Skin Problems

I’ve recently had a case of psoriasis.  It’s not typical for me to have skin issues.  I know some lightworkers have had skin issues as they work through their process and I’ve felt for ’em and figured it had to suck.  I’ve now had my small taste of it and yep, it’s been confirmed – it sucks.

So, I thought I’d bother to document my experience here, one of the biggest reasons being to demonstrate to the newbies how this whole Divine guidance thing works.  You may not get your guidance in exactly the same way as I do but nevertheless perhaps this will help ya get the flavor of it.  Intuition and paying attention play major roles.

… and also to provide some physical-level / nutritional info that may help some folks.  Frankly, I do believe I found the smoking gun on this one and I’ve been my own lab rat for this.


So… I got the psoriasis, mostly on my right hand, ring finger, but also a bit more across my index and middle finger and my pinky knuckle and one tiny patch on my left index finger.

Me being me, I wanted first to know the energy behind this.  So the following comes from Louise Hay’s book “Heal Your Body”, which describes the thought energy (Probable Cause) behind physical ailments (Problem) and provides an affirmation (New Thought Pattern) to repeat and remind yourself of the new energy you’d like to take on.

  • Problem:  Psoriasis
  • Probable Cause:  Fear of being hurt.  Deadening the senses of the self.  Refusing to accept responsibility for our own feelings.
  • New Thought Pattern:  I am alive to the joys of living.  I deserve and accept the very best in life.  I love and approve of myself.  

The probable cause didn’t resonate all so much here, but I have had relationship stuff on my mind – past, present and future – and that’s what shows up here throughout, so yeah, I get it.  But regardless, I’m absolutely on board with the new thought pattern for sure.

Many more components to this though, some of which did absolutely resonate as far as the current thought and emotional energy I had going on, not necessarily that the thoughts were chronic or problematic but just happened to be the thought energy at the time when I first got the psoriasis so I look at it as those thoughts determined where the outward symptom would appear, even though it runs deeper nutritionally (see later on), but we’ll look at a few components:

  • Problem:  Right Side of Body
  • Probable Cause:  Giving out, letting go, masculine energy, men, the father.
  • New Thought Pattern:  I balance my masculine energy easily and effortlessly.    

The part here that resonated a bit – Giving out, letting go – giving and letting go, like with new and old relationships respectively.

I’m not too focused on the whole masculine energy thing here because I’ve had a repetitive-stress fracture at the base of my left thumb for quite some time.  At the physical level, that has to do with picking up a laptop computer too many times over too many (ascension-hell) years and perhaps not in the most proper way.  I’ve adjusted things in that regard and it’s not been doing too bad but I did something to it again here recently so I’ve been putting arnica on that.  Then one day I jump up to save the pot on the stove that was threatening to boil over and hey, I’m not used to moving very fast for years now, and I slammed my left-hand ring-finger knuckle into the corner of the doorway.  lol  So, if I have masculine / feminine things going on it’s obviously at least balanced.  lol  But I can so relate this back to relationships.  So, we’ll cover that side too:

  • Problem:  Left Side of Body
  • Probable Cause:  Represents receptivity, taking in, feminine energy, women, the mother.
  • New Thought Pattern:  My feminine energy is beautifully balanced.

So now, hands:

  • Problem:  Hands
  • Probable Cause:  Hold and handle. Clutch and grip. Grasping and letting go.  Caressing. Pinching.  All ways of dealing with experiences.  
  • New Thought Pattern:  I choose to handle all my experiences with love, with joy and with ease.  

And fingers, specifically the ring finger where I had the worst patch of psoriasis:

  • Problem:  Ring finger
  • Probable Cause:  Represents unions and grief. 
  • New Thought Pattern:  I am peacefully loving.

This resonates to do with releasing old relationships and embracing new ones.

And Louise also said that a rash is about frustration over delays.  Yep, I’ll definitely buy that one.  Try as I might to just be present and yep “look forward to… ” a wonderful future, I’m just so ready to move on!  I’ve got my beloved on the other end of a telepathic connection, which is wonderful, but I’d just love to get to them in person already and move on with my / a life.  But yep, enjoying some things lately that I haven’t been able to for years – getting out ‘n about to walk, get fresh air and sunshine, to dine out, hit a happy hour or two.  Ah, semblances of a life again.  And I flow with it as I know that not only is this enjoyable in the moment, but it’s preparing me for the future, ya know, when I have a life at levels like never before!  Easing me back in.


