Coronavirus – Summary of Info Thus Far


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Good summary of this coronavirus situation thus far.   It also takes in a very big and full picture of the global-cabal-controlled world we’ve been in.  Much more than just this pandemic talked about here.

If you want to understand this whole situation, this is a must read.  

This is a very long article.

Here is an interview with Anthony Hall, the author of above article (see video there titled “Professor: Coronavirus Has Already Triggered Global Meltdown”):

Global Stock Markets’ Wild Ride Continues After Historic Collapse

In about the last 1/3 of this video, a caller talks about the 5G / coronavirus connection as has been addressed by others.  This caller said that the biggest outbreaks of coronavirus may be in countries that now have 5G cell phone service.

In this video and transcript, below, Francis Boyle says that this technology ultimately originated in the U.S.  It was NOT stolen by China, but flat out SOLD TO China:

SMOKING GUN: China Bought Weaponized Wuhan Virus From U.S.

Full transcript of above video:


See the comments section below and the comments in my post “Massive Apocalypse” for running updates of current events.  You can search on coronavirus there for news specific to that.

Many of these articles and videos do a good job of getting closer to the truth about all this.  There is a bit of fear-mania going on too though, in some cases.

So… I’ve included a couple links there also from some decent lightworkers who have brought a higher perspective to this whole situation, ya know, just for a bit of sanity check on this.

I often say that the Dual Meaning of Chaos = Crisis or Opportunity  Which do you choose?

Well, this coronavirus thing is this concept IN SPADES!

There is SO much OPPORTUNITY in all this, it’s off the charts!  Much being exposed.  Big chance for a mass awakening.  Many people affected, including many “Walking Zombie” types who may not have had any clue about the global cabal otherwise.

The global etch a sketch game has been shaken up.  A tabula rosa, a clean slate to start from.  How will YOU help to redraw the picture of the world?  Or will you continue to lay down and let the global cabal put the world back together they way they want to?

And… just got this in Tarot:

King of Wands
unifying people for a common goal
9 of Wands
The flames of the wands (i.e., our burning desires) have been lit, flickered, faltered, extinguished and are now rekindled – blazing with more ferocity than ever before.
10 of Cups

This card is an energetic indicator of good times, accomplishments and relishing all the joys that come from being a part of a community of loving friends and family.

Seize this OPPORTUNITY folks!

See these posts for info on how to make and keep yourself healthy:

Are You Living or Dying?
Fear will shut down your immune system. Not a good idea right now… or ever.
It’s not “bad” to have fear, so don’t get into thinking “I’m not supposed to have fear.”
You cannot RELEASE what you REPRESS!
IF you have fear, acknowledge it, let it surface, then release it. Ask God to help you with that. When I’ve been fretting / worrisome, I ask my angels (my own “thought forms” that work for me) to put a ventilation / exhaust hood (like over a stove) over me and gently suck the fear off while I release it.

Healing – Physical

Alzheimer’s and Cholesterol, Water and EVERYTHING, Listening to Your Body… and some other things

Useful Healthful Tips

And… a significant excerpt from “Useful Healthful Tips”:

Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) – antimicrobial (virus, bacteria, fungi, etc.), so for colds, flu, strep, etc., yet won’t mess with your beneficial bacteria / flora.  This will knock out a cold, flu or whatever like nothing else, in record time.  Some people take it daily for maintenance.

ALTHOUGH… these little “buggies”, like a cold virus, are doing us a favor.  They clean dead cells out of our bodies and, while doing so, the cold virus releases toxins into our system through their digestive process.  They do this ALL THE TIME, not just when we “get a cold”.  The reason we feel “sick” is because through poor diet and lifestyle, we end up with MANY dead cells all at the same time.  Dr. Lorraine Day and cellular biologist Bruce Lipton (amongst others) will tell you that these “opportunistic organisms”, these microbes, are always in you.  Any blood test would verify that.  You don’t “catch” a cold from someone else.  These buggies are there waiting for their opportunity, when you do things that deplete your immune system, then they can multiply like crazy.  And yet, yep, they undo what we have done to ourselves.

What happens is through poor diet and lifestyle, you create too many dead cells all at once.  Even though microbes are constantly / continuously cleaning dead cells out of your body, when you have too many at once you get overwhelmed with the toxins that the microbes dump into your system from their digestive process.

