The Lie of Omission

… and related ways of duping, manipulating and oppressing humans that the global cabal have used… such as revisionist history.

Yep, just like Winston Smith’s job, in George Orwell’s “1984”, working as a reviser of history at the Ministry of Truth.

“Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.”  ~  George Orwell

Yep, if you have control over information in the present, you can change the way that people see the past.  That then steers their creative energies in a certain direction and hence determines the future.


Hmmm… let’s start here… someone online said something that got me thinking.  What I got out of it had nothing to do with the angle this person was coming from and yet a significant point came from what they asked.

So, the setting is this current world situation where cabal stooges (both the knowingly so and also the unwitting) use race-baiting as some of their latest “divide & conquer” tactics.  There was discussion of race going on in some online forum and I feel that this person asking the following genuinely could not understand how we got from point A to point B on this.  Yeah, I hear that.

So, what this person online said was something to this effect:

“Any European could tell you that Spanish people, i.e. people from Spain are white.  How is it then that the “hispanic” suddenly become “people of color” when they are from the Americas / Latin America?”  

Yes, why indeed would someone of Spanish ancestry be considered “brown” or a “person of color” and yeah, just because they were in / from “Latin” America (again relating back to Spanish)?

Now, there is certainly a bit of blurring of lines and meanings since many times “hispanic” refers to people who speak Spanish and yet that somehow gets blurred into an ethnicity in some way.  Sorry, but if some blonde-haired, blue-eyed Scandahoovian were to speak to me in Spanish, I wouldn’t then call them “hispanic”… would you?

And yet, can any of us truly deny that there are plenty of Latin Americans who are not creamy white.  Nope, they indeed are brown, which the cabal stooges with all their race-baiting / divide & conquer so love to point out… and yet these Latin Americans are repeatedly labeled as “hispanic”.

Do I really need to point out that their “brown” skin, in most cases, comes from American Indians of various tribes?  Kind of a “duh” isn’t it?

And yet, even though we are constantly reminded of their “non-white” status, we also keep hearing them being called “hispanic” – the emphasis is on their European ancestry not on their American ancestry… which is what gives them the brown color.  I guess the cabal stooges are kinda getting mixed up on all their deceptions and kinda giving themselves away.  Yes, dear cabal, why ARE the “Latin” Americans “brown” and why don’t you ever reference THAT ethnicity?  If they are purely Spanish, they would not be brown and if they are brown there’s more going on there than just pure Spanish… but we’re to call them hispanic.  Obviously too many lies for the liars to keep track of.


Also, all this hubbub about sports teams having supposedly “derogatory” American Indian names… well, first, I sincerely doubt that most Joe Average American Indians even give a crap at all, let alone are offended by sports teams having American Indian referenced nicknames / mascots.  Perhaps only “liberal”-college-educated American Indians have a beef with such.

But I’d like to make you all think about some things here.  Ok, let’s just go with this idea that these team nicknames / mascots actually are derogatory in some way.  Fine and well, then change the stinking names.  But I’ve yet to hear of anyone actually proposing that those (supposedly) “derogatory” American Indian references be replaced with another American Indian reference that held them in a better light.  Nope.  No proposals of that… only of just ERASING any reference to American Indians.

Nothing new to that concept.  See video I left in comments on America for more on how the cabal have done their best to hide / erase any evidence of American Indians even existing in some cases or being anything other than “savages” in other cases (and also some evidence of the Anunnaki being in the Americas).


Sadly, the brainwashing and revisionist history does seem to work.  Here’s a story.  About a decade ago, I met this person who is Puerto Rican.  In our conversation, the Mayans came up.  I said something about how the cabal have people thinking that the Mayans were all killed off or otherwise “disappeared” from the face of the Earth somehow.  I said there are still Mayans in the world.

This Puerto Rican said, “Funny you should say that…” and proceeded to tell me… years ago, when they lived in Puerto Rico, they had a friend in Florida who wanted to move to Seattle and planned on packing up their car and taking the long drive.  The Floridian asked their Puerto Rican friend if they would come over to Florida and take that long drive with them.  Yep.

