Hello… and… SALUTE!

I am a Gaia Ascension Forerunner.

I “completed” / became “ascension-ready” (my term) in early 2011.  The Divine relieved me (mostly) of energetic service work in the fall of 2014 because I was too spent to do any more.

This site is, for sure, for informational purposes for those still working on their enlightenment, healing, empowerment and ascension process, but it is also meant as a salute to all other Gaia Ascension Forerunners, the Original ~145,000.

To all of you GAFs out there, I salute!  I respect and appreciate the immense effort you all have made for Gaia and for your fellow human and to the greater cosmos / universe / multiverse.   I know GAFs rarely get acknowledged, let alone appreciated.  Hell, most lightworkers can’t even “see” us forerunners, don’t even know we exist.  Many who are just now completing think they are the first, having no idea of the selfless sacrifice that the true forerunners have made and what all we few have accomplished, yes, out of love for our fellow human.

Well, folks, if it takes someone at your level to make a show of appreciation to you, that others, who could surely learn from you just can’t seem to muster, well, you fabulous cosmic work horses, I SALUTE YOU!  You have been champs.

Some of the articles here will document what I have been through personally in this planetary ascension effort, what work I was involved with and it will also disclose what I have come to learn / realize (from this still somewhat veiled perspective) about what goes on not just on this planet, but also about just as surely ludicrous goings on above the veil (atv).  You may find resonance with it, either because you too were also doing similar work or you may just have a knowingness about the info once you read it.

This blog was not started until after my own ascension work was complete and also after my energetic service work for the planet and collective was mostly complete due to the Divine not allowing me to be used anymore, since I am rather spent.

It has not been a daily diary sort of blog, but is really more about healing and empowerment fundamentals that I observe many lightworkers still do not grasp or embrace.

Thanks for taking a look.


Also see One of These Things Is Not Like the Others page for an overview of what to expect here.


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  1. Since Karen Bishop stepped out of the arena I have found it exceptionally challenging to find any ‘real’ forerunners out there. I am one of the truly exhausted ones but then became a little befuddled when I realized Saturn is transiting my twelfth house and a huge chunk of my life was closing out. I began to wonder if I was feeling this way because of this fact or because of my spiritual journey as a GAF (as you called it)?

    I became a member of a spiritual group early this year because I began writing articles for them, in the hopes also of helping. I could tell they were, most of them newbies, but as time went on (and not too much of it either) I found myself more frustrated by their clear lack of grasping of certain principals and the insistence of some to keep a focus on darker energy forces than anything else. So, I stepped away for self preservation. I also stopped giving any predictions years ago due to so much contamination creating inaccuracies.

    2015 was most definitely a terribly tiring year. I do not feel depressed but all my outward signs indicate it so. My body literally feels like it’s dragging a bunch of massive dead trees behind it. And when I need to supermarket shop I have become the proverbial vampire. (With the exception of some energy days where I find it very easy to navigate through crowds with little to no issue). I often wonder if I will ever feel energized again. Everything is still in a fog, career, future, finances…And it makes me wonder did we ever make any progress at all?

    Then I read your comments you apparently wrote on Karen Bishop’s blog/site. Someone posted something referencing you on KB FB friend page. Anyway I just wanted to say Thank You. While your words were not the uplifting kind (no unkindness intended) they resonated with me; finally someone knew how I felt after such a freaking long journey…There is clearly no match in this material world for my inner spiritual awareness. I turn off most of those out there advocating to have spiritual knowledge because they all say the same thing over and over. It’s almost like information has been blocked from reaching us.

    Anyway, thank you again. I am presently in surrender mode, but unsure if even that is a good thing. Lol


    • Bev, you are so right that Karen Bishop was / is one of the few real forerunners who has had much of an online presence. I was amazed she stuck with it as long as she did. I was guided not to have a blog and I totally understand why – the energy work just took too much out of me. In early 2013, I totally intuited that I was to go to this one site, read certain posts, make comments, then I’d be asked by the blog owner to write an article. In less than a day that all unfolded. Writing the article and answering comments happened in total in 3 days. That little bit kicked my butt.

      And I’ll admit that I actually went against God’s guidance when I started this blog this summer. That’s not something I do much. But I needed somewhere to express and the light workers whose blogs I would comment on were SO recalcitrant and just downright jerks in some cases, sometimes not even allowing my comments through. They could have benefitted from the guidance, which is why I was guided there and said what I did, but… They are coming around a bit now, I KNOW they are making progress but I also hope that they are not just accepting me because now I have a blog, like I’m one of the “in crowd” now. lol Sadly, that’s just the kind of juvenile energy many of them are sitting in. Oh but how I have observed the “light worker cliques”. What, are you 12?

      God has since gotten on board with my blog though and guides me on what to say and where to post comments elsewhere, etc. So God more than tolerated my one instance of naughtiness and now I’m back to pretty much not farting without God’s official okey dokey. Although, not to be too crude, but, yep, still dealing with the mundane – the other day I sh*t the pants I wasn’t wearing. Wish I would have “checked in” about that fart. lol

      And yes, THAT old program of focusing on the negative. The Christians think that if you hear voices in your head that you are either crazy or it’s demons, it couldn’t possibly be God, never mind that their un(w)holy book, er, I mean the Bible (yep, not so whole, the lie of omission being its greatest offense) is chalk full of people hearing from God, but that can’t happen now… right? Goodness sakes. The New Agers keep thinking they are having “dark attacks.” Ah yeah, perhaps from their own darkness / shadow / disempowering programs. They even say that the “dark forces” were working through their neighbor or whatever to get to them. Oh please. Their neighbor has those programs too but are not remote controlled. lol Their neighbor was also more than likely a literal God-send to help point out some areas where they themselves have more work to do.

      Bev, please do take time, over some time and give my blog a thorough read. I think you would appreciate it and I’d love to see you share your own comments on your own experiences and knowledge / wisdom also and perhaps also info on the “when” of your experiences. This just might be a site where your input may reach the right people, whether they are forerunners, ascension-ready, light workers or newbies.

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      • Thank you kindly GAF. I will look through your blog the moment I have the chance. We seem to be on the same page with most things.

        I am concerned that I have adopted a rather short fuse the past few months because it’s been so difficult. It’s hard to determine if it’s frustration, the inability to predict more accurately, the blind fold still firmly in place on the masses or what. So, I find I must think deeper to present my words in more helpful tones. Lol presently, not so easy. The saving grace for me is my intent not to harm or rip down (although that is a need, grrrr and how it’s often interpreted) but to wake up! Unfortunately, I trip myself up when I assume others (who love labels, like empaths, healers, etc which we all are naturally and they ignore) are not as far along as they claim even after years of doing healing work. They shoot back often with immense aggression and vindictiveness. Even as you have noticed literally cyber bully. It’s astounding. I have literally felt complete relief energetically when I have blocked them on FB. The ego is clinging on with one powerful kick back still for many.

        When I push to send love out into the world I’m met with all that is still wrong and dark. We all know this already. But to get some to refocus is major impossibility. Good word you used ‘recalcitrant.’

