3D Earth

Just a few things to understand about 3D Earth that then may in turn help one understand more about the ascension.  As always, I encourage you to take further questions to the Divine.

The Original Intent for our co-creation here on Earth was that it would be 3D and Dualistic.

But it didn’t stay at that level.  Because the whole free-will thing got hijacked by the cabal, the separation paradigm got even more intense.  It could be said that both at a “world” level (I mean the realm we co-created as opposed to the planet herself) and at an individual level, you could think of it being sub-3D levels but yeah, it definitely affected the planet.

As I’d said in the Planetary Ascension Project Overview (Review?!) post we are not here to ascend Earth, but Gaia.  Gaia has been ascension-ready since early 2013.  She’s set.  She and the first wave cool our heels as we wait for the lightworkers to get their feet under themselves so they can hold things together for 3D / 4D Earth.

So, I’m told that any gridwork being done in recent years is really about Earth, not Gaia.  And if we are not ascending Earth, what is that gridwork about?  It’s to bring the Earth grid out of sub-3D and up to a FULL 3D level.  It helps to release old paradigm stuff that, yes, was even MORE dense than just 3D normal levels.  And the grid release then in turn helps people release from those sub-3D levels.

Then, at the same time, there are many lightworkers who are bringing in and holding light in the world, to lead by example, to offer another choice, another option, to make it more apparent.  Every chance being offered.

In the What of the body during ascension? post, I describe how this same sort of thing is the case for a person’s 3D carbon-based body.  The 3D body does NOT convert into a 5D crystalline body, so ya could say that we are NOT ascending our 3D carbon-based body, just like we are NOT ascending Earth.

Our 3D carbon-based body and our 5D crystalline body (resulting from the ascension process) are two very distinct bodies.  You’ll be in your 3D body until you transition IN FULL and then don your crystalline body in 5D.

But the 3D body had been at sub-3D levels also, just like Earth, so the healing and ascension process reactivates everything in the body so one has FULL 3D capacity at the physical level.  And you can bet that one’s consciousness levels – so then also thoughts, words & deeds – play a role in getting one’s physicality working more fully.  Everything is interconnected.

As I’ve said in these other posts, 3D will remain 3D and whoever chooses to stay at that CONSCIOUSNESS level, for however long, can do so.

And while any of us are still here, regardless of what level of consciousness, while in the 3D world, pre-ascended, we’ll be in our 3D carbon-based body.

And our 5D creations are in 5D.

I saw that Gaia Portal had recently said:

“Assistance comes as dark hu-beings require.”

Again, this is another re-minder, even though there is still long, ongoing catastrophic stuff that will remain a part of the 3D experience, no HUGE and SUDDEN catastrophic events are being allowed to happen.  If CERN actually punches a hole, the angels patch it over.  If a missile, especially nuclear, gets launched when that’s just not gonna work out well, it gets dealt with in some safe way by ETs.  If some harmful energy starts to reach some critical point lightworkers may be transmuting it.  Individuals’ own creations are not being interfered with, but all this assistance buys folks time.

I had to laugh (or as my cockney friend says, “I gotter larf.”)   The inspiration for my post Fear showed up the other day.  They responded to the Savin’ Me post basically saying that I’m worth saving.  Ah, ha, ha.  They are implying that’s why one day they tried to fill my comments with fears and worries about “what they are doing with colliders” or whatever.  LOL  *shaking head*  Still clueless I see.  Very, VERY clueless.