40 thoughts on “Coronavirus – Summary of Info Thus Far

  1. I left the comment below at this link:

    Again, just that title, I have to ask you at InfoWars…. would that really be a bad thing? No really. Like imploding the Medical Industrial Complex would be a bad thing?

    YOU are your healthcare system. Quit looking “out there” for what you will only find “in here”. The life choices you make, your Thoughts, Words and Deeds determine your life and reality.

    Dual meaning of Chaos = Crisis or Opportunity, which do you choose? Can any of you there at InfoWars see ALL THE GOOD IN THIS? Can you seize and embrace the OPPORTUNITIES THAT ABOUND in this chaos from the c-virus? Things happen for a reason. This is a frickin’ blessing!

    I’m not being harsh, just delivering a reality check. The consequences of people’s choices are about to be shown for everyone. Someone wrote an article back in November that a line in the sand has been drawn. Indeed. Which side of the line will YOU fall on. The choice is yours.

    In these times, the old paradigm, the old system has to come down. ALL of it. You don’t put a brand new building on an old crumbling foundation. You shake it to it’s very foundation AND START ALL OVER. Start fresh! Don’t cling to the old. There is a major house cleaning going on in this world. Embrace it! Flow with it.


  2. I left the following comment at this link:

    What? Most PHARMACEUTICAL ingredients come from China?! Could this mean that this whole world situation might mean that PHARMACEUTICALS MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE?!

    Great! Right? … InfoWars? Right? That would be a good thing if people quit taking pharmaceuticals… Right?! I figured if anyone understood that it’d be InfoWars. Don’t get all “DISCONNECTY” about this now. What? Are you trying to be as insane as the msm? Get a grip InfoWars!

    Some problems fix themselves. What a great way TO GET PEOPLE OFF OF POISONOUS PHARMACEUTICALS!!! Duh!

    And to say that the U.S. and other places would not have “medicine”. FOOD, good wholesome, NATURAL, WHOLE, ORGANIC FOOD is the BEST medicine there is.

    Where are your heads at? You there are InfoWars seem to be completely LOSING YOUR HEADS over all this. Panic much? Enough already!
    You could stand to lose your MIND though because its chatty, worrisome ways will be the end of you.


  3. Infowars is now reporting more “Scare Heads” (headlines).
    The stock market is gonna crash! I hope it completely rolls over and dies.
    Big venue events like pro sports and insanely overpriced music concerts, etc. are being called off. Woo hoo! I was wondering what the hell was gonna pull people away from all that distraction nonsense.

    This coronavirus thing is a literal GOD SEND!
    It’s tearing down cabal institutions AT LIGHT SPEED! Every pun intended.


  4. Alex Jones: Deep State Using Coronavirus Fear and Panic To Destroy Our Country

    Seems as though Alex now thinks this is a hoax, at least the level of fear mongering and panic created. Ya think? ONE MORE TIME WITH FEELING – DOWN THROUGH HISTORY EVERY PANDEMIC COMES WITH A FEAR PROPAGANDA CAMPAIGN.

    Never mind that Alex himself (with his hair missing now, lol) was often acting like he was running down the street with his hair on fire. That’s what fear does to ya. *shaking head*

    Maybe he needed to shave his head so he’d have a “cooler head” that will hopefully prevail. 🙂


  5. So, many tech companies in the U.S. are now having their employees work from home. Those folks who still are driving to work are met with wide-open roads and freeways. Who’da thunk it.

    For decades we’ve been hearing about how people who work on a computer will be able to telecommute. But companies are such control freaks that they have kept insisting that those people who work on a computer must come in to work. So, the freeways are cluttered, gas is being used unnecessarily and car fumes spewed unnecessarily. Not to mention that companies are paying for expensive office space when it’s just not necessary.

    I would not doubt that folks who telecommute could and would actually get more work done. I was an electronics tech for years. Sometimes I’d work swing shifts. The swing shift always got more work done than the day shift because there was hardly anyone there and no one was coming around and pestering us and chit chatting with us. Simply amazing.

    Maybe people will now push their companies to get real about telecommuting. WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY, how’s about these companies actually use it.

    All is being revealed.


  6. I left the comment below at this link:

    Hallelujah! People won’t even go to church. They can “sit within themselves” (which is what the word “sabbath” means) and actually, truly CONNECT TO GOD with their Direct Divine Connection instead of letting a religion (which means “regulate”) regulate that direct connection to God. Praise be! Everything is working out SO WELL. What a God-send this coronavirus thing has been.