        Anyway, I will definitely look over your blog. I will probably stick to the more recent writings. The past feels so done, doesn’t it? For the first time I find this ‘new’ year really a continuation and not a new beginning longed for and expected by so many. It’s an odd feeling. Please, I say that ‘not’ in a depressed tone either. I think this is very positive in fact. Lol


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        • Bev, nothing on my blog is very old. I started it in July. Currently 37 posts. Every single post is on the HOME page and all titles are listed at bottom of page. Read the “ONE OF THESE THINGS IS NOT LIKE THE OTHER” page to see where I’m coming from here. This is not the daily diary blog like many are.

          I have written about fundamentals of healing. I see lately a return to the fundamentals in many LWs messages – good! Obviously making some energetic influence there. K.I.S.S. it already! The fundamentals last because they actually work. Go figure. But I’m sure many light workers (LWs) think they’re too “unique” to do what works for others. They’d cut off their own nose to spite their face.

          And I write about my friend’s and my adventures above the veil kicking ETs in or out of line concerning OUR planet’s ascension

          …. and getting after LWs about things they really oughta to know already and probably do but don’t live or even preach in some cases. There’s not a whole lot here as far as volume and probably really won’t ever be. I know I’ll be coming back to 3D to help some Joe Averages (at my choosing) after “A-Day”. So I have kinda gotten to feel I ultimately have this blog for them, ya know, somewhere I can refer people, ya know, a site that I can actually get behind. Too many others putting out too much garbage.

          Yes, I get frustrated too, as I’m sure you can well tell. Just to remind ya – Make sure you express that, even if just to yourself. And my frustration is not really with “the masses”. I feel for them too and they deserve a better shot and if we can only get the mass of LWs to actually give a shit about something other than themselves.

          I’m also very passionate and many folks can’t tell the difference, but then again, they’d have to FEEL where I’m coming from to know. As empathic as they all think they are, I’ve come across very few non-forerunners who “see” us forerunners and feel for us and acknowledge what we’ve done / are doing. They’re often too busy calling themselves pioneers when they are walking the road we blazed. Like Columbus “discovering” America when people were already living there. lol

          Gaia Portal used the word “recalcitrant” a couple years ago and it is so succinctly accurate for far too many LWs. lol I love that word. LWs are my team mates and I’m happy to kick ’em up the butt when they’re being slackers or in denial or can’t think of anything past themselves.

          I was given the message lately that the next thing for this big group of LWs that are taking over “light duty” is to better relate to their fellow human and give a crap about the planet and collective more now that they finally hammered out a sizable amount of their own healing (finally) after this past 1 1/4 years. So, that’s something to watch for – that they are having that message delivered to them from every angle… to, as you say, refocus.

          I have to include these Pat Benatar lyrics I looked up the other day:

          “There were jerk offs too numerous to mention
          When everybody shared the dream
          But when it came time to share the nightmare
          They were conveniently no where to be seen”

          Unfortunately for the light workers, they will be forced to step up now, since the forerunners are spent… or they and 3Ders will be in one big world of hurt.


        • And Bev, I would just love for someone like yourself to read my posts because of the nuances you could add or different ways of expressing the same thing. Those things make a difference for others. Ya know, if you find yourself looking like a bobble-head doll as you read my posts, and so much so that you feel like editing them, “Oh man, I forgot to say this… ” lol Then, please… say that!

          And just to let ya know, my friend and I are feeling really jazzed here in recent few days. Downright excited and we’re so frickin’ weary I sometimes wonder if we’re still able to get excited. Ha. I just have to include a line my friend said to me once that I remembered lately that is just hilarious – “Now it takes me all night to do what I used to stay up all night and do.” LMAO I can’t even think about that and not belly laugh… again… and again.


          • Wow Bev, you expressed exactly how I have been feeling the past couple years. I am exhausted from it all and the LW’s whose ‘sacredness’ plants them in their ego program with blinders to only see where it puts them in the gold chair, so to speak. As for prophecies, I do believe that in knowingness, one is able to predict some things and some not, as in the ever changing world we live, I can always know, and know I know, but then something else always pops up. I know that I know that I know nothing and everything….LOL. I have felt like you that in frustration and trying to ‘be’ as well as ‘do’ for helping others, that they all seem to focus on fighting the dark, those pesky dark ones, when we know those pesky dark ones are not separate from us, only playing roles in this game in the matrix.
            But again, I am exhausted too, been treading this wheel of ‘spiritual journey and light workers’ and just want off the wheel for a while. I too wonder if I will ever get my energy back, and start back somewhere I felt more in my own power and space. It’s people like us that have tired of the false missions and hierarchies of the ‘Above the Veil’ and those who like to think they are above it all….if only our nudges and planting the seeds make a difference, either by communion or conversation, and not vampirism or usurping us to death!
            GAF, thank you for writing this blog, and for putting this out there. I can’t express how grateful I am for your commenting on Lisa’s site and planting the seed for me to come and read your site. My feeling of being ‘the only one’ is now not so, as I have read some on your site, and wanted to first read ‘about’ you in a way to get a feel for what I was inclined to feel a nudge in the direction of how I have felt my whole life about Light Workers, and the spiritual community that frowned upon me while I was just wanting to gain insights to my nudgings or deep feelings in the nature of humanity and our purpose, but always ran into a Wall for their frowns and holding onto ‘secrets’ and ‘sacredness’ in that I shall not interfere by bursting their bubbles. I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t me….but bursting their bubbles is what they needed, and I was the one helping them instead of me seeking to align with a higher purpose they projected upon us as all knowing and helping humanity by there very existence!
            Bless and honor your insights and Thank God you commented on Lisa’s article! ❤

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            • Thank you Thankyourmuse. I hope you continue to find solace here. It’s been a long, tough haul.

              Yes, the whole New Age / light worker thing has / had become it’s own religion, complete with dogma… that was really the same energy as the useless dogma of more established religion. The disempowering programming runs deep in folks.

              I do indeed see some of the light worker log jam finally busting up. Ask to be shown that yourself so you can see that our efforts are indeed resulting in some rather significant shift right now.

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            • “but bursting their bubbles is what they needed”

              I’ve often said that there is much rabble to be roused in this world. Sometimes someone needs to come along and stir someone’s pot so they can see all the sludge at the bottom that they need to clean up, ya know, assist in bringing the hidden to the surface. Then dodge the arrows / bullets as they lash out. And even that is key in your own evolution – to be able to stand there and beam love at them, a love that will present itself in any and every way, even in the not-so-politically-correct ways… and let the arrows they shoot, which aren’t about you anyway, just fly right on by.

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            • What you said to Bev here:

              “As for prophecies, I do believe that in knowingness, one is able to predict some things and some not, as in the ever changing world we live, I can always know, and know I know, but then something else always pops up.”

              This has been a very dynamic situation. That’s how it is when free-will / a veiled consciousness state exists still in the bulk of the collective. This is one reason why, when I “ask” about something, I don’t just assume that the answer is hard and fast and forever. Things change. Shift happens. If I have some hunch that things have shifted, I “ask” again and yep, sometimes get different answers.

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              • I know right! You nailed it!
                The challenge though for me is this makes choices so garbled. It becomes paralyzing at times. Do you cross the road or wait? We could be waiting forever while things get worse.
                I can get an idea, follow through only to find it blocked. Was the idea wrong? The timing? It’s hard to determine what is meant for you vs. someone else’s energy interfering.

