“This Is SO Hard!”

This whole healing and ascension thing can be quite challenging.  Yep, sure can be.

And yet each and everyone of us is a powerful creator who creates through our Thoughts, Words and Deeds.  Are you sure you want to make an already challenging experience worse yet by constantly telling yourself “It’s so hard!”

My own healing and ascension process was challenging, but I really don’t recall myself saying that whole “it’s so hard” bit.

I’ve said similar though since I’ve been used to energetically assist all the people out there who keep making things worse by constantly telling themselves how hard it is.  And yet we forerunners just forged on, gave our feedback to God, stepped up to do our part when God worked to change things up for that whole situation.

Are you all ready yet to release the “It’s so hard” paradigm?  Clean up your language then!  Enough with refreshing your own “It’s so hard” program.


9 thoughts on ““This Is SO Hard!”

  1. I see your point.

    “It’s so hard,” is one of my favs. It has been “Hard.” I reserve the right to acknowledge “It’s hard.”

    After all, it need not come from the “Victim” mind set; kicking and screaming about how f’in hard it’s been being victim to (Name the terrible awful somethin’ somethin’ that’s caused the “It’s so hard” that started the walk upon the long path to move past it).

    I get what you said, GAF. And it’s appreciated. At some point, a person’s gotta just suck it up, roll up the sleeves and “Do” what’s needed to “Do.” Will it be hard? Yep. Most things worth anything come from some sort of challenge, and we evolve by success (and ALSO surviving those awful terrible “It’s so hard” failures which IS success). LOL

    This call to moving past the “It’s so hard” comes at a good time for me. There is this inner voice that says, “It’s so hard.” A few decades ago, that voices was part of a very active victim mentality. Did I move past the victim? I think so…I take my licks, doll a few out myself…that voice keeps saying, “It’s so hard,” and I acknowledge it because it’s true. But that voices used to be pretty helpless (victim). Now…I think it’s just stating a fact, and the will engages to do the work anyway…say what needs to be said, encourage, fight…advocate…love.

    For some, being able to say, “It’s so hard” is a step up from “I can’t do this…it’s TOO hard.” What’s next after, “It’s so hard?” Just doing? I think I’m just about there. Stay tuned!

    Thanks for the wise words! Comes at a perfect time.

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    • Just like suffering and struggle – it’s a choice.

      And don’t think I’m saying “don’t express how ya feel”. Oh no. Just hey, if ya monitor your thoughts and words, are you using the expression as yeah, a statement of fact, an actual vent / true release or just refreshing the old program? No one will know better than yourself. You’re the one that is facing the consequences of “It’s so hard!”

      And yeah, purely just thinking or talking about something is one thing and may have no investment or “charge” or attachment associated with it at all, but if there’s a lot of feeling energy going toward that also then yes, hard is what you are creating. Maybe it’s time to change things up a bit. As the post said, “Are you ready…?” A choice.

      I knew this would resonate with you and yet about more than you. This isn’t just purely personal stuff at this point. We’re at a point where we can really lay in a new energy for the collective. It’s time. Time for all of us to let go of “hard”. We don’t need to get all judgy about how we have been / used to be… just let it go now.

      I also thought to come at the message from a different angle. Rather than proclaim we can have it easy, instead let those who hear themselves say “hard” see the title. Those who are done with the “hard” may not even care to read it and they don’t need to.

      I’m feeling an uptick in energy here and it feels good and I’m letting it and encouraging others to do so also.


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  2. Can’t lives on won’t street…I always use to tell my grandson when he would say ‘I can’t’.
    3D is hard, we knew it when we came here, but sometimes we choose the hard way because we look at the easy way and say….’That is too good to be true’, with the mentality that only good comes the hard way. If all we had to do was close our eyes, and click our ruby slippers, instead of the dark scarey woods path…why wouldn’t we chose that? It’s just like I say with relationshits ‘True unconditional love is effortless, doesn’t require work, and one might question that it is just too easy’. When I hit roadblocks or challenges that knock me on my arse, I came to realize, I was just going about it all wrong, I needed to look the other way, and not be so hard on myself. Never saw any of my so called ‘failures’ as such, but only as a success for only the fact that I braved it out, had to courage to ‘try’, and it is the ‘trying’ and ‘doing’ that if for lack of a better word, failures, but not mistakes….totally two different things, and by no coincidence that you have chosen this or that. It’s love in action, and not fear in action…and all for ‘the easy button’. LOL Now, back to the bonfire! 😉

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    • Get this… of all the places to pick up a message… the other day, purely for something to do, I started to look at houses for sale online. There was one place that musta housed someone with a substantial amount of Earth element as this place had every space on the walls filled, very busy, very colorful, huge collection of stuff.

      Well, from a photo of the kitchen I could read this plaque on the wall – “Without scared, we couldn’t do brave.”

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  3. I love it!

    “without Scared, We couldn’t do brave.”

    I like to use the word, “Courageous” instead of “Fearless.”

    Did you ever hear the saying, “He who goes through life unwounded is either very lucky or a great coward.” I like that one ‘specially.

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    • See now, you say hard and wince in my direction, now I’m gonna say mistakes and wince in TYM’s direction. lol

      There’s the old quote about – those who don’t make mistakes don’t make much at all. Yeah, too scared (!) to make a mistake or get a factoid wrong or something so don’t do or say much of anything.

      And Sophia Loren said mistakes are the price we pay for success.

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    • Yes, Courage is a soul-centered quality. So courageous to even step foot here. lol

      And I like to say that being “fearless” / letting go of fear does not mean being stupid. lol

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