Ascension Update – IV

That is a roman numeral for 4… but it also looks like I.V.  lol  Hook me up!

More card-playing with God.  Tarot reading:

  • muddled thinking has lead to a serious misjudgment
  • you must relinquish some of your self-imposed responsibilities in order to achieve any of your goals
  • you are more intuitive than usual and should trust your instincts

I’m told this is about the ~6 million lightworkers (LWs) who have completed recently.

The muddled thinking has to do with the mundane world.  Some of these LWs don’t really understand the truth of the mundane and hence have been putting their energies into things they really don’t want, for themselves or the world, but they don’t understand that is what they are doing.  Ask for the truth of things to be brought to you… but then you’ll have to actually be open to it… even when it beats against your be-lie-f system.

Relinquishing self-imposed responsibilities – time to get their priorities straight and this ASCENSION PROJECT is their priority now.  If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.  Let go of all the headless chicken activity and FOCUS on light work!  Basically about Intention and also about making oneself “available” to others.  Making your life simple and uncomplicated and slowing down, being present and responsible (able to respond) so as to be a Spiritual Minuteman / Spiritual Opportunist.  Offer your consciousness up to those who stand in front of you in the moment.

And ah, yeah, this group is fully connected back into the Divine and are through the challenges of their own ascension process so yes, their intuition ought to be working quite well.  Time to actually follow it.


2 thoughts on “Ascension Update – IV

  1. Yes, I got the feeling they are coming around now…but it’s crunch time! LOL
    It was insightful watching this session with this guy about the new earth and the work he needed to do to get ready for it…


    • Yeah, things coming together and in a hurry. I get that this reading and the last are closely tied – the Mother of All Truth Bombs will bring truth to both the libtards and the completed LWs, but those LWs, even though some of this info will be news to them too, they will be in a much better position to deal with it and can then assist those who Life and the Divine have just force-fed a Red Pill to. (now swallow)

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