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            • Thank you, it is soooo wonderful to hear from a forerunner. I think our group has gone into hiding. Truly.

              I’m starting to see small Newbie groups moving towards one another finally. I have little to no desire to share anything. I rather watch from the bleachers. Lol safer.

              Yesterday I felt a really strong separation and growth. Something is definitely moving into place. I feel lighter at the core. Hmmm now if it only will stick and we can run with it…

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    • I wonder where you are in your process NOW? I just checked in with myself. “self? Am I a GAF?” Self say, “Nope! I am something different. Not less than, not more than…just different.”

      Starting say…2011, I had a major shift into high speed, wheels scretching and sparking…out of control rollercoaster ride of my life. I needn’t go into great details about it since it’s nothing that can really be compared; it being completely subjective. I gage it by the amount of affecting and impacting “Charge” that was generated by my little red buttons being pushed.

      As to how much, Think…watching people at a cross walk constantly pushing that damn broken button to get the damn “Walk” sign to go on. CONSTANTLY while they wait…or pushing the eleventh floor elevator button before and after the door closes while the damn elevator is full of ten other people each needing to get to each respective floor 1-10 before you, and so…of course…we are all pushing our Gosh darn buttons on the way up, too…AND when the door opens again…and when it closes after each damn floor. Get the picture? Some people also don’t like tightly closed spaces filled with a lot of people, so that elevator causes a LOT of anxiety. That’s how much my button was being pushed. This doesn’t actually speak to the amount of reactive charge. That is ineffable; too subjective to really compare.

      Though I’m not a GAF, I think I could have a degree of empathy for you. In 2015, I collapsed. 3 years of constant anxiety, fighting…kicking…screaming, pleading…”Dark nights,” all because I wasn’t adapting to the major choices I’d made, AND I was REFUSING to give in or stop…or give up…Until my body was sending out alarms…red alerts, “Shields are DOWN, only 1/4 impulse, Warp engines are down, life support it at 20%, weapons active and firing and likely to melt down!”

      I’m a stubborn INFJ personality type; been in hospice for 22 years. When my own mother was dying, I decided 22 years was enough. “Why don’t I try working as an educator in a California Prison?? Yeah…that’s a change! I’m sure all my lessons in compassion will get me through it!!!” I remember I was REALLY excited for this particular choice, and I had a lot of ideas about what it would look like.

      Little did I know…I had a LOT to learn, and I did…and I asked for it…I dared to go into that place with ME being who I am…and created the battle of a life time. By mid 2015, I was EXAUSTED.

      And I left, and My God! I tried to go back to hospice work, and for the life of me, I got FIRED within weeks of being hired at two hospices…and one wouldn’t touch me after the interview (cause I’d been fired twice by that point, and in the interview I simply would not budge on my ethics, prudence…spoke my mind honestly from all my years of experience…and…”Sorry, you wouldn’t be a good fit.” WAH?

      Exausted! Took over a year to recover…but it was all for a good purpose because I KNOW I asked for it. “God,” I says…”God…I want to be a compassionate person.” I didn’t know there was a shadow aspect that needed to be brought out and looked at, and that every red button had to be pushed and charged up and exploded in order to “Wake up” for that to happen. Hospice? Baby stuff compassion. Prison? Well…that’s like Christ level compassion, so I’m not there either.

      Rest? Yes…needed to rest after those lesson learned from battling myself, and by proxy…every body that tried to mind trip me or alter my perspective, perception and undo me because they hated what I had to say from a caring intention; I would NOT be redefined, and I would NOT allow my perceptions or perspective be altered without the pass key: Be care-full…ask me questions…answer my questions and let’s learn!

      I’m sharing this…because, though I don’t think I’m a GAF, it sounds like there is a similar sort of “exhaustion” between you and me that’d happened around the same time. Perhaps like mine, yours built up over a life time of garnering wounds that you set out to heal, and while healing yourself…perhaps you gained some good skill in helping other’s heal…and its hard work…double work but worth it because you’re stronger for it and have found a place of gratitude (though I can assure you that in my dark nights…of which there were many…I cursed the day I was born!!! I did!!!)

      So thanks for sharing, and I shared, too for no other reason than simple empathy which is not may favorite aspect of compassion these days…but often, it is the most helpful to help bridge understanding of another…to some degree…what ever that degree is.

      Be well.

      Ray of Helios.

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      • Rayofhelios, don’t know if you meant this for me or not (I do believe it’s actually a reply to someone else) but, I’ll answer just in case you did mean it for me. Otherwise… as you were. lol

        🙂 It’s quite the ride for all. No doubt.
        Did you read this?
        We GAFs did much with a few. Those of you coming up behind, in some cases were / are kinda jumping onto a moving train. Regardless, the Divine insists that this ascension happen and all the stops are out now. Last year the collective finally got out of linear / plodding mode and went exponential.

        Where am I? As I’ve said many times throughout this blog, I finished my own personal ascension process in early 2011. That year we GAFs pretty much got Gaia ready. That was plenty for a relative few. But those that were to be coming up behind us, who would then support the collective have needed support themselves. As a matter of fact, that next “wave” or whatever ya wanna term it of LWs were the absolute biggest drain on us, far more so than Gaia. Read this blog for details.

        In Sept. of 2014, my energetic service days came to a rather abrupt end (mostly). It was months later in dialog with God that I came to realize that I was not being allowed to be used energetically anymore. So then comes all new levels of “torture”… eh… I tend to stay up and bounce back off of things like Tigger… but the sheer boredom. I have no resources I could call my own and sadly that includes my own personal physical energy so even though I have nothing but time on my hands, I don’t have the energy to do much past what I absolutely have to tend to, which isn’t a whole lot. And this comes from a lifelong athlete, who, if you read this blog, you’d know that even during the ascension-hell years, if given a break from the energetic service work, I’d get out and take walks, hikes really, but not now, not for 2 1/2 years. Just SSDD around here. Used up, wrung out, doing time on planet Earth waiting for LWs to get far enough along to take over… so… that I can ascend, yep, as part of the 1st wave, then I’ll be back helping 3D more.

        Want more detail? Read what has been written in this blog… so I don’t have to repeat myself. 😉 Did I mention I was tired? LOL

        This might be helpful also:

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        • Yes, it was meant for the author of the article. This article was written over a year ago, and I am slowly going through your blog, but in the moment I read this article, I was curious. And frankly, I WILL read more, and likely the answers will come in time. AND…I’m curious NOW and had an opportunity to inquire directly…start a dialog…share actively in the moment during current time.

          And if you’re tired, I’m glad you said so. No obligations or expectations. I’m enjoying reading a process that is unique. And So much of it “I get.”

          Thanks for replying though. Your a real Minch. :o)

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      • That word ‘compassion’ comes up alot, especially in the past few years. I get compassion, it can cause entropy when you engage in others ‘suffering’. It’s draining and for me, the right way of compassion does not cause entropy, for you entertain their suffering but it’s like poking the bear, ‘ya gotta poke em to get them out of it’. If they are not ready to come out of their suffering, then it is only to usurp your energy. it is the ability to entertain their suffering without engaging allowing yourself to be drained causing entropy. Most suffering are there by choice, so yes, compassion but just hold space and empower them sending it back to them for them to choose to ‘do’ something about it. I suppose hospice is a whole different world, and understand ‘the foot in mouth’ disease…..LOL, Sometimes I have caught myself and said ‘Did I say that outloud”? LOL,
        The forerunners are waiting for the bus, and the LW’s to wake up, changing of the guards, and onward and upward, if only they knew what was done by the few. 😉

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        • I’d like to respond to you, Thankyourmuse.

