One of These Things Is Not Like the Others

This blog is different than most you have encountered and will encounter.  I’ll tell you what you can expect to find here, what you won’t find here and how to use this blog to your best benefit.

What you will NOT find here:

  • Reblogged posts.
  • Many posts.
  • Information overload.
  • 3D horrific news.
  • Cabal plans and schemes.
  • Energy updates or reports of my own symptoms as I am not having much of anything going on for me personally along those lines since I completed my own ascension process in early 2011 and I am obviously no longer doing energetic service work for others and haven’t been since before fall equinox 2014.  I didn’t start this blog until 2015.  I am in ultimate BE mode, doing almost nothing outwardly and too tired from planetary ascension work to do much “out there” even if I actually wanted to.

What you WILL find here:

  • Fundamentals of healing and empowerment for ALL levels / facets of your being – body, mind, emotions, spirit.  It’s the stuff that really matters for your healing… without the distractions of all that “out there” stuff.  In these few posts, you may find more useful information than what you will find in whole servers full of other blogs.  Fundamentals are timeless and as long as someone, anyone still needs to heal then those healing fundamentals still apply.
  • Information about making a Divine connection and getting Divine guidance, which is the best guidance you’ll get, so I hope to help you get there.  Then there’s no place you can’t go, nothing you can’t do.
  • Teachings of fishing instead of giving of fishes.  I want you empowered!  I don’t want you dependent on me (or anyone).  I’d love to serve as your mentor… but not your guru… nor your babysitter… nor your leaning post… nor as your “friend” per se – I say this because I’d heard it said once that a friend wants your approval, but a mentor wants your success.  Yep.  Frankly my dear, I don’t gaf (give a f*ck) about your “approval”.  I. want. your. success!  No doubt about it.  I KNOW you’re big boys ‘n girls… whether you realize that yet or not… but I and others are happy to hold that space for you while you get there.  I think you will find that I will hold you to the level you are at – an analogy: if I had two kids, one 5-year-old and one 15-year-old, you can bet I’d hold the 15-yo to a higher standard, to a higher level of responsibility.  I do that with lightworkers – with increased awareness comes increased responsibility!  (Sometimes the “15-year-old” lightworkers act like 2-year-olds when they are held to a higher standard than the “5-year-old” lightworkers.  Wah.  lol)
  • Tales of my friend’s and my work above the veil (3D consciousness veil) to assist this planetary ascension.  Not all beings above the veil (atv) are light, love and wonderful.  It may not be who you suspect.  Don’t think our atv adventures don’t apply to you.  And we’re not the only ones who are onto this.  Many have come to call some of this “false light”, which could apply to dis/misinformation from either above or below the veil.
  • Updates on the state of the ascension.

How best to utilize this blog:

  • First, it’s the kind of blog that’s just flat meant to be read.
    It never really was a daily diary-type blog.  Just over 100 posts and some are just short & silly and some just songs.
  • New to this whole ascension gig?  Start reading from the first post.
  • Not-so-new to this?  Look at post titles – RECENT POSTS (footer) or ARCHIVES (footer & sidebar) menus – and see what you are drawn to.
  • Don’t wait for a new post to come out – there won’t be many.
    If / when you feel moved to, come back and read something you haven’t yet.
  • Reread posts to see if you pick up on more or are inspired with more details yourself.
  • Read comments – good information being shared there and I myself share additional info (hopefully) related to that post.  From the home page, you can see which posts have comments – look just under post titles.

As far as searching this site goes, the HOME page is the entire blog (minus comments) so using CTRL-F (COMMAND-F for Mac) on the HOME page may be as much or more fruitful than using the search function.

See post “Definition of Terms” to see how I define some terms I use and who I’m referring to… regardless of how others define things, at least you’ll know where I’m coming from.


8 thoughts on “One of These Things Is Not Like the Others

  1. I left a reply yesterday and I am not sure if it found its way,but a brief version of that reply is..I am amazed as I approach closer to 70 and being on this planet and doing the growing and glowing dance of energy shifties..well. here you are expressing my ways of being .It is almost like reading myself ( accept you are more informed in some of the health stuff).What a relief it is..not that I am ‘right’ in my ways. I have just managed to simplify my ways…..doing no harm..keeping my integrity..realizing how many heartbeats were ‘wasted’ on ‘stuff’ that .. ‘was what it was”.. no matter how I “wanted’ it to change.Knowing and accepting that I am ‘creator” in my experiences and it just opens up the field of wonderful possibilities . I saw you comment on another blog I read recently and was curious and glad that took me to your blog. I am glad you show your ‘voice’ is like ‘going home’ and encouraging that there is someone of my like mind out there in the wild blue yonder of it all.:) yippee kye yo kye YAAAAAAAY..happy trails.