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  1. Yes, so in the upgraded 3d or the actual intended 3d with the free will, is the fear porn still gonna be running their programs? Not that I care to be in the 3d realm, and am ready to get on with the show. Thank you for clarifying the difference between Gaia and earth. As many feel Gaia and earth are the same thing, but that earth is really the carbon based body Gaia has been inhabiting. That makes things so much clearer and ‘the meek shall inhabit the earth’. Now I understand….would earth then be inhabited by another being like Gaia or would it pretty much just be a rock in space? I have understood the other planets are also beings, and I understood that our consciousness and free will had been hijacked as Gaia’s had, and she took herself thru a different way, thru the sun, pulling these creations with her, but that once she ascends to 5D will she inhabit a crystaline earth, a new earth, like Dolores Cannon describes. So very fascinating to me, if you could explain Gaia, a planetary being, as in there are more of them and the intent of her being as she ascends into 5d. 😉


    • “… earth is really the carbon based body Gaia has been inhabiting.”


      In the Planetary Ascension Project… post, I disclosed that in early 2015 Earth was assigned a new soul essence.

      Ooh boy, your fear porn question… I’m getting now that essentially the recent gridwork (such as Sandra Walters has done) is getting rid of such from the Earth grid, but it’s still up to folks to clear their own fears, it’s just that now that really dense crap is no longer anchored into the Earth grid.

      So, what I’m guessing is… that after whoever is going to ascend finally does (down the road a ways) and whoever is going to pass through the death portal is also gone, then those who insist on having the Mad Max adventure will yes, inherit a rather scorched Earth. And yet, boy, I don’t know how bad things will have to be / get before God decides that all that are currently ascension-ready get to go home… and abandon whoever hasn’t turned to the light.

      Hell maybe they’ll all be turned around, the cabal included. We’d be clinking glasses with Obummer and Killery and maybe Kaine and McCain (son of Cain) and be laughing about what complete psychopathic assholes they were.

      Yep, I understand Gaia will be very Earth-like, have that same “form”, just as our bodies will have human form, but yes, in a crystalline bod.

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      • THANKS!!! )Lightbulb goes on….DUH, rolling eyes) I finally understand this, all the while, my mind distracting me from understanding it all, thinking the earth spit and new earth was one in the same…and that is what I get for ‘thinking’….LOL. 😉


        • Someone has left likes on posts here and their little icon looks like a button that says “Don’t believe everything you think.” lol Love it.

          Yeah, well, now that the lightbulb came on, I look forward to hearing what more you might learn about such things now that you can ask the Divine intelligent questions. LOL 😉 Omg! What rabbit holes await us now?!

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  2. oh, I am always talking to the Divine, it is only that I must listen or I suppose that the Divine sends me to your blog or some video or even my 5 year old granddaughter..out of the mouth of babes!!!! It’s not that I don’t talk or listen….just sometimes ‘thinking’ gets in the way…yes, get out of my own way! Cheers! Glasses clinking and oh what the fireside chat might go now and what rabbit holes we may go…silly rabbit! LOL


    • Yeah, well, see I’ve got the advantage on ya ‘cuz these days my pea brain isn’t working so well, so it’s tougher for it to get in the way. 😉 I literally feel like I’m in a fog most of the time (and sadly toking actually helps me think better many times… or at least makes the brain fog feel “right”, lol) and yet my frickin’ intuition works and thank God since that’s about all that’s left. Where am I now, 3rd grade vocabulary? lol I think this may fit all definitions of delirium. Ooh! Look at that big word. lol Hmph.

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      • LOL…that is what you learn in college..big words for things you didn’t have a name for…like the conversation with yourself inside your head..intrapersonal communication….who knew! LOL I know what you mean about fog…I think it’s in part exhaustion for all the work done and nothin’ wrong with a toke to clear things up….LOL, but I know all that stuff about Gaia, and filed it away in some folder, ‘look at later’ and lost it…bahahahahahaha. 😉

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        • Speaking of words… I was thinking that dictionaries reveal Duality. I’m looking up words all the time because I want to know the word origin / true vibration of words. Then I read the conventional definitions and there are so many cases where the same word will have two different definitions that are like polar opposites. And this is why I caution folks to make efforts to say how you yourself define terms so there’s some real chance at communication.

