Address the Darkness

We’re here to create more light in this world.  Yep, we sure are.

But what happens when we turn up the luminescence?  The Light shines into the Darkness.  Great!  That allows us to see the Darkness better.  (Because of this happening, some silly humans think it means there’s more darkness in the world.  Nope, it’s always been there.  You can just see it now.)  Why is that a good thing?  Because the Darkness IS THE MAIN THING THAT WE ARE TO ADDRESS IN THIS ASCENSION EFFORT!

What?!… you say.

Yeppers.  Being aware of the darkness on a global scale is definitely significant because ya all could stand to QUIT PARTICIPATING IN IT.  Your continued (albeit unconscious) participation in it just continues to feed the old paradigm.  How do you quit participating in something that you are not even aware you are steeped in?  Mmm?  High time to actually learn about the world you’re living in.

Do you think of yourself as a “star seed” and that being caught in the old 3D Earth Matrix didn’t and couldn’t possibly happen to YOU?  Well surprise!  It did.  If you were more aware of the Truth of this world and your own programming, no one would have to tell you that I’M TALKING TO YOU!  Ask the Divine to help you know what you need to know in that regard.

And addressing ONE’S OWN DARKNESS WITHIN is THE ABSOLUTE TOP PRIORITY!  We create the World of Outer Effects / the “out there”, with our Inner Causal Realms / the “in here”.

The bulk of most people’s inner darkness is not of an out-and-out malicious sort.  It’s mostly ignorance, which comes from being programmed or conditioned with disempowering be-lie-fs.  Still causes lots of problems though.  The cabal do NOT have the numbers to actually create the destruction that they have in this world.  They needed humanity’s help.  They hijacked our creative energies and used them against ourselves, our fellow human, the planet and all of her lifeforms.

So… understanding the world you live in and what is REALLY going on “out there” will help you understand how YOU have been programmed so you can quit serving THEIR agenda.

If that information (in link) surprises you, well, boy oh boy do you have some catching up to do!  Did you think that you could escape looking that outer darkness in the face?  How’s about your own inner darkness, especially in the form of ignorance?  How do “lightworkers” actually help this world if you keep unconsciously participating in, feeding and energizing the darkness?

The global cabal is about to take a tumble (finally!).  But just because the programmers are gone does not mean the programs are.  Everyone needs to heal!

And that includes many a “lightworker” (Dark Clinger?) who thinks they have such a grip on reality, while they parrot the main stream media (msm) propaganda and promote the cabal’s “progressive” socialist / communist / authoritarian / totalitarian agenda… because these “lightworkers” are so very clueless.  WAKE UP “LIGHTWORKERS”!  For starters, why are you STILL identifying with political terms like “left” or “progressive”?  Lightworker my ass.  You’re so stuck in Duality, it’s not even funny.

Your precious “progressives” are going all out to make a world that resembles 1984 meets Atlas Shrugged.  AND YOU’RE HELPING THEM!  Goodness sakes!

Did you want your – in many lightworkers’ (LWs’) case, “leftist” – be-lie-fs and programs to continue to run your life or would YOU (ya know, YOUR SOUL, NOT your programs) finally like to actually run your OWN life.

Am I being harsh?  No where’s near as harsh as the progressive agenda.  No where’s near as harsh as the Truth… which will set you free… if you have the cojones to actually face the Truth and embrace it.  Maybe when it finally beats you over the head, you’ll quit resisting it.  Yep, you’ll have to release your be-lie-f system in the process.  Yep, much more work for “lightworkers” to do.

And all that Light stuff, ya know, like love, peace, abundance, joy, all-knowingness, etc. IS WHO WE NATURALLY ARE, IT’S NOT SOMETHING THAT WE NEED TO SEEK!  We just need to unbury our True Selves from under that crap heap of disempowerment, dysfunction, fears, ego issues, wounds, etc.  Then violà!  Your True Self will be revealed!

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”  ~ Rumi

And most important of all, addressing one’s OWN Inner Work / Healing Work / Shadow (darkness / hidden) Work is HOW PLANETARY AND COLLECTIVE ASCENSIONS GET DONE, ya know, your Soul Mission… re-member that?!  Oh yeah… that!  Gosh, sorry to interrupt your “play time” and your “pea-brain, mind-candy addictions”, but… there’s a planetary and collective ascension going on here that could use your participation.  You in or what?!

LIGHTWORKERS, GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT, ONCE AND FOR ALL AND DO YOUR OWN INNER WORK!  It’s the part of all this collective stuff that is YOURS to do and that no one else can do for you.  And… knocking out your own inner work is the absolute biggest bang for your buck that you’ll have to actually be able to assist anyone else.  Get off your Distraction Detour of so-called “serving” others when you have yet to address your own inner work.  You’re not serving sh*t until you knock out your own healing and ascension process.

If we were playing baseball / softball together, I’d be telling you to cover your own position on the field instead of putting your nose into the next person’s ability to play theirs… and then not covering your own!  Doh!  You can’t play their position for them… but you SURE CAN inspire them by how well you play your own.  You’d probably play your own position better by making and keeping it your TOP PRIORITY! … ya know, instead of trying to impress everyone else and “help” everyone else.  LEAD BY EXAMPLE!

