If someone asked me to name just one thing and only one thing that is critical for ascension I’d have to say Self-Love.

And heading off down the path to Self-Love will involve learning and healing an awful lot more than just what one might think of as Self-Love.

If Self-Love is the goal sitting out on the horizon, then pull yourself back to the present moment and see what the current next step in that direction is.  The Divine would be happy to help – just ask.

Your ultimate in Self-Love goal will be at the end of many steps, many dominoes having to fall to get to that goal.  It might surprise you all the various disempowering programs that will be discovered and will have to be released in order to get to your Self-Love goal.

Regardless of how one gets to Self-Love, both the goal and the journey is what opens doors and opens one’s eyes to so much more.

The “self-love is bad” program really hits to the core of so many problems in this world.  Think about it for a second.  Just pull yourself up out of all this human drama, your own included, and think about that – a program put in people’s psyches that makes them not love themselves.  Just about can’t get more debilitating than that.

I’d recently quoted someone who said that love of God and self-love are one in the same.  That right there is something that gets “hidden in plain view” when someone is running the “self-love is bad” program.  Folks might think they “love God” and yet haven’t truly mustered or mastered loving themselves yet.  God loves you too and would like you to be the Powerful Creator God/dess that you are and He would love to work through you but that’s a bit difficult to do when you don’t love yourself.

Part of that “self-love is bad” program involves not trusting yourself.  If there is ANYONE you could stand to trust, it ought to be yourself.  And yep, we’re talking about debilitating programs here so yeah, quite understandable if someone who is disempowered doesn’t trust themselves but can you not see how basic, how fundamental, how foundational Self-Love is?  How in the world will you navigate through much of anything if you don’t trust yourself?  Do what is necessary to regain your self-trust.  Healing and Divine Connection are key in that.  They are also key in ascension.  It’s all one in the same.  It’s all a return to Self.

And Fear is the opposite of Love.  Fear, in its many guises, is ultimately the “cause” of all the crap in the world.  Fear had gotten so big in this world that it had taken on a life of its own, become an entity unto itself… almost.  The beauty thing here is that Fear is a really slow frequency, a long wavelength.  Love on the other hand is high frequency, short wavelength.

If you were to see your composite energy field as a signal on an oscilloscope, then superimpose Fear and Love onto your energy field, you’d see how Love would win out.  Love IS winning out in this world.  Fear being a slow, low frequency, doesn’t touch your energy field as often as the fast, high frequency of Love does, hence Love ultimately has more influence.

There’s an awful lot of “narrative” on narcissism these days. Narcissism can be problematic and the down side of that is more shadow work for some folks to do.  But can you all not hear / observe the propaganda campaign that the cabal and their mainstream media (msm) stooges are putting out with this?  It’s one of their dying efforts at refreshing the “self-love is bad” program.

The New Ager / lightworkers with their “kill the ego” disempowered program is more of the “self-love is bad” program.  Ego is just one’s Sense of Self.  Really?  What do you plan to do after you’ve “killed” your Sense of Self?  Do you think that’ll bring you to “collective unity”?  Not hardly.  You don’t even know who YOU are and you think you’re gonna know the next person?

You think SELF-SOVEREIGNTY comes from LOSING your Sense of Self?  Really?

The only way I’d care to lose my sense of self is if and when the time comes to just completely let go of my Individuated Soul experience and melt back into the Isness, losing my sentience, no longer existing.

I guess one could drop out the bottom to get to that point too, submitting to their ab-users and along the way to losing their individuated experience, they become some drop in a soulless, homogenized cesspool of human ooze.  What a way to go.

Self-centered also gets such a bad rap.  Self-Centered – Centered on Self.   And yet where else would one BE centered but on Self?  What?  Should one be centered somewhere “over there”?  And yet many a programmed human does just that – attempts to be centered somewhere outside themselves.  Gee, can’t imagine why they are so off-kilter.  (I’m all for “kilts off” but not off-kilter, lol.)

Self-Love, Self-Respect, Self-Nurturance, Self-Healing.  Self-Realized.  These are the ultimate goals and the starting point all in one.  There’s only so much you can do for others when you’ve not put yourself FIRST.

Make no mistake, YOU are your TOP priority.  You get yourself to that place and then you maintain it.  I understood this years ago.  That’s why I wrote the book on it.  😉

Awake & Aware – Top Priority: Self

… and also why I have been able to serve this ascension project to such a high capacity.  I had my priorities straight.