          One word I’d noticed this polarization / duality about was “selfhood” (and right in line with our conversations). One conventional definition is like a “selfish” and “egotistical” sort of thing and another definition is more like claiming one’s sovereignty, living one’s own life and own agenda, allowing for their own individuated experience (not being “slothful”).

          I was conversing with someone and this word selfhood was used and it took a while but I realized we were not thinking of it the same way. And it took context quite a while before it clued me in that we were no where’s near on the same sheet of music about this word and hence our whole conversation, well, just really wasn’t even happening.


          • Yes, it is fascinating the study of words, they have a name for that too but I can’t remember it…LOL
            like the word blessed, b less is what it breaks down to and legalese is so much more distorted as in ‘suffering’ is ‘giving permission’ so yes, you might think you are conversing and know what the word means but it can and could have a totally different meaning in context. That is interesting about selfhood.


            • And now… just thinking again, to do with words…
              I’m not gonna remember who had said this, but… the whole Great Year / Grand Cycle / 26,000 (26?) year thing and then the dualistic parts of Light (Golden) Age / Dark Age oscillation or as this dude said the Mayans expressed more as a breathing in and breathing out rather than an up / down or light / dark kinda thing… he’d said that depending on where Earthlings were in the Grand Cycle – a breathing in or out – then their language may have different / opposite meanings. And I kinda get the sense that it was ultimately in reference to “the Golden Age” sorta thing.

              But… words that we use to indicate a future event, the ancients used it to indicate a past event and vise versa… breathing in or breathing out. Perspective in some way and yes, seemingly to some cyclic event that is either looked forward to or fondly remembered.

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  3. Man! I’m feelin’ the drain, too.

    Regarding the “Gaia vs. Earth.” I was reading your summation of that, and I had my own “Click/Pop.” so thank for that!

    I had an insight sometime last year. I was connected to my own sources in a discussion about “Gaia” and how important it is to connect to her energetically. It goes something like….Consciously grounding ALL of our experiences (good or bad…but especially the negative) and channelling these energetics to her while we live within her “realm” with her. She then takes these…and she transmutes them for her own purposes. She is her own incarnation…global incarnation if you will of which we are INTRINSIC; we are connected to her in this way. She, of her own advancement and knowing, is exactly capable of doing with this channelled energetic experience to create what must be created for her/this ascension process (her advancement?).

    I’d never quite understood the full context of this (for me anyway) until I read what was written here the other day (read it this morning). “Ah ha!” Got it.

    Last year, I practiced with it for a while, but as I was just reminded by source this morning about how indolent and slothful I’ve been. Time to formalize it back into a conscious practice. So with “Faith,” I imagine all the good and the bad that is happening to me in a moment, and I immediately ground my energetics into the Earth (which is Gaia), and I channel the experience in faith…that it will be transmuted (and…it is). I let go of any intention or idea about what that might (what would I know of a planet’s soul??) be knowing Gaia WILL have complete ability to know what needs to be done with it. It is a symbiosis, and in return…Woh….I GET GROUNDED! And an upwelling of “Connection” force then comes right back up that channel for me, to engage…which I animate…and which also defuses out into the ALL…that is connected to…every other set of planted feet (hoof, fin..crawling and creeping thing that “Lives” on the Earth).

    for me…It’s a very empower and validating exercise through which I DO feel incredibly connected. I’ve been learning a GREAT deal of things this last 7 years, but…like I said…been incredibly indolent and self indulgent in a fairly powerful “Victim” ego state (which has had a LOT of clearing…THANK GOD!). And conditioned responses DO tend towards a LOT of rest and introspection without which I get incredibly toxic…for now…until I get moving on active transmuting which I HAVE, admittedly, procrastinated.

    AND LATELY…like this last week…something is playing havoc with my energetics…grumpy…super exhausted…can hardly move! Of course, I did almost get fired for engaging my last work battle (INTENSE)…had to engage that part of me that is terrified of having to deal with the consequences other’s can hand out (there is a price to pay for integrity, and it’s not me begging for it…far from it, but…spirit asserts…and the price will be paid one way or the other). Trying to rest up, but spirit is like…”Get the fuck off your ass…and MOVE!”