So they were driving through Montana and saw a sign for an Indian reservation.   The conversation went something like this:

The Puerto Rican asked, “What is that?”
“An Indian reservation.”
“Indians?  You mean like cowboys ‘n Indians?”
Laughing, “Well, yeah.”
“So what’s that sign for.  Is it like a museum?”
Laughing, “No, that’s where the Indians live.”
“Where they live?  But there aren’t any Indians anymore.”
“Yes there are!”

The Puerto Rican made their friend turn around so they could drive through the Indian reservation to see the Indians for themselves because they just couldn’t believe it.

They told me they had that notion – that there were no longer Indians in the world – put in their head as a kid and it stuck.


Here’s a story about King Tut, Tutankhamun, who could have been known as Tutanaton instead.

You see, the suffix to his name, the “amun” part had to do with the Egyptian pantheon of deities.  This is where the term “amen” comes from.  How many Christians would keep saying “amen” if they knew it was technically pagan?  Ha, ha, ha.

The suffix “aton” had to do with “the one god”.  I won’t say “the one TRUE god” because that is not what the whole “aton” thing was about.

Akhenaten (-aton), was a “Hyksos”, which in ancient Egyptian meant “rulers of foreign countries”.  (See Michael Tsarion for more on the Hyksos.)  The Hyksos basically invaded northern Egypt and performed a coup and Akhenaten became the Egyptian king.  The Hyksos were the ones to introduce this concept of “the one god”, but they really didn’t care about the “one TRUE god”, no, it didn’t really matter all so much which one god it was.  Their motive was to dumb people down.  They did a bit of looting too of gold statues and such in the name of getting rid of the pantheon of deities.

Later, King Tut had pressure on him from both sides about which suffix to use on his name.  This essentially had to do with how the Egyptians as a nation would view Spirit / the Divine.

King Tut, the boy king, even though young, obviously had a few things going for him.  You see, he could understand the concept of one god (essentially the All That Is).  That was no problem for him, but he argued that even if taking on this new concept of “the one god”, perhaps there was still a place for the pantheon of deities.  Indeed there was there boy king.

The Egyptian pantheon of gods later morphed into Greek and Roman gods – our solar system planets’ names.  No accident there.  Across the board, the stories of these gods provide Archetypal and Initiatory Rites information about the Earthly realm and the human experience.  So… you might have guessed… the archetypal info about these Egyptian / Greek / Roman pantheon of deities is, in part, describing the energetic influence from the planets, etc. who bear these “deity” names.  Much information there on how to navigate this human, Earthly experience.  There was indeed very valuable information for humans in the pantheon of deities and yes, it was the Hyksos’ desire to dumb-down and control the Egyptians that made them push their one-god theory.


The Romans and the Catholics, in the 4th century, through the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great and the Catholic bishops of the Council of Nicea did a similar number on the world when they put the Bible together.  They looked to the entirety of the world’s recorded, documented information and produced just one book from it.  You can bet the Lie of Omission is huge in regards to the Bible.  It’d be kinda like in today’s world where Chris Cuomo from CNN is telling everyone that only the press can look at Wikileaks and no one else can – “Oh no, don’t look over there.  We’ll tell ya all ya need to know.  We’ll be your one source.”  Yep, the Romans and the Catholics were kinda losing their influence / control and wanted it back so they made one book, and kinda like the Hyksos with their one god, the biggest part of this “one book” thing was that it was the only one that anyone was to be focused on.  Don’t look at that whole world of information, no, only look at the one book that they want you to look at.


“Jesus” of the New Testament is a composite character, meaning that the stories are about more than one person but they are lumped together under the name of “Jesus” and you can bet that a lot of all of their life stories got left out.  A whole lot of lie of omission there.  In today’s world, especially in news reporting, people might call this “controlling the narrative”.   Yes, sometimes the fake news people will just flat out lie, but their biggest tact at controlling the narrative is to just leave out information – more than likely EMPOWERING info – that they don’t what you to know about and also overly emphasizing other things, all to fit their control agenda.


The Catholics also hid away information about Duality and the Sacred Feminine / Sacred Masculine / Sacred Union by renaming the feminine aspect of the Holy Trinity as the “Holy Ghost / Spirit”.   (See Interpretation … of Stairway to Heaven post for a bit more on that.)  Yes, they hid the powers of feminine energy and also of sexual energy away from Joe Average but they kept it to use themselves.  The Vatican is full of men, supposedly celibate men (obviously homosexual drug orgies don’t count  😉  ), but the cardinals dress in red – the “sexual bride” part of the Sacred Feminine – to bring energetic balance.