17 thoughts on “Self-Love

  1. A thought about “Narcissism.” Last year (before I left Facebook but GOOD), I came across a FB site (I think it was when I was going through the “Am I an Indigo or a Blue Ray” identity crisis (Words chosen purposefully). This poster went on and on….and ON…and on about “Narcissists are Bad and Wrong…dysfunctional…not caring (and on and on and on).”

    Why I felt affronted? I dunno. I am fairly self centered (Indeed). And I am dualistic in this, and that is to say I know what triggers my draw bridge to be pulled up and the gates shut while I hurl my one sided perspective OUT and NOTHING gets in. And I know what puts those same barriers down and it’s a free flow back and forth.

    Oh baby! The trigger: That’s what this guys was doing…the same thing I do when I won’t let anything in and shift expression to ONLY OUT BOUND! And it then hit me: OMG…I can be a narcissist for sure, but here’s this guy totally unaware of the “Why” of it as he is projecting Narcissism! I felt shame, but I also felt a great deal of resentment at the hypocrisy of this poster. So I told him the following as I was experiencing it (it was very helpful ultimately. And He TOTALLY got it once I said something…and he apologized).

    What are barriers for? Ah! They give the “Feeling” of security when one DEFINATELY does not feel secure and is untrusting or even paranoid. That’s called “Being Insecure.” Narcissists are SO insecure that they can not trust any other outside perspective but must spew their one sided perspective ALWAYS HOPING AND SEEKING validation. Expression is exclusively “Outward bound” with the agenda of demanding validation…seeking it…hungering for it constantly. It’s very much in line with the “Vampire” archetype. Insecurity! Oh how I do feel for the insecure, and how I do know many a source for being insecure. But…Got m’big boy pants on now (Though I still do struggle with proper shoe tying)

    That’s all it is (from my perspective). It’s one of many “Label Identified” human conditions/states that are intrinsic to humans. It DOES get off Kilter, and so…we apply the label with a lot of glue. Bah!!!

    Take off that label by getting centered “Properly” in the self just as GAF says. It’s a process. Ironically, it is a very self centered process, and when someone feels truly secure enough in themselves after some hard work, the barriers come down…and new perspective get in, and newer perspectives go out…in and out.

    It’s a beautiful thing, it is. Indeed. Healing this and any other out of kilter human condition is “Self Loving” and ALL will benefit from sharing the healed self expression with healed perceptions that see, also, what comes in is just fine…it is safe because you DO have the choice to keep it or let it go freely with no harm to anyone while you are strong in your self.

    FOSTER SELF LOVE! Amen! Thanks GAF.

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    • And aren’t many a (especially “celebrity”) LW just the ultimate in narcissists?

      You saw me getting after one of ’em (if they themselves even read there) who basically acts like they can’t share a danged thing without charging for it. I’ve known these types. Some were some of my favorite teachers but after a weekend of workshop for me and my partner (not something I did much of but the few things I did feel to do a workshop on were well-suited for in-person schtuff) asking them to answer a couple simple questions was just too much to ask. I’m sure they spent more time and effort not answering than what it would have taken to just answer.

      Hey, love the whole “self-value” thing BUT can these folks not see that there is VALUE of a sort other than monetary to all of this? And yeah, I told ’em to come over and use my donate button (lol) for all the services I’ve rendered for them. I’m sure the self-centered yet selfless efforts that we forerunners have made is beyond their paradigm. Yeah, everyone’s allowed to keep a roof over their heads and food in their bellies, but what? then these “pay for play” (ha!) LWs don’t trust the Divine to look out for them when they’re sharing Divine Wisdom?

      And if not flat charging for advice, then it’s about yep, the almighty frickin’ donate button and then it’s all about getting as many followers or “hits per day” or whatever, as they churn out as much b.s. as they can. If they don’t have enough b.s. of their own, they’re happy to repost everyone else’s b.s. Many, many times I’ve seen someone ask a blogger if they are in agreement with something they have reposted – “No, I just put it out there for others to decide for themselves”…. because their readers couldn’t have found the original version of it themselves, buuuuuttt… WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING PUTTING TIME AND EFFORT INTO SOMETHING YOU DON’T AGREE WITH?! … and promoting it? … just to get a few more followers… who just might use the donate button? Goodness sakes. “Spiritual teachers / leaders”? Eh, not so much. So, you’re a celebrity lightworker. That don’t impress me much. Like there is no frickin’ benefit to YOU to FREELY share some Divine Wisdom in this world?