So now, onto the physical level.  My default for research on physical-level causes of ailments is always “nutrient deficiencies”.  That went in my search engine along with “psoriasis”.  What I came across that resonated (getting confirmation from the Divine by using my dowsing rod, my best “yes / no” answer tool) was zinc deficiency.  See some info here.

So some things I found out:

  • Zinc is a trace mineral we need.  Don’t need much but do need it.
  • Zinc is a common deficiency in humans due to modern agricultural practices, mainly chemical fertilizers.
  • Zinc and copper compete for absorption, so too much of one can deplete the other and sources of copper that people don’t think of are water pipes and copper cookware.  We need both copper and zinc but need the proper ratios.  Vegetarians / vegans (not me, but just fyi) will be even more susceptible to copper buildup and hence zinc deficiency.
  • Zinc can be depleted from the body from stress.  (Gee, like the stress of ascending a planet, ya mean like that?  lol  And, in my case, a few self-induced physical-level stresses as you’ll soon read)
  • Zinc is involved with hair and skin and also wound healing.

More info on zinc here.


These things below I do occasionally but it was now time to do them daily until I healed.

I took multivitamins (which had some zinc but not much), liver support supplements, antioxidants, some immune support herbs and magnesium (which is also a common deficiency and aids in absorption of some other minerals and nutrients) for a week before I finally got my hands on a zinc supplement.  Had a bit of a mini-detox due to all that.  After I got the zinc I did other supplements only when guided to.

I started doing pumpkin seeds and kefir daily.  The first kefir I had was non-dairy made from cashew milk and the cashews were helpful also.

I did flax oil daily.

I took baths with epsom salt (magnesium), sea salt and eucalyptus essential oil.

Best my skin has felt in an overall way for quite some time due to all of the above.  Ah, a good dose of self nurturing.  My elbows, knees and knuckles are no longer dry.

I used some (very old, lol) polysporin (that my roomy had) on the worst of my psoriasis with a band aid and it helped it feel better.  I noticed one of the components in it was bacitracin zinc, which is an antibiotic actually made from bacteria… but, ah yeah, zinc.  May be something to that, but it was also helpful to just have some salve of some sort on it to soften the skin and open the pores so it could drain, which made it stop itching.


During the ascension-hell years I have gotten quite a few moles and skin tags.  I’ve not had much luck at finding what that was about.  I’ve found some info that a potassium deficiency can contribute to that, but that has not resonated and I eat a lot of high-potassium foods (mostly tomatoes and avocados) and God wasn’t telling me that was the issue either.  So, if I continue with the zinc I’ll be curious to see if that clears up also.  I know that fruit seeds / pits like the “bitter almond” from apricot pits can and do help with such but I’ve just not gotten to that yet.

I’d smoked tobacco (natural, hand-rolled cigars, not too bad as far as tobacco goes) for 3 years between 2012 and 2015, purely for something to do during the ascension-hell years as I’m really not a tobacco smoker, just got completely bored outta my gourd in an outward way as I had been a human-antenna, shut-in and isolated, exhausted… and bored… for too many years.  My body finally had enough of that tobacco thing though and made itself clear on that one.  I went for about 5 months without smoking then started to smoke some wacky tobaccy, so been doing that for over 2 years now.  It has been no where’s near as harsh on me as tobacco.  Throughout all of the smoking, my throat and lungs haven’t hurt, I’ve had no problem breathing, don’t often cough, but nevertheless I knew I’d asked a bit much of my throat and lungs in recent years and would have to say that even though they’ve been working fine, they did feel a bit raw at times and mucousy (excuse my Buffy-ism, lol).

Seemed like I’d remembered there was a lung-skin connection so I looked that up.  See here.  And that says the spleen is tied in also.  I have reason to think I may have had mononucleosis about a decade ago and my spleen hasn’t been completely well since, even though I do astragalus and GSE (grapefruit seed extract) semi-regularly, both of which help a lot but it’s not completely gone away… but perhaps zinc has been the missing ingredient for my spleen to heal completely.

