Ascension Update – the sequel

Playing cards with God again:

The Magician
Spiritual path of self-control.
This is about those who are not “on path” yet.  Time to get on path.

10 of Cups
Strong friendships or love brighten your existence.
This is pretty much about everyone.
(How’s that for good news?!)

9 of Swords
This card indicates a time of great misery, sadness, and depression.
This is about those who intentionally follow the dark.  The cabal basically.


8 thoughts on “Ascension Update – the sequel

  1. That is interesting! I love sequels and ponder….
    Oh, the distractions, I was watching some of Kerry Cassidy’s videos on youtube, and William Thompkins who got involved in the development of making spaceships at the urgency of the ‘Nordics’ whom want to rid the planet and others of the Dracos (our current cabal) and the raptors (helping the Dracos) whom manipulated humanity and control this planet. Nothing new in this except they are so dang old, they finally want to admit the covert things they did and how when they landed on the moon, the Dracos were there watching, and the dark side of the moon, a base…DUH, we knew they were there…and how they put a freemason plack and a freemason flag on there before the American flag, which obviously, we were not the first ones there, besides the Dracos, and how Germany had been working with the Dracos since before world war II. He just released this info in his new book “Selected by the Extraterrestrials’. He also stated that most of the presidents we have had are Dracos, but Trump wasn’t and that is why they are having such a hard time with it, that it is because of just three people but then he stopped himself, saying he already said too much and now won’t even answer her calls. Not that I like watching Kerry’s interviews, she has gotten better at letting them talk, but she always interrupts them, and I know she has her point to make but it gets annoying. He had to keep telling, ‘now wait a minute’ so he could finish his thought…each time he tells his story, it is the same so I think he is telling the truth but he cannot tell everything, as his partner who helped write the book Robert wanted it all out, full disclosure, but of course they still don’t want to tell us everything….I think they know we will rise up and annihilate them. Anyway, haven’t watched any of her videos lately, but it’s most of them are all about this secret space program we all know exists so out with it already! I don’t like being spoonfed info like I can’t handle the truth and it would freak me out, nothing surprises me anymore, so…..waiting for the other shoe to drop! LOL 😉


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