          I like how you phrased something. You said, “Entertain suffering.” That is a very very good way of Prefacing a healthy approach to suffering in people who enter your life with a wound for you to see (Or…if one is confronting their own suffering).

          When I lived in San Francisco, I worked for a Buddhist themed AIDS Hospice. There, “Compassion” was defined simply as “sitting with suffering.” In practice within that place, this idea was fostered: To sit with suffering without necessarily being able to do much about it; but the courage it took to bear another’s suffering without attacking it or running away, accusing it…or judging it while also willing to ease it if possible (This is during the AIDS Crisis…and all those guys (some gals) were dying and suffering from a LOT of things; AIDS only being the life limiting part…People’s histories…behaviors, attitudes, habits and accumulating consequences…there was a lot of suffering to learn to sit with)

          In hind sight, we were “entertaining suffering” in a very safe and caring place…lots of people worked, volunteered and visited in this place of suffering with an intention to “Do” something…even if the doing was just “Being” with it. Yes! To Entertain Suffering. I like the connotation of that. It fits very well.

          From my current perspective, I find “Compassion” to be a dynamic. I’ve known many people who can actively engage many or most of the elements within the dynamic of compassion…sometimes all at once. Often times activating what elements are most appropriate for the situation; not all of them because of time constraints or personal skill and awareness. But over time, I felt…even if a single element of the dynamic that is compassion could be animated in a person for a moment during a time of suffering (weather it be for themselves or another…or others…or the world) then it could be said, in all honesty, that compassion was present. I still have to remind myself of this even now. It makes forbearance and redemption easier to get to.

          What are the elements that the Compassion dynamic is composed? As I’ve become aware of them over time and through much heart ache and suffering (for Compassion to exist, there must be suffering. Ironic, eh? All that says is that humans suffer). Kindness (I list it first because too many people stop here and go no further thinking that’s it. I THINK NOT), Objectivity/detatchment and empathy (perhaps you see a conflict?? Many do…a sponge healer would see a conflict between these two things), Courage in non-maleficence (Non-maleficence means…that sometimes you have to create a wound and cause pain, but the outcome and benefit outweighs the long drawn out and chronic suffering that would occur had one done nothing. Like…when you break up with someone who is hating you and you them because you really have nothing in common but good sex; but everything else is a total vexation…do you stay and endure years and years of fostering more resentment, Or do you finally agree…it’s not worth it and leave as good friends…or indifferent but not hating?). Willingness, discernment (vs. judgment)…sacrifice.

          I’m sure there’s more, but these are the ones I’ve actively identified and can…see; I am consciously aware of and can work with…have trailed and errored with.

          Compassion…to sit with suffering. I have more to say about it…I believe there is a shadow aspect of it, but I have yet to find anyone willing to engage me about it (Not that it’s important to…but it is a source of denial for most would be light workers who suffer…greatly…because they won’t acknowledge ANY shadow aspect of themselves…and so…maybe someday in time, but for now…I know this part, too). Let me just say that “Sponge healers” and empaths without boundaries engage Shadow compassion.

          Thanks you guys. I’ll continue reading on, but I wanted to comment on Compassion.

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          • My two cents, inspired by what you said here: “Objectivity/detatchment and empathy…” and also with TYM’s general gist.

            To me, that is Compassionate Non-attachment.

            And yet, I’m gonna say, to really master that it needs to go beyond the pea brain / lower mind. It’s about more than just understanding the concept (although that could be said about anything). I guess what I’m kinda getting to is that at this point in time this is so not a challenge or something I need to make a point to do / be. Bottom line – it’s about being healed and yet having been there, done that, bought the T-shirt. Ya can’t help but feel for others and you may either have had very similar experiences, certainly similar feelings or are just so energetically sensitive that ya can’t help but pick up on their feelings… but you have so sufficiently cleared any personal blockages you may have had that there is no threat of getting caught up in Other’s drama, which, in and of itself is an expression of Compassion, that you love the Other so much that you refuse to feed their drama.

            Now, that portion of things I’ve been good at for many years and years ago someone flat said, “Thanks for not getting caught up in my crap.” I knew they could tell the difference between that and the “enabler” type of energy that their other fellow humans might have for them.

            Shadow side of “compassion”?… kinda – I think that it’s easy for (programmed, to whatever degree they may still be) humans to get a bit mixed up concerning altruism and it really comes down to putting others before self, which is the wrong order of things. Self could stand to become and be maintained as one’s top priority because you can only give as much as you got. You can’t give what you don’t have – can’t pour from an empty cup.

            And… the word “compatible” literally / word origin / true vibration means “able to suffer with”. I’ve wondered if folks would be so quick to say they are compatible with each other if they knew this? lol And yet… I think of my best mentor talking about sitting around with a bunch of other astrologers and looking at famous people’s birth charts. The other astrologers were convinced that this one couple was a match made in Heaven. My astrologer disagreed and said they’d not be together long and they weren’t. There wasn’t enough challenge between their charts. So… then… it comes down to, in any relationship that has the potential to bring someone growth and healing opportunities, there must be a certain mix between the “good” stuff and the “growth opportunities” (see how I euphemized that, lol). The good stuff keeps you there long enough to learn the lesson or whatever.

            And… this thing of understanding the mundane, understanding the global cabal agenda which implants disempowering programs into people’s subconscious, etc. is a HUGE part of Compassion in this world. Just understanding all the propaganda, brainwashing, programming (and refreshment of it) that folks are slathered in… and understanding that there is a way out for those who choose it.

            And just being one’s True Self as best as one can muster is also an act of Compassion, shining your light, demonstrating a different way to be. I think of the LWs who are so timid about showing themselves and shining their light, especially in a proactive way… they’ll say silly sh*t like, “Oh one shouldn’t give any info to someone unless they ask for it.” Ah, excuse me, but how would they know to ask about something they don’t know about? These LWs act like volunteering information to folks is somehow violating others’ free will. Ah, no. The violation of one’s free will occurs in a world where, to the unawakened, there is only one choice, one reality. A choice of one is not a choice. So the compassionate thing to do is to offer them up another choice. Not up to you to get them to accept or yes, entertain your other option but at least you’ve given them another option.

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            • Wow! I see you get it! ROFL.

              SHADOW COMPASSION: This is what I call it in my mind. It’s like…people who do shit to themselves that causes suffering for them to sit with. In principle, depending on what one considers is compassion, hey…this is it too…until one totally gets sick of hurting them selves…wakes up…makes a more caring choice. Think: Dark nigh of the soul.

              Have you ever read a book by David Hawkins called, “Power vs. Force?”

              Just another venue.

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              • You make me think also, I often say (you’ve perhaps come across it already) that there are two ways to Understanding, either through Compassion or Personal Experience.