      I do not post comments anywhere or even so much as put a “like” on a post or comment unless and until I have Divine guidance / permission. I don’t post to my own blog without it either. I don’t go looking for more followers or what have ya, I go where Divinely guided. How many, yep, narcissistic LWs can discipline themselves enough, calm their pea brain enough to ONLY go with Divine guidance and not just jump in with both ego feet and… basically not allow the Divine to use them, yes PROPERLY, in line with the behind-the-scenes activity of Spirit / Divine.

      And… I have not received one red cent from celebrity lightworkers for any of my efforts, they who have benefitted greatly both personally and financially by the efforts of the likes o’ me… and yet… Life and the Divine have never failed to look out for me. Go figure. Wow, can the celebrity LWs even fathom?

      I look forward to being a part of the “D” of G.O.D. – Generator. Operator. Destroyer. – as the “spiritual commerce” ways of the celebrity LWs gets dismantled. Hey, whatever it takes to keep the LWs moving along… Life, the Divine and I love them so. 🙂

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      • Yes, because the 3d world and the matrix so called celebrities, whether LW’s or not, have fallen for the programming that nothing good comes for free. Where there is no agenda, I love the nuggets of free aspects of eye opening process, and definitely get frustrated with those who won’t even answer a question or answer it with ‘That is what I do in my sessions, so if you need or want an answer, there you go…get a session!’ I am not saying that everyone must work for free, but wished we were not so fostered by the fake money system and helping others. So, then I have attended alot of so called ‘free’ webinars where they will give you a few pointers, and try to make you feel confidence in their ability to help you, and then BAM…if you really want to do this or that, if you really want to gain this or that, sign up for our master classes by donating $2000, of course it can be in donations in three parts, and then you get instant access to our program….GOD can we please stop these folks and tear down this false paradigm that usurps the lurkers, the surfers and just plain ignorant ones. 😉

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        • And, to be fair, how many “lightworker apprentices / lightworkers-in-the making” lol are a little too willing to be doling out that kind of dough and yes, don’t SEE value in something if there’s not a high dollar associated with it. Codependent with the spiritual commerce celebrity LWs.

          With some of those folks like that, just TRY to give them free info. “So, if I charged you hundreds or thousands of dollars for that wisdom, would it then suddenly have value… that it didn’t have before?” *shaking head*

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          • GAF and TYM. What I was taught in my Reiki attunement class(es) was that We are supposed to charge for Reiki as a symbolic gesture that the exchange of energy (the time taken to channel Reiki ought to be acknowledge somehow) because part of the “healing” channel is received through the perception of “value.”

            It was said something like…the founder of “Reiki” (which was more or a rediscovery really) found that people who were healed became unhealed very quickly. So he started charging people because then it was “perceived” by the recipient to have value.

            I see the reasoning even as I’m in conflict with it. “Who” are the peeps who ACTUALLY seek healing and “Why?” If a person’s going outside of themselves for healing, it’s because they can’t see their own self healing ability.

            Ahhh…so here comes the REAL sign of a true healer. Charging isn’t really the indicator one way or the other. The current paradigm doesn’t support “Free” healing…yet (not for a dedicated healer who needs the same things every else needs). The true healer goes about his modality and teaches the recipient to heal him/herself as exampled by application of the healing.

            If they don’t do this, they then make the recipient dependent. THAT is not healing. If this sign is not present in ANY healer…back away…real slow (or fast). Bang pots and pans!

            Things like Reiki…I do self Reiki, and should I channel Reiki to someone else, I don’t charge…because I’m just channeling. And because “Reiki” requires and “Master’s” attunement…well then…I’m not a master, so I can’t attune…so I can’t teach…so again…why would I charge?

            I believe Reiki is real, but as defined…I dont believe it is universal…it’s like a single channel among…infinite channels. I’ve found it too narrow to work with in good conscious unless I DONT charge for it.

            Prayer is free…learning self esteem can be free if you pay attention to yourself and study and work.
            Again…I reference Carolyn Myss. She said (and this goes along with our theme of self love) “you really can’t heal unless you have self esteem (love yourself) and you really can’t heal anyone else except maybe someone with the same degree of self esteem (wounded people can heal other wounded people so long as they are healing their own wounds in the process, and people with intact self esteems probably can’t heal people with no self esteem if their not teaching them how to get to self esteem…unless they are ego maniacs…in which case….they are exploiting the low self esteem of the masses and creating dependence….for money!)

