Ascension Update… the Third

God was in the mood for cards again.  So, Tarot reading:

  • Rebirth / transformation
  • Beware of burning bridges
  • Time to get on or strengthen your spiritual path


I’m told this is about the most sleepy folks.  These would be the folks who are really duped by the cabal and their msm stooges.

As I was going through this reading, “libtard” kept coming up in my head.  lol  I always say the “lib” part of that is not the issue, it’s the “tard” part.  And frankly what does the left, “Democrats”, have to do with true liberalism, especially these days?!  They epitomize hypocrisy.  They are illiberal / anti-liberal.  Communist, socialist, authoritarian, totalitarian are better descriptions of the left and also their fellow cabal-stooge counterparts on the right.

Being “liberal”, well, what most folks would consider true liberalism, is not an issue, but many on the left are retarded in their knowledge of the reality of this world situation.

In general, the folks right of center are more awake currently to the global cabal and their players and tactics.  When the folks left of center wake up to it, they may or may not abandon some of their liberal ideals.  This isn’t about left or right.  That used-to-be libtard is not necessarily going to suddenly become a conservative.

And that first card is the biggy.  What would spur a rebirth / transformation in the most sleepy of the sleepy?  Perhaps a MOATB – Mother of All Truth Bombs!  Here it comes…


4 thoughts on “Ascension Update… the Third

  1. Oh yeah, getting insane out there…heard some of the hollywood stars got together and put out a blood murial of Trump and their ritual magic to get rid of him. Not understanding the whole against Trump thing accept that they are the ones who side with the cabal and have lost their friggn’ minds because everything they have tried has not slowed him down, or swayed anyone else to impeach him with no evidence. The snowflakes are melting, especially after the withdrawl of the Parris Climate change agreement, and glad he did, as we all know that was just another coup to line the cabal elites pocket and to further the agenda 2030 process of throwing us all into socialism and the fake global warning.
    Who needs tv when you got politicians and the right and left going insane before our eyes!
    Speaking of TV, the series finale for ‘The Leftovers’ was yesterday, and I watched it. I had some clue and change in my prediction of the departed were taken by aliens, as in when Kevin drowned and died, he went to a parallel dimension where he was the President about to set off nuclear holocaust because everyone expected something to happen after the 7 year anniversary. I started to think that they didn’t go on some space ship but into a parallel dimension on that episode. And then validated this time after Nora, or the Book of Nora just aired, and how realities split on two different timelines, and she knew she didn’t belong there. Interesting as that explains the departed didn’t actually go anywhere, they were still there but in a different dimension, as the timelines spit, and to those there on that timeline, the others were the departed…crazy…huh?
    Interesting card reading here…I had been seeing the number prompts 144 for a while, and eventually figured out that I was to get back into my spiritual path and working on things…my hiatus is over. It’s especially hard to carve out time for this in my world here, but working on it never-the-less. The Mother of All Truth Bombs…right on! Here we go, buckle your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride! WHEEEEEEEE! 🙂


    • I’d heard Macron invited any Americans, who are upset with Trump’s Paris Climate Change Agreement decision, to move to France. See ya! Are they gone yet?

      I cannot comment… or even read further… I’ve not watched the last episode of The Leftovers. LOL


    • More TV. I’ve been watching The Handmaid’s Tale. Some conversation:

      “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop, as the good book says.”
      “Yeah… You know that’s not actually in the Bible, right?”
      Laughing, “No, it’s not. But there is a verse about idleness making the house fall apart.”

      I thought – that’s a bit of a different message… especially if you consider… I’ve seen dream interpretation info that basically said that dreams of houses, especially cleaning, repairs or remodeling has to do with, well, one’s inner work.


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