                And yet most people do silly things like cutting themselves or addictions (anything from substances to workaholism or just sheer busyness / distraction in whatever form – all of which are symptoms, not “the” problem) because they are hurting in some way but much of that hurt has to do with wounds and programs that happened as a young child or even past-life carry over so those unhealthy programs and associations reside in the subconscious. In order for one to heal there must be a conscious level awareness about the cause.

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                • Well…actually, I’ve never heard that stated before. It’s NEW! Huh…

                  …THAT said, I just made a different connection. Huh…(again).

                  When I worked in the prison (Mentioned that unconscious yet purposeful and required choice of mine), it took awhile (oh…an agonizing and torturous lil’ while) to figure out why I was so…Hellishly Trigard in that place. It was the lack of empathy. Wasn’t allowed. Was not trusted (and valid reasons: The criminal mind…is a human mind blessed with all the same powers of human…including charisma at will, and it can come through the channel,of empathy…or outright dose). Was squashed. Think…female prison staff (nurse, doctor, social worker…etc) getting pregnant by inmates…caring drugs for inmate…etc. So, the ban on empathy was valid from a certain perspective.

                  But I had no issues with bouderies and empathy in the same body. Nope. I didn’t generalize and blur things. Both could be active, but not to the majority there. And the staff ate each other up! Did terrible hanous things to each other in that place. Never mind the inmates!!!

                  When I discovered that it was empathy missing…and me being intrinsically empathic (hospice nurse for 22 years as my prior therapeutic outlet for that), well…I’ll just say that was the challenge. I eventually reconciled this for myself.

                  “There are two ways of understanding, either through Compassion or Personal Experience.”

                  I’ve always linked empathy as an essential aspect of compassion (for my purpose I think…I know of no absolute rule that says this is so). My understanding of empathy is: understanding another’s situation because you’ve lived it yourself. What you say sort of means the same thing in my mind, but it reinforces, to me, that we need to experience life as fully as possible so we can better relate to each other, and there by, compassion may exist (but no rule says it will).

                  And if not, then…get to a level where one is elevated enough to see…from the foundation: the essential thing we all share is being human. Oddly I think it’s so easy to forget this. I mean…if you work in a prison as a nurse, how do you have empathy…true empathy for an inmate if you, yourself have not raped, maimed, murdered? When one truly hates another from a core of hubris, how does one find empathy…or become aware of it in the state of hating? Hard…in the moment.

                  In prison, too many colleagues viewed inmates as animals. And I’d argue nursing mandate to “show care” regardless of who the patient is. Did NOT work. But…I had boundaries. I had not problems. It was no different to me then hospice (though I actually could get my throat cut, but why worry about that? I am also prudent and savvy…I saw no greater risk).

                  Prisoners ARE human. That was the foundation of my compassion there. It did “Look” different in there than in hospice…but it was clear. Always do the right thing, be fair. Be firm. Be consistent. Compassion.


                  • I was just thinking about this and now you say it:

                    “My understanding of empathy is: understanding another’s situation because you’ve lived it yourself.”

                    I frankly don’t like this “definition”, if you will, of empathy. There are an awful lot of empaths around these days. One cannot help but become an empath as they move further down their healing path. So… “empaths” couldn’t possibly, well, at least in this one lifetime anyway, experience all there is to experience, aka, all that others have and yet when you are energetically sensitive / empathic you are feeling what others feel. It is absolutely an energetic thing. If there is a common ground there it is more than likely feeling-based as opposed to experience-based… ya know.

                    “What you say sort of means the same thing in my mind, but it reinforces, to me, that we need to experience life as fully as possible so we can better relate to each other…”

                    Actually no, not EXPERIENCE so much as FEEL life.

                    And… in what you said that I quoted, I’d caution that one shoot for depth and not breadth. Bear with me…

                    A couple of the Enneagram of Personality personality types caught my attention because I felt that the “down” side were programmed in at a societal level to a great degree and not just reserved for these specific personality types. So, this one down side was “gluttony” but not in the conventional way of defining this, not about overeating. It’s about wanting to experience everything that Life has to offer but what often then results is someone is just surfing Life, just scratching the surface, doing many things but not delving far enough into any of them to have a meaningful, fulfilling experience. They have breadth but not depth. The depth would better serve them and in turn help them better serve others.

                    Yes, murderers are having a human / Earthly experience as surely as anyone else. And it’s all a matter of degree. The murderer and their victim were attracted to each other. There is something they share – fear. Fear is essentially the “opposite” of Love. All the dysfunctional crap out there eventually comes from fear, which is an illusion, so that comes from ignorance. Fear = not Love. Ignorance = not Truth. Murderers can heal just as surely as anyone else.

                    Yep, always do the right thing. And knowing what the right thing to do is in any given moment requires one be present.

                    And… so, in 2011, I transmuted an awful lot of crap out of Gaia to ready her. One thing that the Divine routed me to that year was to watch all these movies that were based on real life, all these stories of man’s atrocities / oppression of man. I in no way was close to having even really similar EXPERIENCES as these folks I was watching, but I sure could FEEL it, sure could empathize with them and did and was used to transmute out one whole hell of lot of human energetic sludge.

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                    • I see EXACTLY what you mean. I do.

                      There is the energetic empathy. What I disclose next, I automatically engage with caution.

                      There is too much blurring of ego in the New Age/spiritual community to accurately or safely discuss the energetic empathy. I tend to stay clear of that level of discussing: Not from shame. Too OFTEN I can “Feel” ego enter a conversation…in an energetic “reading,” in language or “asserting” somehow into my field, and it makes me sick! In this area..and when this happens, I’ve not mastered my core response…BLAST! Get the f**k BACK! I leave NO DOUBT. It is NOT an ambiguous response, so…double whammy on me. I f’in feel that, too. Ugh!!!

                      Awful!!! But…hey. I’m super duper introverted…stay away from people as much as possible except the career I’ve chosen gets me WAY out there….way out into the world, and I generally love my work with patients (office politics and flippant uncaring people I work with DRIVES ME INSANE! I have a very short list of people I can entertain in my space.

                      In my work…I keep it to the physical dynamic…the practicle existential (Mundane if you will). My “Enrgetics??” Oh…I keep that guarded as far as talking about it because to try to engage another not in alignment with me either turns into a denial and a blockage, and I prefer to “Feel” what a person is about, and I do. I’d prefer them open…unless they feel unsafe somehow, then close that shit down and remove myself as far away if I’m able. Also in this area of discussion, I get the “Im gonna one up you” ego. Dreadful.

                      But I agree with you. There’s no denying the Truth of what you said.

                      I hate dumbing down (feel bad for even thinking or saying that…seems so…unkind), but gotta dumb down for people.

                      But actually…it’s not. It’s just easier to say. The truth is, I’m pretty fluent in raising and lowering my energy to meet someone where their at.

                      I’ve gone through enough “Lesson” to gain that skill. Hard won :0p. And still…got some chinks in the armor.

                      The glutoney you mentioned. I read that in one of your writings, too. Here you mention that depth would better with service to others.

                      For me, that would depend on the circumstance. Here, in this venue…yes! I love this.

                      But I don’t have stamina to engage depth in every aspect of my life because not very part of me is deep. It’s the “Time” thing. This takes time. “Life” is busy…and am around too many people all in varying degrees of…(pondering for the right words)…transition to where their heading in direction not my own.