    Thanks for the validation, you guys. I really super appreciate the context needed for another piece of the puzzle; been moving around lot’s of pieces trying to make ’em fit…and of course…there are a LOT of puzzle pieces. I’ve got the gutter pieces in place (like we were taught to do in pre-school…frame first), but MAN! This is like a 10,000 piece puzzle, and those damn pieces are tiny, and the picture is mosaic!!!

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    • “Consciously grounding ALL of our experiences (good or bad…but especially the negative) and channelling these energetics to her while we live within her “realm” with her. She then takes these…and she transmutes them for her own purposes.”

      It’s really never a good idea to put one’s negative energy into the planet, but that is what has happened over time because people don’t understand what they are doing.

      But MOST ESPECIALLY during a planetary ascension, hey, don’t dump your shit into the planet, not Gaia ‘cuz she’s frickin’ ascending and not Earth either ‘cuz she’s having a tough enough time as it is, help her limp along, don’t hamstring her with YOUR crap.

      YOU are to transmute your own shit! And it’s as simple as where you are sending it. Set your intention to transmute that crap and send it to Infinite Light or God… not the planet!

      Ground into the planet(s). Ground into Gaia to help you hold the ascension vision and ground into Earth TO DELIVER LIGHT TO HER and her inhabitants.

      Be a good steward to the planet you live on. You can bet that is part of the lessons to learn in order to ascend.

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      • Interesting response, GAF. Not in judgement that I say that…LOL..

        …but I will respond. Please “Hear” me.

        It’s not Ill will I send to Gaia. It is the energetics of the experience we are ALL sharing together…INCLUDING Gaia. So…for example: At work a few weeks ago, I was exposed to a lot of other peoples “Shit” as you will. It triggered mine…”Reactions” come into being for us all to be witness, for how can consequences be Hidden, really? Exalted reaction (as I’ve evolved) based on…what was given me by those fellow beings I’ve come here to work things out with…BAM! There it is. Did I melt down? A little, but mostly I engaged my own will to transmute it to a “Better” consideration of my self and them while engaging a degree of compassion.

        Gaia…great soul that she is, is in no more an exalted state as me…all come here in existence in physicality to evolve…and respond to one another. LOL

        So no, I hear your intention, but I do feel mine was misunderstood. Again, I state…it is not with “Ill” intention…it is a sharing of…experiences…both good and bad…the energetics of which I share with Gaia by doing exactly what WE do…I bring it out for all to see…and then “Do with it” what serves my…eh…”Ascension.” Gaia is right there with me…as you are…as anyone that bears witness to this conversation. No consequence is hidden, and so I don’t consequence from Gaia, either. It is shared, and by my doing…she is privy to what perspectives I’ve grown into…and by these…SHE may utilize for her own purposes. If I bear witness to another error, may I not bypass that particular process by avoiding it myself, thus…accelartate my own learning? OF COURE I CAN!! And what teachers do we willingly go to? The “Stewarding” kind, of course…if given a choice. lIfe is hard enough a teacher, My Friend…and so…let us be kind to one another.

        It is an acknowledgment of my consciousness OF HER that I share this…for her to determine what best to do with her observation of humanity by any soul WILLING to engage her CONSCIOUSLY WITH INTENT TO GO ABOUT THE HEALING OF BOTH (for DAMN…Global consciousness? I’m part of that…as are you, in what ever “Degree” we respectively find ourselves…together…in consequence or out).

        So, with tremendous respect, I hear you…I see your words…and I understand “Stewardship” intimately.

        And if I am to get the fuck off my ass as I’m being inspired to do, then I will…with my perspective…in compassion…and a will to learn…and or…reject what does and does NOT support…, and that too will I share with Gaia…with honesty…and an exalted will to evolve with her…like you, the the way I choose my path “to be” or “inspired to be.”