These days, the leftists keep trying to associate the whole white supremacy / KKK (Ku Klux Klan) thing with those on the right.  Nope.  lol  I’ve heard some folks correcting this “stinkin’ thinkin’ ” as of late, but I’ll come at it from the direction I learned about it, and that was a lot of years ago and no, sorry, don’t have any handy dandy references, only a story.  I’m sure God and Google can help you with the rest.  And hey, I’m not responsible for “your” truth anyway, you are.  😉

The way it was presented to me was… way back when, when the KKK first started – contrary to today’s conventional thinking – they did not threaten, intimidate and kill only blacks.  They did indeed do so with others also.  So, then what did the victims of the KKK have in common?  They were Republicans.

The blacks had just been freed and given voting rights.  Many of them were drawn to the Republican party since it was more spiritual / religious as were the blacks themselves.  Suddenly there was a hoard of new voters, created out of thin air, who were mostly joining the Republicans.

The Democrats were not happy and used some pretty nasty ways to work towards solving their new problem.  Yes folks, the KKK came from the Democrats.


These are just a few examples of the Lie of Omission and other deceptions that have happened down through time that many folks still don’t know about and new revisions of history are obviously still going on in recent times.


13 thoughts on “The Lie of Omission

  1. Oh yeah, I see the way the cabal tries to erase history mostly recently with the Confederate flags and the monuments. They also like to say that whites started the slaves and it was their own people that sold them to the whites and the history of why Islam is so hated, they took christians and anyone who wasn’t of their faith or wouldn’t convert and made them slaves. Slavery has been around since the beginning. They were all colors, and a huge amount of Irish were made slaves too. I wished people actually paid attention to history or they at least taught it in schools but they have pretty much removed it thru common core, and kids don’t even know about the constitution or why it was made. They don’t understand the founders were trying to get away from austerity and taxation without representation. We have slowly declined into a society of dumbed down young adults who think socialism or communism is the way to go. None of them know the history of past dictators who proved it was a horrible life and it just didn’t work. Now these days, they try to make the ‘whites’ the bad guys and they go around apologizing for the ‘whites’ and now they want to get rid of the whites. I am white, and yes, white is a color too. But we are all one of the same human race, and it would be boring if we were all the same. Now they want reparations paid to them because their ancestors were slaves, and this is so ridiculous….every race has been a slave pretty much like we all are in this country now, there is a document that has come to light that the Federal reserve owns us all, a lein on us all for 14.3 quadrillion…and the plot just keeps getting thicker, while we are all busy fighting over this bullshit, they of course have made us all slaves thru the strawman but in 2011 a new lean was taken out via the National water and poiwer Aliance and if everyone who is fighting over the color of our skin, or if what God we worship and look at what they have claimed we are all belonging to them, land, body and soul, according to the vatican who in 2013 wrote up Motu Pripo (not sure if that is right) which basically gave everyone back their strawman, and then made it so it is basically against the law to report rape of a child or anything to do with the pope and the priests…You just can’t make this shit up!
    And the pope letter
    Alot of people have been trying to access their TDA’s which is the strawman account set up by the corporation name and some have successfully done so, and then they put a man Randy in jail and Heather who was head of the OPPT in jail for accessing those funds. They state bank fraud but the account is in their name…guess we have billions in these accounts…I have yet to look into it, but wonder how much they have made off my strawman over the years. Shits hitting the fan, and they won’t rest till we emplode or they get Trump impeached and start world war III which is the plan. Waiting for the other shoe to drop! 😉


    • Yes, the word slave comes from slav, the Slavs / Slavic, so eastern Europe into Asia.

      Revisionist history – I live in King County. A few years back, they replaced the crown logo for the county with the image of MLK Jr. implying that he is the “King” of King County. Nope. The county and its name had been around long before. I love MLK Jr. to itty bits and I frankly could care less who King Co. is named for but enough with revising history already.

