I had a bit of discussion with someone a while back.  We spoke of healing and clearing out “shadows”.  It ended in a mention of purity because of name meanings.

And yet, in our quick-fire discussion, when it comes right down to it, we weren’t talking so much about a state of purity, but really more the process of purification.

The alchemy metaphor of turning lead into gold is about turning a mundane-level human into the god/desses that we truly are.  When you heat metal, then the dross (impurities) rises to the top and can then be skimmed off, leaving only the pure metal.

The healing process is the “heat” applied to humans (metal) which drives the impurities (dross) to the surface (bringing subconscious programs to a conscious-level awareness)  where we can acknowledge and examine them, then clear and release them.

The concept of “crossing the Lake of Fire” is the same.  We walk through the “fire” of healing to burn off the dross of the disempowering programs that were planted into us in this Earthly realm.

And this discussion started with… we don’t need to seek love, joy, peace, abundance, etc.  because we ARE those things naturally.

People just need to clear out all the crap – fears, ego issues, disempowering programs, old emotions they repressed – which is a result of living in the old 3D Earth paradigm.

Sadly, far too many lightworkers want to have all those awesome things that we naturally are without going through the purification / healing / shadow-work side of things.  They think that the “train” that goes to “Heaven” is going to allow them to bring all their baggage with them.  Nope.  That old 3D level baggage is too low of frequency, it won’t be allowed through.  Cling to it and YOU won’t be allowed through.

The only humans who don’t need to heal are those who already have.  If anyone tells you that healing is not necessary for ascension, then, I’m just gonna say it – they don’t know what they are talking about or they are intentionally attempting to lead people astray.  Period.

Folks, there are no “shortcuts”, no work-arounds, no way to cheat the healing and ascension process.  You can’t skip it or go around it, you must go through it.

The dross of disempowerment will not let loose of the metal of a human without the fire of healing.


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