        Amen…to you…and myself…and Gaia…who I trust is far more capable of her own…transmutations of ALL that is created here…through time in connection with EVERY SINGLE element by which we are ALL intrinicly connected HOLISTICALLY.

        I may have been here many many lives…just as you have, GAF…and She? Oh…far longer even as she prepared herself for our inception to do…this very interesting work.

        Again…please hear me…

        I’M…Not quite as inept as perhaps…I’ve maybe proven in my inhibition to be…open. As you see here…a censure…not coming from me…in my words useD…, and again…I find here an opportunity to circumvent a conditioning to NOT speak…and continue a pattern that is NOT helpful to…”Ascension.”

        Just saying…Did we not speak of compassion already?

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          • ROFL….well….you are completely psychic. You answered my question in THE MOST ironic humor I have ever been witness…GENINI SUPER POWER…activate!

            And so…in these ways, Gaia ascends (bowing acquiescence to his Lordship…and…the Jester has his cue to be excused from court). “To his good health.”

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        • Ok, I read this now.

          Excuse me while I take care of myself (oh wait, did you miss that part? … that we spoke of SO much? … that you read about so much here?)

          … while you there Mr. Entitlement, seemingly have some personal meltdown you’d love to drag me into, but no thanks, I’m not interested.

          I have my own agenda and you could take your “GAF, drop every frickin’ thing and ‘hop to’ my emotional rescue” attitude to someone who perhaps will charge you for their time. Perhaps they in their own dysfunction would love to “come to your emotional rescue.” I’ve done plenty for you, both before you knew of me and since.

          I thought you were ready to put your big kid pants on but you’d rather run around “out there” looking for someone to go ’round with, someone to distract yourself from yourself because a little energy has got you unsettled today…. when a little “sit within yourself” time would serve you best.

          You can come or go or do whatever you God blessed well please, but in case you’re just a little slow on the uptake, whether I have a little discussion with you about this or not, I will not be “hop to-ing” for you or anyone else. Capiche? I will practice what I preach and TAKE CARE OF MYSELF FIRST AND FOREMOST. Your “personal emergency” is not my problem.

          Why did I say what I did… and nothing else? I was guided to. What you do with it is up to you.

          I have absorbed very little of what you have said here today and I had no draw to look at any of it for hours and have no desire to try to make heads or tails of it. Again, not my problem.

          I don’t owe you shit Brian! You haven’t SAID I do, you just ACTED LIKE IT today.

          Now, if and when you get over your little speed bump and pull your big kid pants on and take your “hop to” attitude and shove it up your ass, then you can come back around if you’d like. Hell, you can bring that “hop to” attitude with, but it still won’t get you anything different here. Your impatience and your addictive way of using people as a distraction is not my problem. Can’t get blood from a stone dude AND I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO LOOK OUT FOR MYSELF AND WILL WHETHER YOU WANT TO HAVE A TANTRUM OVER IT OR NOT!

          Btw, gee, anywhere in our conversation or in reading my blog, have you gotten the idea that I’M TIRED! ? Almost all of my energy these days goes TO ME. Why? Because I don’t have much left, ya know, FROM ALL I’VE ALREADY DONE FOR YOU BRIAN!!!

          And I fall from your graces or something (please) ‘cuz you want what? one on one consolation or something at the drop of a hat? Wtf Brian?! I’m not here to help you be distracted.

          Leave me out of whatever tailspin you’re in today.

          Ok, I’ll be getting back to this now:

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          • okay…okay (geez). Got it. Your work is done. Rest. Peace. I’m gonna take a feather from you hat, My friend. Got the message yesterday…totally validated…”GET OUT OF THE INTERNET! Develop your own perspective…find strength in that and stop seek validation OUTSIDE of YOURSELF. Allow other perspective to stand true within its own source. Hold your own bounderies” Thank you, God. NOW I understand what that means.

            GAF…absolutely TRUE.