                      To be honest, either extreme is taxing to me for very long (again…introverted…gotta recharge).

                      Have you ever met a person that is REALLY deep…genius deep, but what they are deep about is so not anything you have interest? THAT’s super taxing. Or…met the social butterfly that talks non-stop about every squerral thing on the plant…but never mentions one thing you have and interest despite the sheer volume of the numbers of topics (and never asks one question). THAT’S super taxing. Are these what you mean?

                      And then…there are the people on both extremes that resonate with you completely…and you just love to listen for hours…or dialog for hours and feel really inspired and energized. Rare to me for sure.

                      I guess these later are not glutons.

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                    • I find it interesting that when discussing this gluttony vs depth thing (yes, I brought this part up, but)… that you jump out into the “service to others” thing… and oh how taxing this and that is. If that’s the case then you are not keeping yourself your top priority.

                      The depth thing I was talking about is about YOU. You first. To hell with everyone else.
                      Until you live SELF FIRST, any “service” to others will not be its best either.

                      And… tough line of work you’re in in regards to what we speak of… and yet not impossible.

                      I guess what I’m saying concerning the depth thing helping in service to others has to do with doing that depth thing FOR YOURSELF, which allows you to get to know yourself better, which in turn will help you relate to others better.

                      This kind of stuff, these discussions are your time to go deep? Then go for it. You do it for you. And you’ll get to know yourself better. lol Ya know, in some regards it’s kinda like the scientist who uses themselves to experiment on so they know for sure just what’s going on, what effect it has.

                      And when it comes right down to it, it’s also about self-nurturing, getting in that mode then maintaining it.

                      Ya know, most people shy away from really “seeing” someone else’s pain and suffering because it may make them have to face their own. If you do so proactively, then you don’t have any problem “looking right at” someone and seeing ALL of them, both their present suffering and their potential. You don’t shy from seeing any of it.

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                    • Yes, I agree…have walked into a ‘spiritual retreat’ of where I thought one was suppose to be safe, but the thick cloud energy of EGO was very nauseating, and didn’t understand why so much ego was flying around in the room, when it was suppose to be a spiritual retreat. Not even a safe place to let the ‘sheilds down, and bask in healing bliss. The dirty looks they give you, the ego never acknowledged or loved or shined a light on so to speak, it just hung out like a cloud. The social butterfly that talks is just an ego program that wants to usurp your energy, can never listen because that would require exchange of energy and is so about them and no one else. They are doing the mental chatter outloud. Easily distracted by their own voice, in their own world. That could be one definition of gluttony, the takers and hoarders of energy, and their need to be heard, seen, as their need is based on some fear that no one will love them. There is always the underlining fear of being alone, that is very uncomfortable and feel they always need someone to ‘be’ with if only they could just ‘be alone’ and ‘alright’ with it, and not feel they are not complete without another.


                    • Just fyi… On April 21st, Gaia Portal said “Masters arise.” Seemed like they’d said that before so I went looking. Yep. Last August also. Well, in Dec. on the Update post I reported that God said there were about another 1 million who had already reached completion, so I’m told now that was the group that GP reported on in August. So now, in April, again more masters arise. I’m told this is the next ~5 million.

                      And GP’s latest is good news, most especially this part – “Directives are heard and obeyed.”
                      Praise be!

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                    • Yes, movies do help one to empathize with different atrocities or choices ones make…it’s almost like you are the one in the movie…like when I watched ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ I was reassured that I would never want to do drugs and no desire to feel that way. That movie made me feel horrible, and couldn’t imagine going thru life incapacitated that way. So many movies and experiences that one could empathize with and feeling the energy of that experience without actually experiencing it, takes a magical sort of imagination of putting oneself in their position, which in turn can create understanding and depth to one’s empathy to their suffering.


            • Yes….have witnessed the ‘enablers and fixers’ give and give till there is nothing left, and they still don’t understand they can’t do anything for the ones suffering because those suffering refuse to lift their heads and see the light. No matter how many times I told them, ‘You can’t fix them’, they may had good intentions but just causes entropy. True compassion and empathy can only observe, understand, witness and lend a hand, but not get involved to the point of the emotional bondage of the suffering of those who refuse to detach from it and their choices. Just DooooBeeee, DooooBeee, DOOOOOOOBeeee….LOL

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              • When you first said entropy, it reminded me of entrainment, which is kinda the opposite.

                So, you’re basically saying that if the higher frequency person lowers themselves to the other’s frequency then it all starts to go to crap.

                Entrainment means that NATURALLY a lower frequency will entrain or catch up to the higher frequency. It’s what basically WANTS to happen.

                This is why it’s so important that people hold up their own frequency so that influences others. In no way is “lowering” oneself or stooping to someone else’s level a good thing. Being willing to “go into hell” with the other, to take their hand and lead them out is one thing. But it’s THEIR hell, not yours and no reason to take on their drama.

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                • OH…THIS IS A FABULOUS discussion!!!

                  So…When my mother was diagnosed with Cancer, A LOT of things came forward and synchronized solidly into understanding. My hospice experience…some 22 years by that point…DID NOT excuse me from the rules of a dynamic that had played out over a whole life time with this woman; my mother. “It was (I’m gonna say it, GAF…forgive me) HARD!” LOL

                  BUT very quickly into beginning a new role with my mother, I SUDDENLY realized this special ability I’d gained because of our relationship: The ability to move up and down in energy/relating to meet someone where they were.

                  Now, evolving that gift envolved living out as a sponge of sorts…I think the term is “Sponge Healer.” I think many “Wounded healer” archetypes engage this as they evolve. Yep. I hung out with that for years and years because the “Rules” I’d learned dictated, “You will meet me where I am, AND you will take on all my stuff, or I won’t love you.”

                  OMG! When my mother got Cancer, I suddenly realized that HOW I had to take care of her required that I go right down into hell with here as I’d always done…take on the stuff so she could feel better about herself, and BOY! That’s when I finally “Got it!”

                  When she finally died, I held no more resentment, pain…no more “Victim” about it. She’d given me my special super powers of empathy. That was our Karma! I had no idea, until that time, that this is how it works (or is one way it can work). Coming to this realization helped me see, that despite the hell this woman imposed (She couldn’t help it) there was the potential realization of love in all of that. How she was was NOT loving, but getting to the point of seeing “Love” in that…how it empowered me…gave me skills to garner a living…THAT was love.

                  I love you Mom (and I love you, too Brian David).

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                • EXACTLY!!! While entertaining others pain with a higher frequency sort of compassion, not lowering your energy to theirs. Yes, Cycles of death and life come from entropy, and entropy is the result of friction between [the] two opposites— the measure and movement of light, of information, of flow. They push against each other and they leak energy; which is why entropy takes place. It’s the root cause of entropy.


          • Very eloquent and agree, there is nothing one can do about another’s suffering except compassion, because we all know there is no one coming to save them, and no one can ‘fix’ them. The LW’s problem, like you said, won’t acknowledge the shadow self, and if they do, they try to dissolve it, much like ego and their thinking they can just melt i away when it is merging with it that needs to be done, shine that light on the shadow and love it, it is as much a part of them as the light side. One cannot dissolve it. 😉

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            • OMG! I’ve been arguing with like…SO MANY spiritualist that dare to tell me “Ego is bad…it is WRONG!”

