my first comment “Ramble” but there it is. And then I wrote a whole other rambling rant…and now double the ranting and rambling! Sorry about that. Sigh…

    I look forward to reading more. it’s all super interesting stuff so far.

    Thanks for your patience, and I’m sorry about the “Double” rambling. But…obviously…give me an inch and I’ll take a mile (but try not to…get’s me in trouble all the time…and so…in this…I know what I’m talking about and mean what I say…and say what I mean).

    Peace out! :o)

    Liked by 2 people

    • It’s all good… it’s all God. lol Someone musta asked for a double… and you delivered, perhaps with a little help from the Divine and the internet.


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