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            • Cool my friend.

              And make no mistake, I don’t have a problem you being here and saying whatever and if and when I’m ready to read and respond I will and with whatever comes up and yep, is “permitted”. If it’s soon enough or to your taste, then it is and if not, then not.

              Yes, I’m not surprised about the “get off the internet” sort of message and obviously I did indeed put an exclamation point on that for the Divine.

              Be still and quiet. Sit within yourself. Too much noise otherwise. Enough with the distractions and headless chicken act.

              I know you got the message. Now just follow that guidance.

              And know… I’m never not with you. I’m always with you. You’re drawing on my wisdom and companionship whether you realize it or not.

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  4. ALSO…GAF…

    THIS SPACE…GAIA ASCENSION FORERUNNERS…it’s your space that you created for your own purpose, and TRULY…with every fiber of my being, it is NOT my intention to thwart it’s purpose. If it is felt that I am…then say so.

    I’ve greatly enjoyed reading here. I would be content to do only that. I think you mentioned once…this space was really just a reservoir of knowledge you’ve gained from your own process…of which…many are grateful. And I just happen to be the sort that likes to engage knowledge actively, but…sure…being a passive observer I can do…but its never been my primary way of…learning.

    I am a guest here…and…”sojourn” is just a short stay. Your hospitality is actually very well received, and I am grateful for this stay. Sincerely…and heart felt, thank you.


  5. (Just laughing at MYSELF)….LOL

    Indeed. I was just telling a friend…”It was my own issue! I DID NOT listen to my own advice and ‘knowing”…and still entrenched in my own perspective” which is not a bad thing…it’s hard won! And…still…much more to come.

    I appreciate your candor.

    So…again…I remind myself…I am in YOUR Place. I meant no disrespect…and it was not right to…take offense.

    To be honest…I’m REAL tired, GAF…burned out…FRIED! It’s time to…recover, but OH…how rare it is…to be able to engage the mind…with people who DO get it…

    …but like I was also warned last week…”Mind your bounderies.” And I didn’t. So…lesson learned…and thanks for your part in that.

    Peace (and rest) be with you, Dear GAF. I WILL be continuing to read other things you present here…maybe work more on that skill of discernment I’ve also been prompted to pay attention to…more holistically (as I’ve been”practicing.”)

    thanks again…and with great respect. Thank you. ;o)

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    • Well, I’m happy to serve, no matter how round about it may have ended up being. I’m such a tool of the Divine, whether I even know it or not. That’s how it goes… when you surrender over to the Divine.

      Yep, get to know YOU. You’ve got the best advice… for you.

      And regardless, there’s that consequence thing. No matter what you end up deciding about anything, whether someone else helped you get there or not, what you can always count on is that YOU will pay the consequences – good, bad, indifferent – for your choices. Whether you’re beating yourself up or not, none of the rest of us can make your choices and none of us are paying for those choices.

      Your life is the test. You can apply my theories or yours or someone else’s, but your life will give you all the feedback that you require.

      And yep, it’s key to take it all inward, most especially so that you actually know HOW to interpret the feedback.


  6. Just an Excerpt from a dialog I had…eh…With my self…Dated May 12, 2017. You may find it interesting.

    U:And how are you liking your new friends?

    M: You mean the guys on Gaia Acsention forerunner? Oh! I’m having a really really nice time sharing with them. Is it too much? Are they ok?

    U: Yes and no. Be careful. Don’t loose track of this idea: It is meant to learn AND teach…

    …be mindful of boundaries. It IS ok to share SOME things about your process, perceptions and gifts (as far as you have shared, it is fine), but DO NOT GET INTO OR TRIGGER ego debates or entanglements of non-applicable perspectives. Your respective experiences may be equivalent, but they are NOT equal. Some things do not directly translate between your lives, and THAT is the boundary you need to pay attention to.

    If a “Truth” is expressed, but it does not tie to you…then do not attempt to make it so. Let it stand on it’s own within the source from which it came.