    Democrats Bet Everything On Coronavirus
    Milo Yiannopoulos joins The Alex Jones Show – Milo brings some sanity and reality to this coronavirus thing and talks about his new book about the Roger Stone trial.


  7. Some lightworker sanity for these times:
    Indeed, things happen FOR A REASON. Sleuth it out why whatever is happening to and around you is. The Divine would be happy to help.
    This fellow is calling the c-virus “the love bug”. Rightly so. It’s a God send, a blessing. And his post tells of how this IS shifting people to love.. and prayer / meditation. Hallelujah!


      • I am originally from eastern Montana and currently live in Seattle, so… the pics at the top are randomized and are from one of those two areas (mostly, one from the Badlands though, I think in South Dakota). Yes, Seattle looks like Vancouver, which is why shows about Seattle are filmed in Vancouver. Ha! I saw someone online said years ago that their favorite Seattle coffeeshop (from shows) was in Vancouver. lol


    Paul Joseph Watson puts things into perspective… with some humor. Although no Paul, death is no longer inevitable for everyone. There are other ways out of this world. READ. THIS. BLOG!

    And… there is zero reason why most countries in this world can’t be self-sufficient. This whole world interdependency is actually really messed up. Even states within the U.S. can / could be completely self- sufficient.

    Now, I can hear people saying, “How can northern states get enough vitamin C if they can’t get citrus fruits?” Well, rhubarb is rich with vitamin C and will absolutely grow in northern regions. There are choke cherries and june berries and black berries and I’d guess that even strawberries will grow in a short growing season. Almost every country / state / region of the world can be very self sufficient… especially if we were actually good stewards of the planet. Go figure.


  9. Folks are you really ready to give up your liberty for a little so-called “safety”?

    The safety of your health is UP TO YOU. Your immune system will take care of this but you have to eat right, Think, Speak and Act in healthy ways and RELEASE YOUR FEAR.

    Don’t let the global cabal use governments to trash your rights and freedoms right now.

    Trump Responds To Robert Barnes Message On Ending Chinese Virus Crisis

    This is so blatantly meant to cause chaos right now. Mayors of cities (like Everett, WA) are shutting down their cities, saying everyone must be off the street, while other places (in New Jersey, Montana, New York, etc.) are releasing prisoners from prison saying it’s not safe for them in the prison. WTF? So, Joe Average is under house arrest while actual criminals are being let loose from prison! *shaking head* Welcome to Upside Down World. Goodness sakes.


  10. Joke, a little Laughter Breaks Up the Illusion.

    I’ve just been to Walmart. SHOCKING! They had no toilet paper at all.
    I headed for customer service and asked if they had any. A firm NO and a look of disgust was the answer.
    Walking back to the toilets with my pants around my ankles was a walk I never want to do again.


  11. So, I understand that here in a time when people are not driving much, the Saudis are lowering oil prices. It was said that they are doing so to compete with fracking for oil done in the U.S. and other places.

    That’s more good news! Fracking needs to go away and is damaging the planet and that is its sole purpose… because… fracking for oil is SO not necessary.

    For many years, many conventional (not fracking) oil wells are drilled and when they hit the oil, they just cap the well off, they don’t pump it out. So there is SO much oil in this world and that can be gotten to in a hurry.

    They started to term oil as a “fossil fuel” years ago to make it sound like oil is a scarcity. That allows for cartels to charge more than necessary for it. Oil is NOT a scarcity.

    It’s been reported that some oil reserves are emptied, then they fill back up again, so NO oil does NOT come from long-dead dinosaurs. I have reason to think the planet produces oil, just like our bodies actually produce some things, cholesterol is an example – we don’t get it from food, our bodies produce it. And… with that in mind, I have every reason to think that the Earth uses oil the same way we do – for a lubricant. So, with fracking, they are removing the oil and replacing it with a sand-water slurry. Think what would happen to your car engine if you took the oil out and put a sand-water slurry in it. How long would your engine last?!

    As I said, fracking uses a sand-water slurry, filled with nasty chemicals that gets forced into shale.
    Because of all the nasty chemicals used, that water cannot be used at the surface again.
    Farmers and ranchers are selling their water rights to oil companies, so water that is supposed to go towards producing food is being used for fracking instead.