            Ahhhh…what a tangled web we weave. Prayer is cheep (free), and if you have faith (you’ll likely learn it along the way if you heal by way of prayer) the healing along the way is very personalized…deep…meaningful…and again…cheap….unless you’re trying to heal a money dysfunction. God will make you pay for that one (LOL).


            • Yeah, not black and white about charging for services… and that’s the whole point, often these people are TOO black and white and won’t give away the tiniest tid bit.

              And… like my Stepping Stones… post speaks of, that monetary value thing has its place but know when to move along. These celebrity types got stuck there BIG TIME.

              Some are creating dependency rather than empowering others… and are making themselves dependent on that, yes LIMITED system or monetary tit for tat. Stuck is stuck. Pick a topic. Pick a level.

              And ya know, I used to READ. A lot. And I mean books, remember those? I’ve seen a few folks online recently encouraging folks to read books AGAIN. I couldn’t agree more.

              First, there’s something to settling in with a paper book, shut off all the noise and immerse yourself… at your own pace… in your own time. I think there’s a potential of a higher level of absorption with books. It’s like reading itself is meditative.

              And talk about value. A book has an awful lot of info for the price. It’s its own notes, don’t have to miss what the speaker is saying now because you’re writing down what they just said a few seconds ago… in that $2000 seminar. Usually you can count on the author bothering to get it just so, shooting for accuracy and giving references. And when you’re done reading a book, it continues to be a reference and you can also just put it in someone else’s hand and let them go down that rabbit hole.

              And as I said, I did take a workshop and attended quite a few talks. It all has its place, but yeah, know when to move along. And yeah, plenty of free or inexpensive info out there. Plenty that just falls in your lap too. Anyone who thinks they can’t “afford” healing and ascension isn’t flowing with Life and the Divine enough. Where there’s a Will, there’s a way. (Where there’s a Whip, a Divine Whip, there’s a way!)

              And Reiki. Yep, I got the same spiel. I’ll tell you what I got from my whole attunement and learning all the Reiki symbols, etc., was that we don’t need all that… unless we do. If someone could stand to / is guided to go there (hey, we all did) then by all means. Yep, I got an energetic rush from my attunement (and decided to go see one of the loudest movies ever – Queen of the Damned – that night) and used the symbols for a short time, then forgot them… and just let the Divine work through me.

              But here, I’ll go so far as to say, that if someone has an awareness about energetic healing and they’d really like to go there, I’m sure that between them and the Divine they could get whatever attunement was necessary, if at all.

              And… healing. The term “healer” is technically a misnomer. The one healing IS the healer. The so-called “healer” delivers healing energy to someone, through themselves, not from themselves.

              A good healer is basically one that just stays out of the way, lets the energy do its work and lets the Divine guide their hand. They don’t really have to understand what is going on with the one having energy delivered to them. If something comes to mind, ya just say it, you don’t second guess it.

              Hmm, sounds an awful lot like the kinds of things I encourage LWs to do / be. DooBEE! Could they all be, ya know, “healers”? (Is Nothing sacred? lol) Ya think?


              • LOL, GAF, my sentiments exactly, never used the sigils at all…just asked the energy to flow to where ever i was needed…I understand sigils and their purpose, but why would anyone need to do them if the energy is flowing thru you and it does it’s thing anyway? And those LW’s who claim to be healers….LOL, come on, if only they would admit that they are not doing any healing on their own, that it is them as a wayshower to the sick person, to heal themselves. Which is why the ones who were healed for free, were really not healed and were unhealed is not because of the value they placed on free sessions, but that they looked to someone else to heal them, and didn’t do the work.


                • I heard a story of someone who was clairvoyant was doing Reiki on someone who was suffering from headaches. The “healer” kept trying to work on the person’s head and yet they could see that the energy was flowing to the person’s abdomen… because that’s where the issue was that was causing the headaches. Doh!

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            • “The current paradigm doesn’t support “Free” healing…”

              The DIVINE supports free healing!!! ALWAYS! … and the Divine supports those who provide that free healing, LIKE WE FORERUNNERS HAVE DONE.


