I had a bit of discussion with someone a while back.  We spoke of healing and clearing out “shadows”.  It ended in a mention of purity because of name meanings.

And yet, in our quick-fire discussion, when it comes right down to it, we weren’t talking so much about a state of purity, but really more the process of purification.

The alchemy metaphor of turning lead into gold is about turning a mundane-level human into the god/desses that we truly are.

When you heat metal, the dross (impurities) rises to the top and can then be skimmed off, leaving only the pure metal.

The healing process is the “heat” applied to humans (metal) which drives the impurities (dross) to the surface (bringing subconscious programs to a conscious-level awareness)  where we can acknowledge and examine them, then clear and release them.

The concept of “crossing the Lake of Fire” is the same.  We walk through the “fire” of healing to burn off the dross of the disempowering programs that were planted into us in this Earthly realm.

And this discussion started with… we don’t need to seek love, joy, peace, abundance, all-knowingness, etc. because we ARE those things naturally.

People just need to clear out all the crap – fears, ego issues, disempowering programs, old emotions they repressed – which is a result of living in the old 3D Earth paradigm.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”  ~ Rumi

Sadly, far too many lightworkers want to have all those awesome things that we naturally are without going through the purification / healing / shadow-work side of things.  They think that the “train” that goes to “Heaven” is going to allow them to bring all their baggage with them.  Nope.  That old 3D level baggage is too low of frequency, it won’t be allowed through.  Cling to it and YOU won’t be allowed through.

The only humans who don’t need to heal are those who already have.  If anyone tells you that healing is not necessary for ascension, then, I’m just gonna say it – they don’t know what they are talking about / are in denial (misinformation) or they are intentionally attempting to lead people astray (disinformation).  Period.


Folks, there are no “shortcuts”, no work-arounds, no way to cheat the healing and ascension process.  You’ll only be cheating yourself.  You can’t skip the healing process or go around it, you must go through it.

The dross of disempowerment will not let loose of the metal of a human without the fire of healing.


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10 thoughts on “Purification

  1. https://www.collective-evolution.com/2018/08/23/hidden-light-a-conspiracy-theory-you-probably-never-considered/

    This person thinks they are putting out some novel approach here, but THIS IS HOW IT’S DONE! Address your Shadow! … to be healed, enlightened and empowered… so you can liberate yourself and ascend. And yes, to help this world. As he says, people who are hurt go on to hurt others. Address your own healing so you don’t pass on the woundedness to someone else. Time to say, “The buck stops with me. I will not pass this on.”

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    • Yes…that is why the song….’This little light of mine…I’m gonna let it shine’. Hell and back and better for it, if only they had the ears to hear how the process is much like riding an airplane…you put the oxygen mask on you first, then you help others get their’s on….you have said this over and over but as in most brainwashed religious or spiritual communities, it’s always the similar theme of looking or waiting to be saved, and not acception their shadow, loving their ego taming the instigator, recognizing you are on the wheel…it’s like ground hogs day….I never get tired of watching that movie….I tried once to count how many days he was stuck on Ground hogs day and into his new routine and I am thinking it took him months….LOL, well, I digress, but it’s similar to the moral of the story…he was stuck in that day until he figured out how to love someone other than himself and work on himself to be a better person. Shine that light……free! 😉

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  2. https://tarareynoldsart.com/2018/08/31/the-dark-side-of-spiritual-awakening/

    Comment I made there:

    Excellent article. I’m sure it will help those who see it.

    “The “if I ignore it, it’ll go away” mindset.”
    Just the other day, when posting a link to someone else’s post in a comment on my “Purification” post, I thought this same thing – the “Love and Light” lightworkers think that if they just ignore their Shadow it will go away. Not!

    I like to say that some part of one’s Shadow are disempowering programs, fears, wounds and other things that need to be healed, cleared and released.

    Other parts of one’s Shadow are things that are not “bad” per se, but instead may very well be strengths / superpowers that dysfunctional human society has led you to be-lie-ve are “bad”, even just Intuition can be an example of this. Instead of being ignored and shunned, they could stand to be embraced.

    Either way, it all needs to be addressed and you won’t address your Shadow if you don’t / won’t face it.

    I will now post a link to your article here on my Purification post.

    Thanks for what you do and be, in and for this world and her inhabitants.


  3. https://avataraweb.wordpress.com/2018/09/18/the-sexual-healing-of-mankind/

    More here on “the buck stops with me”. Insist on your own healing for it heals others, in all directions and times.

    “We will tell you right now that 27% of all people walking on your planet have had a sexual abuse issue of some sort that they carry. That is a huge percentage, and yet the problem has mostly remained hidden.”

    About a decade and a 1/2 ago, I found myself on the dating scene for the first time in a long time. God made a point to show me just how prevalent sexual abuse has been in this world. Almost everyone I met over a 2 year period of time had been molested as a child, most by family, one by clergy. I then related this to another person who I had met during this time also. They said they too had also gone through a very similar experience as myself, and yes, also over a 2 year period of time, and again, almost everyone they met in that time had been molested. They said they had wondered if they themselves had been and they’d just buried it because it was seemingly rampant in this world. They had no reason to think they had been. I had not been either, which made me think about how one side of my family was from the other side of the world so was not around often and the other side of my family, well, my parent on that side had gotten well fed up with their family by the time I came along so I pretty much didn’t even know many of my family on that side even though they lived locally. Sadly, that might be the reason why I was spared of such – no dis to extended family members, but… that’s how this world has been. As said on the article in the prior comment (and that I talked about in my book) wounded (hurt) people go on to wound (hurt) others. Folks, break the cycle – heal thyself!

    The article linked to here speaks of openly talking about sex, sexuality and sexual abuse. Absolutely. There’s been much talk of “early sexualization” of children. Yeah, not a great scene, but I would caution anyone who is the guardian of a child who has experienced such that you be very careful not to vilify sex as you work through the healing. Gasping or getting angry IN FRONT OF THE ABUSED CHILD may do as much or more damage as the sexual abuse itself. Don’t play a role in damaging your child’s future, healthy sex life by knee-jerk reacting in front of the child.

    Years back, I had a lover for a few months who had been molested by an extended family member and was in the process of knocking out their healing concerning that at around their midlife. They knew my spiritual life and even though they obviously thoroughly enjoyed sex, they just had to break down and ask me one day, “Is sex a bad thing?” Of course my answer was no, but ah yeah, we need to be careful how we handle sexual abuse so as not to vilify sex. Let’s not move from one dysfunction to another.

    Diane Stein in her book “Essential Reiki” speaks of how we have 3 energies (ki or chi) that move through us – Heavenly Ki, Earthly Ki and Original Ki which is our own personal energy and it IS sexual energy.


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