    • Hello Catharina. (I did not receive a comment from you yesterday. *shrug*)

      I’m glad the existence of this blog gives you some support and encouragement – one of the reasons it’s here. Another reason being purely for my expression.

      Here I am wondering if I am creating too big as I have seen nothing manifest outwardly for quite some time, but then again, I’m not asking for, wanting or Divinely guided to be “playing small” / creating at a 3D level and have been there, done that anyway. I’m very much in getting from one minute to the next at this point. Not what I’d call living.

      There’s a danged big carrot out dangling in front of me, which sometimes gets even bigger, but seemingly never closer, at least not within grabbing distance… yet. But then again… we could right now be on top of the big shift. *shrug*

      Excuse my mini-vent. 🙂 Glad you found me. Come on back and read more later.


      • “one minute to the next’ ..welp that’s pretty much your power point that minute your in..pretty sure that there are some important heart beats there..I guess you could just say ..hey heartbeat I love’s me and you ..ol’ buddy ol’ pal oh friend..what can we do in our next minute…oh yeah…keep our dream just never know when it will be right smack dab in the next minute..dreams do have their way..just see it..and chill. Cuz ya know you just might have different dream in the next minute..keep the faith..accept where you are need to apologize for ‘venting’..its good for ya..nice release..and it leaves a space..mother nature does hate a, just be clear what you want in that new space your venting opened up..don’t apologize for being who you just is a special amazin’ original individual.. (my Southern=ness just comes thru in my written and spoken be it..)


        • Hallelujah honey! I’m fine… due to venting. lol When the vent’s done, I can feel that slow-burn joy under it all. It’s just been a VERY long haul. And yep, I’ve always appreciated my own company and good thing as I’ve had plenty of that and hardly anyone else’s.

          And this is what we all get for biting off one of the multiverse’s biggest projects.


      • Oh, this is hilarious to read. So many times I have felt like I had a carrot in front of me taunting me further along the path. Especially when I have felt at my wits end, there it will pop up! Just a little further, just around the corner,…Vent, see carrot, vent, peace, joy…like a formula. Perhaps its the idea of ‘expectation’ that has not fully left yet. I’m laughing as I type this!

        Yes, and lost sight of this ‘living thing,’ too. These human schemes of life are so ‘off.’ We are hovering in a space doing what we can to stay on Earth, and have no idea why. Emotions are so in check, they do not influence much of what I see these days either. That is probably the most growth I have had over this past year, 2015. Emotional growth where I can feel unconditional love more clearly. Hmm interesting.

        Thanks for inviting me here. I am not too acquainted with blogs, although I created one of my own over a month ago but have yet to write something. lol I feel ‘wisdom’ed out’ these days. lol

        Was this a vent also? lol


        • Lol I’ve often said that the Divine keeps making the carrot bigger but it never seems to get any closer.

          Expectation? I FULLY expect to pull off this ascension. I don’t care how many LWs I have to light a fire under.

          Yeah, I was just telling my friend that it was SO much easier to actually manifest something for myself when I was in 4D / transition, but now I’m “stuck” and it’s not because of me. Grr. And I’m not used to being stuck for long. I didn’t tend to resist my own process over the years and the few times I did, it just served to remind me not to do that.

          Thanks for your words, vent or not. lol


  2. Love the carrot analogy. And especially the “donation” button text!!! A gazillion dollars for the work already completed sounds good to me. As one of those who have transmuted old energy for years and grounded in the new energy through my body, I really need some serious R&R, which could include an IV drip on a beach somewhere with a couple of cute waiters bringing me liquid sustenance in an unending supply of margaritas. Oh, and in this scenario my bank account is seriously overflowing with moola so I can create my very own heaven on earth as I recover from creating that heaven on earth for everyone else.

    OK I am done ranting. I hope you don’t mind: I reblogged a few articles here:



    • Certainly don’t mind. Yes, I’ve also thought of adding the option of “Energy Transfusion” to the Donate Button. lol Nothing short of full ascension seems to want to give me any energy. Love the beach vision though, that works.

      Thanks for visiting. Come back again.


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