              I can’t remember if you got in on TYM’s and my conversation which led to me putting up my “donate button”. There’s not enough money in the world to pay us forerunners for what we have done. And “energy exchange”? There’s seemingly no getting back my personal physical level energy. I’d gladly accept an “energy transplant” from someone.

              Has my donate button’s heavy sarcasm, my blog and perhaps your own imagination of what we have done put things into perspective? Do you see how this ascension project really can’t AFFORD (no, not in a money way) for “lightworkers” to get stuck and camp out on ladder rungs. They really need to get over this crap AND FOLLOW DIVINE GUIDANCE!

              Good thing we forerunners bothered to move on from that level and just do what the Divine asked of us… and who then takes care of us.

              The LWs act/ed like they had years, decades, centuries, lifetimes to do their ascension. So, in that is ignorance / denial of the state of the planet and yes ADDICTION to spiritual commerce and milking it for all it’s worth. They’ve been milking the “chances” and “time bought” by us weary ones. We held their world together and so they thought things were just hunky dory, having no idea that we little mini Atlases were getting a bit shaky while they took their sweet time… and clinging to old paradigm crap… like tit for tat “energy exchange”.

              Far too many LWs demonstrated for far too long that they did / do not have FAITH. Faith in the Divine to give them the right guidance and faith in themselves to actually hear and follow that guidance.

              Free healing is ALWAYS supported. Anyone who doesn’t KNOW that is not aligned with the Divine as well as they think they are or that they could be. To anyone who doesn’t know this – SURRENDER TO THE DIVINE!

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              • Yes GAF, and I actually think those LW’s took the credit for the energy work the forerunners (lol, I kept typing forefunners…lol) and how they all got together and did mass meditations and have helped Gaia in the ascension process. Know you have probably seen them gloat over their accomplishments and how they have the process if you only spend a couple hours on a webinar with them, get a few tidbits of info that you already knew, and never answer any question that might give away their process they charge for. I suppose in their eyes, the ones who have money are the ones who need more healing and what better way to part with their money that getting some healing for being rich and famous or having money to begin with….LOL, as most are of the money is bad mantra, and they are money is energy exchange, it’s not evil…. but it’s gonna cost you if you want answers. I am like….JUST ANSWER THE DARN QUESTION ALREADY….I probably already know the answer, but hey, just testing the waters here, my toe is in…and the water is COLD!!!! LOL 😉

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                • LOL, and loved the donate button thing…I keep imagining someone actually clicks on it and donates your millions…..not too far fetched…but a start! Yes! :0


            • There you go, we as a society, put value on everything, even the spiritual knowledge by way of money. That is they hypnotized version of value…what I did in my sessions was give them a base price donation as to what if that was of value to them, if they felt they got what they needed, and was up to them if they wanted to give me money for the session. Most all did, and one I got that he needed some serotonin therapy, and he jumped up like so suprised as he didn’t expect to feel anything or I suppose didn’t believe in the Reiki healing. I wouldn’t cal it so much healing and the master who is attuned to it is just the conduit, as the energy goes where it is needed on it’s own, and cannot heal the ones who don’t accept it. As usual, they still gotta do their inner work. The healing actually comes from them, and maybe some are just too sick to do the healing on their own, for lack of energy or focus, but it does feel good for both the conduit and the attuned master. I feel the Reiki energy has been tainted by the spiritual industry as another avenue to get money and always their excuse to charge as to play into the social norm that it has no value if they don’t hand over their money for it. I like the kind of healing where it is anonymous, they don’t know why they fell better if for nothing more than you are putting it out there for those ready to receive it and there really are no healers, \, it might create another illness in them because they didn’t do the work. Like those that have healed their cancer but die months later of some other unrelated illness. Wayne Dyer cured his own cancer, but then died of some other illness a couple years afterwards…and then everyone saying he died of cancer when that wasn’t true, thus discounting his own healing he did for himself. Kryon talks about how to talk to your cells and heal, I do believe that there are really no healers, so if everyone learned how to talk to their bodies, learning the language of pain (how each organ has the stuck energy of pain that needs releasing, like lungs – grief, liver – anger, pancreas – guilt, and so on)
              Most illness is from those not doing the work, and the energy being stuck, so between lifestyle changes and your own energetic work, one can heal their body. It’s very fascinating to study how our issues manifest as energetic blocks in organs and parts of our body as the last ditch effort to get one to work on that issue. Ears…what do you not want to hear, why are you not listening? Stomach, what is it you can’t stomach…etc.

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