Ascension Update

I guess this is a note from our “sponsor” (word origin = promise solemnly) about the current overall picture.

Today Jesus needed someone to talk to and God obviously needed someone to play cards with.  So, below is the resulting Tarot reading.  He let me know about this yesterday but I’m just now getting there…


Ace of Pentacles
Taking the creative inspiration of Spirit and turning it into physical works.

Knight of Wands
Shift into a new paradigm.

The Warrior
This is a card of powerful forward-moving energies, indicating that you can master adverse circumstances through your determination and courage. Spiritually, this card speaks about the development of the Will. We are all subject to many fears, and it is the warrior’s purpose to seek them out and defeat them.


3 thoughts on “Ascension Update

    • Ok, I GOD this now. Have ya seen those books “Reasons to Vote for Democrats” and it’s a blank book. lol So! I can do that for “You God This! The Book of GAF”. I can put a sticker on the outside that says “Written in 5D… which is where you’ll have to read it.”

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