Sacred Symbology

I’d thought about writing about this a while back, then find this video today (below).

He’s discussing the symbology of Baphomet (and some other things).  This is an example of Sacred Symbology that the global cabal use and so folks who know about the cabal often (wrongly) think that the symbol of Baphomet is evil.  Nope.

I’ve felt it is / was one big fat representation of Duality – Light and Dark, Heaven and Earth, Feminine and Masculine, etc.  This fellow is obviously in agreement.

There are numerous representations of Feminine and Masculine energy – Moon and Sun, woman’s breasts but implied male genitalia with the rod of the Caduceus… with the two snakes, which again represent the Feminine and Masculine components to Kundalini energy stored at the base of the spine.

This fellow gets it covered and I don’t agree on all he says and he gets off on some tangents, but he’s making you think and that’s always good, plus he’s entertaining.  lol

I’ll add that just like with Michelangelo’s horned depiction of Moses, the horns represent Divine Connection.  See the wavy lines around the horns on Baphomet.  It indicates energy waves.

Also the goat head and horns look like the uterus and fallopian tubes so there is Feminine energy represented there.

The goat legs to me represent animalistic nature, including Earth element / mundane desires, sexual energy included.

The wings can be angelic and yet also represent Air element.

Not sure what that round thing is behind the Caduceus but it seems to have scales on it and it’s located near the 2nd chakra / desire / sexuality / reproduction – Water element.

The Fire element seems to be represented with a flame from the crown chakra.  Appropriate since Fire is associated with Spirit.

“Solve” and “Coagula”/ Dissolve and Coagulate – “separate” and “join together” – like the breathing in and breathing out of the whole separation experience and recovering from that and unifying again.

The two-finger mudra of both hands, one pointing up, one down is the Prana Mudra or Mudra of Life (I see there is some difference between the two hands, one has the thumb tucked and the other open, it all means something) and to me that two-handed gesture together represents the prana tube connecting Heaven and Earth through the being.

If you’d like, plug “Jesus mudra” into your search engine and see how many depictions of Jesus you find using various mudras.  Then, if ya care to, look up the mudras and find out what they mean.


None of this, yes, SACRED Symbology is “evil”.  There is nothing inherently good or evil in the world, it all depends on the intent behind it.  As I love to say… it’s like all those superhero stories ask, “Do you use your powers for good or for evil?”

The cabal have loved it though when you think that things like Sacred Symbology, the occult, paganism, magick etc. are evil because that keeps you from utilizing the powers therein.  They have you scared of the occult.  There’s nothing to be scared of in that direction.  But continuing down the path you have been on, creating out of ignorance, now THAT ought to concern you!

And no, you WON’T utilize Sacred Symbology / the occult in the same way as the cabal, well, I hope ya won’t.  Hey,  you’re never not creating, you’re always creating, but until you wake up to some things you’ll be creating unconsciously.  The cabal have been happy to hijack your energies to use for things that you never would… well, IF you understood what your energies are actually going towards promoting and maintaining.

Since you’re always creating anyway, wouldn’t you like to do so CONSCIOUSLY?!  Then you can create what YOU want, for you and for the world.

Your Intentions behind your “magick” will be much better than the cabal’s and I sincerely doubt you’ll feel moved to be chopping heads off any chickens (unless it’s time for dinner) – although some non-cabal / non-“evil” / non-“satanist” folks, Judeo-Christians included, still do just that, the whole sacrificing animals thing … because… they are stuck in an even older paradigm, the Old Testament.  “Jesus” (a composite character, many people’s stories lumped under one “name”) came to usher in the Age of Pisces and here we are urging another big shift as the Age changes again from Pisces to Aquarius and yet there are Judeo-Christian animal sacrificers who haven’t even gotten into the Age of Pisces yet.  They’re not just one but two ages behind.


But yeah, the Baphomet symbology is communicating information about Duality and if folks are too scared to look at such for fear of it being “evil” then they missed an opportunity to learn about the dualistic realm they have been living in… that they could actually free themselves from if they’d bother to learn about it.  As I’ve said, Sacred Symbology and other occult information helps you understand the energetic environment you are living in as an Earthling, ya know, “Being Human for Dummies”.