      Here’s an interesting article about freemasonry and the founding fathers and how they are being demonized. George Washington could see the infiltration and warned his fellow freemasons. They speak of the Illuminati starting in Bavaria but around about that same time, I know the Royal Society of Freemasons started in London (I think, UK somewhere) and to me that also signals when the monarchies started to infiltrate the masons.

      Have you seen the black guy, youtuber, Sottamyer (sp?) who sells T-shirts that say “Guilt Free” for the white folk who still struggle with white guilt. lol

      Yeah, we all wait with bated breath for the other shoe to drop. I have no concerns in an overall way and whatever the cabal attempts just results in their further exposure but yeah, eventually something needs to actually come of that. They are getting away with too much just this year. I’m really getting sick of the Clinton Body count stacking up. Ah yeah Sessions, indeed, when are you going to get about stopping that killing machine?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah, it’s just a bit much! Trying to detox my world, but it keeps creeping in! One has to wonder why they never go after her, I don’t like Sessions, he has stock in prisons, and we all know what that means. I have not seen any ‘guilt free’ t shirts but it is a good idea…some just need permission I guess. I am not about to take on guilt for the whole race and their deeds, anymore than I expect Chelsea to do time for her parent’s crimes but turns out she will probably do the same as them if they aren’t stopped. They also talk about a big coup, like assassination that they plan for Trump and I don’t understand why except for it must be that the entire congress short of a few good ones are all corrupt and none plan to stop the deep state…whomever that is…we all know they are about to be outed, Dr.Greer has tried, he has been bribed and threatened but he still out there exposing it all…and to think this is all over their technology and wait till Trump finds the black budget! Maybe he already has, who knows…we will just have to wait and see how it goes…I just wished they would stop the three ring cirucs already and get back t work. McCain is on a roll, guess he wants to go out with a bang, and already showing how much more of a traitor he can be. I have never seen a bunch of full grown babies in my life as I have seen the last 6 months. I knew the forefathers were masons, but not the free masons which no one seems to understand they are different…I think the original masons were more like the christians but somehow the freemasons have lumped them in when it was not ture. Now our money has the symbolism all over it, but that had nothing to do with Washington up until the traitor who signed us up with the federal reserve. I can’t imagine how they all seem to think they own us our whole lives and our souls according to the Vatican. It just makes my head spin! LOL.


        • “I don’t like Sessions, he has stock in prisons”

          Oh, well, that explains a lot. He says people who smoke pot are not good people. Jeff, people who invest in prisons are not good people. So there! Nee ner, nee, ner. lol

          Yeah, I couldn’t tell if he was covering for someone or just in over his head (perhaps all of the above) but ah, he also has an agenda, whether he’s quite consciously aware of it or not. *shaking head*

          I’ve heard some say perhaps Sessions will get shuffled over to DHS and he can deal with illegal immigrants and then they can get a real AG.

          Regardless, whatever whoever has to be exposed, they just keep revealing themselves – by God, I do declare, it’s the apocalypse! Which literally means “uncover / reveal”.

          Some revealing… all these various Republicans that have been screaming for an Obummercare repeal and won campaigns on that are now not voting for a repeal when it’s time to do it. Just so frickin’ eager to reveal themselves.

          This was from primary time I do believe, but it still applies. They just keep hurling themselves at the wall.

          Trump’s greatest function here (even though getting much done in the background) is this whole swamp draining / exposure thing. The Trumpet of Truth.

          Liked by 1 person

          • LOL, I like that picture! or Meme as they call them now a days. Yes, Sessions after his testimony was so rattled and all he could say was ‘can I still bust pot smokers’? I don’t understand the hatred for Pot smokers or for a plant that they know should have never been illegalized because it does have medicinal value but they knew that, they even have a patent on it. Yes, everyone’s dark side has come out for us to see, most are shocked, but I am not…they just were so sure they would get Hillary in and it would be business as usual. Drain the swamp but don’t tread on me! 😉


            • I see that the warning on weed packaging has expanded from what it was originally and one line is about like not operating vehicles, etc. “under the influence of this drug”. Drug. They called it a drug. You know what that means! Now the FDA will think they can regulate it. Hmm. They just never lose. Some how or other the feds want their gloms on it.