  12. I’m in England. I think it’s becoming clearer which heads of government are controlled by the global elite, and which are free people.
    I always wondered why President Trump uses Twitter to communicate, given that he can only do so in short bursts – a couple of sentences at a time, so it’s a bit limiting. Now it seems I got the answer – the (elite-owned) MSM are hostile to him, so he can’t communicate through them.
    Now it seems that similarly elite-owned, and therefore similarly motivated, Twitter is moving to de-platform the President – despite the obvious risk that by doing so, Twitter’s drawing greater attention to what he tweets (contrary to the elite’s narrative).
    However, President Trump is by no means out on a limb in staying free of control. For one thing, El Salvador President Nayib Bukele said yesterday, of the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine, “I use it as a prophylaxis, President Trump uses it as a prophylaxis, most of the world’s leaders use it as a prophylaxis.”
    In doing so, the leaders are bucking the trend, since the British National Health Service will instead be giving coronavirus patients the experimental drug remdesivir, granted emergency authorization in the US earlier this month.
    Dr Bharat Barai, an eminent Indian-American doctor, comments that “the hydroxychloroquine drug has become a victim of politics in the US”, alluding to the fact that the WHO has dropped its trial of the drug – most surprisingly, given that “patients had safely taken one to two tablets daily of hydroxychloroquine for years”.
    One can understand why the leaders are entrusting their health to the longstanding drug hydroxychloroquine, even though (or perhaps because) the WHO is pushing newcomer remdesivir.
    In these days when you don’t know who to believe, it’s nice to just look at the words and actions of President Trump and other leaders, and let them reveal to us whether those words and actions belong to an elite-controlled person, or a free person.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have gotten the hunch that Big Tech (specifically Twitter here) actually WANTs to get regulated by the government. Both Reps. and Dems. have kinda asked for it. So, if the Dems. actually want Big Tech to be regulated, you gotta wonder why. I’d guess it’s just one more thing to get under a centralized federal government control, you know, socialist / communist state. But Trump just kinda opted for them to be “sue-able”, ‘cuz they are not acting like a platform but a member of the press.

      I understand one reason they are dissing hydroxychloroquine is because it’s so old that it’s not patentable and hence they need a new drug that they can make money off of.

      WHO = The Ministry of Health. 😉

      Yes, you’ll know them by their fruits OR you can also know people by their enemies. Trump’s “enemies” are the global cabal and they are all coming out of the woodwork to reveal themselves on the hate Trump bandwagon. Obviously they eventually want the prison cell next to their buddy. 🙂

      Sorry for taking so long to get back. Getting internet access – that is normally EVERYWHERE – during a scam-demic economic shutdown is like pulling teeth.

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    “The two times I’ve been to the White House [since 2016], I was told I had to go listen to anti-vaxxers like Robert Kennedy Jr. So, yes, it’s ironic that people are questioning vaccines and we’re actually having to say, ‘Oh, my God, how else can you get out of a tragic pandemic?’”

    To Quote Dr. Lorraine Day, “We don’t get sick from a deficiency of drugs or surgery.” Yep, that even includes when viruses are around, ya know, like they always are. Doh!


    This person thinks that knowing about the conspiracy is living in fear. No, acquiescing to the cabal elected officials’ unenforceable, draconian rules – masks, etc. – is where the fear is. They have people not getting enough oxygen and drowning in their own carbon dioxide, which is not healthy and then in turn brow beating / virtue signaling to others to do so also. Did I just describe YOU? They’ve gotcha!

    My response to the above:

    NOT conspiracy “theories”, they are REAL conspiracies. Fear mongers are part of the conspiracy.

    As you’re saying, fear will shut down your immune system. Years ago, Dr. Len Horowitz, author of “Emerging Viruses” said that all pandemics come with a fear propaganda campaign… ya know, from the global cabal. (All but the epidemic under Obama’s watch – no fear mongering then and he ordered medical people to NOT test for it… so he didn’t look bad.)

    The fear level has been worked up by mainstream media and it is so great that they have people wearing masks that do NOT stop viruses, but they might help you drown in your own carbon dioxide. Not healthy. People are SO fearful they are WEARING MASKS THAT LIMIT THEIR BREATHING EVEN WHILE RUNNING. Completely nuts.

    People need to support their health and their immune system, not succumb to the fear mongers and wear their “fear masks” which are not healthy.