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    • *nodding* And as we talked about, what is the message IN THIS MOMENT? Sometimes info may be meant to be seen now, but not applied or whatever. Some resonates in a very RIGHT NOW sorta way and some may only find application down the road… if ever.

      BE PRESENT. You can’t take all steps at once, only the one right in front of you.

      And really Brian, I am tired. I know it. When do I write posts? When I have the inspiration and the energy. I’m not in the position to hold your hand or anyone’s and have no obligation to do so and doing so would be a DISservice TO YOU. You’re welcome. No really. 🙂

      I have done my best to express some key info in as simple of terms as I can and do my best to anticipate misunderstanding. But I’m frankly at the point where #1 – I’m too tired to really think of any other ways to express it and #2 – you must need something else and me repeating myself is not helping anyone… especially me.

      And NO Brian, this blog is NOT just meant for forerunners. It’s in HONOR to them, but forerunners don’t frickin’ need this info here. LOL By the time I even started this blog all the forerunners were not only long past their own process, they were almost all completely done with energetic service work, being used up and wrung out.

      This blog has a lot of basic fundamentals, many of which I see far too many LWs still fighting. Start at the beginning and it’s about as basic as can get and yet gets it covered. And the details will ALWAYS be yours to deal with.

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    • “but DO NOT GET INTO OR TRIGGER ego debates or entanglements of non-applicable perspectives”

      And if you have ever triggered any ego things in me, it’s the most basic one – survival. Brian, I’m not about to allow you to put a drain on my already depleted energy and wouldn’t want to route any energy to your drama anyway – I love ya too much to do that to ya. Again, whether you hear about it or know it or not, I won’t let it happen. You really don’t get a say in that. Now, you can buy a clue about it though and in a conscious way be a little respectful and hey, for your own sake too, quit jumping to asking someone else or even conversing with someone else when yep, you could use some “sit within yourself” time.

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      • Indeed…the Message was directled squarely AT ME…it always is. Source tends to deal with me about me.
        I am very rarely given insight into or about other people.

        Let us say…that my source knows me…VERY well (and if I paid closer attention…).

        Point taken though…and well received (again…). LOL

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          • That was Nuthin’ compared to Immediately post prison (nursing) experience….FFFFFFF********K!

            I’ve been unwinding A LOT this last two years (come August). THAT experience began a whole life time of unwinding, Had a LOT to unwind. I’d say…on a scale of
            1-10, GAF…this was about a 2–possibly 3 for me.

            And I am GRATEFUL for the compassionate response! YES. In the big picture, was it made easy? INDEED!

            So…thanks for creating a great space for that…you didn’t have to…but you did. You met me in this pace you created, I was tried…and tested. I went back and reminded myself ( by rereading what I’d already been told) of what needs (hmmmm)…”Correction.” Was it validated? INDEED! It was.

            so it is with sincere gratitude I acknowledge this exchange as…(hmmmm) a “reinforcement” of lessons learned about several things (all related to compassion…as already disclosed in other conversations) within contexts I’ve had to neglect for…reasons net yet aware of (but making up for lost time as are many)

            …I’d be a fool to not engage a significant degree of some humility in this “Hue-force”…stampeding all the f**k over my ass! LOL

            so yes…defanately felt it (Damn). ROFL

            You are a scholar and a gentleman…well…Not particularly “Gentle” per se, but you got the point across (giggling) through a venue of compassion not easily seen by many.

            I’m squared with myself. Gracias, Mi Amigo…Muchos Gracias! Danke schön. Wir lernen zusammen!

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            • Just because you don’t hear my communications the first time (or few times) and those communications then need to get louder and more in your face for you to hear… does not make ME “not particularly gentle”. I was downright magnanimous with you. Gentle didn’t work… obviously. Whatever chance I gave, you took… and then some. Such as it is with boundary abusers. Remember what I said about how hard the slap awake needs to be is determined more by the one on the receiving end! There’s not a thing I’d told you yesterday that had not been said before.