              PULLLLEEEEZZZ! You gotta human body? Then You got a survival mechanism. It’s called EGO. Intrinsically not evil…part of the physical “Contract.” Deal with it…study it…know it. It’s your friend. It’s why you are where you are “Alive” to bad mouth it and call it your demise (that’s called a juxtaposition…I think…or an irony…or both).

              When ever I’ve tried to go along with the “Ego is bad, wrong and evil” rhetoric, something inside me seizes up, and I fall into some sort of despair. Why? I’ve lost integrity with my life if I hate on the Ego.

              Ego: It can be expanded; it need not be self serving only. It has an exalted expression that serves Humanity. But if it becomes mean; if it is expressed in a base way…PROBABLY it’s because it’s responding to an excessive demand that is perceived to be threatening to integrity of that person that governs survival (as perceived…OR could also be a real threat…and or both).

              Excessive abuse can lead to over protective (developed) ego and narcissism I think IF IT’S NOT BEEN UTTERLY SHATTERED. What is a shattered ego? OMG! Those are really sorry poor souls…always lost…can’t make a decision, literally, “to save their life.” People who have been exposed to excessive tearing down; breaking down and over punished and shamed get hits to the ego, and in response to that the relatively intact Ego may over compensate as a means of surviving. Oh…there’s a lot of labels assigned to this…but is it mental illness, or is it just the consequence of a lot of abuse hypocrisy?

              Oh oh…I’ve gone on a rant…sorry!

              …Ego is not the enemy. Ego…can be an excellent tool…just like the mind, brain and intuition are tools. Awareness is what ultimately determines how the ego is “Managed” within an individual (life).

              The above is opinion…and it is also what I’ve come to understand ego to be. But that’s just me…

              …and this works for me. It is not an opinion that would invalidate any other opposing view.

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              • The ego is yes about survival. But to me it’s more fundamentally about “sense of self”. So that doesn’t just belong to a physical experience but to ALL individuated experience. Once an individuated soul is created, it has a sense of self, it is sentient and self-knowing.

                I’ve heard some speak of “cosmic ego”, implying that beings above the 3D consciousness veil also have ego. I’ve certainly witnessed “ego issues” in ETs and also ignorance and idiocy and that to me means that ALL dimensional experience is veiled to some degree and yes is just a matter of degree… and yet each individuated soul can essentially determine its own consciousness level regardless of dimensional level. For example, there are sovereign beings and not-so-much atv also.

                And as you may have seen me say elsewhere, I swear that some of this dysfunction we see is not purely of a human nature, as in, some of these souls brought this crap to this world WITH THEM.

                I said years ago that if “the theys” (cabal) actually were successful at getting folks to fully dis their ego then that’d be the final nail in the coffin. And the ego only got as out of control as it did mainly because the theys had convinced folks that the intuition was bad, so the ego had to at least attempt to take over those duties from the intuition, even though not really equipped for it.

                When will LWs quit dissing or denying parts of themselves? Yep, so much talk of wholeness and integration then they continue to dis parts of themselves. Man, dogma is obviously a very powerful thing that these LWs’ reason and intuition, neither can seem to grasp the idiocy and self-dis that this is.

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                • GAF,

                  I LOVE that you said the conditioning that surpasses intuition and forces the ego to compensate (paraphrase) is EXACTLY the conclusion I came to in my many ponderings just the other day on my way to work.

                  And guess what…I’m aware of that, and (for me) being aware of it doesn’t excuse me from the same dynamic when or where in my life that dynamic activates (because of my own unhealed process). And so…

                  …I go about the business of animating the awareness into actions that are more exalted then the programming would have me paralyzed and in fear. HARD WORK, and God (guides higher self…or what ever) bring about the situations needed to do so. HARD WORK…hard hard hard work…until it’s not hard. Or…ALWAYS hard but one develops the stamina to get it done anyway, acquire the will to keep those wonder woman under-roos in the drawer and pick out my big boy pants (don’t even judge me!).

                  And that’s life (or part of life…”Work Life.”)….LOL.

                  You guys have been great! We see eye to eye on a lot of things; differently on others but it also seems to be coming from the same place…just different and well lived perspective, and I’m grateful for the fellowship.

                  Thanks you guys!!!

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                  • And thank you.

                    And hey, I got no beef whatsoever with wonder woman under-roos. 😐

                    And ya know, at least in as much as we’ve discussed so far, I don’t know that the 3 of us here really see things differently so much as express a bit differently. We have our own ways of saying the same thing. And yep, came to the same conclusions even though on unique paths. Go figure.

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                    • *Glasses clanking together, toes in the sand, bonfire is just right and we all gaze at the stars ‘I wonder’…. grins and ahhhhhh…<3

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                • EGO is for me, the thing that is the mental chatter, you know the commercial where there was a good angel on one shoulder and bad angel on the other? If you ignore the ego, it may eventually stop chattering but is still behind the scenes choosing the chaos, the challenges and so I choose, acknowledge the ego, a balance between the two, and listening more to my gut than the mental chatter. I just keep telling it, yes, I love you, and I chose to feel it thru, instead of the think it thru. How many times do we go ‘Man, I should have listened to my gut’. I had a feeling about this but I ignored it because I went on the mental route instead of listening to my gut.

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                  • I like the part about “The gut” feeling. That is something not so much new to me, but rather something I’m finally starting to pay attention to and follow.

                    The ego as mental chatter and angel on one side and devil on the other whispering…chattering non-stop. Oh…I get that one! It’s paralyzing!

                    But following the Gut…INDEED! And it’s getting easier to do!

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              • That is right, ego is the program, sorta the survival mechanism and can get you into a whole lot of trouble if you don’t pay attention and love it. So many want to dissolve it and make it go away, ignore it and say they got rid of it, but watch out…it will smack you in the back when you don’t pay attention, it never goes away. Time for merging it, and EGO 2.0…LOL. You are on the right track!

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                  • I read through that site. Let me pose a question: How do you guys find that information to be for you; helpful or not helpful?

                    When ever I read stuff like that, I DO understand it, but it falls outside of my true interests.

                    Among the Light Workers, there are different focuses of “Study.” Sandra Walter’s seems more like…Weather.

                    My area of interest is much more: Human Beingness. Human existential. I’ve always been far more interested in speaking to the human condition (and it’s direct energetics) than the far and above. I’ve never had a gift for that (but absolutely do admire people who DO have that gift, and I do seem to have an inherent understanding of it…but not an exulted perception of such things).

                    So, when I read it, I’m not quite sure what to do with it. I don’t know how to utilize it or incorporate it into my own “Practice.” It’s kind of like…how would a dairy farmer utilize nuclear science within the business of milking his cows (at the cost of seeming rather simple and ignorant…which I am with regard to nuclear science…but not with milking cows…in that I’m f’in genius!!!)? LOL

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                    • (Grr. 2nd go at this…)

                      You’re right for being into the beingness. You just stay right where you are.

