Things ain’t what they used to be it’s theme park living A to Z

(John Prine was making me get in touch with my “Inner Twang”, so these ladies got some of that to offer up.)


Things ain’t what they used to be now I believe in all extremes
Things ain’t what they used to be and that won’t change till we’re a hundred and three
Let’s never try to solve it babe – the equation of you plus me

Things ain’t what they used to be can you believe it all we’ve seen
Things ain’t what they used to be it’s theme park living A to Z
Let’s never try to solve it babe – the equation of you plus me

It’s all the same we’re here today yesterday is just a dream
Ancient history
It’s all the same we figured out what to take and what to leave
For the honey bees

Things ain’t what they used to be no money and no guarantee
Things ain’t what they used to be our future’s in a cup of China tea
Let’s never try to solve it babe – the equation of you plus me



6 thoughts on “Things

  1. Yes, Nancy! LOL
    Did you happen to watch the last to episodes of The Leftovers?
    Saw Nora found Lily, guess the Mother came for her….and then the Kung Fu guy, so very bizarre and now they are expecting a flood…LOL, so when that Lady was telling her story about why she drown the sheriff who happened to be named Kevin, and how she thought her family had been raptured, I had this thought pop into my mind, crazy as it sounds, but we all know this rapture thing is crap…but then I had a thought. Since there were many who were raptured, that really weren’t very good people, and it made me think how the Yahoos, might just take people like that, onto their space ships, and it would appear to be a rapture…like they were not raptured at all, just abducted…that scenario made a little more sense than a real rapture. Just like their technology that they have to create realistic holograms like they have done so they can fake Jesus’s return, and that scenario had been divulged, as a conspiracy theory of course, but still a way to control the masses. But the ones left over are crazy, it is going to be interesting if they have a twist in the story and find those people were never raptured. Anyway, that s the thought I had. What do you think will happen ext? Sometimes I like to try to predict a show’s story, alot of times I am right but I doubt they will go into the alien abduction scenario, but that is what popped into my we shall see. It’s funny they go into the ‘flood’ thing again, like that would happen. The only way I would feel something like that would happen is if there were a pole shift, which scientists say happens from time to time, and has happened several times in which the sun use to set in the east and rise in the west, and that if it happened again, supposedly every 26,000 years, this would be the 5th sun. AS in the shift would happen, new north pole, new south pole, it would stop rotating for 3 days of darkness, then start turning the other way, hence the sun would once again rise in the west and set in the east. They had found a wolly mammoth flash frozen in ice back in the 30’s I think, and they ate it…just strange, but it still had grass in it’s mouth, like it had been flash frozen, and how that area use to be almost tropical, and could be the real reason the glazier’s are melting. The magnetic pole moves miles every year, and the schumann resonance and how our brains are much like what they refer to the heartbeat of the planet. Since science has mapped the frequency of even our thoughts, it might be that they could beam people up whose brain resonance matches their ‘beam me up scotty’ frequency….LOL, I know, it’s all scifi right? Oh, they have far more technology than what they admit, and those shows are part of their ‘telling’ us it exists. So, your thoughts? Would they do a fake rapture with their holographic Jesus to drive the Leftovers mad? LOL, it ain’t any crazier than some of the things they have already done!


    • Yeah, I’ve seen the last couple episodes. I must say that this show I don’t know that I can predict an ending or any resolution on this and perhaps don’t want to. But one thing is for sure, no matter who, this whole thing is driving people nuts. And I think it’s the thing of just not knowing wtf the “departure” was that irks them all so. If I could step into the show I’d tell them all to use their Divine connection to get answers… although that may not work so well on Nora’s brother, the preacher… and writer of The Book of Kevin. lol

      And… Kevin Sr. It sounds like his weirdness started with the departure? Is he crazy or tapping into something?

      Why won’t Kevin Jr. die? lol

      It’s funny to hear Kevin Sr’s story of his time in Australia since we saw his drug induced, TV-assisted communication with Kevin Jr last year while Jr was going through his “death” last year and his visit to the “hotel”. lol

      Maybe when everyone has wigged out enough that they blow up the world, then whoever took the departed can then return them and they can start civilization over again. lol Idk

      I love this show in that something big has happened and the story happens after that and everyone is seemingly affected and yet their outer world is mostly the same, like their infrastructure didn’t take a hit, just some folks went poof! So really nothing has changed for them outwardly other than some missing people… and additional craziness in the world due to their own inward craziness.

      And that Australian gal… didn’t even go look for her kids, just assuming they’d been “departed”. Ouch.

      I will say, this is one of the more emotional shows ever. Yes, heart-tugging theme music and all.

      They could go anywhere with this show but their main objective seems to be to show how this has freaked everyone.

      In “real” life? Would they attempt an alien attack? Or the return of Jesus? Or a fake rapture? Oh, they’d do anything and everything. But they’ll be foiled. I honestly don’t know how much of those kinds of things will unfold because people are too awake for them to even attempt such at this point, but who knows.
      They are obviously flailing around so. I can’t believe how hard they are going after Alex Jones and on every front and anyone else, youtubers, bloggers, etc. if they promote truth.

      I don’t sense them really getting any traction, but lord knows what they’ll attempt. And… lord knows how much time they’ll have to attempt it. They might all get arrested soon.

