Ascension Update 5

God gave me info through Tarot today about The Ascension.

(cards indicated by bolded, bullet points below)

  • Giving and receiving, balancing of polarities.

Ah.  I heard that and thought – Masculine and Feminine.  Balancing and integrating those.

And yes, there seems to be some need for this message now as I observe (am shown) “out there” that some folks want to swing the pendulum from patriarchy to matriarchy.  Nope, not what’s being called for here.  We don’t have time for that Dualistic nonsense.

Time for Balance, Wholeness and Integration.  

And “giving and receiving”…

… for those who saw my last post… everywhere I look I keep coming across this Service to Self (STS) / Service to Others (STO) crap (Ra Material / Law of One b.s).  Argh!  I’m being shown just how pounded into lightworkers’ subconscious this “belief system” is.  I had to laugh at the last time I saw it, it was in comments and yet it was to someone that could stand to hear the STO side of this and yet, I know they get the Serving Self concept so just probably dismissed it anyway.  LOL.

But!  Folks!  If you want UNITY, you’ll have to release Duality!  Most especially when it comes down to things which, in this world of Duality, can be expressed as Masculine or Feminine… ya know, everything. lol.  Learn about Duality so you can remove yourself from it… so you can put the pieces together and Unify.

Masculine and feminine energies are not “opposites” but complements, as in “to complete”, they complete each other.  Swinging back and forth between this is “good” and that is “bad” and just flip-flop the this with the that and all is well.  NOT!  You can’t keep wanting to “throw out” or “kill” parts of yourself or exchange this part for that part and expect to be WHOLE and INTEGRATED.

I’d recently interacted with someone who thinks that 4D is about heart and 5D is about mind (*rolling eyes*, sorry, but it just had to be “said”) and that somehow heart is good and mind is bad.  They also recently spoke of swinging from a patriarchy to THOUSANDS OF YEARS OF a matriarchy…. and that ascension to 5D is some grand conspiracy to make us somehow leap over heart and go straight to mind.  *shaking head*  Goodness sakes.

In their reality (don’t make it your reality folks) 4D = Heart = good (not accurate), while 5D = Mind = bad (again, not accurate).  So, they have dissed Dimensions / Densities (Ds) and also themselves in that, clinging to a Dualistic mindset (while they scream to the high heavens about “heart”) that promotes the idea that some Ds are “good”, some “bad” and some parts of self are “good” (heart) and some “bad” (mind).  They are also part of the “Ra Religion” apparently and deem Other to be “good” while Self is “bad”.

Completely clueless.  Clearly demonstrating how steeped in Duality they are… and are NOT consciously aware of that.

This is Duality 101 here… and this person fancies themselves a gnostic.  Me thinks that they found their “esoteric knowledge” (gnosis) in a book (or a few 100) OR perhaps they got it out of a Cracker Jack’s box… and not so esoterically – INWARDLY!  Mmm.  And I am seeing that this person who has served as a good example of a bad example is in “good company”, as in, there are many, MANY more lightworkers who have been caught up in some obviously insidious disempowering belief systems.

Now, as far as the mind goes, we have been too steeped in mind for a very long time, nothing new there, overusing our pea brains at the detriment of our body, emotions and spirit (intuition).  But that still doesn’t make the mind “bad”.  Maybe we are underutilizing the communications and wisdom from our body, emotions and spirit because this world had brainwashed us into thinking those parts of us were “bad.”  Enough already!  Time to stop dissing any and every part of Self.

  • Be aware of your Words and Intent.

Yep, been getting that whole “Power of Words” theme coming up also.  And it’s all tied together.

Folks, we create through our Thoughts, Words and Deeds.  Mind your words!  Now we’re in Creation 101.  This is as fundamental as it gets.  Get this!

Are you mindlessly parroting something you learned years ago, even when you yourself have, through PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, come to realize that those words you continue to parrot aren’t really so true?  “LIGHTWORKERS” this needs to stop!  If you TRULY want to serve others you’d best be more self-aware than that!  We have enough going on with those who very intentionally want to promote darkness without “lightworkers” mindlessly assisting the cabal agenda (and obviously still operating under the cabal’s programs) by broadcasting far and wide this disempowering nonsense.

  • You are now at a point to reap results from the positive efforts you have made in the past.

Folks, it’s time for some “fine tuning”.  So, SO many of you out there get what I’m telling ya here, but you MUST align your Thoughts, Words and Deeds with your goal if you want to reach your goal.

You all seem to think / feel it’s so very important to get your message out and yet you keep being part of the problem instead of part of the solution, because you are not cleaning up your language to match the housecleaning you’ve done inwardly.  Folks, I shouldn’t have to tell you that it will get downright uncomfortable for you if you don’t align your outward expression with your inner knowingness… and you’re at a point where you can make this SUBTLE BUT VERY PROFOUND shift, this refinement of your energy right now, quickly and thoroughly.



9 thoughts on “Ascension Update 5

  1. Yep…I suppose they aren’t aware that this duality has been swinging many times before, there has been matriarchy but this time is different, as we have learned or Gaia has learned what must be done in order to ascend, and it isn’t polarizing onto the feminine AGAIN, as we have seen the masses use this with the agenda of empowering the feminine but disempowering the masculine. Like you said, we need both, in a merge, of left and right, of light and dark, of male and female, on the middle pillar, the marriage and done with the duality. I hope they wake up and realize this new energy, the changing of the guards is not a change of the matriarchy to a patriarchy, but the marriage of them as the divine feminine takes her place and intervene the false feminine agenda of power…yes, we grow those cahones, but it is not a sole or soul agenda…the whole focus on the dimensions seems to be distracting….they got a long way to go if they are still on the Ra material and the STO/STS law of one material. Wakey wakey….out with the old and in with the new. I for one would love to be rid of duality…not that it hasn’t served it’s purpose, it’s just way over due. 😉

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    • Wow…what happened to Steve Bannon, he looks like he has been dragged down the road and left for road kill. He was so Trump and fighting the left, but what the heck happened? Trump is the Patriarchy? For one thing, Trump is a sucker for a beautiful woman and knows the power of women which is why he hires them. But in no way is he a person that would think a woman is beneath him like most in a Patriarchy do and they can’t do what he does. They definitely got to Steve Bannon, that is obvious!

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      • I figure he was always on the other team… not that I knew that until he vacated the WH… or that I’ve ever known much about the guy. He seems to have been their major leaker early on. He has looked like crap since forever. Perhaps that coulda been the first clue to all of us.

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        • Well, maybe so. He seemed genuinely on Trump’s side and said he would continue to be so. But if he looked bad before, he looks ten times worse, like he did some time in a ditch with a bottle. It’s too bad. He may of been one of those sleeper cells, like planted until it was time for him to be activated…well, he will either disappear or end up dead. When I look at him now, I don’t see much of a future for him. I guess there will be many more surprises along the way, draining the swamp has gotten ugly. Usually I am not surprised at anything, but this one got me. 😉

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