                      To me SW’s messages are a progress report on the overall ascension project. I myself have lost the palpableness of this since I no longer have ascension symptoms and have not been used for over 2 1/2 half years for energy work, and my pea brain is not so good either now (altho I do still amaze myself with what I do manage these days) and I’ve been doing the stinking q & a with a dowsing rod with God for years now due to being pooped. (Madeline Kahn in Blazing Saddles – “Just face it honey, I’m pooped”) So, I know SW is connected in and really gafs (gives a f*ck) and her overall message resonates energetically so it very literally is a weather report of sorts. SW allows me to “push the easy button” 😉 and get some good info of the sort that I care about.

                      See, this is why that one line from Gaia Portal really is what I thought was key – “Directives are heard and obeyed.” This to me is about the LWs who are completing now, and perhaps others also, FINALLY surrendering to the Divine. And THAT is really what we ALL, all at all levels, have been in a holding pattern for. NOW FINALLY things can actually MOVE!

                      We forerunners have become the new “Watchers”. The ultimate of “in the world but not of it”. Hell, barely even part of this ascension project at this point. I know I will be more so after I actually transition.

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                    • Yeah, I hear ya, SW’s message is interesting if one can get past the ‘terms’ and ‘WHAT??? Like the first day in Economics class…I walked out of there saying, “What the heck did he just say:, a whole hour of over my head stuff…but once I learned the ‘terms’ then it became more understandable or palatable. I had to read her article a couple times…taking her ‘terms’ and trying to understand what the heck she is talking about. It was interesting about the timelines and the organic ascension…there is this kid that is a little ‘genius’ who says we are on a different timeline, but he thinks CERN did it but he is really cute trying to explain it all explaining the Madela Effect. https://youtu.be/e8w3MZEpcSc

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                  • Also when I said “My area of interest is much more: Human Beingness,” I didn’t mean that human beingness was MORE. LOL

                    I re-read that, and I was taken aback at myself…The Collin was meant to indicate a pause…but seems more like an arrogant statement.

                    I get what you’re say, GAF. You mentioned…transitioning into a “Watcher.”

                    I guess, from where I have come, I’ve transitioned into a “Chronicler” of sorts. If I look at myself objectively (and this, ironically is a subjective determination), I’m the sort that just can’t keep his mouth shut about his own Truth. Literally…it KILLS ME to keep quiet about stuff.

                    “Why can’t you just go with the flow?” I dunno…maybe because the flow is so…care-less and thoughtless. And I’m sharing this experience with everyone around me. People seem so…tired, and I’m tired. Humanity is TIRED.

                    Do you know that out in the world, hard, honest and excellent work is frowned upon if it causes people to think they have to work just as hard? Indeed…hard work and dedication is punished!!

                    Humanity is TIRED! So…this ascension process…it defines something we are all in need of; we are in need of much needed inspiration and infusion of light.

                    I’m glad for any source of light.

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                    • Absolutely PLEASE speak your truth. I’ve been thinking too… “your truth” is what you have until you know “the truth” and it can be known and folks could stand to quit saying it can’t be. And speaking “your truth” allows for it to influence others and give them permission to speak their truth and now we have an exchange of information. Perhaps one or both will have horizons expanded and both be one step closer to THE truth.

                      Right from the git go, as soon as I woke up to anything I was talking to others about it. I knew all this stuff was important.

                      Yes, all are tired. Many are fed up too. That’s music to my ears right there. Fed up closely precedes great change.

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                    • I’d commented to someone who was talking about “all the world’s chaos” and in a way like making chaos sound bad. I said that lightworkers who come to a world of darkness come to CREATE chaos. Yep, shine the light on the cockroaches and there’s a hurry, scurry, flurry of motion as they try to hide. I told ’em if LWs weren’t stirring someone’s pot they were not doing and being what they came to do and be. Dual meaning of Chaos – Crisis or Opportunity. Which do you choose? A time of chaos is a great time to introduce higher light into a situation, ya know, while the pot is stirred.

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                • Thankyourmuse,

                  Agreed. We can be so unforgiving of this thing called, “Ego.” It does get us into trouble when its conditioned response triggers others’ egos.

                  There is the “Self serving ego,” and there is the “Exalted ego.” I broke it down into only two essential considerations because it’s easier in a moment to ask myself…”Am I being completely selfish, or am I acting in a way that serves MORE than me…these “Others”…are they part of me, too? Is MY ego also acting on THEIR behalf as well?”

                  My exalted ego includes YOU as self, too. That is exalted ego. It’s aim is for “Us” to survive together. And if other people don’t see this in my reaction…then I’m in the presence of another’s self serving ego…and not much gets done when that happens.

                  Not much can be done about it except to keep myself intact and congruent; not let anyone else shatter my perception and undo my vision for what I know to be honest, good…thoughtful and the best intention.

                  These are good templates through which the ego may engage the world; I see you as part of myself, and what I am doing serves you and me, both.

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              • “Excessive abuse can lead to over protective (developed) ego and narcissism I think IF IT’S NOT BEEN UTTERLY SHATTERED.”

                I’ve been feeling like all this current narcissism narrative is the latest program refreshment for the whole “self-love is bad” program.

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                • Yes, because they have been programming the LW’s on the STS(service to self) or STO(Service To Others), in a spiritual division..like either you are with us or you are for yourself kind of thing. This took the focus off of the work needed for loving ourselves first, clearing our blocks first, taking care of ourselves first before we could help others. Clever plan, eh?

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  2. Yes Bev,
    Been observing for some time, I can discern more by being the observer, but also just ask lots of questions to see where these groups are at, and if it resonates with me. Most times, I just take their answers and don’t engage any further because the answers tell me where they are in it all. So, battered and worn, to just observe and discern….I did feel a shift yesterday, like it is gonna be ok, a lifting of sorts. Just keep peeling the onion…LOL. 😉 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Rayofhelios,

    “Too OFTEN I can “Feel” ego enter a conversation…in an energetic “reading,” in language or “asserting” somehow into my field, and it makes me sick! In this area..and when this happens, I’ve not mastered my core response…BLAST! Get the f**k BACK! I leave NO DOUBT. It is NOT an ambiguous response, so…double whammy on me. I f’in feel that, too. Ugh!!!”

    I hear ya on this, what I call my mommy bear coming out. For me, the absolute strongest time is when I’ve set boundaries with someone’s b.s. and they don’t like it and are headed for the door… out of my life. I tend to really give them a verbal boot up their ass then, kinda like, “… and STAY out!”

    I was thinking about this kind of thing the other day and seeing the juvenile re-action out of people and some of their parting words might be, “I was willing to be your friend.” Ah, ha, ha. How have I lived this long without your “friendship”? Please. Oh yeah, just can’t wait to have your dysfunctional self as my friend, just clamoring over myself for that.

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  4. I read that article by Sandra Walters, seems she concurs with others who feel this alignment arriving May 9th which is tomorrow. It was like reading alot of LW’s blogs where they have their own names for things, but all roads lead to Rome…LOL. So they are a Light Tribe and ushering in the Organic Ascension, and wanted to find the article or story behind where she ‘ran into herself’ on some timeline. That would be an interesting read, although I couldn’t find it. Anyway, interesting article. 😉


    • Many languages, same message. lol

      Yeah, I was hearing in all that Organic and primary, secondary, tertiary… “there’s a DIVINE plan for all of this, who’s on board and to what degree?” And… the clarinet that thought it could play itself and moving through metaphysics, spirituality, then finally surrender to the I AM.

      Kinda like “your truth” and “the truth”.

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