My hair is fairly gray too and I’ve been taking some Fo Ti / He Shou Wu for that but wasn’t real religious about it until recently and yet, here again, has the zinc been the missing piece?  I got gray hair at the temples at midlife / Uranus opposition and took Fo Ti for several months and it went away.  It was not as gray as it is now though and again… hmm… that zinc thing.


Some of my passing thoughts as this all went on:

  • For years I’ve known that outward symptoms indicate inward problems.
  • I thought of an anti-smoking poster I’d seen years ago in a high school that showed the portrait of a teenager with what was perhaps tar and nicotine all over their face and it said, “What if your outside looked like your inside?  Would you still smoke?”  I looked at my hand – yep, again, outward symptoms of inward problems.

Then what may have been what really pushed me past the tipping point is that I had been shopping at natural food stores, but the local place closed for a couple years while their building is replaced… then my car broke down (*shaking head*) so I’ve been walking locally and scrounging what I can.  One local store is attempting to cater to the natural food store customers so has taken on more natural, organic products but it’s taken a while for them to make that shift and I’ve eaten out more than I have for years and also eaten more stuff with refined sugar in it than I have for years.

My teeth got plaque for the first time in years because of it.  I’d also been using Alex Jones’ “Super Blue” toothpaste recently since my roomy and I have been testing out his products, which was great as far as my gums went (and tooth problems as old fillings are falling out and I see that the barbarian dentists had drilled my teeth down to where there was almost more filling than tooth), but I had to go back to brushing with baking soda to combat the plaque.  And my teeth were staining too, which again had not been happening for years and during the ascension-hell years I was so not brushing my teeth every day, too exhausted, and yet still didn’t get plaque and staining when I was eating pristinely and brushing with baking soda.  I’ve done sweets my whole life but when I can shop at a natural food store I can get desserts made with whole, raw sugar.  Totally different thing.


One day I was searching the internet for something completely unrelated – because this is how these things work, accidents never happen – and came across an article from about 15 years ago from a chiropractor.  I was so supposed to read it because it truly had nothing to do with what I was searching for but I was so drawn to it and completely sucked in by it.

One thing this chiropractor spoke of was – if you have some symptoms of something and you are treating it and doing so properly – like taking the right supplements for a nutrient deficiency – and yet the symptoms aren’t going away quickly, it may be because those particular symptoms are not the only things going on, but just the ones that you can see or are most bothered by, but it may not be the most urgent thing that needs tending to – again, outward symptoms of inward problems.

They also said that the body will go into triage mode and address the most urgent thing first, but will not fully heal one body part then move onto the next, but instead will go back and forth.  They gave the example of something that was adversely affecting both kidneys and heart, but kidneys more so, so they get top priority, but it makes no sense for the body to fully heal the kidneys 100% only to have the heart give out a few days later.  The body will tend to the kidneys long enough to stabilize them then do some work on the heart… because now it’s the heart that is the most urgent since the kidneys did get some healing.


So that message was brought to me before I got the zinc supplements.  When I started taking the zinc, I knew I was getting better right away but there was definitely an ebb and flow of things, two steps forward, one step back kinda thing.

I’ve been taking the zinc for just 2 weeks today and for the last two days I have seen a major breakthrough happening.

First, I couldn’t help but notice that my throat and lungs feel better and cleaner than they have for years (the problems developed slowly but the healing is happening fast and I can’t help but notice the difference).  Ah, yes, healing the inward issues.  And I’m still currently doing the wacky tobaccy and yet my lungs are quite happy to use the zinc for healing anyway.

A couple days ago my psoriasis had seemingly turned the corner and stopped with the ebb and flow and was just continually getting better.  The inflammation stopped happening and the skin just needed to finish healing, which I am observing happening by leaps and bounds.

I’ve felt a bit lethargic in the last couple days and sense it is because my body is putting on a big healing push.  God confirms.


Hope that helps some folks.  Not a fun experience, but my body did what was necessary to communicate to me – the body never lies – and I did my part by listening to it and the Divine and following their guidance.


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