Enough with the useless, egotistical codependency, which is useless, that you got going on with your fellow lightworkers (did I mention useless?), stroking each other’s egos for all the wonderful, flowery channeled messages you are putting out (*yawn*)… which isn’t getting the job done.  Most channeled messages are bogus anyway and they come from ET yahoos who do NOT have your best interest in mind.  (See comment below and also read posts As Below, So Above and Energy Discernment.)

As one fellow lightworker so aptly titled their article a while back – “Deal with your OWN shit, THEN serve.”

Priorities!  Get them straight or you are not gittin’ ‘er done.

Get the job done already!


(added 3/8/19)  Yep, let’s get those Higher Vibrational Portals of Light open shall we:

Some think that “Light Bringers” may refer to Luciferians.  Well, since “Lucifer” is REALLY the planet Venus when it is the Morning Star (it’s called Vesper when it’s the Evening Star) and there is otherwise no “entity” called “Lucifer“, I kinda say “eh” to that one.  Someone needs to castigate the planet Venus?  LOL

I see Light Bringers as lightworkers.  They could stand to get castigated.  Why?  Because the goal here is to ultimately reduce the darkness.  But one can truly only do so WITHIN THEMSELVES.

I have started to refer to those “lightworkers” who resist their own healing / ascension process as “Dark Clingers”.  By not addressing the darkness within themselves, they are feeding the “darkness” as surely as the so-called “Luciferians”.

If you “get” (understand) that THEE best way to help others and the world is TO DO YOUR OWN INNER WORK, for Christ’s sake (literally!) get after those lame-ass “lightworkers” (Dark Clingers?) who are doing everything but getting their own inner work done.  Pass this post along if nothing else.  Make them wanna don a bumpersticker that says “If you’re gonna ride my ass, pull my hair!”

Status seekers are rebuked, as “Headliners of Light” assume control of the process.


For those who OBSESS on the outer darkness, read the post Create Anew!

7 thoughts on “Address the Darkness


    Castigations of the Light Bringers enables Higher Vibrational portals of Light to open.

    Divisions are exposed, and healed.

    Lepteroptics are employed for Far Seeing.

    Complicits for the dark shadows fall away.

    The New Day comes.

    As I said above, I see “Light Bringers” as so-called “lightworkers”.

    I go to look up “castigate”, ‘cuz that’s what I do, since I want the True Vibration / word origin of words. First, I had to laugh because the first dictionary definition I looked at, their example sentence was “He was castigated for not setting a good example.” EXACTLY!

    Then I had to laugh more to find out that the word origin basically is “pure”. Yep, that’s me and what my given name (both first and middle) means.

    “Lepteroptics”? Well, “lepte” is Hungarian for “surprise”. And there’s this:

    LOL And now, the song playing (again) is “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine!”

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  2. Get to know not just the world you are currently residing in, but get to know your universe also!

    “If a person is initiated into their Soul Matrix bodies (4D-5D-6D), and enters the frequency of the next Harmonic Universe (by embodying their soul frequency), they will be exposed to another potential six timelines (Total of 6D=12 timelines).

    The next Harmonic Universe, the parallel 5D earth, has these next six potential timelines, and those entities, with an agenda for 5D, are working for that agenda. (That would be the Nibiruan Annunaki Alien Invasion NAA and subsequent later timeline, the Black Sun Program of the Orion Zeta-Draco Invasion of 5D earth. Together these Negative Aliens are mind controlling humanity through inorganic Alien Machinery that project the archetypes of the False King of Tyranny.)

    The oversoul Harmonic Universe, the parallel 7D earth, has the next six potential timelines, and those entities, with an agenda working in 7D, are working for that agenda. (That would be the beings known in the New Age as the Ascended Masters, or Chohans serving the Alpha Draconis/Orion Group Agenda.)
    ~Lisa Renee

    Draco. That’s where our term “draconian” comes from.

    And this is why just willy nilly channeling whoever wants to “hop on the line” is dangerous as hell. And listening to / reading them is just as dangerous. Folks, utilize your own Divine Connection and stop listening to channeled b.s. There is so very little channeled info that is worth a darn, it’s not even funny.

    Also, Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadians (the “Ps” as she calls them), who actually are worth a darn, said that other ETs (I’d guess the ET councils and GFL – Galactic Federation of Light) tried to stop them from communicating with humanity through Barbara. They also would attempt to discourage souls from incarnating here to assist in this ascension. They almost sounded “terrified” about these prospects. I’ll admit that initially I thought they thought the 3D Earth realm was scary, but I can see now that no, they were terrified of losing control of the Matrix here. Frickin’ yahoos anyway!


  3. I left the comment below at this link:

    Very awesome article.

    Years ago, I was in a metaphysical book store and grabbed one of those little Shambhala books (like the Art of War or some such, don’t think it was that specifically, can’t remember for sure) but I decided to use it as an oracle and just opened it and read essentially this: “Those who face away from the light only see the light as something that casts shadows.”

    The more light we bring to the world, the more that the darkness is revealed. Many folks think the world is getting darker but the darkness has always been there, it’s just illuminated now, the light shining into the darkness to reveal it. People can finally see what has been there all along – in the world, and within themselves.

    And, contrary to most brainwashing, THAT is what Apocalypse means – “uncovering / revealing”.

    We must face the darkness of the world and in ourselves as surely as we have to face the light. If we are not willing to look at the darkness, then how can we quit feeding it, when we’ve been UNKNOWINGLY immersed in it for so long?

    Here are a couple of my own posts along the lines of things you talk about here:


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