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      • Well, I am not holding my breath for arrests or even ‘disclosure’. They have been saying this for years, Ben Fulford has been saying it for years, and yet we see no arrests. I think they say it so we don’t all go team arrest on them and lynch them. Forget the arrests, they all pretty much admit they are harming humanity for control, money and their entertainment. As for a fake rapture, I can just see it play out just like in this show. It would make the ‘unbelievers’ think again, and the believers saying I told you so, but then going mad as they thought they would be raptured too. Leaves most of them deeply disturbed about why they are left overs. I know many are awake, but if one of their family just ‘poof’ed out of this reality, they sure might question it. I would not question it, only where they went, but would know it was not a rapture. Try telling that to all those who still believe the Bible is literal. It would create the kind of chaos they would need for the agenda they have had for hundreds of years. They all have been ‘touched’ in some way. Kevin Sr. stopped the rain by singing on the tape, so he was clueless until the rapture in which he started hearing voices, then was told to go to Australia. But he is now screwed because he fell on the last one who was to give him the song for the songline he was to sing.
        Yes, they don’t want the truth to come out, Alex Jones is a big picture person, and has been able to discern what they are up to, and recently he announced what was going on in his marriage, which the press loved to twist and make it sound like he was the bad guy. His wife had some sort of mental breakdown, and spent 6 weeks in Arizona. Then she was the one trying to get sole custody of their kids and Alex was amazed how they tried to give him sole custody because she was wanting sole custody in which he stated atter she completes some things, it was to be joint custody at his request because he isn’t some kind of alienator like the press tried to depict him as. The truth can make one sound mad, and that is what they do to Alex. Even in the spiritual genre, where now they are trying to discount Corey Good where even Karey Cassidy is saying he is lying…and are we ever going to get to the bottom of the whole thing…the disclosure which never seems to happen, or does once all who covered it up are dead. It would be so cool if anyone told a lie, some loud horn would sound and everyone would know they are lying. I am just ready for it all to come out…DISCLOSURE ALREADY…..ARRESTS ALREADY!!!!
        Recently a Dutch banker came out to tell how he grew a conscience during his job and how they all laughed when they ruined Italy’s economy, much like they planned here, but then they wanted him to sacrifice a child, which is how they blackmail those in power and who work for the industry of banking cartel, and he wouldn’t do it. He says they sign a contract to not name names when they get into that business, and he couldn’t name names, and that he says was probably the only reason he is still alive. He eventually quit because he no longer wanted to do the things he was doing, ruining people’s lives, and could not be blackmailed since he refused to sacrifice a child. Video here:
        Even video is coming out of Angelina Jolie doing one of these rituals where many of these stars admit to ‘selling their souls’ for fame:
        So as all these things come out and the truth is being revealed, nothing would surprise me if they did some fake rapture with a hologram Jesus. The Pope is waiting for Enki to come back, and of course, he will baptize him too….LOL, it’s a dark dark rabbit hole to go down. Most will put their heads in the sand, but to look at it is almost maddening. The sheer dark horrific agenda and things they have done is enough to make you scream ‘WHY!’ How anyone can do those things is beyond me but can’t allow myself to be swallowed up by it….like in the show, The Leftovers, it has consumed everyone who was ‘touched’ by the rapture, or fake rapture. Remember the part where some guy tells her that she can go visit her children with some device they had to help her get there, some radiation device? She concluded they were just being vaporized and were not actually meeting up with their families. This is the kind of mentality that is disturbing to believe that you have to believe in someone who is going to save you and get you to heaven. It’s more like a harvest of souls…and maybe they will come back and re-habitate the earth once all the Leftovers have killed each other off! (Looking out the window….’I wonder’….LOL) 😉

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        • See this article and my comment to it, which is actually drawing a fair amount of traffic… what’s that tell ya?!

          Yeah, I must admit, that I’ve been surprised a few times in recent years when discovering what LWs DON’T know.

          Me thinks that many a LW, for many years, very intentionally avoided looking at the dark side of the mundane level. Of course that also meant not looking at their own darkness, mostly because it’s difficult to know what is dark, disempowered, dysfunctional when you aren’t willing to look at what the real “cause” behind all the programs is… and yep, things in this world are rather creepy.

          Then, bring us up to recent years and I feel that we forerunners and the Divine (both inwardly and through solar flares, etc) have literally pushed, pulled, prodded to get LWs far enough along to make their Divine connection so they can hold higher light in the world… and yes, in a way surprisingly, now they are having to learn the truth about the mundane world and who the players are. They really ought to be equipped to handle it now, but then again not. Kinda like the best practice and workout for one sport is to actually play THAT sport and not another. What prepares one to face the darkness is to face the darkness. They’ve avoided the practice. I kinda anticipate a shattering of belief system (which I just saw someone abbreviated as b.s. ha, ha. Perfect!) with LWs. I think the biggest part of it will be “I’ve been putting my energies towards what?!”… because they haven’t learned about the mundane world and what is what and who is who.

          And… today’s Ramble Award goes to… *drumroll* TYM!
          (the crowd goes wild!) *raaarrrh*

          “Well, I am not holding my breath for arrests or even ‘disclosure’. “

          I’ve never been one to even give a crap about such. Most of that is more distraction and “outer savior” kinda crap. But! I feel like it’s the cabal themselves that are pushing the hardest for it right now. It may be the only thing that stops them.

          Now, it’d be a whole other thing if there were even MORE people awake and at least somewhat more empowered, then just their sheer knowledge and changing their choices, etc and things change quickly “out there” in 3Dville. But there are still too many “useful idiots” out there doing the cabal’s bidding. I know, I know, you’d love to see some arrests, etc… yep, I would too, I must admit, even though really never putting my energies in even thinking of such until recently. But our personal reasons are really rather whimsical. But those who are still whole-heartedly supporting cabal candidates because they don’t know any better, it is THEY who actually NEED these folks to be arrested / indicted / imprisoned, not because of vengeance or even justice but because of TRUTH. Life and the Divine and all the light streaming into this world through many avenues INSIST that folks know the Truth. They’ll only get more insistent. “In yer face!”


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