    They are also doctoring numbers. It’s gotten to where pretty much any death is recorded as a COVID death – including shootings, motorcycle accidents, lightning strikes (then falling off a building) – not kidding. Just check on death numbers from 2019 compared to 2020 for pretty much every kind of death. Seemingly, most normal ways of dying are going away… ‘cuz they are all counted as COVID deaths.

    Hospitals are getting 10s of thousands of dollars from the feds for every COVID patient so they count everything as COVID-related.

    Paramedics and other medical people are being told to call other deaths COVID deaths or they will be fired.

    There are charts of the flu deaths rising early in the year and then magically are REPLACED by COVID deaths. Really? Flu quit kill people just because COVID is around? No. They are just COUNTING DANG NEAR EVERY DEATH AS A COVID DEATH.

    People who have never been tested because they got tired of waiting in line and left, then later receive their “test results” (for a test they never took) in the mail and guess what? They tested positive. Simply amazing.

    People will show up in a group, one of them is tested and all of the rest of them are considered positive. *shaking head*

    They have many thinking that all the “positive cases” mean actual deaths.
    No! 99+% of those who get the virus don’t even know it, no sickness, no symptoms. The more who test positive but don’t get sick and / or die indicates that the ACTUAL DEATH RATE is VERY LOW. As low as normal flu. But we don’t shut down the whole world economy for flu every year. (look up hospitalization numbers for flu in 2018 and 2019)

    For every 3 COVID deaths (although that is using the INFLATED numbers that the mainstream media and others are spouting) there are 2 deaths caused by the shutdown – from people not going to the hospital for other things, suicide, overdose, domestic abuse, starvation etc.

    Quarantining the healthy and shutting down the economic system during an epidemic / pandemic is completely unheard of and is not working.

    Places like Sweden never did shut down. They went about they business. Their only regret was not protecting folks in nursing homes better.

    But they did no worse there than anywhere else. As a matter of fact, Governor Cuomo of N.Y. ORDERED COVID-positive patients be sent to nursing homes and the mainstream media helped cover that up for a month. Most people still don’t know it happened.

    But… the places where it spread are now having much lower cases. The virus was allowed to run its course and now herd immunity has been reached.

    Meanwhile, the places that have shut down and have everyone wearing their fear masks have just delayed the inevitable. Now, this was fine for the original goal of “flattening the curve” to keep hospitals from being overrun. But it doesn’t stop the virus, which WILL run its course.

    Take care of your immune system, including by releasing your fears and you have nothing to worry about. I’m in my mid 50s and have not worn a mask much and did not get sick and I’m fairly sure COVID has run by me, probably months ago. But then I haven’t had a cold or flu for decades ‘cuz I know how to take care of my health.

    Early on Dr. Birx said that all COVID deaths happened in people who had underlying conditions. That means they weren’t healthy. Take care of your health – body, mind, emotions, spirit – and viruses present no problem. Viruses actually aren’t very hardy.


    David Icke: The answer to getting people to activate their will – It’s time to free your mind of burdens

    Still so many people cannot see how stories like George Orwell’s “1984” are unfolding before our eyes, including people snitching on each other (or even brow beating / virtue signaling – like shades of “Silence of the Lambs” – It puts the mask on its skin, or it never eats again. thank you Todd Herman) and how businesses are expected to enforce UNCONSTITUTIONAL rules that the Governors (etc) say they themselves cannot and will not enforce but they use Labor and Industries and others to threaten a business’ license if they don’t force their customers to comply. *shaking head* The term “push back” has been used by many but not many have yet to actually push back. Humans need to find their spines and step into their power.
    No one can truly take authority over your life, but you sure can give it away.
    If you know how to listen to what the global cabal are saying, well, recent things said at the DNC have been that if you don’t put them into power (with Biden) then things will get worse. It’s a literal threat!
    See comments on my post For the Love of Big Brother for the full text of the books “Brave New World”, “1984”, and “Atlas Shrugged”. These authors knew the global cabal plans and predicted what we are experiencing now in this world.


    Yes, here in lovely libtarded Seattle, the bars are also told to close at 10 pm. I saw someone out in an alley behind a bar (toking, lol) said the coronavirus obviously gets very vicious after 10. That coronavirus is so smart! Almost as “smart” as Bill Gates himself! It obviously knows how to tell time.


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