To Whom It May Concern

Me loving myself does NOT mean I don’t love you.  Me loving myself is what has ENABLED me to love you at levels that you may not even fathom at this point.

My “winning” is not making you somehow “lose”.  Contrarily, my “winning” has and continues to set up an energetic field that you can tap into if and when you too are ready to WIN, it assists you in your “winning”.

My success can have more influence on your potential success than it will EVER have on your supposed “failure”.

Me having something does not keep you from having the same.

Me not playing small is not an issue.  You playing small is.

You seeing me as having “better than” issues is you projecting your “lesser than” issues onto me.  Oh no, I couldn’t accept!  And you shouldn’t have!  No really.

Me having a Divine connection is not keeping you from having one.

Me talking about my Divine connection and the information it brings is not somehow negating or dismissing your Divine connection.  It’s to encourage your own connection and enhance it.

Me not putting up with your fear energy does not mean I have fears of my own.

Me setting boundaries with you or attempting to jar you loose from the rut you are stuck in is not unkind, it’s downright compassionate.


What you think of me is none of my business.  Your thoughts don’t determine my reality.  Thank God!


Express your Self. Don't repress your Self.

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