              “When we talk about compassion we talk in terms of being kind. But compassion is not so much being kind; it is being creative [enough] to wake a person up.” ~ Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoch

              And at any time in this… compassion coming back this way would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been through a lot and yep, you and everyone can remind yourself IT WAS FOR YOU. It was. I didn’t even need to know you. There’s some love and compassion for ya.

              But you’re so concerned about compassion coming TO you. And so concerned about others violating YOUR boundaries but you don’t respect others’ boundaries.

              Liked by 2 people

  7. I’m just gonna go about…continue reading…I will understand…or I will not. If not…likely, events and circumstances will bring about the context (I tend to bring it about myself)…but should I chose to “Wait”…as you said (and the validation of this manifests…VERY VERY quickly these days) life will present the answer. It really always has…but awareness for many quickens, GAF.

    Even in my period of respite, I find battles when I would rather seek peace…and I do try…and more then not these days, find some degree.

    Thanks agin, GAF…and thanks for your insights. And your advice is well received…and heard.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. It’s fine, GAF. I’m remembering: Only 10% of communication is the actual words, and super hard to communicate effectively in writing. If you had heard me speak what I’d written, you would have heard…rye humor…some irony (light hearted irony…)…and you’d have heard some admiration because I tend not to approach people with the degree of assertive courage you’ve shown. I tend to have to get angry to do that, so I admire in others that have mastered what I have not. And I mean that.

    I bet you have a wicked sense of humor (Gemini/Taurus AND Sag?)…super Sharp…and worthy of respect.

    It’s gonna be a hot one today. Partner’s daughter got a kiddy pool for 7 bucks, and it’s hilarious…She passed all her finals today with a 4.0, so…We’re having a kiddy pool party…

    Gotta let the inner kid out to have some fun! Feels like Summer already! Yay!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, I DO have a sense of humor.

      And I’ll bet you have a sense of when NOT to be joking around… or worse yet, to claim you’re joking when you’re really not.

      Use that sense NOW.

      Liked by 2 people

    • You’re looking in the mirror on the hubris thing. But you’re not seeing Hue-Forces there. Nope, not yet. You insist on playing small… and petty and yet think you’re all that. No, not so much honey.

      You’d obviously been itching to leave. So leave. Gee, sorry I didn’t hold yer hand enough for ya there Mr. Underoos. Not.

      No one’s beggin’ ya to stay or gettin’ in the way. Oh wait, LOL, is that what you were hoping for? Ah, ha, ha. Don’t let the door hit ya in the ass.

      You showed up with a chip on your shoulder yesterday and yet didn’t have guts enough to just say goodbye, ya know, so you can run and find someone who’s actually willing to hold your hand. Nope had to get all drama queen. Ok, in that regard, no Brian YOU WON. Goodbye. Ya coulda just said that. lol

      You lost as far as the current healing theme that you have going on – BOUNDARIES! Yep, fell right on your face. Someone needs to make up a new “Clinton RAPE” T-shirt with your face on it and it says, “BOUNDARY VIOLATOR”.

      You’ve got the down side of the water element in spades – passive-aggressive control freak who just loves to play the victim / martyr / blame game while you attempt to cast everyone else in the role of villain. Didn’t get far with that here, huh?!

      All that watery dysfunction does make you quite ab-usive.

      But Life and the Divine will give you plenty of opportunities to finally respect others’ boundaries. And they’ll get as loud and in yer face as you need. FAR more so that I ever could. Because Life shows you YOUR OWN creations, even when you attempt to shift Responsibility for them onto anything but you. And the Divine loves you too much to leave your head that far up your ass.

      Please use the DONATE BUTTON on your way out.


    • The mountain that was in close encounters they say has a root system under it and they say it might be a petrified old HUGE tree that is so interesting, if trees actually got that high and big….boggles the mind! ❤

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