              You had me thinking this morning… I wonder (looking out the window) if Sessions has invested enough into prisons to cover his own cell. lol

              Liked by 1 person

              • LOL…yes, sorta like Ex Sheriff Joe Arpaio was just convicted of criminal profiling I think it was…but they plan to tear down his tent cities…maybe sessions has a two for one! A sheriff and the AG…LOL, wouldn’t that be something. I don’t know that Arpaio did anything wrong, he just refused to do the let them all come in and wanted to enforce the already in place immigration laws. So I don’t think his people did anything wrong, but also didn’t like the way their jail system is. Not that I go there but it is atrocious. I guess the guards torment the prisoners at night, nursery rhymes and all sorts of mental abuse. It’s to make them not want to come back but I suppose now with this new sheriff the tax payers or some for profit prison will come in and they all wish they were in tents. One person said they liked the tents, even though it was hot, they spent a year there and it was better than being cooped up inside all day and night.
                I would like to see a more conservative AG and an honest one, that doesn’t have a stake in putting people in prison..just criminals. I think they should legalize pot and just tax it like alcohol. But Monsanto already amde a synthetic one like they can improve on something already good for alot of things, it surely won’t be the same thing. And yeah, now the FDA who needs to be cleaned out of Monsanto goons will want to regulate it…think I will move to Amsterdam where everything is legal and crime is really low..LOL.


                • I would guess that regardless of what Arpaio did as sheriff and who liked it or who didn’t, what got him in trouble was him trying to expose Obama’s fake birth certificate.

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                  • Yes…they did raid Arpaio after that, Obama sent the FBI and it didn’t deter him much, only slowed him down because Obama was fake as they come, and wished they would investigate him like they are trying to do with Trump, Mueller is now getting a grand jury involved like going all the way back in Trump’s history and if they did that with Obama, boy would they get some dirt. I guess the deep state is desperate and wanting to kill Trump for what he is doing and they have isolated him so he can’t see what is going on, and I know he probably knows. If I was him I would be with a second or third phone so I could see what is going on, they want him to stop going on twitter and I heard he wouldn’t give them his phone, but now I don’t know. He did a rally in West Virginia yesterday but nothing seems amiss with that and like his immigration reform as it would be better than the old ways where they brought in over a million a year of unskilled workers and 1 out of 15 were on welfare, and this new one is cutting them off so that is cool. Many people don’t believe m when I tell the illegals were coming accross the border and walking into welfare offices and walking out with food stamps and benefits, and not much paperwork, all they had to say is they were illegals…Obama’s doing, and this is where most think I am uninformed, that it’s illegal to get benefits if you are illegal, and I said “Right, I have seen it with my own eyes’. First of all, they are illegal….they should be deported right away, this is how our immigration policy use to be. But during te Obama administration, they were shipping them in bus loads and on planes and advertising for them to come here and get free housing, food, and have their kids for free, and free college. Just like they have been doing in the middle east and africa telling refugees to come on in theywill get benefits and free housing to relocate. This is the plan, to destabilize the west with the muslims. So, I hope Trump can make it thru this, he is working so hard and fast as he can to turn this around, and I guess the stock market hit an all time high record never before and don’t understand why people just don’t want to live in a better world, all they can do is hate and hate and shoot themselves in the foot just to get back at Trump because they don’t like him. I guess this is the narrative because if the antichrist don’t come and we don’t have world war III then their savior won’t come and they won’t be raptured. It’s expected so this can be the end times and we have learned nothing and still trying to erase history.
                    Netflix and Amazon just put out a documentary about the civil war and it is not the true history. I was watching a documentary about how our birth certificates were worth billions and then the History of debt, and how Abraham lincoln was the last true president and was trying to stop the banksters back then but of course we know how that went, there has never been a president make it out alive who tried to stop them. I don’t know how true the white dragon society that Ben Fulford talks about can stop them or not, or maybe it would be like in the walking dead when Rick and his people get betrayed by the junk yard people and just when you think they are gonna kill them all, in comes this guy who is the king and his tiger and they obliterate them…could it be like that? Watching the political scene is like watching a soap opera or some bad sci fi movie….the plot has got to come to light and the dark hats are defeated….right? LOL…one can only hope!


      • LOL, got that wrong…I guess they were free masons but not of the illumanti ones…LOL…anyway, so much for my input! 😉


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