If such is old hat to you, this might be boring.  If you just woke up then this fellow and I just dumped a boatload of new search terms on you.  You’re welcome.  🙂


7 thoughts on “Sacred Symbology

  1. I saw this video a while back. I love the Leak Project, and yes, he is trying to connect the dots and the reason he goes on tangents alot is because the trolls come out and start to belittle him or distract from the process he goes thru in his videos. He does these live so I think it’s somewhat alittle more distracting than just reading in his garage and connecting the dots. I do believe it’s the symbol for duality like you said and not what the spooky people say…LOL, but that is so people don’t realize the symbology of this too. I like his video on The secret book of John, he reads from the Nag Hammadi…it’s very interesting, even though I read it, it seems to be more than I soaked up into it and he does connect some dots on that one as well, with the archons, and the powers and the God of the old testament.
    Been watching this show called ‘American Gods’ and it is interesting in that the old Gods are fighting with the new Gods for power which isn’t theirs but the power they get from those that worship them or pray to them. In the last episode, the old God Mr. Wednesday (Oden, God of war) goes to the goddess of Easter (Aster or Isis) and asks her to create a famine so that they will pray to the old Gods again and give them back their power. She has like 15 or 20 Jesuses there at her party, and many rabbits. She wants no part of his plan up until the new Gods show up and crash the party….it’s interesting how much truth is in this show, like the matrix where they cannot grow their own power, that it has gotten from humanity. And how it is the dawning of a new age of the changing of the guards, and this is where the spiritual battle lies in who is in charge of the power. I know I mentioned this show before, but it kinda connected the dots for me on the Nag Hammadi and the archons that Sophia made without her partner, and then they made the powers and Rex on The Leak Project started connecting the dots on the God of the Bible, as he was a jealous God and seems different from the God of the new testament. 😉


    • Yes, I’ve run across this Leak Project fellow before. He seems interesting. I’m sure he’s got lots o’ rabbit hole fun for everyone! lol

      So, did he say the Old Testament “god” was Enki / Enlil both (and perhaps their father Anu a bit also) hence the seeming schizophrenia. ?!

      And… thank you for the new show tip. 😉

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      • Yes, he did say he thought it was Enlil or Enki. Don’t recall which one but yes, the sort of bi-polarness of the God of the Bible…one side, he’s a jealous God, wants people to sacrifice animals or children to him, the other loves us unconditionally but will send us to hell for eternity if we don’t worship and love him and accept his son as our savior. It always boggled my mind, the contradictions even as a child, how he can create an immaculate conception, sending his flesh here to be killed for our sins, yet he can’t defeat his own creations as the fallen ones and without question or reason, we are to accept that so we can be saved. Never made much sense to me. I asked the question as a child ‘If God loves us unconditionally, how can he send us to hell forever for sinning?’ No answer but punished for asking a relevant question. Also Why can’t God just get the bad guys himself and why send his only son to be tortured and killed for telling people about the lies and the metaphysical truths of us and our churches? Anyway, yes, Rex does the same thing I and many others has done since I was a kid, and if you try to reason with those who are so certain the Bible is God inspired, there is no explanation from them. I tried, I grew up in the Bible Belt and they think God wrote the Bible then he shut up after that, nothing more to say. I say he never stopped talking or inspiring people to truth, but don’t tell those Bible thumpers, you might get lynched! 😉

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        • “Yes, he did say he thought it was Enlil or Enki. Don’t recall which one… ”
          That’s just it, there’s plenty to imply that the Old Testament stories are about both Enlil and Enki but under one name (God). Enki seemed to give a crap about other beings. Enlil, not so much, hence the seeming split-personality disorder that “God” had.

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          • It’s funny because I always have read it was Enlil that cared about the humans or other beings and it was Enki who came up with the idea of mixing our DNA with theirs and making them do the work for them. I always thought Enlil thought it was a bad idea, and then Enki asked Anu their father and they okay’ed the plan, and that Enlil was the one that warned Noah of the flood. I hear from many say it’s the other way around, so I am wondering why I keep thinking it’s Enlil who was the nice guy. I will look or the video that talks about it, I think it’s one of Leak Projects but not sure. This always boggles my mind, and I have with almost certainly read it was Enki, the not so nice one, and Enlil the good guy. Yeah, I do believe it was both who were dipicted in the Bible as those split personalities on different times in the old testament. Who do you think was the God of the New Testament or was the New Testament really anything that was real or was it made up? Now people are coming out with some old ancient texts that are suppose to be of ET origin that say Jesus was never crucified. It’s hard enough to take anything at face value that was supposedly written thousands of years ago, where we all know it was all by stores told before it was written down. It also makes one question any narrative which is why I question everything.


            • Well, years ago, I read Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadians channeling that said that Jesus was a composite character, as in, those New Testament stories were about several people but all lumped together under that name of “Jesus”. That resonated. I’ve since seen people talk about who some of these people really were but I’ve not gotten far into it because I don’t need all that detail myself.

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