Individuation vs. Collectives

Each and every one of us is an Individuated Soul having an Individuated Experience.

We are also part of a Collective.

Well, many really.  We’re in the “All That Is” collective for sure, but also in many sub-collectives, the most important one in this moment being the human collective as we pull off a planetary and human ascension.

It does not serve / is not serving you or any collectives you are a part of to deny either side of this – your Individuation or your Energetic Connection to the Collective.

Collectives are made up of Individuals.  Collectives themselves don’t “do” or “be” much of anything, only the Individuals within those collectives do.  The collective isn’t healing per se, but the individuals within it are.

But what each Individual within the collective learns or heals goes onto the “Telepathic Collective Innernet”, if you will, and the energetic connection between us all provides opportunities for us to benefit from each other’s learning / re-membering.  We have energetic influence on each other.

And as I’ve said before, Love is a higher vibration than Fear and hence has more influence.  Careful about your disempowered desire to put Love in a cage (more on that), as if to say that Love is all “nice” and fluffy and Fear looks all creepy.  Not necessarily.  To your “inner demons” / disempowered programs Love is one scary frickin’ thing!  Especially the straight-forward, “tough love” sort, which I’ve come to notice is more perceived as “tough love” by those on the receiving end than those dishing out that supposed “tough” love.  I can give it to ya straight and don’t feel “tough” at all about it.  It sometimes amuses me though to see someone squirm so… really under their own inner knowingness… that I just re-minded them of.

Christ energy has been associated in esoteria with “The King of Terror”.  Why?  I’d guess that many a lightworker who has intensely resisted their process, denied the reality of this ascension scenario and their own service work as part of that, well, they could probably give you some idea of what the hell is so terrifying about being Christed.  Advice?  A little less resistance and denial makes the ride a little less bumpy.  As the old joke goes, is that the voice of experience talking there?  Sure is.  I had just enough resistance way back when to convince me not to do that anymore.  I guess I’m just not a very good masochist (although someone needed to tell those “upstairs” / above-the-veil that when it came time for me to do energetic service work, read this blog to understand).

When some individuals in the collective awaken / raise their awareness / heal / raise their frequency / raise their consciousness, that influences others.  And because of entrainment, the lower frequency naturally wants to rise up to the higher frequency.

So, no matter how you slice it, YOU are your top priority.

If you’d like to help others heal, the best way to do that is to tend to your own personal Individuated healing.  You won’t do that by shirking or denying your Responsibility in your own personal healing process or by obsessing on helping everyone else’s healing, which is just distracting you from your own healing.

And being all “kumbaya” or (to get all Bud-beer on ya) “I love ya man!”, well, that stuff looks nice – so much for cosmetics – but it’s not accomplishing much towards this ascension effort.

It’s a matter of priorities.  As I’ve said before, just like the flight attendant instructs you: Put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others with theirs.

Do you really think that person next to you who is waiting for your assistance with their “oxygen mask” really needs to hear “I love ya man!” right then?  Especially in dissertation form?  They’d probably just like some assistance with their own oxygen mask, thank you very much, as they are dealing with sheer survival, but instead they’re hearing you yammering on about “love thy neighbor” instead of getting your own danged oxygen mask on!  All talk, no action.  All foam, no beer.  How’s about you demonstrate your love for your neighbor by loving yourself enough to do what it takes to complete your healing and ascension process.

You must make and keep yourself your top priority.  Yeah, yeah, I know ya all so want everyone “out there” to be all healed and I truly do hope you’d like to help with that since it is ultimately your soul mission after all.  But you must get your priorities straight.  Tend to your own healing as your top priority.  Tend to the “in here”.  Nothing does more towards helping your fellow human than that.  And why is that?  Because of your Energetic Connection to the Collective.  Do you see how both parts of this are intertwined?  And both are important?

I’m still seeing some rather advanced lightworkers still talking about 3D and 4D physically separating.  *shaking head*  No.  Not happening.  As I’ve said before 3D and 4D go together.  Enough with attempting to “escape” 3D.  Those folks still firmly in 3D are your mission.  This is NOT the time for lightworkers to be leaving those 3Ders.  It’s time to REALLY connect to them.  If you’re “scared” to be in the same world as 3Ders, you yourself still have some work to do, some fears to release, some “3D” to release yourself yet.

I always like to remind people that the words “Individual” and “Indivisible” come from the same root word.

Don’t act like the Individuated Experience and the Energetic Connection to the Collective are mutually exclusive, like it’s one or the other, either / or – that’s Duality thinking there.  They most assuredly interconnect, as all does.  But don’t drop the ball on your part in all this by denying your own personal responsibility of your own healing process.

I laugh to see lightworkers who deny their Individuation as they try to escape the work of their own healing process and they’ll scream “collective” stuff at ya… oh, up until they actually manage to hammer out their own healing and ascension process all the way to completion, then they start denying all that “collective” stuff when the topic of Service to the Collective comes up.  lol  It’s called light “work” for a reason.  But ya don’t have to get all down about it and make “work” seem like a dirty word.  You don’t need to quit using the word “work”, just change your attitude about it.  Look that word up and see all its meanings so you know and maybe you could stand to drop the associations you may have with work = chores / drudgery.  Do you really think that artists think artwork is some major drag?

Lightwork is a Labor of Love that we perform here – both literally and figuratively.  With the right attitude it’s the most Joyous Labor of Love that could ever be.

Read Awake & Aware – Top Priority: Self for more on how to get your priorities straight.


Express your Self. Don't repress your Self.

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